• Published 17th Jan 2017
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Lavender Heart - Skaltrox Defiance Knight

John is your typical teenage guy, went to school, did chores and got a little money for doing so. But he also has a secret love for the show MLP, he kept it secret from everyone but now things will change. in a very interesting way.

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A video with a twist

John was just a normal teen. Anyone could see that clearly, but this teen held a secret that he believed would cause him no end of embarrassment if it came out into the light. He loved the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic which was known to be loved by many his age and beyond, as well as having a massive fan base all over the world. Unfortunately, none of his friends shared his interest, so he kept it to himself ever since he first found the show.

John had just arrived home from a long day at school.Entering the front door, he knocks on the frame to inform anyone inside that someone was at the front. “Hey mum, I'm home!” John shouted from the front door. Hearing a shouted greeting from his parent’s bedroom, he entered the house and went to locate the source of the voice.

He found his parent’s bedroom shut, so he waited on the nearby couch for someone to exit. Twiddling his thumbs, he turned on the TV for a way to speed up his wait. After several minutes, his mum exited the room and greeted her son.
“Sorry John, I was working on some invitations for your cousin’s wedding and I had to focus on some specific measurements that I couldn't leave.” John’s mum hugged him tightly, asking, “How was your day?”

John let go of the hug and replied, “Same old day, nothing new I'm afraid to say.”

His mum just shrugged. “Well, everyday can’t be the same, right?”

John agreed, who knows what will happen tomorrow? All we can do is expect the unexpected. That was a motto John had always lived by and intended to continue with.
“I’ll be up in my room mum if you need me,” John stated before he began to trudge up the stair to his bedroom.

His mum called him before he could finish ascending, asking, “Oh John, before I forget, can you get some firewood in?”

John sighed, thinking, ‘darn, I really wanted to get to my computer as soon as I can…but mum’s requests come first.’ “Okay.”

“Thanks John,” his mother thanked before she left for the kitchen.

“*Sigh* looks like the computer will have to wait a bit.”
John went about bringing in firewood. Carrying several pieces at a time, he made several trips inside the house to the wood box and back out to the woodshed. Once the box was filled, he placed four more pieces by the fire and dusted off his hands.
“There, now to the computer.” John pointed upstairs and marched towards the desired direction. “Onward!” he shouted. John tended to act in silly ways to amuse himself and, if it worked, anyone else around. Luckily enough his mother let out small chuckle at his antics. ‘Mission accomplished’ John thought.

Entering his room, he dropped his bag down and went straight to the laptop resting on his desktop. “Okay, let’s see…” John said to himself as he waited for the computer to boot up. Once it finally did, he scrolled through towards his notifications on Youtube and found a new notification. “Yes, finally!” he beamed, clicking onto the bell symbol; he looked through and found the message. It was from an MLP channel called MLP: theory analysts, and their content consisted of hypothesis of certain things that have happened in the show and what they could lead to in future episodes. John had enjoyed many of the videos and has commented on them constantly.

John opened the message and began to read: Dear FateDivision7, as a thank you for your loyalty and interest in our theory videos, we give you a special theory video about your favourite character from the show, Twilight Sparkle. You will be acknowledged at the beginning of the video, so when it is submitted to Youtube, others will be aware of who this video is dedicated to. We hope you can enjoy this special product as much as we did when making it.
From the MLP: theory Analysts.

John was stunned. A video… for him? He couldn't believe it, he really felt like he was dreaming. But after rubbing a sore hand, he found it to be true, and he didn’t want to waste time doing anything else.With much eagerness, he clicked on the link for the video and placed his headphones on, ready to watch.

The video started up and the first thing John noticed was the odd purplish glow that vibrated around the computer screen and into his eyes. He had to shield them so that he wouldn't be blinded by the strange light. Eventually his eyes adjusted and when he noticed the video start up, the light was still there but wasn't as bright. From there, John began to watch the video.

