Lavender Heart

by Skaltrox Defiance Knight

First published

John is your typical teenage guy, went to school, did chores and got a little money for doing so. But he also has a secret love for the show MLP, he kept it secret from everyone but now things will change. in a very interesting way.

John is your typical teenage guy, went to school, did chores and got a little money for doing so. But he also has a secret love for the show MLP, he kept it secret from everyone and intends to keep it that way.

During an afternoon web surf, he watches an interesting My little pony video that features his favourite pony, Twilight Sparkle. But later on, while he rested, he failed to notice or feel lavender purple fur spread up his body.

If you are wondering yes my Favourite is Twilight. Anyway this is a TG, Anthro transformation story, just letting you know.

This is now a collab!
The story "Aspects of harmony" by kwr2k13 focuses on Kurt's perspective. Here is a link to that story

And if you wish to be apart of this collab and become one of the characters, just let either of us know.

A video with a twist

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John was just a normal teen. Anyone could see that clearly, but this teen held a secret that he believed would cause him no end of embarrassment if it came out into the light. He loved the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic which was known to be loved by many his age and beyond, as well as having a massive fan base all over the world. Unfortunately, none of his friends shared his interest, so he kept it to himself ever since he first found the show.

John had just arrived home from a long day at school.Entering the front door, he knocks on the frame to inform anyone inside that someone was at the front. “Hey mum, I'm home!” John shouted from the front door. Hearing a shouted greeting from his parent’s bedroom, he entered the house and went to locate the source of the voice.

He found his parent’s bedroom shut, so he waited on the nearby couch for someone to exit. Twiddling his thumbs, he turned on the TV for a way to speed up his wait. After several minutes, his mum exited the room and greeted her son.
“Sorry John, I was working on some invitations for your cousin’s wedding and I had to focus on some specific measurements that I couldn't leave.” John’s mum hugged him tightly, asking, “How was your day?”

John let go of the hug and replied, “Same old day, nothing new I'm afraid to say.”

His mum just shrugged. “Well, everyday can’t be the same, right?”

John agreed, who knows what will happen tomorrow? All we can do is expect the unexpected. That was a motto John had always lived by and intended to continue with.
“I’ll be up in my room mum if you need me,” John stated before he began to trudge up the stair to his bedroom.

His mum called him before he could finish ascending, asking, “Oh John, before I forget, can you get some firewood in?”

John sighed, thinking, ‘darn, I really wanted to get to my computer as soon as I can…but mum’s requests come first.’ “Okay.”

“Thanks John,” his mother thanked before she left for the kitchen.

“*Sigh* looks like the computer will have to wait a bit.”
John went about bringing in firewood. Carrying several pieces at a time, he made several trips inside the house to the wood box and back out to the woodshed. Once the box was filled, he placed four more pieces by the fire and dusted off his hands.
“There, now to the computer.” John pointed upstairs and marched towards the desired direction. “Onward!” he shouted. John tended to act in silly ways to amuse himself and, if it worked, anyone else around. Luckily enough his mother let out small chuckle at his antics. ‘Mission accomplished’ John thought.

Entering his room, he dropped his bag down and went straight to the laptop resting on his desktop. “Okay, let’s see…” John said to himself as he waited for the computer to boot up. Once it finally did, he scrolled through towards his notifications on Youtube and found a new notification. “Yes, finally!” he beamed, clicking onto the bell symbol; he looked through and found the message. It was from an MLP channel called MLP: theory analysts, and their content consisted of hypothesis of certain things that have happened in the show and what they could lead to in future episodes. John had enjoyed many of the videos and has commented on them constantly.

John opened the message and began to read: Dear FateDivision7, as a thank you for your loyalty and interest in our theory videos, we give you a special theory video about your favourite character from the show, Twilight Sparkle. You will be acknowledged at the beginning of the video, so when it is submitted to Youtube, others will be aware of who this video is dedicated to. We hope you can enjoy this special product as much as we did when making it.
From the MLP: theory Analysts.

John was stunned. A video… for him? He couldn't believe it, he really felt like he was dreaming. But after rubbing a sore hand, he found it to be true, and he didn’t want to waste time doing anything else.With much eagerness, he clicked on the link for the video and placed his headphones on, ready to watch.

The video started up and the first thing John noticed was the odd purplish glow that vibrated around the computer screen and into his eyes. He had to shield them so that he wouldn't be blinded by the strange light. Eventually his eyes adjusted and when he noticed the video start up, the light was still there but wasn't as bright. From there, John began to watch the video.

The video itself wasn't a masterpiece but it was still incredibly enjoyable and made valid points about the episodes it related the hypothesis to. Once it finished, John went straight away to thank the guys at the channel for the video.

‘Thanks for this video guys, I really enjoyed it and I'm sure many others would feel the same'. John submitted the comment and sighed. For several moments John thought about the major points of the video and tried to add to them in his head. John went back to the screen and clicked over to another video to watch.

Then, suddenly looking at the bell, he noticed he got another notification, and, on reflex, he opened it up and found a very bizarre comment back from the Analysts. ‘Enjoy the added bonus from the video’ it said.

“Added bonus?” he wondered aloud. “What bonus, I didn’t get any bonus in the video?”
John wanted to reply and ask what the bonus was, but he felt uneasy by this comment, and he didn’t think the response would lighten the nearly scared feeling he now had. So, he just left it and decided to go and surf through some other videos until it was time for dinner.

“John, dinner’s ready!” John’s mum called from downstairs.

“Alright, be down in a sec,” John replied to the call. He closed down the laptop and stepped out his room, and as he began his decent down the stairs, John felt itchy all over his legs and his feet felt really numb, almost like they didn’t have toes. John ignored the feeling and stepped down stairs to have dinner.
Returning to the stairs with a full stomach and a satisfied face, John entered the bathroom. Shutting the door, he pulled off his clothes, but then he caught something in the mirror. Down at the bottom of his legs was purple hair! John had to do a double take when he spotted the weirdly coloured hairs. ‘Was that the cause of the itching?’ he pondered as he ran his hand through it. ‘Maybe I got some purple marker on my legs and the chemicals are making them itch,’ John assumed, mostly to calm himself.

Getting in the shower, he turned the lever and the water started to pour down cascading over his body, cleaning off the dirt and grime from today’s endeavours. After John felt like he had cleaned enough, he turned the lever off and grabbed a towel to begin drying off.

Walking back over to the mirror, he noticed that the purple hair was still on him. “Okay, so not marker. What else could it be?” John pondered as he put a finger to his chin in thought. John eventually gave up, throwing his arms up and shouting, “Baah! Who knows, maybe it’s just my imagination.” John grabbed his clothes, and with a towel around his body, briskly wandered down the hall to his room.

Putting on some pyjamas, John almost gasped at the time. “10:30? Well, better get some rest.”
The teen informed his parents of his departure to bed, and they acknowledged it. “Let’s just hope that what I've been seeing on my legs is just a really messed up illusion,” John muttered as he climbed into bed, falling asleep almost instantly.
As he slept, changes began to become apparent all across his body. The purple hairs along his legs began to grow and spread, clumping together into fur. Soon enough, he was covered from head to toe in fur. Next his body began to slim down, shaping into that of a girl. His feet felt numb once more, and rounded out, each toe receding back into the fleshy foot. The fur spread to the very edge of the newly formed hoof, yet John didn't notice (because he’s asleep). From the back of his bum, another body part grew in the form of a tail, growing a certain length before sprouting fine horse hairs that swished around absently. John groaned as he felt his manhood recede into his body and two mounds formed on his, now her, chest. John’s face pushed out to form a muzzle, and twisting about onto her back, bones and skin, with fur, started growing out, and curled back to rest flatly on the back of the changing human. Feathers fluttered out on the wings, softly moving with John’s erratic movements. Her hair turned blue, pink and purple, flowing down her body; it reached just above her backside and parted slightly at the bottom. Lastly, a bony nub pushed out from her forehead and spiralled around into a pointed horn. In a matter of ten minutes, John had changed into a strange human pony hybrid, and was yet unaware of the changes.

With a few coughs, John’s voice went up multiple octaves until it reached a feminine level that could be heard through her breathing.
John was going to be surprised when she wakes the next day.

Something is going on here

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As the morning sun rose above the ground, the light bled through the slight crack at the bottom of John's window sill behind the blind, going directly into her face. "Uhh, damn you sun. Your morning light is beautiful, but it causes me no end of blinding pain," John mumbled as she opened her tired eyes.
"Why does my voice sound so high?" John wondered, as she had heard her voice while mumbling to the giant ball of plasma in the sky. "I'm still dreaming aren't I. Wait, my dreams didn't include me sounding like a girl!" John pulled off her covers, stepping onto the floor to find that she no longer had feet, but hooves instead. Luckily, she still had her hands, although they were covered in lavender fur. In fact, she had fur all over her body. She needed a mirror. Now!

Rushing over to her full body mirror, she gets a good look at what happened. From what John could assess by her body's current appearance, she was an anthropomorphic pony, which was basically an animal with human characteristics, such as hands, bone structure and for females, breasts... John traced over his chest and noticed the very prominent lumps on her chest. "My voice..." John thought back to the way her voice sounded earlier. Female. Now she had breasts, and after a careful (and embarrassed) inspection, a womanhood. “Yep,” John thought, “I’m not only an anthro pony, but a girl as well, just to add insult to injury. However, another thing caught John's eye, and she realized that her appearance looked...familiar. "I can't be her. There’s just no way. Could I really be her?" she thought, and putting her theory to practice, she gingerly lowers her pants and observes what she saw in the mirror. "I am, in point of fact, apparently Twilight," John said to herself, almost nonchalantly.


"John? Was that you?" her mother asked from downstairs.

John panicked. What was she going to say to her Mum and Dad? 'Hey Mum and Dad, I turned into a human pony hybrid...oh yeah, I'm a girl too.' Yeah, that was going to go down in the worst way possible. John remembered that her Mum asked her a question. Trying her best to emulate her old voice, John replied to her mother's question with, "Yeah, sorry mum. I just tripped over and it just stung a bit"

After a small pause, John's mum responded, "Well okay, just be careful next time."

"Phew, I think I just saw that bullet whisk right over my head," John quietly joked, in an attempt to calm down. Fortunately, it worked and John was again able to think straight. "I can't be looking at the negatives. There is no way my parents would resort to throwing me out looking like this. They are too nice to be that harsh. They'll understand, hopefully. But first, I should try and get some more clothes to cover up all...this." John patted her wings and checked over her tail. "Those should be easy enough to hide...but then there's you," John said as she looked up at the horn poking through her hair.

Pondering ideas, John suddenly remembered that it was winter. John may be living in Australia, but winter was still colder than most of the year. She could use the season to her advantage and cover up with as much warm clothing as possible and place a beanie on her head to cover the horn.
"Well, with that plan ready..." John trailed off, looking over at her wardrobe. She needed anything that would cover her easily curvy body and pony features without falling off without warning. Eventually she managed to get a good load of attire on and set off down the stairs for breakfast.
After she had stocked her bag with her desired equipment, she dropped it by the front door ready to go, and entered the kitchen.
Walking over to the pantry, John pulled out a generic box of cereal and took a bowl and spoon out of the cupboard. The milk was already out as her mum was by the stove making an omelette, so she paced over to the milk and began to create her breakfast right there.

Returning the leftover items to their rightful place, John grabbed her bowl and set it down to eat. Her mother was giving her a quizzical look for the majority of the time spent preparing the cereal.

Acting like she wasn't staring, John's mother asked, "Um John?" John looked up in acknowledgement. "Why are you wearing all of...that?" she questioned while waving her hands at John's curious choice of clothing.

John thought for a moment, taking several bites of her cereal (avoiding to show her purple muzzle) and finally replied "I felt really cold and I'm sure its no different outside. So I took the liberty and went to put enough warm clothes on so I wouldn't get Hypothermia"

"Well I could understand that. But it's WA, the chances of that cold of a day to get hypothermia is very slim, don't you think?" John's mother argued.

"I know but I just want to be careful, who knows what could happen. I'm not taking the chance to not wear as much just because the chance of gaining a medical problem isn't very high" John countered.

Her mother sighed "Fine, I won't force you to remove clothing if you think it will make you sick if you do."

"Thanks mum" John said, looking around she absent-mindedly asked " Where's dad?"

"Gone to work already. He needed to get going as soon as he could"

John sighed, finishing her cereal she put the bowl and spoon into the sink and washed it briefly. After she was satisfied with the result she turned around and as she picked up her bag she called out.

