• Published 17th Jan 2017
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Lavender Heart - Skaltrox Defiance Knight

John is your typical teenage guy, went to school, did chores and got a little money for doing so. But he also has a secret love for the show MLP, he kept it secret from everyone but now things will change. in a very interesting way.

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Something is going on here

As the morning sun rose above the ground, the light bled through the slight crack at the bottom of John's window sill behind the blind, going directly into her face. "Uhh, damn you sun. Your morning light is beautiful, but it causes me no end of blinding pain," John mumbled as she opened her tired eyes.
"Why does my voice sound so high?" John wondered, as she had heard her voice while mumbling to the giant ball of plasma in the sky. "I'm still dreaming aren't I. Wait, my dreams didn't include me sounding like a girl!" John pulled off her covers, stepping onto the floor to find that she no longer had feet, but hooves instead. Luckily, she still had her hands, although they were covered in lavender fur. In fact, she had fur all over her body. She needed a mirror. Now!

Rushing over to her full body mirror, she gets a good look at what happened. From what John could assess by her body's current appearance, she was an anthropomorphic pony, which was basically an animal with human characteristics, such as hands, bone structure and for females, breasts... John traced over his chest and noticed the very prominent lumps on her chest. "My voice..." John thought back to the way her voice sounded earlier. Female. Now she had breasts, and after a careful (and embarrassed) inspection, a womanhood. “Yep,” John thought, “I’m not only an anthro pony, but a girl as well, just to add insult to injury. However, another thing caught John's eye, and she realized that her appearance looked...familiar. "I can't be her. There’s just no way. Could I really be her?" she thought, and putting her theory to practice, she gingerly lowers her pants and observes what she saw in the mirror. "I am, in point of fact, apparently Twilight," John said to herself, almost nonchalantly.


"John? Was that you?" her mother asked from downstairs.

John panicked. What was she going to say to her Mum and Dad? 'Hey Mum and Dad, I turned into a human pony hybrid...oh yeah, I'm a girl too.' Yeah, that was going to go down in the worst way possible. John remembered that her Mum asked her a question. Trying her best to emulate her old voice, John replied to her mother's question with, "Yeah, sorry mum. I just tripped over and it just stung a bit"

After a small pause, John's mum responded, "Well okay, just be careful next time."

"Phew, I think I just saw that bullet whisk right over my head," John quietly joked, in an attempt to calm down. Fortunately, it worked and John was again able to think straight. "I can't be looking at the negatives. There is no way my parents would resort to throwing me out looking like this. They are too nice to be that harsh. They'll understand, hopefully. But first, I should try and get some more clothes to cover up all...this." John patted her wings and checked over her tail. "Those should be easy enough to hide...but then there's you," John said as she looked up at the horn poking through her hair.

Pondering ideas, John suddenly remembered that it was winter. John may be living in Australia, but winter was still colder than most of the year. She could use the season to her advantage and cover up with as much warm clothing as possible and place a beanie on her head to cover the horn.
"Well, with that plan ready..." John trailed off, looking over at her wardrobe. She needed anything that would cover her easily curvy body and pony features without falling off without warning. Eventually she managed to get a good load of attire on and set off down the stairs for breakfast.
After she had stocked her bag with her desired equipment, she dropped it by the front door ready to go, and entered the kitchen.
Walking over to the pantry, John pulled out a generic box of cereal and took a bowl and spoon out of the cupboard. The milk was already out as her mum was by the stove making an omelette, so she paced over to the milk and began to create her breakfast right there.

Returning the leftover items to their rightful place, John grabbed her bowl and set it down to eat. Her mother was giving her a quizzical look for the majority of the time spent preparing the cereal.

Acting like she wasn't staring, John's mother asked, "Um John?" John looked up in acknowledgement. "Why are you wearing all of...that?" she questioned while waving her hands at John's curious choice of clothing.

John thought for a moment, taking several bites of her cereal (avoiding to show her purple muzzle) and finally replied "I felt really cold and I'm sure its no different outside. So I took the liberty and went to put enough warm clothes on so I wouldn't get Hypothermia"

"Well I could understand that. But it's WA, the chances of that cold of a day to get hypothermia is very slim, don't you think?" John's mother argued.

"I know but I just want to be careful, who knows what could happen. I'm not taking the chance to not wear as much just because the chance of gaining a medical problem isn't very high" John countered.

Her mother sighed "Fine, I won't force you to remove clothing if you think it will make you sick if you do."

"Thanks mum" John said, looking around she absent-mindedly asked " Where's dad?"

"Gone to work already. He needed to get going as soon as he could"

John sighed, finishing her cereal she put the bowl and spoon into the sink and washed it briefly. After she was satisfied with the result she turned around and as she picked up her bag she called out.

