• Published 17th Jan 2017
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Lavender Heart - Skaltrox Defiance Knight

John is your typical teenage guy, went to school, did chores and got a little money for doing so. But he also has a secret love for the show MLP, he kept it secret from everyone but now things will change. in a very interesting way.

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The wreck of the Star Caster

“It’s down here?” Twilight muttered as she flicked through a book on 16th -18th century shipwrecks. As mentioned before, the human, John, now Twilight loved ships. Mostly to look at them and study them, over being on the deck of one (not that wouldn't be still cool), one such section of the maritime subject she loved was shipwrecks. They were eerie but also fascinating to learn about, how did they get there, what caused them to sink and any history behind it.

She had come across one chapter of the book that explained a shipwreck that currently resided close to where she lived and by close it means very close. The ship was a mid 18th century Barque called the “Star caster”. Holding 15 (12 pounder) cannons aside, the ship was of British origin. She was heading for Tasmania when a major storm swept her off course right into geographe bay, she apparently crashed into a forestal area beside a drain. Her remains still decayed but apparently a large portion of her hull and a the foremast still stand, although very frail.

But what piqued Twilight’s interest to a near off the chart scale was the fact that the figure head looked like a unicorn or alicorn and the sails had the cutie mark proudly shown. “Well to be honest that is hardly the only thing to be really bizarre” Twilight said while looking herself over for emphasis.

Twilight continued to read through for any more information, the ship was carrying simple cargo supplies to the settlement situated on Tasmania or Van Diemen’s land as it was called then. But some accounts say that another item was also on board, something of the supernatural equation. “A magical item on the remains of a ship...I need some stuff”

Twilight changed into some casual yet what some could say was adventuring gear. She put on a simple shirt that wouldn't be troublesome in getting dirty, some pants and while she could've cut her hair, she enjoyed it too much to shorten it and just went with tieing it into a pony tail (no pun intended). She grabbed a small shoulder bag and set off downstairs, wondering what the item was and if it really existed. “I'm going out for awhile mum, just in case you get worried.” Twilight called out to her mum who was in the living room.

“Ok sweetie, just try not to get hurt or take too long”

Twilight replied as she exited for the door “Will do”


“The book explained the wreck was resting in some forestry by the drain. Hmm I would of thought people would of been more aware of it. I guess they are too fixated on incredibly unnecessary things to care. Too bad, well anyway it’s off to find the Star caster then. Huzzah!” Twilight said to herself as she yelled out an adventurous call.

Wandering through the trees by the drain, Twilight catches an odd looking rock in the corner of her eye resting in the sandy bank. Sliding down to meet with it, she uses a hand to dust of some sand. Looking at the lengthy shape she ponders on an idea “I wonder” she said, gathering handfuls of water she wets the rock until she could get a clearer view, sliding her now slim hand over the texture and roughness of the rock she comes to an exciting conclusion “This isn’t a rock, it’s wood. And not just from a fallen tree, it’s from a structure...a ...ship” she said turning her vision to some remains of the wreck.

The ‘rock’ she had found was some of the Star caster’s buried hull, looking back up to the remains in the forest, she evaluates that judging by the curve of the wood closest to the water, it was part of either the bow or stern of the ship and since the ship crashed bow first, it was the stern.

“Well i found the wreck, now to see if I can identify it as the Starcaster...and possibly find this item.” Twilight marched forward back into the forest up towards what remained of the ship, most of the frontal bow was semi intact and like the book said the foremast was still standing although like the rest of the wreck, covered in plants and moss. She arrived at the very front of the bow where the bowsprit would of been and observed the figurehead. It was still there, granted very worn, but still attached to the ship she was made for, the figurehead was an alicorn, it had a chipped horn and wings spread out against the hull. Twilight looked to her own and wondered why the ship seemed to know the character from a little kids show that aired centuries after the ship wrecked?

Twilight rambled on “Maybe Celestia is or was actually real and she came before humans over in Britain and showed them important things and they in return made a figurehead of how she looked?” Then she pulled a frustrated face and buried her head into her hands “But what about the sails, arrgh this is too friggin weird!”