"Well I'll be going. See ya mum"

"Bye John" her mum said as she went back to finishing her omelette.
Arriving at school, John found her 5 friends by the front gate conversing. As John came closer she noticed their faces turned towards her and show an equal amount of confusion. Her first friend, Kurt, was the one you could rely on to be truthful, but since he was so used to the truth he couldn't lie. The second friend, Matt, was one you could count on to be there if you ever found yourself in trouble with the 'wrong crowd'. The third was Harry, he was a little different to the rest of us, in which he enjoyed working with clothing, regardless of the gender he liked how each piece of clothing was made. Terrance was a shy one, more than me, he wasn't as talkative unless he really needed to say something, but he was a guy that you could expect to not put you down on a problem you had. Lastly, Rina, the only girl of the group (minus myself now of course) was the one we could rely on to get us into a happy mood, she was good at pulling jokes and always knew how to liven up an other wise bad mood.

"H-Hey there stranger? You aren't here to bring us into a white van are you?" Rina joked.

John just shook her head "Very funny Rina, I'm wearing all this because I just feel really cold and I'm not taking a chance and get something really bad. Haven't you seen how cold it's been this winter?"

Kurt spoke up "That's true, but I don't think you really need a scarf and a beanie on man" Kurt did have a point but John couldn't risk anything at the moment, he had to keep this until tomorrow at least.

"Look it's alright, better to be safe then sorry right"

Matt came up beside me with a snarky grin "So tell me, how many times are you going to say that this week John? It's just so I won't have to mixed up on how many times I need to punch you by weeks end."

John spun her head to Matt, he couldn't see it but he could tell John was smiling "Again funny, I say that expression a lot, yes, but doesn't mean its any less right"

The others couldn't deny John's reasoning, he did say it a lot but he didn't always act upon it 24/7. As the others bickered over little things, Harry peered around inside the school and noticed people making a move "Oh look people are heading off to class, we'd better do the same you guys" Harry informed the others.

John fist pumped the air, "What's got you so energetic now John?" Kurt said as they walked inside the school.

John replied "We have Library today" the others groaned.
The school day was pretty basic once again, John did have some questions about her attire but she managed to shake them off reasonably, her teachers thankfully allowed the added clothing on in the class and because of that, everything went smoothly. John had a blast in the library, going through several of her favourite books on specific regions of history: like Greek (her most favourite), Roman, Chinese and Japanese and Indian. She also enjoyed reading about the specifics of shipwrecks and how they sunk and of course their history. In fact she found one that was apparently wrecked on the WA coast called the "Star Caster". She needed to look into that. John's friends did enjoy reading too, but nothing like John.

When it came to their last class of the day, John came to a horrible realization. The teacher was Miss Dalemore. She was infamous for strict clothing, which meant if you were wearing anything that wasn't required or regulation, you'd be punished. John was starting to sweat and not just from the added amount of clothing, "What am I going to do? I'll be found out for sure" John muttered under her breath. As the students entered the Science room, Miss Dalemore gave a look of growing anger at John.

"Mister Radderson! What is the meaning of this clothing?" she pointed to John's clothes with a shout.

John tried to formulate a response that would suffice to tame the beast that was Miss Dalemore. "I-I well it's really cold today and I just really wanted to stay warm. If I got a cold or something worse, I'd hate to spread around this classroom."

Miss Dalemore never dropped her stern look. John felt like it was over now, she would find out about her "condition" and report it. Sighing John went to face the music and pull off her clothes...until Rina butted in to stop it. "Hold up, what John was trying to say was that...he...already got sick with a reeaallly weird sickness that doesn't affect his energy or ability to listen. But it did do something else and he did the right thing and covered up so we wouldn't get it too" Rina explained. She sure knew how to turn things on its head.

Harry and Matt piped up while covering Kurt's mouth so he couldn't rat them out. "It's true, really contagious if he takes that clothing off" Matt said.

"It would affect us all in an instance if he did right now" Harry also added.

Terrance just smiled. Miss Dalemore eventually allowed them to proceed but John was to stay up the back if it infected others. You know it's better to be safe than sorry.

As the group finished up with Science, John thanked them "You guys have no idea how much you just saved my butt."

Kurt replied " Yeah about that, how about you tell us why you are wearing it now. You know since we did just save you from something you are really intend to keep secret. It makes sense, come on we're your friends just show us why you are wearing all that clothing."

The others agreed with Kurt. John was pulled out of one corner to be dragged into another one, she was waiting to tell the guys her secret tomorrow , but now...she may have to. "Okay but not here"

Well...OK...What was that motto of yours John?

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John felt uneasy showing this to her friends, she really did but if she was going to get help from them they needed to know. The group of friends had a secret spot behind the school that few knew about. They would occasionally go there to do whatever they pleased without getting caught by teachers heading for home. Once everyone was in place John began to explain "So first off, I need to confess something else related to my predicament"

Kurt spoke up "Go ahead. If you are showing us something embarrassing then what ever this first confession is, it can't be any greater of a problem to keep."

Sighing John explains his first problem "You know the show My little pony: friendship is magic? Well I kinda really" John went and covered his eyes, awaiting the terrible barrage of laughing and insults. But there was none, well except for some stifled laughing from Matt which Kurt nudged to shut up, but besides that nothing "How are you not laughing at that? That was incredibly embarrassing to say and yet you guys don't seem to care"

Kurt replied "John look at me, I can tell when you like something or not and I've seen you look at images of that show before and smile so I'm used to it, Harry isn't one to laugh at secrets, Rina well...she's Rina" Rina just gave a laugh. Kurt continued "Matt would get a little laugh out of it, but he wouldn't exploit it to cause you grief and you know how nice a guy Terrance is, he wouldn't dream of laughing at something like that."

John thought about that, 'Yeah Kurt's right, my guys are really the type to blabber secrets' John smiled.

Matt grew a little impatient "That's well and all, but I think what we really need to see is what your're hiding underneath the clothes" Matt pointed with a finger.

John nodded (although hesitantly) she paced over to corner so they wouldn't peek and began to strip off the unnecessary clothing, once she was finished, she alerted the others "Guys I'm coming out not" John said with an easily female voice now.

John could hear some mutter "Does he sound like a girl?" Harry asked.

Counting down 3,2...1, John stepped out from behind her spot and watched as the guys drank in her appearance.


The immediate reaction was silence. Everyone just stared at John's body, she still looked semi human, but the Ears, Horn, Tail and Wings were a dead give away that she wasn't very human. After a prolonged time of silence, Kurt spoke once more " do always say that everyday is different and this is one example of that motto"

"Either your a really serious cos player or you actually are part pony" Rina said.

Matt gave his own bit into talk "And judging by that rack, your a girl too" he grinned, eliciting Rina to punch him in the shoulder "Ow! Hey OK fine I'll be nice"

John explained "Yes, from what I've found out last night I turned into an anthro version of my favourite character from the show, Twilight Sparkle."

"How did it happen John?" Harry asked.

John cleared her throat and progressed forward with the story "Basically yesterday afternoon went I got home I checked my you tube notifications and found one from a channel called MLP: Theory Analysts, they do a lot of theory videos about things in the show. I got a response from them that gave me a link to a special video that was dedicated to me for being a long time subscriber, anyway the video itself was pretty normal...except for this strange pinkish purple glow."

Terrance managed to summoned up some courage to speak "T-That must be what caused you to change"

John spoke "He's right, guys that glow must of had to be the cause." 'Is that the special bonus they were talking about?' she thought.

"Well this is all incredibly weird but I'll help you keep it secret. Right guys?" Kurt said. The others one by one agreed with him, John was grateful they understood her trouble she had.

John straightened back up and sighed "I've got to get home now guys, my parents need to know as well. Its gonna be a whirlwind to go through but they should understand too" John after putting back on her disguise, waved at the guys and began to walk off. The others stayed behind for a bit longer conversing over the strange event that just happened.


Thankfully John's parents understood the change and gladly accepted his transformation into a part pony being...and a girl. Granted they were a bit stunned at first, "John its okay we believe it's you, no one else would constantly try to argue their way into doing something they wanted, most of the time that is. Anyway of course we find it...unsettling, but its not like you went and turned into a dinosaur or whatever" John's mother rambled.

John thanked his mother briefly then turned to his dad"Thanks mum, Dad sorry if this also freaks you out, but I do have my memories so that's a good thing."

John's dad sighed "It is weird, anyone can see that. But your still our kid inside and that's what I really care about being changed"

John was happy he wouldn't need to constantly have to wear heaps of clothes on inside the house but that feeling was gone when he saw the glimmer in his mother's eye. "Uh oh, I can see where this is going. Back, back you clothes shopping monster, no NO!"

John was taken into town to get some girls clothes, luckily she didn't have to wear on anything that was over the top girly. Basic things like skirts were fine, but then the malefic undergarment that John dreaded even in the car into town was about to surface.

"Why must I wear this thing?" John demanded in a hilarious way, her mother was fixing the bra around so it fitted perfectly. Once she was satisfied with the result she replied.

"Because, while you did change races, you also changed gender and clearly those..." she pointed to John's chest "Are not man boobs, they look like very large C cups...maybe nearly Ds"

"Fantastic, not only am I a girl, I'm also a busty one too." she sighed with an agitated look.

"Oh be quiet you, its not that bad. The guys will be all over you" her mum replied.

John snorted "Yes, because I so want to be looked at by guys. Yeah It's not like I was straight when I was still a guy" John said sarcastically.

Her mother just chuckled lightly.

Eventually they had finished with the shopping..for today and were returning home. As they did John's mother came to an important realization "John you need another name. Your actual one is hardly feminine, you need to think of one"

She was right John thought, looking over her body and the cutie mark just visible on the hips, John smiled.

"Call me Twilight, Twilight Radderson"

The wreck of the Star Caster

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“It’s down here?” Twilight muttered as she flicked through a book on 16th -18th century shipwrecks. As mentioned before, the human, John, now Twilight loved ships. Mostly to look at them and study them, over being on the deck of one (not that wouldn't be still cool), one such section of the maritime subject she loved was shipwrecks. They were eerie but also fascinating to learn about, how did they get there, what caused them to sink and any history behind it.

She had come across one chapter of the book that explained a shipwreck that currently resided close to where she lived and by close it means very close. The ship was a mid 18th century Barque called the “Star caster”. Holding 15 (12 pounder) cannons aside, the ship was of British origin. She was heading for Tasmania when a major storm swept her off course right into geographe bay, she apparently crashed into a forestal area beside a drain. Her remains still decayed but apparently a large portion of her hull and a the foremast still stand, although very frail.

But what piqued Twilight’s interest to a near off the chart scale was the fact that the figure head looked like a unicorn or alicorn and the sails had the cutie mark proudly shown. “Well to be honest that is hardly the only thing to be really bizarre” Twilight said while looking herself over for emphasis.

Twilight continued to read through for any more information, the ship was carrying simple cargo supplies to the settlement situated on Tasmania or Van Diemen’s land as it was called then. But some accounts say that another item was also on board, something of the supernatural equation. “A magical item on the remains of a ship...I need some stuff”

Twilight changed into some casual yet what some could say was adventuring gear. She put on a simple shirt that wouldn't be troublesome in getting dirty, some pants and while she could've cut her hair, she enjoyed it too much to shorten it and just went with tieing it into a pony tail (no pun intended). She grabbed a small shoulder bag and set off downstairs, wondering what the item was and if it really existed. “I'm going out for awhile mum, just in case you get worried.” Twilight called out to her mum who was in the living room.

“Ok sweetie, just try not to get hurt or take too long”

Twilight replied as she exited for the door “Will do”


“The book explained the wreck was resting in some forestry by the drain. Hmm I would of thought people would of been more aware of it. I guess they are too fixated on incredibly unnecessary things to care. Too bad, well anyway it’s off to find the Star caster then. Huzzah!” Twilight said to herself as she yelled out an adventurous call.

Wandering through the trees by the drain, Twilight catches an odd looking rock in the corner of her eye resting in the sandy bank. Sliding down to meet with it, she uses a hand to dust of some sand. Looking at the lengthy shape she ponders on an idea “I wonder” she said, gathering handfuls of water she wets the rock until she could get a clearer view, sliding her now slim hand over the texture and roughness of the rock she comes to an exciting conclusion “This isn’t a rock, it’s wood. And not just from a fallen tree, it’s from a structure...a ...ship” she said turning her vision to some remains of the wreck.

The ‘rock’ she had found was some of the Star caster’s buried hull, looking back up to the remains in the forest, she evaluates that judging by the curve of the wood closest to the water, it was part of either the bow or stern of the ship and since the ship crashed bow first, it was the stern.