"Well I'll be going. See ya mum"

"Bye John" her mum said as she went back to finishing her omelette.
Arriving at school, John found her 5 friends by the front gate conversing. As John came closer she noticed their faces turned towards her and show an equal amount of confusion. Her first friend, Kurt, was the one you could rely on to be truthful, but since he was so used to the truth he couldn't lie. The second friend, Matt, was one you could count on to be there if you ever found yourself in trouble with the 'wrong crowd'. The third was Harry, he was a little different to the rest of us, in which he enjoyed working with clothing, regardless of the gender he liked how each piece of clothing was made. Terrance was a shy one, more than me, he wasn't as talkative unless he really needed to say something, but he was a guy that you could expect to not put you down on a problem you had. Lastly, Rina, the only girl of the group (minus myself now of course) was the one we could rely on to get us into a happy mood, she was good at pulling jokes and always knew how to liven up an other wise bad mood.

"H-Hey there stranger? You aren't here to bring us into a white van are you?" Rina joked.

John just shook her head "Very funny Rina, I'm wearing all this because I just feel really cold and I'm not taking a chance and get something really bad. Haven't you seen how cold it's been this winter?"

Kurt spoke up "That's true, but I don't think you really need a scarf and a beanie on man" Kurt did have a point but John couldn't risk anything at the moment, he had to keep this until tomorrow at least.

"Look it's alright, better to be safe then sorry right"

Matt came up beside me with a snarky grin "So tell me, how many times are you going to say that this week John? It's just so I won't have to mixed up on how many times I need to punch you by weeks end."

John spun her head to Matt, he couldn't see it but he could tell John was smiling "Again funny, I say that expression a lot, yes, but doesn't mean its any less right"

The others couldn't deny John's reasoning, he did say it a lot but he didn't always act upon it 24/7. As the others bickered over little things, Harry peered around inside the school and noticed people making a move "Oh look people are heading off to class, we'd better do the same you guys" Harry informed the others.

John fist pumped the air, "What's got you so energetic now John?" Kurt said as they walked inside the school.

John replied "We have Library today" the others groaned.
The school day was pretty basic once again, John did have some questions about her attire but she managed to shake them off reasonably, her teachers thankfully allowed the added clothing on in the class and because of that, everything went smoothly. John had a blast in the library, going through several of her favourite books on specific regions of history: like Greek (her most favourite), Roman, Chinese and Japanese and Indian. She also enjoyed reading about the specifics of shipwrecks and how they sunk and of course their history. In fact she found one that was apparently wrecked on the WA coast called the "Star Caster". She needed to look into that. John's friends did enjoy reading too, but nothing like John.

When it came to their last class of the day, John came to a horrible realization. The teacher was Miss Dalemore. She was infamous for strict clothing, which meant if you were wearing anything that wasn't required or regulation, you'd be punished. John was starting to sweat and not just from the added amount of clothing, "What am I going to do? I'll be found out for sure" John muttered under her breath. As the students entered the Science room, Miss Dalemore gave a look of growing anger at John.

"Mister Radderson! What is the meaning of this clothing?" she pointed to John's clothes with a shout.

John tried to formulate a response that would suffice to tame the beast that was Miss Dalemore. "I-I well it's really cold today and I just really wanted to stay warm. If I got a cold or something worse, I'd hate to spread around this classroom."

Miss Dalemore never dropped her stern look. John felt like it was over now, she would find out about her "condition" and report it. Sighing John went to face the music and pull off her clothes...until Rina butted in to stop it. "Hold up, what John was trying to say was that...he...already got sick with a reeaallly weird sickness that doesn't affect his energy or ability to listen. But it did do something else and he did the right thing and covered up so we wouldn't get it too" Rina explained. She sure knew how to turn things on its head.

Harry and Matt piped up while covering Kurt's mouth so he couldn't rat them out. "It's true, really contagious if he takes that clothing off" Matt said.

"It would affect us all in an instance if he did right now" Harry also added.

Terrance just smiled. Miss Dalemore eventually allowed them to proceed but John was to stay up the back if it infected others. You know it's better to be safe than sorry.

As the group finished up with Science, John thanked them "You guys have no idea how much you just saved my butt."

Kurt replied " Yeah about that, how about you tell us why you are wearing it now. You know since we did just save you from something you are really intend to keep secret. It makes sense, come on we're your friends just show us why you are wearing all that clothing."

The others agreed with Kurt. John was pulled out of one corner to be dragged into another one, she was waiting to tell the guys her secret tomorrow , but now...she may have to. "Okay but not here"

Author's Note:

And now we meet the friends. Also those things I listed about John liking to read about, all mine.