The video itself wasn't a masterpiece but it was still incredibly enjoyable and made valid points about the episodes it related the hypothesis to. Once it finished, John went straight away to thank the guys at the channel for the video.

‘Thanks for this video guys, I really enjoyed it and I'm sure many others would feel the same'. John submitted the comment and sighed. For several moments John thought about the major points of the video and tried to add to them in his head. John went back to the screen and clicked over to another video to watch.

Then, suddenly looking at the bell, he noticed he got another notification, and, on reflex, he opened it up and found a very bizarre comment back from the Analysts. ‘Enjoy the added bonus from the video’ it said.

“Added bonus?” he wondered aloud. “What bonus, I didn’t get any bonus in the video?”
John wanted to reply and ask what the bonus was, but he felt uneasy by this comment, and he didn’t think the response would lighten the nearly scared feeling he now had. So, he just left it and decided to go and surf through some other videos until it was time for dinner.

“John, dinner’s ready!” John’s mum called from downstairs.

“Alright, be down in a sec,” John replied to the call. He closed down the laptop and stepped out his room, and as he began his decent down the stairs, John felt itchy all over his legs and his feet felt really numb, almost like they didn’t have toes. John ignored the feeling and stepped down stairs to have dinner.
Returning to the stairs with a full stomach and a satisfied face, John entered the bathroom. Shutting the door, he pulled off his clothes, but then he caught something in the mirror. Down at the bottom of his legs was purple hair! John had to do a double take when he spotted the weirdly coloured hairs. ‘Was that the cause of the itching?’ he pondered as he ran his hand through it. ‘Maybe I got some purple marker on my legs and the chemicals are making them itch,’ John assumed, mostly to calm himself.

Getting in the shower, he turned the lever and the water started to pour down cascading over his body, cleaning off the dirt and grime from today’s endeavours. After John felt like he had cleaned enough, he turned the lever off and grabbed a towel to begin drying off.

Walking back over to the mirror, he noticed that the purple hair was still on him. “Okay, so not marker. What else could it be?” John pondered as he put a finger to his chin in thought. John eventually gave up, throwing his arms up and shouting, “Baah! Who knows, maybe it’s just my imagination.” John grabbed his clothes, and with a towel around his body, briskly wandered down the hall to his room.

Putting on some pyjamas, John almost gasped at the time. “10:30? Well, better get some rest.”
The teen informed his parents of his departure to bed, and they acknowledged it. “Let’s just hope that what I've been seeing on my legs is just a really messed up illusion,” John muttered as he climbed into bed, falling asleep almost instantly.
As he slept, changes began to become apparent all across his body. The purple hairs along his legs began to grow and spread, clumping together into fur. Soon enough, he was covered from head to toe in fur. Next his body began to slim down, shaping into that of a girl. His feet felt numb once more, and rounded out, each toe receding back into the fleshy foot. The fur spread to the very edge of the newly formed hoof, yet John didn't notice (because he’s asleep). From the back of his bum, another body part grew in the form of a tail, growing a certain length before sprouting fine horse hairs that swished around absently. John groaned as he felt his manhood recede into his body and two mounds formed on his, now her, chest. John’s face pushed out to form a muzzle, and twisting about onto her back, bones and skin, with fur, started growing out, and curled back to rest flatly on the back of the changing human. Feathers fluttered out on the wings, softly moving with John’s erratic movements. Her hair turned blue, pink and purple, flowing down her body; it reached just above her backside and parted slightly at the bottom. Lastly, a bony nub pushed out from her forehead and spiralled around into a pointed horn. In a matter of ten minutes, John had changed into a strange human pony hybrid, and was yet unaware of the changes.

With a few coughs, John’s voice went up multiple octaves until it reached a feminine level that could be heard through her breathing.
John was going to be surprised when she wakes the next day.

Author's Note:

Now edited by Tide Hunter. Hopefully it makes a bit more sense