“Well i found the wreck, now to see if I can identify it as the Starcaster...and possibly find this item.” Twilight marched forward back into the forest up towards what remained of the ship, most of the frontal bow was semi intact and like the book said the foremast was still standing although like the rest of the wreck, covered in plants and moss. She arrived at the very front of the bow where the bowsprit would of been and observed the figurehead. It was still there, granted very worn, but still attached to the ship she was made for, the figurehead was an alicorn, it had a chipped horn and wings spread out against the hull. Twilight looked to her own and wondered why the ship seemed to know the character from a little kids show that aired centuries after the ship wrecked?

Twilight rambled on “Maybe Celestia is or was actually real and she came before humans over in Britain and showed them important things and they in return made a figurehead of how she looked?” Then she pulled a frustrated face and buried her head into her hands “But what about the sails, arrgh this is too friggin weird!”

“...What was that?” she said suddenly as she pulled her hands away and stared at a familiar pinkish purple glow. This time inside the wreck. Cautiously, she entered the still standing hull portion and humorously tip toed (metaphorically) over to the strange light. Removing some debri and rock, she found what she believed to be the mystical item. It was a decently sized silver box, but on the top etched in was a sun and underneath a crescent moon. ‘Just like the Princesses’ Twilight thought, her curious nature was unleashed with the force of a thousand suns and it seemed like nothing could stop it...but she felt like she needed to open it at home incase something happened like a portal or an ancient evil awakened from inside. Stuffing the box into her bag, she explores the wreck for another hour, checking out anything else of significant purpose. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything else to add to her bag, but she found just seeing the wreck was a gem in itself. And she could just come back later too, it wasn’t going anywhere.

As Twilight thought about the box’s purpose on board the ship, she had a crazy idea that the Analysts knew about the wreck and maybe intended for her to explore it too. “What are they up to? This would be crazy as hell if they were involved with this box...or would it?”


Twilight came up with other ways to back up her claim that the theory analysts had ties with the ship and the box as she paced back home. Firstly their info was always addressed as “by a developer of the show” but that might be a cover up to saying that they actually knew all this, secondly their theories were always on point and some have been proven in recent episodes of the show. Lastly their text below their icon for the channel “We have more information to tell than anyone else” That always baffled Twilight, but she just always ignored it. It seems now she needed to focus on it.

Bounding up the stairs, giving a quick greeting, she opened up the laptop by her desk and started a private message with the Analysts. She needed answer and she felt like she was going to get them from hear.

“Hello Analysts, now after you gave me my “present” I was stunned to find the next day that I had changed into an anthro Twilight. Did you intend for this to happen?” Twilight clicked ‘send’ and waited.

Not long after, she got a response and it left her in a frozen state “Yes” it said. Shaking the feeling off she quickly replied back.

“Why?! I didn’t sign up for being a girl or a pony (not that this isn’t cool)”

Once again she waited and then without warning a response “You have been chosen to be her John, we can’t explain to you everything...yet. But what you found on that shipwreck is important and you must swear to never let its contents fall into the wrong hands”

Twilight couldn’t believe the seriousness in the response “You know about the ship? How?” she replied.

The analysts responded “That is something you’ll find out when we meet.”

“Who are you?!” Twilight furiously replied back and sent.

No response.

“Damn! I need answers now” What is in this box?” she typed.

A response came this time “Why don’t you take a look for yourself?”

As Twilight finished reading the reply, the silver box began to glow once more, it radiated a bright light that shone into her eyes, Twilight was determined to find what was inside this thing.

Reaching the box resting on her bed, she opens the lid, peering inside at the contents. What she found was six pieces of jewellery, five were necklaces, each with a different symbol at the front: An apple, A diamond, A balloon, A butterfly and a lightning bolt. But one piece was different, this one was a tiara with a purple star adorning the top. Twilight knew what these were, another comment popped up on the computer as she stared at the jewellery “I assume you know what they are?”

Twilight nodded, even though she didn’t see the response, “The elements of Harmony. They are ...real?”

Wandering back to the computer she typed in “How do you know the elements… and also how they are real?”

The analysts responded “The elements are very old but quite powerful, they have been kept safe for centuries. Even a ship being wrecked couldn't destroy them. They only work when the worthy one is near, the transformation was to finalize the connection with the elements”

“What do I do with them?” Twilight asked

The immediate response was “Protect them, you may need help. For now though we will talk again Twilight sparkle, and be careful” the response was the last from the Analysts.

Twilight didn’t really want to get roped into something this massive of an adventure, she just wanted a normal life. But then she thought of something, as she gazed at herself in the mirror and then towards the elements she smiled with enthusiasm.

“But who want’s a normal life?”

Shower singing and a meet up with AJ

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The next day, Twilight rose from her bed yawning furiously. “God, I was more tired then I thought” Twilight said, rubbing her eyes and looking out the window towards the rising sun.

After she confirmed the nearby shipwreck to be the Star caster. Twilight discovered a wooden box with the elusive elements of harmony resting inside, teeming with their huge amount of power. She then wondered about the theory analysts and the fact that they were responsible for current appearance. Who were they? A question Twilight was determined to be answered.

“Maybe they responded again, while I slept?” Twilight thought. Throwing her covers off, she walks over and sits down on the chair that faced her computer, booting up the device as she did. After several seconds the current page popped up and she began to scroll, checking the notifications she grumbles lightly at the page showing nothing new she hadn’t read already. “Maybe my email, then”

Logging into her email account she was startled to see a new message by....someone called Ashley j smith. “I don’t know an Ashley?” Twilight thought, who could be messaging her? She opened the email and gasped at the image of Applejack on the screen. Below it said “Twi, if you are reading this, I need your help! I’ve turned into Applejack, or an anthropomorphized version of her. I even use her accent. Can we meet someplace in private? ‘Love, AJ.”

Twilight rubbed her temples. ‘Someone else changed too? But who was it and how do they have my email…’ Twilight trailed off her thoughts, realising something. The stetson Aj wore in the image had the initials ‘KS’ embroidered on the rim. She knew who it was.

Twilight returned the message by replying “Kurt?! Is that really you? Well firstly sorry if I dragged you into this, secondly for where we could meet about at the beach. I’ll be looking out at the sea from that natural rock formation that juts out kinda like a mini cape. In about 2 hours, Since we don’t have school today.” She then pushed send and waited for a response.

Not 10 minutes later, a response was made and Twilight instantly began to read it. “Sure thing, I got ta do some chores till then, should drag out to a couple of hours. See ya soon Twi. AJ”

Twilight smiled, “Good, now I’m not the only in this mess.”
Tapping her leg briefly, she springs up from the chair and departs her room for the shower. Twilight was a little more used to her body now, but she still got red when she saw it in the mirror, with or without clothes on. But she thought, soon enough she’d get used to it. Stripping off her clothes, she steps into the shower and turns it on. Now when she was still John she did sing every now and then in the shower and it was always really bad, but she didn’t care. But when she absently sang one of her favourites, she was stunned by how she sounded. “A fall to the fires of hell never failed to awaken, Though my soul ascend, in the darkness of my heart again. I’m GOD FORSAKEN!” Twilight couldn’t help but chuckle at her feminine voice singing such a metal song. Thinking, she decides to sing the chorus of another song by the same band “And the battle is my way. I will go this path alone, I will take unto my prey. This I know! All other’s will fall” Twilight ended up singing several more songs in the shower taking in at how great her voice sounded, although she did forget how long she had been in shower. Realising she was still in the shower, she turned off the lever and stepped out with a towel around her chest.

Twilight then marveled at her singing voice “I can’t believe how good my voice sounds now. I could probably audition for a talent show and….” but she suddenly thought of all those people looking at her, judging her. Shivering she thought “maybe not”, she was nothing like Terrance in the shy department but she was easily the next shyest of the group.

After putting on a fresh pair of clothes, with holes in both the shirt and skirt (yes she wears skirts now), she descends the staircase for breakfast.

Twilight’s mother greeted her as she entered the kitchen. “Morning darling, did you sleep well?” she asked. Mrs Radderson was still on edge about her son turned daughter’s appearance. It’s not everyday you see someone with wings, a tail and a horn, let alone your own blood. But she could still see John underneath that equine face and she wasn’t the type to just go ahead and disown her child because of her appearance. If anything that would be racist...maybe.

Twilight began her normal ritual of acquiring her cereal, responding as she did. “Good Mum, it’s seemed like I needed too” Twilight wanted to explain her email from Kurt or Ashley now, but decided against it as she felt like it was meant to be kept secret until she was ready to explain. With Ashley's consent of course.

Twilight instead went with discussing her discovery of the Star caster at the drain. While most of her friends and family was not into her interests, they still listened and also agreed at how ‘fascinating’ it was. Twilight knew they didn’t really care, but the fact that they did listen was good enough for her.
When Twilight checked the time after she finished her breakfast, she groaned. She thought the time would go fast like it normally does, but instead it had only been just over 30 minutes since she confirmed with AJ to meet up. Twilight wondered “Great, now I need to do something to kill time. Hmm....well...I guess I could read, that normally does the trick.” The Twilight from the show read a ton more than anthro Twilight did, but they both enjoyed to learn new things or add to the info they already knew.

As Twilight read through a book on myths, she thought of something incredibly real to the character she had become. Magic. John had always loved magic, but it was always out of grasp in this reality. But now it may just be in her hands... or horn. Looking at her horn she wondered if it was possible to perform a simple feat of magic such as telekinesis. “Well here goes nothing” Twilight said to herself, dropping the book she begins to concentrate. Imagining the book floating near her she opens her eyes to see if it worked. It didn’t. “Why did I think that was going to happen. Of course it wasn’t going to be that simple” Twilight slumped down disappointed “Maybe I should stick with using my hands. I do still have them… That’s it!” she exclaimed. “Hands” Instead of imaging the book floating she had to imagine reaching for it with her hand. It was simple but it had to work.

Her motivation returned, she tries once more, this time thinking of grabbing the book with her outstretched hand. She hears a familiar sound and opens her eyes, there levitating in a pinkish purple glow was the book. She cheered, it happened the book was there hovering about and her horn was also emitting the same glow. She began to pick up random items around her giggling and smiling like a kid in a toy store. But that came to a rude halt when she noticed the time. She had 10 minutes to get to the beach.

Dropping her most recent item, she runs down stairs (surprising considering she has had hooves for only a couple of days) saying goodbye to her mother and bounding down the street for the beach. Hopefully AJ wasn’t there yet.
Arriving at the beach, Twilight walked over to the rocky formation that jutted out from the side of the beach. It was slightly windy but not really cold, Twilight was glad as she never brought anything to cover up. She casted rocks into the sea so she wouldn’t succumb to boredness, if Kurt has changed would Twilight’s other friends do the same? They did fit the mane six’s personalities almost to a T. If they do change it’ll become a lot more serious from here on out.

“Hey ther’ Twi” an accented voice greets from behind the lavender anthro pony. Twilight turned around to meet her visitor. From what she could see, Kurt looked just like she did in the picture, everything about her screamed Applejack.

“So Kurt...I mean Ashley, you changed too?”

Ashley replied “Sure did, it was out of ta blue too”

Twilight raised her brow “How exactly did it happen? That’s what I want to know.”

Ashley shrugged her shoulders, kicking a rock or two with her boot “It happened through ma computer. This apple appeared on the screen and when I went ta look at it. I just turned into this” Ashley gestured to her body.

“So this happens via our computers....I’m sure the theory analysts got to you too.” Twilight said.

Ashley gave a confused look “What do ya mean? That channel you watch is tha reason for us looking like those extremely dedicated cosplayers? The guys are gonna look at me with tha weirdest faces I’ll ever see” she finished.

Twilight responded “I’m sure of it. And look I explained to you guys this predicament and you supported it, if the others did for me I’m sure they will for you. Don’t worry I’ll be right next to you.”

Ashley smiled “Aww thanks Twi. Also ma folks know about me looking this way, the students at school may be slightly different though”

Twilight thought about that. The guys knew of her transformation, and Ashley should be fine in explaining hers. But the school was a whole other story. “Well just face it head on. I’m sure random bystanders will be confused, but we shouldn’t worry about any of that.The school will be our only priority to take.” she stated.

AJ nodded “Sounds good. I’m glad you know about this too, considering being the first to go through it.” Ashley turned her head over towards the beach watching the waves crash on the shore and grinned “Since we are at ta beach, why not we take a walk. Sound good to you?”

Twilight returned her grin “Sounds good to me. Besides I have some more info you need to know” she said as she began to depart the rocks with Ashley in tow.

Ashley rolled her eyes and responded “Is this about yer confounded ships and shipwrecks again?”

Twilight blushed “Heh heh...not all of it”

A fishing pole, rope, bait, a Shark...and Rina.

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Twilight explained to Ashley about the analysts, she discussed the elements and even showed the Star caster’s wreck to the farm girl.