“...What was that?” she said suddenly as she pulled her hands away and stared at a familiar pinkish purple glow. This time inside the wreck. Cautiously, she entered the still standing hull portion and humorously tip toed (metaphorically) over to the strange light. Removing some debri and rock, she found what she believed to be the mystical item. It was a decently sized silver box, but on the top etched in was a sun and underneath a crescent moon. ‘Just like the Princesses’ Twilight thought, her curious nature was unleashed with the force of a thousand suns and it seemed like nothing could stop it...but she felt like she needed to open it at home incase something happened like a portal or an ancient evil awakened from inside. Stuffing the box into her bag, she explores the wreck for another hour, checking out anything else of significant purpose. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything else to add to her bag, but she found just seeing the wreck was a gem in itself. And she could just come back later too, it wasn’t going anywhere.

As Twilight thought about the box’s purpose on board the ship, she had a crazy idea that the Analysts knew about the wreck and maybe intended for her to explore it too. “What are they up to? This would be crazy as hell if they were involved with this box...or would it?”


Twilight came up with other ways to back up her claim that the theory analysts had ties with the ship and the box as she paced back home. Firstly their info was always addressed as “by a developer of the show” but that might be a cover up to saying that they actually knew all this, secondly their theories were always on point and some have been proven in recent episodes of the show. Lastly their text below their icon for the channel “We have more information to tell than anyone else” That always baffled Twilight, but she just always ignored it. It seems now she needed to focus on it.

Bounding up the stairs, giving a quick greeting, she opened up the laptop by her desk and started a private message with the Analysts. She needed answer and she felt like she was going to get them from hear.

“Hello Analysts, now after you gave me my “present” I was stunned to find the next day that I had changed into an anthro Twilight. Did you intend for this to happen?” Twilight clicked ‘send’ and waited.

Not long after, she got a response and it left her in a frozen state “Yes” it said. Shaking the feeling off she quickly replied back.

“Why?! I didn’t sign up for being a girl or a pony (not that this isn’t cool)”

Once again she waited and then without warning a response “You have been chosen to be her John, we can’t explain to you everything...yet. But what you found on that shipwreck is important and you must swear to never let its contents fall into the wrong hands”

Twilight couldn’t believe the seriousness in the response “You know about the ship? How?” she replied.

The analysts responded “That is something you’ll find out when we meet.”

“Who are you?!” Twilight furiously replied back and sent.

No response.

“Damn! I need answers now” What is in this box?” she typed.

A response came this time “Why don’t you take a look for yourself?”

As Twilight finished reading the reply, the silver box began to glow once more, it radiated a bright light that shone into her eyes, Twilight was determined to find what was inside this thing.

Reaching the box resting on her bed, she opens the lid, peering inside at the contents. What she found was six pieces of jewellery, five were necklaces, each with a different symbol at the front: An apple, A diamond, A balloon, A butterfly and a lightning bolt. But one piece was different, this one was a tiara with a purple star adorning the top. Twilight knew what these were, another comment popped up on the computer as she stared at the jewellery “I assume you know what they are?”

Twilight nodded, even though she didn’t see the response, “The elements of Harmony. They are ...real?”

Wandering back to the computer she typed in “How do you know the elements… and also how they are real?”

The analysts responded “The elements are very old but quite powerful, they have been kept safe for centuries. Even a ship being wrecked couldn't destroy them. They only work when the worthy one is near, the transformation was to finalize the connection with the elements”

“What do I do with them?” Twilight asked

The immediate response was “Protect them, you may need help. For now though we will talk again Twilight sparkle, and be careful” the response was the last from the Analysts.

Twilight didn’t really want to get roped into something this massive of an adventure, she just wanted a normal life. But then she thought of something, as she gazed at herself in the mirror and then towards the elements she smiled with enthusiasm.

“But who want’s a normal life?”

Author's Note:

This chapter was really a mix of the major plot and my own personal interests. (may see a bit of it again later on). Also the ship isn't real, I made it up. But the bay it crashed into is real, Geographe bay, I live in the city that lines it's coast.