• Published 17th Jan 2017
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Lavender Heart - Skaltrox Defiance Knight

John is your typical teenage guy, went to school, did chores and got a little money for doing so. But he also has a secret love for the show MLP, he kept it secret from everyone but now things will change. in a very interesting way.

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Well...OK...What was that motto of yours John?

John felt uneasy showing this to her friends, she really did but if she was going to get help from them they needed to know. The group of friends had a secret spot behind the school that few knew about. They would occasionally go there to do whatever they pleased without getting caught by teachers heading for home. Once everyone was in place John began to explain "So first off, I need to confess something else related to my predicament"

Kurt spoke up "Go ahead. If you are showing us something embarrassing then what ever this first confession is, it can't be any greater of a problem to keep."

Sighing John explains his first problem "You know the show My little pony: friendship is magic? Well I kinda really like...it" John went and covered his eyes, awaiting the terrible barrage of laughing and insults. But there was none, well except for some stifled laughing from Matt which Kurt nudged to shut up, but besides that nothing "How are you not laughing at that? That was incredibly embarrassing to say and yet you guys don't seem to care"

Kurt replied "John look at me, I can tell when you like something or not and I've seen you look at images of that show before and smile so I'm used to it, Harry isn't one to laugh at secrets, Rina well...she's Rina" Rina just gave a laugh. Kurt continued "Matt would get a little laugh out of it, but he wouldn't exploit it to cause you grief and you know how nice a guy Terrance is, he wouldn't dream of laughing at something like that."

John thought about that, 'Yeah Kurt's right, my guys are really the type to blabber secrets' John smiled.

Matt grew a little impatient "That's well and all, but I think what we really need to see is what your're hiding underneath the clothes" Matt pointed with a finger.

John nodded (although hesitantly) she paced over to corner so they wouldn't peek and began to strip off the unnecessary clothing, once she was finished, she alerted the others "Guys I'm coming out not" John said with an easily female voice now.

John could hear some mutter "Does he sound like a girl?" Harry asked.

Counting down 3,2...1, John stepped out from behind her spot and watched as the guys drank in her appearance.


The immediate reaction was silence. Everyone just stared at John's body, she still looked semi human, but the Ears, Horn, Tail and Wings were a dead give away that she wasn't very human. After a prolonged time of silence, Kurt spoke once more "Well...you do always say that everyday is different and this is one example of that motto"

"Either your a really serious cos player or you actually are part pony" Rina said.

Matt gave his own bit into talk "And judging by that rack, your a girl too" he grinned, eliciting Rina to punch him in the shoulder "Ow! Hey OK fine I'll be nice"

John explained "Yes, from what I've found out last night I turned into an anthro version of my favourite character from the show, Twilight Sparkle."

"How did it happen John?" Harry asked.

John cleared her throat and progressed forward with the story "Basically yesterday afternoon went I got home I checked my you tube notifications and found one from a channel called MLP: Theory Analysts, they do a lot of theory videos about things in the show. I got a response from them that gave me a link to a special video that was dedicated to me for being a long time subscriber, anyway the video itself was pretty normal...except for this strange pinkish purple glow."

Terrance managed to summoned up some courage to speak "T-That must be what caused you to change"

John spoke "He's right, guys that glow must of had to be the cause." 'Is that the special bonus they were talking about?' she thought.

"Well this is all incredibly weird but I'll help you keep it secret. Right guys?" Kurt said. The others one by one agreed with him, John was grateful they understood her trouble she had.

John straightened back up and sighed "I've got to get home now guys, my parents need to know as well. Its gonna be a whirlwind to go through but they should understand too" John after putting back on her disguise, waved at the guys and began to walk off. The others stayed behind for a bit longer conversing over the strange event that just happened.


Thankfully John's parents understood the change and gladly accepted his transformation into a part pony being...and a girl. Granted they were a bit stunned at first, "John its okay we believe it's you, no one else would constantly try to argue their way into doing something they wanted, most of the time that is. Anyway of course we find it...unsettling, but its not like you went and turned into a dinosaur or whatever" John's mother rambled.

John thanked his mother briefly then turned to his dad"Thanks mum, Dad sorry if this also freaks you out, but I do have my memories so that's a good thing."

John's dad sighed "It is weird, anyone can see that. But your still our kid inside and that's what I really care about being changed"

John was happy he wouldn't need to constantly have to wear heaps of clothes on inside the house but that feeling was gone when he saw the glimmer in his mother's eye. "Uh oh, I can see where this is going. Back, back you clothes shopping monster, no NO!"

John was taken into town to get some girls clothes, luckily she didn't have to wear on anything that was over the top girly. Basic things like skirts were fine, but then the malefic undergarment that John dreaded even in the car into town was about to surface.

"Why must I wear this thing?" John demanded in a hilarious way, her mother was fixing the bra around so it fitted perfectly. Once she was satisfied with the result she replied.

"Because, while you did change races, you also changed gender and clearly those..." she pointed to John's chest "Are not man boobs, they look like very large C cups...maybe nearly Ds"

"Fantastic, not only am I a girl, I'm also a busty one too." she sighed with an agitated look.

"Oh be quiet you, its not that bad. The guys will be all over you" her mum replied.

John snorted "Yes, because I so want to be looked at by guys. Yeah It's not like I was straight when I was still a guy" John said sarcastically.

Her mother just chuckled lightly.

Eventually they had finished with the shopping..for today and were returning home. As they did John's mother came to an important realization "John you need another name. Your actual one is hardly feminine, you need to think of one"

She was right John thought, looking over her body and the cutie mark just visible on the hips, John smiled.

"Call me Twilight, Twilight Radderson"

Author's Note:

And you thought she was going to have sparkle. Hah. Anyway this is just meant to be a quick little update as I won't be able to continue this until probably next Monday. Or I might get one out Tomorrow, we will see.