“Wait a minute ther Twilight. You mean ya can really do Magic?” Ashley asked with amazement.Twilight had just finished explaining her little magic practice she took part in before she arrived at the beach. The anthro alicorn in question nodded her head. She may of been the one explaining it, but even still she felt like it was a dream rather than reality. “Your explanation of the Star caster with those gold necklace things was more believable.

“I sure can. Check this out” she responded by finding a stick lying on the ground and focusing her mind on it. Imagining she was picking it up with her hand, the stick shakily hovered off the ground levitating in a pink glow that also surrounded Twilight’s horn.

Ashley was of all things stunned “Well I’ll be. It really is real” Ashley watched on at the hovering stick. “But what do I get? That’s not real fair of you getting magic and I don’t.”

Twilight dropped the stick and turned around to face Ashley “It’s just the characters we have become AJ. Unicorn’s use magic, Pegasi can fly and control weather and Earth ponies have more endurance, strength and greater defence.”

Ashley wondered about that part on the earth ponies “More endurance, Strength and Defence? That’ll be real effective on the farm and if I get into a fight of sorts”

But then she eyed Twilight “You have both a horn and wings? Does that make your race any different?

Twilight caught on to the fact that she was an alicorn and not unicorn form. “Well from what we know so far off the show. There is only 5 alicorns and they are all of royalty, so basically an Alicorn is revered as almost a god among normal ponies. They have magic, flight and strength, so really they are the most powerful of pony” Twilight explained.

Ashley scratched her head at that “This is a lot ta take in but, you seem ta know it better than me or any of tha guys…” Ashley thought “Hang on...the guys. We need to let them know I changed too”

Twilight also realised “If we both changed, then they also have have a good chance of doing so too. We need to find them now, instead of later”

Ashley agreed. With sudden speed, they both rushed off the beach back into the street and find the rest of their friends.


Twilight texted Matt to see where he was, and luckily for them, the rest of their friends were at the park. Better time than any to let them know. Arriving at the park, Matt, Harry, Terrance and Rina all pulled equally confused faces. They were aware of John’s change, but who was this other one next to her?

“John...I mean Twilight is it? Who is that?” Matt pointed to Ashley.

Twilight explained “Firstly yes it is, secondly this is Ashley...or we know her as Kurt.”

Everyone but the anthro ponies exclaimed “KURT?!”

Ashley gave a slightly hesitant wave “Hey guys. This was weird for me as well, so your reaction is pretty darn normal to me. But I assure you that I’m still your ol pal Kurt” Ashley stated.

Harry spoke this time “Well, we did accept John’s change, so I see no reason to change that with you Kurt...I mean Ashley” Harry, despite his odd interest for clothes, was a good guy and he wasn’t the type to judge or simply turn his back on someone just because they suddenly changed their appearance. No matter how bad they looked (especially their attire). He was known though to be generous with his creations and the way he was eyeing both Ashley and Twilight, it seemed like he was metaphorically tracing up designs for them to wear.

Rina perked up from her seat on a fallen log “Yeah, Harry’s right. You guys look like the most extreme cosplayers I’ve ever seen. But I can tell when you guys are you...instead of alien equine beings that intend to replace earth’s population with their own.”

Twilight replied “Uhh thanks Ri, I’m glad you're on our side...I hope” Twilight liked Rina as a friend but sometimes...she was frightening.

Terrance didn’t really say much, but he seemed okay with it. Matt was frustrated that another of his friends changed, but after some much needed cooling off, he managed to be fine with it.

Ashley whispered to Twilight as the others conversed “Should we tell them about it? The whole possibility of them becoming like us?”

Twilight whispered back “They need to know. If they are aware of the possibility that they may change too, it will be much easier to deal with if it happens. Of course they might panic, but at least they’ll be ready for it”

“Got ya” Ashley winked “Alright guys, it’s best you know something else. Twi here will explain” Ashley announced.

Twilight nodded and then drew in a breath “Now don’t freak out...much. But you guys may or may not also become like us.
“WHAT?!” they all exclaimed.

“Surprise! You’re all gonna be half pony too..maybe” Twilight knew that was overkill but she really wanted them to freak out, especially Matt. Payback for all his punches he’s done.

It took about 20 minutes and five slaps to Matt’s face to calm them all down. After they did, Twilight continued “Guys, it’s okay alright? Yes it’s weird and feels strange, but you get used to it. Your families should too, don’t worry, besides you gain certain abilities with your change. Like flight and magic, that’s cool right?”

The others agreed “I guess so. But what about our brains?” Matt asked tapping his head for emphasis.

Twilight responded “Have we changed at all in the mind to you? I’m still John on the inside and Ashley is still Kurt too. We look different but we don’t act different...though with this body we might act a little girly, but not much.”

“Twi’s right guys, we look different but we are still your friends John and Kurt” Ashley said resting her arm on Twilight. The guys, looked at each other and smiled, at least they’ve calmed down now. “Now how about we go get something ta eat I’m starving”

The gang agreed and with Ashley leading the way, they departed for the nearest place for some food. Twilight and Ashley got weird stares from people in the cafe, but they paid it no attention, Rina was first to go about her order and like usual, it was huge. The guys never knew how she was able to store away so much food in her small body and she gained little to no weight at all. A lot of girls at school were envious of this bizarre ability Rina had, while guys just wondered, like her friends, how she was able to eat such copious amounts of food.

The gang was known to crazy antic whenever they went and ate food together at a cafe. Rina would make structures from her food then yell at random people when they told her to stop, Harry would flirt with nearly every girl in their, Matt would try to hold back Rina when she lashed out at people, oddly like a wild animal, Terrance would just sit in silence or talk with John/Twilight about things like the other chaos wasn’t happening and Kurt/Ashley would sigh and pretend like she didn’t know the others. Yep that was the gang for you and this time despite the recent events of anthro ponies, they were still the crazy bunch of friends.

Twilight returned home later that evening. “Sorry I was a bit late Mum. Long story but it included Rina, a fishing pole, a length of rope, a bait fish and a Shark...don’t ask.”

Mrs Radderson called from the living room “Don’t worry I got it at the mention of your friend Rina. But anyway while you were out we managed to get back someone.”

Twilight thought about what she meant and then came to a realization from about a 5 days ago. “Wait you mean? He’s back!”

Mrs Radderson nodded “He sure his, say hello”

From behind Mrs Radderson was a four legged creature. But it wasn’t just any creature, it was a dog. “MAX!” Twilight cheered happily “You’re okay buddy”

Twilight ran over to her dog. The golden retriever named Max was really sick not very long ago and he was taken to the vet to get fixed up, he was expected to be about a week and luckily he came back two days before that. Max seemed hesitant to hug Twilight, but eventually went for it, he was known to be friendly with even strangers. But he did know when someone was not right and acted to stay away from them.

“How you doing Maxy? You feeling better?” Twilight asked Max as she scratched his ears.

*Bark* Max replied, he was wagging his tail about so he seemed good, Twilight beamed at the dog’s enthusiasm.

“I’d like to play fetch with you. But you still need to rest up a bit, maybe later ok buddy?” Twilight stated.

*Bark, Bark* Max yelped, he looked sad about hearing that. But that was short lived as he went back to his normally cheerful self.

“Dinner will be ready soon sweetie. Just so you know” Mrs Radderson spoke up.

Twilight stood up from her crouching state and replied “Alright then. I’ll be upstairs if you need me for anything.” She then proceeded to ascend the stairs, wondering about if her other friends will actually change too. It’ll be strange seeing the other MLP cast that’s for sure.”

Twilight then shook her head “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Besides if Matt changes, I can mock him.

Harry, what did you go and do this time

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Twilight pondered what to do with the elements. Standing before them with a finger to her chin, she thought about giving one to each of her friends when they changed. Ashley was in the same boat as her, so the element of Honesty could be given to her. But Twilight feared that by even touching the elements, let alone put one on, would affect her in some way. “Yeessh, I’m already a anthro pony and a girl, I don’t want to change any further. Who knows what they could do to us” Twilight felt like she was just paranoid, the elements weren’t used to change someone, it was used to make a giant rainbow blast out and destroy an enemy...yes it does sound stupider than it looks.

Max had slept on Twilight’s bed the following night and he had just opened his eyes to see what was causing him to awaken from his peaceful slumber. *Bark* Max said jumping from the bed and pacing over to Twilight, looking at the box of shiny items. Twilight absently ran her hand through his fur rubbing his head, Max did seem confused at Twilight’s appearance the first he saw her, but eventually he came around, noticing the special ways she scratched him that John only knew, Twilight wondered if Max could also tell John was underneath her pony form.

But then she realised he was looking at the elements, shutting the box incredibly fast, she shooed Max away. She didn’t want their magic affecting him, considering he just got back from the vet yesterday.

Twilight rubbed her eyes of the sleep that still irritated, looking at the clock she remembered school was today. “Oh just wonderful, it’s time for everyone at school to know I switched genders and races. This’ll be dandy to explain “Hi everyone, I’ve turned into a half pony hybrid... and a girl. But I assure I’m still John, please accept me back.” Twilight said very agitated, mostly from waking up and partly because of school.

“I can see it now, Ashley and I running away from the school, as students throw next to useless school stationery and Teachers hitting us with rulers like we were a pest. It’ll be great” After Twilight finished with her sarcastic and slightly frightening muttering, she sighed hoping that what she was thinking wasn’t going to happen. Opening her bedroom door, she departs for the stairs.


After a silent breakfast, Twilight left for school through the front door. Later nearing the school, Twilight found the guys waiting for her. Yesterday they all agreed to meet up just before the front gates so that the bizarre transformations would be less of an impact. Greeting her friends, Twilight was ready to go in. “Don’t worry Twi, we are all here right next to you and Ashley. If they try to do anything, we are here to stop that” Matt said.

“Alright, let’s get going.” Twilight stated stepping forward, everyone else walking side by side with her. As expected, students and staff looked on in shock, confusion, surprise...basically anything to describe what they saw. Muttering and whispering was heard all around the group, some wondering if they were costumes, others thinking they were aliens and some thought scientific mutation. All much more believable than the real reason. Matt gave disapproving glares at anyone getting the wrong idea towards the Anthro ponies, they all seemed phased by it too. Before the group could sit down anywhere and talk, a voice could be heard over an intercom near their location.

Principal:” Would these students come to me now. John Radderson, Kurt Smith, Matt Dashel, Harry Delmarity, Rina Palinski and Terrance Valermont. Can you six come to my office immediately.”

Ashley sighed “Great, now tha Principal’s gonna want ta know what happened”

Terrance spoke up (rare thing to do) “We shouldn’t disobey the order. B-Besides if he understands, then we could get the rest of the school to believe too.”

Twilight nodded “Terrance is right, if we can convince the Principal of what happened, then the rest of the school may follow...emphasis on may.”

“Well let’s not dawdle about any longer, we better get up there” Harry stated. With a collected nod, the group of friends departed for the Principal’s office.


“So you are telling me that you two turned into these anthropomorphic ponies and girls may I add, via your computer screens?” Principal Barwell evaluated.

Twilight spoke for the group “That pretty much covers the gist of it, yes.” Twilight watched as the Principal raised his eyebrow, she gave him a sheepish grin in return.

“Do you expect me to believe that? Honestly, real aliens landing in the school’s grounds is a more believable story.” he stated, the group frowning at the response.

“But Principal Barwell, it’s true. Do you really think they just went and got a sex change in a matter of a few days? Their pony appearance may seem like a costume too, but it’s real check it out.” Matt protested grabbing Ashley’s arm (against her will) and shoving it into the Principal’s face, egging him to feel it.

Hesitantly he does, feeling the very real soft fur on Ashley’s arm. Ashley was still shooting daggers Matt’s way when the principal let go of her arm, to which Matt just grinned at. “You need to do better than that to convince me” Barwell said in monotone.

Twilight growled in frustration “What else could we possible do to make you believe us that doesn’t become indecent?” she asked, nearly begging.

Principal Barwell thought for a moment then suddenly came up with something “You said that this...Twilight character can perform magic, is that correct?”

Twilight responded “Y-Yes that’s right”

“Well if you can perform some sort of simple magic spell, I’ll believe this change is real” Barwell explained. “You can do that?”

Twilight nodded “I have fortunately practiced a little and I can levitate small objects”

Barwell sat up in his seat, eliciting Twilight to show him her magic. Twilight took in a deep breath “This is a better time than any to do this right” she focused her mind on a container filled with pencils and imagined picking it up with her hand. At first it wasn’t working and Twilight was beginning to panic, but then she wondered if the pressure she was under was the reason for her problem. Testing this theory, she relaxed her mind of the pressure and just pretended like she was doing it under no watching eyes and slowly, but surely, it lifted up from the desk and hovered about in the pinkish glow.

Everyone but Ashley was in awe. The group was told that she could do magic, but they never saw it in action...until now. After showing off her magic, Twilight dropped the container back to where it was and looked expectedly at the principal to respond to her show.

Barwell was at a lost for words at first, he just looked at the container, than at Twilight. After much contemplating he shook his mind back and spoke up “T-That was very unexpected, so this really means…”

“That we are what we say we are. Yes, yes it does” Ashley replied.

After everything was cleared up with the Principal,including the part about the others also becoming anthro ponies,the gang left the office feeling much better than they did entering it. The principal still scratched his head at how Twilight was doing her magic, picking up the container to see if strings were attached. There was none. “Unbelievable” he said.

The school day went it’s course pretty smoothly...well as smoothly as it can when some of the students aren’t even the same race anymore. Classes went as they always did, shenanigans happened like normal and the gang where like they always were.

“So what exactly did you want to show us Harry” Ashley asked as they entered a room. Harry was really ecstatic to show the group something in the home economics classroom at lunch. From what they could imagine it wasn’t good... at least for them.

“Twilight, Ashley. I know you don’t entirely appreciated me doing this behind your back, but I couldn’t help myself” Harry explained.

Ashley sighed “Harry what did you go and do?”

Harry smiled hesitantly as he opened a closet at the back of the room and revealed two outfits. “You can’t be serious can you?” Twilight said eyeing the outfit in Harry’s grasp.

“He is, we all know that Twi” Ashley responded.

The outfits Harry was showing the group were noth unique: the first one, most likely for Ashley, had denim shorts, an oddly designed white shirt and a brown leather over jacket. Luckily it wasn’t overly girly but it was a step toward that from Ashley’s current attire. Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for Twilight’s: this one had an overly cutesy looking blouse, a purple skirt with a star donning the side (that Twilight swore was something a cheerleader would wear) and a large purplish bow that would be tied onto the back of her head. “Harry, don’t you think you're destroying what’s left of my masculine pride with this outfit? Not saying that it doesn’t look good or anything” Twilight explained.

Harry looked at the outfit and grinned “What masculine pride do you have left? You're wearing a skirt now... voluntarily too.” Harry pointed at the skirt Twilight wore, she blushed in response.

“Well that’s true ,but at least it isn’t something a bimbo would wear!” Twilight growled.

Harry’s smile only grew. “I could make you look like a bimbo if you wanted. But first, please just try it on” Harry begged shoving the outfit in her face.

Twilight looked at Ashley “If can wear mine, you can wear yours too” AJ simply stated. Twilight grumbled as she snatched the outfit from Harry’s grasp and heading for a place to change.

About ten minutes later, they both returned. Ashley didn’t seem as annoyed with the outfit as she thought she would...but Twilight couldn’t bear to look in a mirror.

“I think this is actually growing on me” Ashley smiled admiring the outfit in the mirror.

Twilight barely managed to open her eyes and what she saw left her to say only a few words “Yep, my male cards are as good as gone” she looked amazing, she couldn’t deny it, but it was incredibly embarrassing and the skirt felt like it wasn’t covering anything. Matt and Rina’s laughter didn’t soften the blow either.

“Hush you, you look stunning. So what if people looks at you, if you don’t care about them, they won’t be a bother” Harry said as he adjusted the blouse.

“I guess, but I still feel weird. This outfit is so strange on me” Twilight muttered. Harry managed to just pick up on the words.

“We haven’t even put on the…”finishing touches” Harry replied as he smiled a very toothy grin.

“I’m in trouble aren't I” Twilight asked slightly scared.

Harry responded with an evil grin “You have no idea”

New attire and a Mysterious new character

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Makeup. Friggin Makeup is what Twilight could think as Harry finished up the said make up that was being applied to her face. Fortunately for the lavender girl it was only eyeshadow, a bit of mascara much as she tried to protest against putting it on...lipgloss. Harry started to grab other items and walk over to Twilight with them. Twilight on the other hand wasn’t having it “Harry, I will personally feed you to the Hell knights myself if you try to do anything else to my face” Twilight growled at the fashion crazed boy, who slowly walked back and dropped the items (that Twilight rathered not look at) in his hands and pushed away the wheeled table they sat on.

After looking over his handy work, Harry dusted his hands off (god knows why) “Alright Twilight, take a look in that mirror. I’m sure you’ll like what you see” he said.

Twilight got up from her seat she sat on during the entire ordeal and rolled her eyes “Harry I rather not go look at myself now. Who knows what you did, you could of gone...” Twilight began to ramble on.

Harry sighed, pushing the stubborn anthro, he showed her the mirror and waited for her rambling to stop. “...and I might have these...these…? Is that me?” Twilight said pointing to the mirror.

Harry came up beside her and smiled “Yes it is. What do you think?”

Twilight couldn’t believe it, she looked amazing. Harry didn’t go over the top, it was just enough to make her face stand out. The eyeshadow brought out her eyes, the mascara (although slightly weird) also affect her eyes in a good way, some subtle but noticeable blush seemed to make her face glow and the lip gloss was anything but invisible to everything but to bright light and a closer inspection of her lips. Twilight was stunned, she didn’t see herself in that mirror, all she could see was a beautiful girl that she would of walked by on the street and stare at wide eyed. Not actually be that girl.

“I’m impressed Harry, you didn’t go overboard with it. Nice work” Twilight smiled (another thing that made her insides melt, when she looked at the mirror).

“I’m glad you like it. Now I have another outfit that was...well not made from scratch but adjusted.” Harry started, moving some items in the closet to find and pull out the outfit.

Twilight’s face went from confused to angry in a split second “Wait you have another outfit for me! I swear if this is a friggin ball gown I’m going to do something worse than the hell knights, I’ll…” but the words died in her mouth when she saw the outfit in Harry’s hand.

It was girly yes, but at the same time not overly to the point where Twilight would hate it. This outfit consisted of a black top with Twilight’s cutie mark over the chest area, a purple plaid buttoned shirt that would be worn undone and some semi tight black pants with a white belt, her cutie mark also donned the front of it. A bangle or two was also there as accessories so they could finish the look off. “Harry this...this is perfect. That’s something I’ll probably wear more often now” Twilight confirmed.

“The black shirt and pants were my sister’s. But as you know with her, she outgrew them fast” Harry explained the outfit and its origins. Twilight thought about Harry’s sister; Melanie Delmarity was nearly 1 year younger than her big brother, but she was unique among her friends. They called her “the Young Bloomer” because she...well...went through puberty much earlier than her friends and now at nearly sixteen, she was quite busty. She outgrew her old clothes faster than she thought and it wasn’t long before countless boys wanted her. Luckily she wasn’t the type to relish in all the attention and when Twilight first met her, she was a really nice girl.

“On the other hand, I knew you’d like it. How about all of you?” Harry acknowledged everyone else. They all turned around and gave praise or nods of approval at the work.

“Here, my gift Twilight. Don’t try to pay me back now. Making these outfits were my pleasure to do” Harry stated before handing the outfit to Twilight before she could even think of paying him.

“Thanks Harry, you're the best” Twilight responded. *Beep* Beep* Twilight looked at her watch “We better get going guys, last class”.

The six friends then without another word left the room, Twilight embarrassingly trying to pull down the back of the skirt as she went.

Stares. That’s what Twilight kept on getting for the rest of the day, never ending stares from last class, to walking back home along the path. Stares were all she got, some good others not so good. Aj got them too but hardly as much as Twilight did. Sighing, she trudged up the stairs to the front door and opened it, walking into the main hall, where she met eyes with her mum.

First it was surprise that Mrs Radderson displayed in her eyes, then it was understanding “Harry?” she asked.

Twilight mimicked the word “Harry.”

Mrs Radderson was familiar with her son turned daughter’s friends, she was aware of their personalities and what their role was in the group. She knew Terrance was shy, Matt was sporty, Ashley was hardworking and honest, Rina was funny...and crazy and Harry was generous but also very into fashion. So when she saw her daughter wearing a short skirt and blouse, she knew who was the culprit.

Harry was a good guy and the outfits he made for Twilight were amazing but even still. Being friends with him meant being living mannequins when he was working on something. He constantly made outfits over the years for the group to wear. One time he made a outfit with all the bells and whistles....with literal Bells and Whistles! Harry got crazy with his designs and the group suffered for it. Now that John was Twilight, the outfits were all going to be girl ones.

“I’m going to be in my room if you need me mum” Twilight spoke aloud without turning back.

Mrs Radderson responded standing by the door chuckling lightly at the sight of Twilight trying her best to cover her behind “Okay sweetheart”

Arriving at her room, Twilight with much haste removed the outfit and put on some basic unisex clothes. “Finally, off with that god forsaken Cheerleader outfit” Twilight scanned over her laptop and wondered “Maybe I got a notification from Youtube”

Twilight leapt onto her chair and booted her laptop up. After several impatient seconds, it opened up, Twilight refreshed the page and checked to see a new notification...from the analysts was indeed apparent.

Twilight opened it up and found that it was a link to something else, hesitantly clicked on it and read what it said: “If you got this as a link from the MLP: Theory Analysts continue on. If you didn’t turn back now.

So if I’m right, you have become a character from the show MLP in anthro form. I can explain some things to you that you’ll need to know, especially something ...of the bad kind. When you are ready to meet me, reply below and I’ll respond when I can.”

Twilight was confused by the message, it wasn’t signed. “I have a bad feeling about this, but I need to get info of any kind about this transformation.” Twilight thought, she then went to the keyboard and began to type “I’m ready to talk with you”

Twilight felt like it was a scam but what else did she know about the transformation. The analysts weren’t giving anymore info, but they were also the one to send the maybe they were, in a sense?

Twilight was pulled from her thoughts when she noticed a reply: “Okay, how about we meet up by the nearby playground then in 5-10 minutes?”

Twilight instantly responded but also added in something else she noticed “Sounds good, but hang on how do you know where I live?”

No reply.

“Great, this mysterious person won’t tell me how they know my location. But I have a meet up anyway, time to go” Twilight shut her laptop and after pulling on a jacket she bolts through the door and straight downstairs.

Twilight managed to get out of the house quickly with little to know talk of where she was going. Heading for the playground she noticed a figure sitting on a swing, looking around expectantly.

“That must be them” Twilight thought.

Nearing the stranger, Twilight was taken aback by their appearance; the stranger was also an anthro pony, but not like one Twilight knew. This character was also an alicorn, but they were a bright white colour, blue was also apart of her fur (Twilight though it was a girl), she had reddish hair, she wore some sort of red checked shirt and basic pants and she had a cutie mark of a diamond shield with three different coloured swords.

Lifting her head she smiled at Twilight and spoke “Hello John...or Twilight now. It’s great to meet you. I am Excalibur Edge.”

Side chapter: Rina and the Shark

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Twilight always wondered about Rina, she was enigmatic, that was for certain. But other things to describe her was: crazy, psychotic, hilarious, aggressive and full of the most insane name a few.

That last description of her was in play now. “Rina, I don’t think that is really a good idea” Ashley put her thoughts in on what was currently discussed.

Rina snorted at that remark and waved her hand in dismissal “ Guys, I’ve got this covered. Just be ready when I give the signal” she ordered.

“Okay then Ri, but if you end up in this shark’s stomach. It’s your problem” Matt stated Ashley punched him at the mention of her possibly being eaten.

“Please, if that thing eats me I’ll get out. One way or another.” she grinned, it frightened everyone. “Okay gang, I’ll give the signal and you do your part ok.”

“What will it sound like?” Twilight asked.

Rina replied in her own way “Imagine the sound a sloth makes”

Terrance pipes up “Rina. I don’t think Sloth’s make a lot of noise”

Rina ignored Terrance’s comment and went about to start her plan. Twilight could only facepalm at this crazy plan.

You see, after school Rina came up with a “Brilliant” way to get a shark’s tooth (who knows why she wanted one). She brought them to a blocked off part of shoreline that had a large containment pool that would be used to hold anything from sharks, dolphins or any other large marine wildlife. Rina was going to use it for option A. She tied a length of rope to a fishing pole, loosely but still firmly fixed a bait fish onto a makeshift hook and cut the fish’s side so that its blood would float through to the nearest shark. Once she lured it to the pool, Matt and Harry would work together to shut the gate as quickly as possible, Twilight would try to keep its mouth from closing, Ashley somehow would try to slow it down with a lasso and finally Terrance would send it back out into the ocean. Once Rina had claimed the tooth.

A crazy plan for a crazy girl, seemed fitting. “Come on sharky, sharky sharky. I just want one of your many teeth” Rina called as she waved the fish in the water around to attract any sharks to come by. This area of beach was infamous for many shark sightings near the shore, so it was the best place to find one.

Twilight tried to see reason into Rina “I don’t think this is going to work Rin….” but was halted by the said crazy Rina’s scream of joy.

“HAHAHAH! There she blows..or there he blows...whatever it is” she screamed, somehow a large bull shark glided through the water straight for Rina’s bait. With a dramatic pull, that resembled a matador pulling their red cloth away from an angry bull (kinda funny considering it’s a “Bull”shark). She launched the fish out of the water, the shark fell for it and swam into the pool.

“Kwweeeaah!” Rina called out.

“Is that meant to be the signal?” Matt asked, Harry sighed.

“Just turn the wheel!” Harry shouted already starting up the wheel, Matt quickly after helped out and together they closed the gate. The shark was trapped now.

“Twilight, Ashley. It’s your turn go for it!” Rina called out to the anthro girls.

“Don’t worry Twi, I know how to lasso things...even sharks...don’t ask how” Ashley said already swinging the lasso around looking for a place to strike.

Twilight replied “I’ll...take your word for it..hehe” she grinned sheepishly.

While Ashley attempted to catch the shark, Rina shouted insults to the shark as she did, Twilight scoured the ground for something to keep the beast’s mouth open. After much frustration, she managed to find a decent sized piece of metal that could be wedged in. Now how to put it in she thought “I could use my magic to put it in, but I don’t think I can clear my head fast enough to make it work..grr...I’ll just shove it in myself!”

Ashley finally managed to lasso the creature and was doing her best to slow it’s thrashing “Ahaha! I got it on the ropes...literally. You got that ther thing to wedge its jaw open with Twi?” Ashley cheered as she tried to steady the beast.

Twilight said nothing. Instead she nealt down to the rim of the pool and waited for the shark to open its mouth. With a blunt and surprisingly quick move, Twilight thrusted the metal bar into the shark’s jaw and luckily it kept it open.

“Whoa...that was sick Twilight” Rina said with very real praise.

“Your turn Rina” Twilight replied.

“Oh yes, I am ready for this!” she yelped plunging into the pool and shoving her hand into the shark’s mouth.

Anyone else this would be suicide, but for Rina… a Monday afternoon. Fishing (hehe) a knife from her pocket, she loosened a tooth from the shark’s jaw by jabbing it to make the flesh soft and then ripped it out in a triumphant manner. “I got it!” she cheered as she quickly jumped out of the water. The shark finally manages to remove the metal bar from its jaw and begins to snap its teeth in anger at the loss of its tooth.

Ashley removed the rope, then Matt and Harry opened the gate once more. Terrance threw more bait fish into the water outside the pool and watched as the shark fled the area.

“I can’t believe that happened” Ashley said to Rina.

“I can’t believe that worked” Twilight responded.

The others all came back together in a semi shaken semi happy mood. They had somehow got a shark’s tooth and survived with no injuries.

Rina admired the tooth in her hand, but then suddenly a glint in her eye caused everyone to panic “So….who wants to help me fight a crocodile?” she happily questioned her friends.

A collected shout was what she got as a reply “NO!”

Rina smiled “Just asking”

She is the Great and the Powerful...

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The strange anthro pony named “Excalibur Edge” pleasantly drifted on the swing she sat on, after a more than obvious awkward pause, Excalibur extended her hand out and pointed to the swing next to her. “Sit” she said.

Not disobeying what she said, Twilight sits down on the swing, her tail had accidently been sat on and with a tiny “eep” sound (eliciting Excalibur to laugh to herself) she gets back up and flicks her tail out so it drifted off the seat and swished about silently below, rather than crushed and in pain.

Now that she was ready and waiting, Excalibur began to explain. “You need to be made aware Twilight that the Analysts aren’t from this world. They came from Equestria with a sole purpose in mind.”

Twilight being the type to ask questions asked one “What kind of purpose?” she said trying not to sound too cute when she was curious of something.

Excalibur answered by continuing her explanation “To open magic into the eyes of other world’s residents. They weren’t satisfied with Equestria alone spreading magic of the friendship variant and the normal variant, they wanted to join other worlds in this harmony, so that one day. People could traverse dimensions to enter Equestria or any other world apart of this harmonic union”

Twilight spoke up “Hold up. You’re saying that the Analysts want to spread their magic and harmony to other places so that we can explore each other’s world and join in friendship?” Twilight evaluated the situation.

Excalibur replied “Yes, pretty much”

Twilight scrunched up her muzzle “That’s incredible cheesy, but at the same time. Being able to explore other worlds sounds really great, although how that is done piques my interest”

“While Equestria’s magic is strong, it can’t create portals to other worlds unless it has two important things. The first is a shared amount of Magic, Friendship and Harmony and the second is...the elements.”

Twilight suddenly thought of the elements at home “I have the elements back at my house. I found them on a shipwreck not far from here. But I’m still in the dark about something, why did me and my friend Kurt change into anthro versions of the mane six?”

Excalibur peered off into nothingness “The elements are not just the necklaces, they are the living embodiments of what they represent. As in you”

Twilight once more couldn’t understand “You mean that to make things work between Earth and Equestria, we need myself, Ashley and four others, plus magic friendship and harmony to join our worlds?”

Excalibur went on “Yes, the analysts enjoyed your devotion to the tv variant of Equestria and after some studying, they found you perfect to be Twilight in this world, they also concluded your five major friends to also show signs of the other elements, in other words, those of your friends that haven’t changed yet will do soon. Once all six have become the elements, they must do what they can from there to make the first important ingredient happen”

Twilight was at a lost for words, apparently her five friends all need to be the mane six of this world and spread magic, friendship and harmony everywhere they went? Sounded crazy, but still something different than what Twilight was used to. Who cares about the change in gender and race, everyday is different from the last, we just have to make the most of what’s to come and embrace it rather than try to hide from it.

Twilight got up from her swing and thanked Excalibur “Thank you for the info, now that I’m aware that the rest of my friends will change. I can be ready to explain how massive task.”

Excalibur smiled as she also rose from her swing “I’m glad that it was helpful to you. But now I must be off. Farewell Twilight Radderson”

Twilight stopped her before she could leave “Will I talk with you again?” she questioned Excalibur.

Excalibur gave a grin “Possibly, but no promises” with that, she left the playground.

As she walked down the path, Excalibur wondered if she forgot something to say “Did I forget something?....Ahh it doesn’t matter, when other people turn anthro to, they’ll figure it out for themselves”

“Then she just left?” Ashley asked, the lavender pony as they wandered through oddly placed concrete walls that acted as makeshift seats.

“Yep, so basically all of you are gonna change soon enough” Twilight pointed at her other unchanged friends.

“Is there anything we might need to know about the characters we will become?” Harry asked from his seat he had claimed.

Twilight thought over the mane six, she thought about the characters that her remaining 4 friends will transform into and began to push her thoughts into words. “So to start; Rina, you are going to turn into Pinkie pie:as her name suggests, she is all pink and at the same time just like you...insane. Her trademark curly pink mane and tail can become straight when she isn’t in a good mood, she enjoys making others happy and is an expert in party planning”

Rina thought about the description “She sounds like my kinda character, I love it!” she cheered.

Twilight continued by looking at Matt “Matt you are going to turn into Rainbow Dash: she is tomboy of the group, she is athletic, egotistic...make that very egotistic, loyal (to a degree) and is always up for a fight when one’s about to go down.”

Matt gave a small nod “Not bad, at least I won’t be incredibly girly like all of you..haha” he chuckled. Ashley grabbed his arm and twisted it around his back until he said uncle.

“What was that about me being girly?” she said sweetly.

Matt trying to splutter a response said “...Oww...oww... okay just let me go” with a grin she let his arm go and watched his angered face directed at her.

Twilight now a little impatient tapped her hoof to regain their attention “As I was saying, Harry you are changing into Rarity: she is just like you, an excellent seamstress that is always willing to be generous with her works. She does her best stay in a “fabulous” manner at all times and frankly a major flirt and gossip.”

Harry seemed okay with the description “Well as long as I can keep my love for clothing, I’m fine with it. The flirting is probably going to be a problem though” he responded.

Twilight finished off with Terrance “Now Terrance, you are changing into the timid pegasus mare Fluttershy: she is a kind and sweet person to be around and loves to take care of animals and discover new species. She is great with finding medical herbs to heal injuries and as her name suggests she is very shy.”

Terrance only mumbled a response that Twilight couldn’t hear. “So now that you have a broad idea of your character, we can be ready for when it happens” Twilight explained to the group. Now that the gang knew their mane six variant identities, it was going to be easy for them to get used to it.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” a smug voice sounded out from behind the group of friends.

Twilight rolled her eyes “Oh, this is going to be great”

“John Radderson now are strange looking horse girl with wings and a horn. Hehe, I knew you were a freak John but now that you really are one. It’s just so much more fun to tease” a guy grinned from behind Twilight.

Turning around she came face to face with the intruder and returned a response “Look at that guys, its Darrell, the nicest guy in school”

Darrell scrunched up his face “I don’t appreciate sarcasm Radderson” he replied. Twilight scoffed at that remark.

“Funny, I thought sarcasm was your specialty. Or was it lack of intelligence…” Twilight grinned mockingly putting a finger to her chin and pretended to think “I always get it mixed up”

Darrell having already lost his cool, came straight up to Twilight and pulled her up by the collar “You should be keeping those words between your teeth. You’ll live longer that way.” Darrell nearly spat, dropping Twilight he began to leave. Well Twilight thought he did, but as she dropped her guard, Darrell came around and went for a swing.

Twilight managed to catch the swing at the right time and managed to dodge out of the way. Twilight with a slightly smug grin tutted Darrell “Trying to hit a girl? Well that just won’t do, you have to be punished” she (unintentionally) giggled and began to focus her magic.

‘Darrell is a bigger thing to lift and at that, alive, but I think I can do this.’ Twilight thought, gaining a stance she begins to channel some of her magic into her horn and slowly, despite Darrell’s flailing and protests, she lifted him up with ease and started to twirl him about.

“L-Let me go Radderson! When I’m back on the ground, you will be going through a building wall!” he shouted in anger, multiple students had gathered to watch the show and laugh at Darrell’s misfortune.

Twilight began to get bored throwing him about and decided to finish it off “Okay, I think it’s time to send you home.” With a twist of her head, Twilight sent Darrell straight into a nearby rubbish bin.

With the display finished, the crowd departed, hearing the sound of a bell Harry speaks up “I think it’s time to go Twi.”

Twilight smirked at Darrell before turning around to respond “Okay, I’m coming”

The fuming bully, get’s out of the bin and shouts out at Twilight “I will get you back Radderson, just you wait!”

Darrell Evenlor was one of Cape Navaus High’s infamous bullies. He didn’t bully one individual, he was the type to bully many people, just for the hell of it. He always thought of himself as better than everyone else and he reinforced that claim by being the one of the star players for the school’s football team the “Cape Navaus Sharks”. But after being humiliated just a few hours ago by one such bullied student turned into a weird pony human hybrid, he wanted to get him...or her back somehow.

Dropping his bag inside his room and kicking his shoes off, he retired to a computer nestled next to a wall. The bully may of been a bad guy, but at least he didn’t search up weird things like “how to bully a certain type of individual” or something like that.

As he read through a site that was explaining hard tackle moves for football, he got a notification on his email. “Hmm, I wonder who that is” Darrell wondered, he clicked on the email, puzzled by its contents he began to read.

It said: “I can feel your anger and hatred for that John Radderson, who now goes by the name Twilight. I can give you what you need to claim your vengeance upon her...and more!” Darrell was a little unnerved by this unknown person saying “and more” . He felt like this was a bad idea, but his anger towards Twilight was stronger and without hesitation he replied.

“What do I have to do?” he responded to the unknown person and waited for a response. Not 2 minutes later, he got one.

“Look at the screen” it replied.

Darrell wondered what looking at the screen would do, but since he already answered to this person he decided to obey. Staring at the screen it slowly turned pale blue, some weird magic dust appeared and Darrell swore it came out of the screen.

As he stared blankly into the screen of the computer, his body went through a transformation. Firstly his skin started to sprout pale blue fur all over, once that was through, his feet conjoined and turned into hooves. His short black hair turned a whitish silver colour and grew out all the way to his lower back, a tail also sprouted just above his backside. A horn then appeared at the top of his forehead, Darrell could feel the pain of it forming, but payed it no attention. Lastly his body curved inwards in some places and outwards in others. A feminine gasp concluded that he was now a she and that her transformations was finished.

Realising her reflection in the mirror, Darrell jumped up in surprise “What happened, why does Darrell sound like a girl?....Why does Darrell talk in the third person too?!” the now anthro Darrell shouted.

The screen had turned back to normal and a new comment from the unknown person had appeared“Like your transformation?”

Darrell in a mix of panic and anger instantly typed back “What did you do to me?!”

The stranger replied “I turned you into a worthy rival to Twilight. But instead of the hassle to learn how to use magic. I have given you the knowledge to use it as you please as if you have always had the power”

Darrell thought ‘Magic? I need to test this’ she began to test out her supposed magic and smiled a wicked smile as she marvelled at her telekinesis. “This is cool, Darrell likes”

The stranger responded again “You have what you need to claim your revenge on Twilight, so go and prove you are worthy of those powers Darrell...or should I call you Trixie?”

Darrell wondered about the name choice ‘Trixie’ she like it. With a dastardly malefic grin she yelled out “Look out Twilight, because Trixie’s here to play MUAHAHAHAHA!”

She is Trixie!

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“You were amazing Twilight! Kicking Darrell’s butt back there, I didn’t think you had it in you” Rina praised Twilight in an incredibly giddy mood.
After school, the group of friends had gone out to the local park to celebrate Darrell's defeat.

“Thanks Ri, but I hope that he doesn’t come back tenfold with his revenge” Twilight replied.

Matt scoffed “Twi, you took down Darrel like he was a practice dummy. Unless somehow he got magical powers from between the end of school and now, you should be good to counter anything he throws at you” he explained.

“You are gonna regret saying that Matt” Ashley stated.

Matt replied “Maybe, but i think we are all good”

Harry seemed to be focused on Twilight’s attire, rather than the conversation. “Twilight, I’m glad that you decided to go with the alternate attire i gave you, but could you at least wear the first one a few times? Maybe for a date or something” Harry stated.

Twilight shivered at the thought of a date “Harry, No way am I going on a date with a guy. Hell itself will freeze over before I accept to one”

Harry grinned “I never said it had to be a guy. Or were you implying that because you are a girl now, I was going to think your preference had changed too?”

Twilight blushed furiously “I-I d-don’t know w-what you are t-talking about”

Harry laughed “Don’t worry...yet. I’ll be working on something special for you Twilight”

Twilight didn’t know what this special thing was, but she had a broad idea that it was girly and frilly. Terrance startled Twilight slightly by speaking up next to her.

“Ignore Harry, besides that, don’t worry about Darrell” he said.

“I guess you’re right but I still…”Twilight stopped when she heard a familiar evil laugh.

“Well, Well, Well. Twilight Radderson we meet again” an overly boastful voice spoke out.

Twilight looked towards the source of the voice and came face to face with someone she didn’t think to see here. Trixie. “You’ll pay for what you did to Trixie earlier. Trixie is here to get revenge and she isn’t going to leave unless you agree to fight” Trixie continued.

“...Who is that?” Ashley asked.

“ Why does she talk in the third person?” Harry also asked.

Twilight didn’t respond. She thought what Trixie said, ‘You’ll pay for what you did to Trixie earlier’...’earlier’....”Oh no” Twilight said with obvious realisation. “Darrell?”

Trixie laughed “Yes it is I, Darrell. Well... was Darrell, now she is “THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!” she boomed.

The rest of the friends expressed shock and confusion “Darrell?” they all said.

Twilight explained “Trixie Lulamoon was a travelling magician in MLP. She boasted about things she didn’t do and when she was found out Twilight showed her up and she fled ponyville. She returned wanting revenge with a powerful new item she acquired but ultimately was stopped again.”

Trixie added in “Trixie can also do much more spells than you can, thanks to her unknown Benefactor. While you need to learn how to use your magic, Trixie can do it like she has done it all her LIFE!” She emphasized the last word by shooting a blast of magic straight for Twilight, luckily just missing it.

Ashley turned to Matt with a sour face “Unless somehow he got magical powers from between the end of school and now, you should be good to counter anything he throws at you” Ashley mimicked.

Matt returned “Hey I didn’t know he was going to turn into an evil anthro pony with magical powers!”

Twilight shouted to stop the two from arguing “Would you two shut it! Right now I need to stop Trixie and even though I’m not all too familiar with my magic yet, I’m not going to run away!”

Taking a stance Twilight began to get ready. It was time for a duel.

Focusing her magic, Twilight hurls a nearby bin straight at Trixie. Trixie counters by blasting it with a simple magic attack, sending its contents and remains to explode everywhere.

“You need to do better than that to stop Trixie” Trixie giggled. “Like THIS!” she shouts, firing another magic blast towards Twilight.

Twilight thought about making a shield. She tried to imagine putting her arms up to impersonate a shield, so that a real one would appear, and...nothing happened. Panicking, she ducks down and watches as the blast flies by and smashes into a tree trunk.

‘Why couldn’t I make a shield?’ Twilight wondered, ‘I can lift things by imagining my hand picking it up so....’ Twilight trailed off her thoughts until her eyes lit up at something she thought may work “I could try that” Twilight muttered.

“Trixie is bored of you doing nothing, she will attack you again!” Trixie shouted firing another magic blast at the lavender Anthro.

Twilight grinned, with a spark of magic, a pinkish lavender shield appeared in front of her and deflected the attack right back at Trixie. The boastful anthro didn’t expect it and was pushed back by her own attack.

“How is that possible?!” she exclaimed in confusion.

“Believe it, take this!” Twilight responded by shooting her own magic blast at Trixie, this time sending her flying off into the dirt.

‘Yes, I was right. By doing the opposite to using my arms, I instead imagine a shield conjuring in front of me and a magic blast sent into Trixie’s path.’ Twilight confirmed in her thoughts.

The gang were cheering Twilight on as she fought the bully that also went through a transformation. The said bully gets up and dusts herself off “Hmm, so you have managed to learn how to do basic attack and defensive moves. No matter Trixie will still take you out!”

“Now it really gets good” Trixie smirked.
Twilight and Trixie clashed. Over and over they attacked with magic blasts and then blocked with shields, Twilight couldn’t believe how quickly she was able to learn to use basic attack magic, it probably had something to do with being Twilight and having the cutie mark in magic.

“Have a taste of Trixie’s scatter shot!” the blue unicorn blasted a flurry of blasts Twilight’s way. Focusing on the shots closest to hit, Twilight deflected them and sent her own barrage back at Trixie.

Twilight stepped back and panted. She enjoyed doing this, but considering Trixie was playing for a bigger purpose, ending this had to be the top priority ‘I need to try and end this soon. If Trixie still has the normal Darrell still in there, she should be affected by my teasing.’ Twilight thought.

“Hey Trixie!” Twilight shouted out to smug anthro.

Trixie looked up and growled “What do you want!”

‘Good, she’s already mad’ Twilight continued “Is that all you have to try and take me down? Really, I expected something better from you, I think your benefactor is holding back on giving all your power”

Trixie’s face went blank, then puzzled “What are you talking about?!” she asked.

“Oh nothing much” Twilight turned around, pacing about and observing the destruction of their surroundings “Just that, this stranger that gave you the form and power of Trixie wasn’t so generous in giving you every ounce of it. They must actually intend for you to a test for me. You’re a practice dummy, Trixie” Twilight mocked.

Trixie became furious “Shut up! Trixie will show you that isn’t true! Feel my POWER!” she yelled.

A large beam of magic shot forth at Twilight, if it landed on her, everything would be over. But Twilight was scared or anything. She just...Grinned.

“What are you smiling at!” Trixie spat.

Twilight said nothing. The magic blast came into contact and exploded, causing a massive plume of smoke to rise.

Trixie thought she had won, she began to cheer “It’s over...Trixie won!”

“You didn’t win Trixie!” a voice boomed out.

Trixie stopped her celebration and turned around in horror. Twilight was still standing, completely unscathed.

Then Twilight laughed “But it is indeed over!”

With a strong stance Twilight focused her power and with a loud magic spark, she let’s loose a massive burst of energy at Trixie. The magician tries to deflect it with a shield, but the power was too strong for her too handle and after tripping on a rock, she falls backwards and, funnily enough, into another rubbish bin.

“And that is that!” Twilight finished, dusting her hands off, she returns to her friends, gaining cheers of congratulations for her victory.

Trixie stumbled out of the bin, “Again! Even after Trixie obtained all these powers? You will pay for this Twilight!” she yelled out in anger.

Turning to face the group she was met with only Rina, her face showing no end of surprise and confusion “Actually you are going to pay for all of this damage Trixie. You started it, remember?” Rina explained as she bounced off to find the others, leaving the fuming Trixie to wallow in her anger and confusion.

“Ugghh...I feel like I ran a marathon or something”Twilight moaned into her hands as she lazily flopped onto the sofa in the living room and sighed. After the group had departed from the duel with Trixie, Twilight felt incredibly drained of energy. Most likely from using up all that magic in the fight, she thought if Trixie would continue to fight her….Twilight answered her own question ”Of course she’ll still try to fight me, it’s Trixie. If I know the Trixie from the show, she’ll be back...super”

*Beep* Beep* Twilight pulled out her phone. She had a new message from Harry.

It said “Twilight meet me at my house. I need your help...urgently!” Twilight rose back up to her feet instantly “Great, what does Harry need me for this time?” Twilight pondered.

Arriving at Harry’s house Twilight rapped on the door and waited. The door opened not 2 minutes later and Twilight was met with someone else. “Hey Mel, Harry in? He asked me to help with something” Twilight greeted Harry’s younger sister.

As she was described before, Melanie Delmarity was pretty “top heavy” for her age. Her tank top didn’t do her any favours in covering it either. Her long Auburn hair was tied back in a ponytail and she had a half happy half confused look on her face. “John? I guess Harry wasn’t kidding when he said you turned into a pony human...thing” Melanie replied.

“Yeah well, it wasn’t something I asked for. But it’s not that bad...once you get used to it” Twilight replied.

Melanie’s face now stayed at happy “Well it’s good to see you. Harry’s where he always is. I’m sure you know where to go”

Twilight stepped in and replied “Yep, sure do. This better be good Harry” she muttered the last part.

“....Well… I walked into that one...literally” Twilight said blankly as she stared at the overly flashy dress.

“Twilight please, you are here anyway, so you might as well” Harry begged.

Harry had brought Twilight over to try on a (wait for it)...BALL GOWN! As expected Twilight was furious that Harry made the message sound urgent when it was only this.

“Harry this doesn’t clarify as “urgent”. Seriously the hell?” Twilight countered.

Harry protested “But it is urgent! I promised my cousin that I would make her a good ball gown and I need the right measurements. That’s the real reason I was inspecting you earlier, because you have pretty much the same proportions as she does. It won’t take very long, please” Harry explained.

Twilight wanted to leave, but that would be the bad move. Looking multiple time at Harry’s pleading face and the dress, she sighed and extended her arm out so she could grab the dress.

Harry beamed “Oh thank you Twilight”

Twilight laughed hesitantly “Yeah, What have I gotten myself into?”

Another two join the Anthro party.... and big chested Fluttershy

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“I can’t thank you enough Twilight for helping me with that gown last night” Harry thanked the lavender girl.

Twilight fiddled about with her hands as she responded “I’ve said enough that you don’t need to thank me anymore.” Twilight turned towards Harry “and the offer to make me a dress similar to your cousins isn’t a reward I was hoping for” Twilight added.

Harry smirked “Oh please, in about two weeks you’ll be begging for me to make you one”

Twilight was about to protest to that remark, but then she thought of something better to say “Will you wear that type of attire when you become Rarity?”

Harry pondered the question “Yes actually, I’ll be sure to make it look Fabulous on me. That’s a promise” he confirmed with confidence.

“If she makes outfits like me and is also capable of making each and everyone look good on her. I’m sure we are a good match.

Twilight chuckled “You and Rarity are the perfect match” the lavender anthro added in.

Harry joined in with Twilight's laughter. Ashley arrived just moments after it started and grinned at the sight “So you two seem to be in a good mood. Mind telling me what’s so funny?”

Twilight managed to reduce her laughter down to a few giggles

“Just that Rarity and Harry are a perfect match to become one and that Harry intends to wear overly girly clothing when he does turn” Twilight responded, looking around she then asks another question “Ah, hey have you seen Matt and Terrance yet?”

Ashley shook her head “ For the second thing, nope not yet, but I think they shouldn't be long. As for the first, I can see Harry wearing some of his female outfits he’s made” Ashley then chuckled.

Rina came by bouncing about as she does and wearing the bull shark tooth as a necklace “What’s going on guys?” she asked with genuine curiosity.

Twilight then repeated her question about Matt and Terrance and when they would arrive at school, Rina listened and her eyes widened in surprise “Oh I saw them come in just a second ago...but they looked...different” she said with unusual slowness in her voice.

Ashley and Twilight looked at each other, Ashley spoke first “Do you think?” Twilight nodded.

“I’m sure of it” she replied.

Harry turned his vision over to something behind Ashley and Rina, “Guys, how about you look at them instead of wonder if they changed” he said.

Ashley and Twilight turned around and met Harry’s pointing finger.

Harry was pointing over at two anthro pegasi getting strange looks from people all around them just like when Twilight and Ashley first showed it. Twilight’s suspicions were indeed right. “They have turned into Rainbow and Fluttershy”

The pegasi waltzed over to the group, one looked athletic, wearing Matt’s normal ensemble, her striking rainbow hair was a dead give away it was Rainbow dash so initially Matt. The second, while an anthro creature, looked quite beautiful with her long pink hair and sweet looking face. Twilight didn’t want to stare but it was hard to not when Terrance as Fluttershy had huge knockers, she wasn’t even trying to exaggerate. From what she could tell by the group, Matt was the smallest chest wise (probably the athletic part), Ashley was next, Twilight was second from first and Terrance was the easy winner. ‘She has to have at least double Ds under that sweater. She could give Mel a run for her money.’ Twilight thought ‘Also my hypothesis that shy girls nearly always have the biggest chest, correct.

“Hey” Matt gave a nonchalant greeting in rainbow dash’s voice. Terrance was only able to give a small wave to her friends.

Twilight scrunched up her face “Why are you being so nonchalant about this? Aren’t you the tiniest bit freaked out over this?”

Matt scoffed “You were the one to explain that we should expect it to happen, so... we haven’t reacted dramatically like you did the first time” Matt then proceeded to sit down on the bench next Twilight and Harry, patting the seat next to her as an offer for Ashley. “Wanna sit next to me?”

Ashley pulled a smirk “No, but I’m gonna, since Terrance has already taken a seat by Twi. No room for me, you see?”

Sitting down, she chuckled at Matt’s angered face.Terrance took the time to whisper something to Twilight while, Matt and Ashley argued.

“Between us, Matt actually freaked out a lot. I did too but it was nothing compared to the display he...she showed me” Terrance giggled and Twilight joined in.

After finally retaining a normal mood, Twilight addressed the situation “Guys, now four of us have turned into the mane six of this world. When all six of us have changed, I need to give you each something incredibly powerful and important to this whole debacle. When I give you it, do not under any circumstances let anyone touch it, in fact, don’t let them see it. The chance of something happening to random people coming into contact with these items could be very high and we would be held responsible for them. Do you all understand?”

They agreed, Ashley put her hand up so she could ask a question “Hey Twi, just a simple question. Do ya think Darrell…I mean Trixie will be here at school?”

The question was reasonable, after defeating the power crazed bully, the possibility of her arriving at school was really a luck of the draw. She either wanted revenge right away, or was too humiliated to return to school just yet, changing into an anthro aside.

“Possibly; but after that defeat, she’s probably to humiliated to come today. I don’t blame her either” Twilight responded “But focus, she may try again and this time she may go for anyone of us. At the moment I’m the only one with Magic to defend against her attacks, unless you guys use your race’s abilities too. Terrance and Matt both have wings and Ashley has her added strength. Twilight faced Matt and Terrance “Maybe you two could use the weather abilities that pegasi are known for on Trixie.”

Matt got up from his seat “That sounds interesting, I have always wanted to fly. But Twi have you forgotten?”

Twilight shrugged “What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you say that Alicorns have the powers of all three tribes? So that means, you have flight too?” Matt stated.

Twilight felt her back and was surprised by the feathery wings resting peacefully in place. Matt was right, she completely forgot that she was an Alicorn and not a unicorn. She could learn how to fly.

“I forgot I had them” Twilight uttered out. Matt giving off a laugh “Wait, even after being in this form for almost a week you haven’t even thought of flying? I mean I haven’t had time yet, but when I’s going to be awesome. But still really?

Twilight sighed and gave a half hearted nod, eliciting Matt to burst out with laughter. Ashley cupped her hand over Matt’s mouth and stopped him laughing “Hold on now Matt, Twi was doing fine until now. She doesn’t need to fly, back in this Equestria place that’s probably true, but here on earth, it's a luxury and a dream.”

“Thanks AJ, but even if it is a luxury here, the choice to do it shouldn’t be wasted. If we have it...well three if us have it.”

Ashley removed her hand from Matt’s mouth and Twilight gave Matt an offer “We can learn how to fly during break times at school and after school. Hows that?”

Matt grinned “Sounds good to me”

“No, No, No, Noooooo!.....OW...why did it look so easy on the show” Twilight muttered through her mouthful of dirt.

At lunch time, the gang entered the oval so they had time to practice how to fly. Well for three of them to learn how to fly that is.

“Maybe you need to imagine your wings as extra arms but with feathers and try to flap them about” Ashley suggested.

Picking herself up and observing both Matt and Terrance fail miserably to fly as well. “I guess I can try that. Not like we are making progress this way.”

Twilight focused on how her wings acted, she imagined them as limbs and tried to flutter them about so she knew they were working properly. After several fruitless seconds, the wings sprang to life and worked like they were meant to, doing the actions Twilight wanted them to do.

“Okay so now that we have them ready, it’s time to see if I can fly with them.” Twilight began to flap her wings about and was amazed to see herself lift off the ground, carefully she began to move about flying around and cheering about happily. “This is awesome! Woohoo!”

Matt pulled a face “Hey that’s my line!”

Twilight didn’t care though, she was having too much fun whizzing about with her wings. Ashley was grinning at the sight but she remembered something else that needed to be explained.

“I know you are havin fun Twi, but just be careful to not overdo it because you could get a…” Twilight’s wings suddenly cringed up into weird ways, causing her to plummet down and make out with her date...the ground.

Ashley then finished off her explanation “cramp”

“I think you need to practice a bit more first before you get too confident with being in the air” Rina added in.

Twilight gave annoyed look towards Rina and in a muffled voice said “Gee, you think?”

Things just got real!

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Twilight and her friends were still out on the oval. Twilight, Matt and Terrance continued to practice their clumsy flying, they had a long way to go before they were capable of flying properly (Terrance especially)but with time they would get there eventually. Everything seemed like a normal afternoon for the group of friends, when a panicked scream sounded out from back in the school yard.

Ashley was immediate to respond “Guy’s, we need ta get back now! Some thin’s happening over there and I don’t like it one bit”

Matt hovered back down giving a small laugh “Don’t you think it’s just some squeamish girl freaking out over a spider in the bathroom?....Correction a tiny spider in the bathroom.”

Ashley gave Matt an agitated look, to which she gave a look that said ‘What?’ Sighing, Ashley continued “I don’t think it’s a spider in the bathroom causing something like that. If I were ta guess, it’s Trixie already back fer revenge. She probably wanted ta get you when your guard was down, that’s probably why she didn’t come ta school till now. That’s my two cents anyway” Ashley finished.

Twilight rubbed her chin in thought “You’re probably right AJ. We should check it out at the very least.”

After some muttered protests from Matt, the group fled the oval, returning back to the school yard to find the cause of the scream.

Arriving in the yard, Twilight’s first observation was multiple students cowering in terror behind anything they could find. The fear was apparent in their eyes and Twilight’s anger had risen tenfold when she came face to face with the culprit to this horrific state they were in. Trixie.

She constantly picked up students that tried to flee her presence and demanded to know where Twilight was. “Trixie needs to know where Twilight is. I order you to speak what you know!” she yelled, Twilight also could hear an odd mechanical like tone laced into her words.

Twilight stepped forward and yelled out at Trixie to get her attention. “Hey Trixie!” Trixie turned around “You want Twilight? Well here I am!” Twilight yelled.

Trixie’s mouth slightly curled into a grin. Dropping the student, Trixie stepped forward a couple of times, as did Twilight. The two were now facing each other a mere two metres away and from what Twilight could assume, another fight was in order.

“Trixie will win this time. Trixie is much stronger now, she will crush you Twilight” Trixie droned on, her mechanical sounding voice was easily recognized. It sounded like she was being controlled to say that. The necklace she donned now may of been the reason, but Twilight felt like she knew that necklace from somewhere.

“Do ya think you got this Twi?” Terrance asked, more than a little worried.

“Don’t worry about me, just hang tight” Twilight responded.

“She’s got rocks in her brain if she thinks she can stop you!” Ashley spoke up.

Matt was next to follow “As much as it pains me to agree with AJ. You beat her before, you can do it again!”

Rina of all people seemed unsure “I don’t know guys, she seems a”

Twilight didn’t listen for at that moment Trixie enveloped the both herself and Twilight in a bluish dome. Twilight couldn’t understand how Trixie was able to do this. “You weren’t able to do this before Trixie! How can you possibly-” Twilight’s sentence was cut short by Trixie firing an attack, reacting just in time, Twilight nimbly dodged the blast.

“Less talking Twilight. Trixie isn’t leaving until you lose.” Conjuring up a barrage of magic bursts Trixie yelled out “Let’s see how you deal with Bullet hell!” sending off wave after wave of blasts Twilight was forced to take a defence route against the attacks. Trying to counter was out of the question as Trixie left no opening for Twilight to act upon. Top that with her constant flurry of attacks that were all but impossible to dodge. Twilight was losing, she could see that. After blocking and dodging attacks from the powered up Trixie, Twilight was feeling drained of mana and before she knew it one stray attack sent her flying to the ground with a loud thud. The others cringed at her impact, for Twilight things didn’t seemed really good. Trixie sauntered over to the fallen Alicorn and traps her in a bubble made from the dome that surround them, so she couldn’t break free.

Ashley shouts out to gain Trixie’s attention “Stop it! Don’t yer think she’s had enough!”

Trixie seemed unfazed by Ashley’s words, she turned around with a soulless stare and by raising her hand up she radiates a pulse to send Ashley backwards, the farm girl unable to keep her footing...hoofing?

Trixie returned her gaze towards Twilight who was furiously trying to break free from her imprisonment. “Trixie how can you obtain such power overnight? Answer me Damn it!”

“She won’t listen Twilight, she only listens to me” a sinister masculine voice says revealing another being from behind the controlled anthro unicorn mare. He was an aqua coloured anthro with a grin that everyone seemed scared by.

“Don’t you recognize that amulet?” he added in.

Twilight didn’t like this guy, but she looked over to Trixie’s necklace with curiosity, with a wide eyed stare she remembers the item around her neck. “T-The alicorn amulet? But how did it-”

The mysterious anthro spoke again. “I see that you remember it from the show. As for how it’s here…” He smirked. “It fell from the sky one day. It’s what turned me from plain old Renaldus Star into the far superior Chessmaster Star.”

Rina asked “You said she only listens to you?”

Chessmaster snickered “Watch this and you’ll believe. He then sneered “Trixie take Twilight’s magic” he ordered.

With no visible hesitation, Trixie activated a spell that began to drain Twilight of her magic. Twilight felt pain rocket her body as her magic left her body, she was starting to lose consciousness when another masculine voice yelled out. “That’s enough Chessmaster!”

An Aqua blue blast severed the cord between Trixie and Twilight and the latter’s magic returned to her body, but not before a small plume forms in Trixie’s hand.

Onto the scene came a dark teal anthro with reddish brown hair that had a turquoise streak down the middle.

Chessmaster huffed. “Well if it isn’t my half brother, Maestro Spectrum Star. What brings you here?”

Maestro flicked his rainbow tail in agitation. “Chessmaster! Why do you use such dark magic!? You know what that can do to a person!”

Chessmaster scoffed. “It got results. And, If I get results, Her Ladyship will give me quite the handsome reward.”

Maestro glared with his blue-green eyes from behind his blue glasses. “Her Ladyship?”

Chessmaster covered his mouth with a hand and gasped. “Oops. My bad.” He then shrugged. “Oh well. You were gonna find out about her sooner or later.” He then gestured to Trixie. “She gave this one her transformation.” He then snatched the crystallized magic from Trixie’s hand, and continued. “She’ll be quite pleased that we have some of Twilight’s magic. And-” He then stopped, then chuckled. “I just got news from her. It seems that all we need is this small sample in order to put our plan into motion. So you can have the deadweight back.” He then barked one last order. “Remove the Amulet pawn! I’m going to need it again.” Trixie removed the amulet, and immediately collapsed. Chessmaster then picked it up in his magic.
“You may find her memories a bit...well...scrambled” Chessmaster smirked.

Maestro yelled out “What is she offering your in return for your services Chessmaster?!”

Chessmaster snickered again “What many of us in life dream of. Power. Her ladyship is willing to ascend me to a prince’s level if I help her with her master plans. I will be able to manipulate people as I see fit and so much more. It will be glorious!” Chessmaster laughed.

Maestro shook his head “She’s using you Chessmaster, don’t you see? If you continue down this path, she’ll just betray you without a second thought. Listen to what i’m saying!”

Chessmaster’s grin turned to that of plain boredom “I’m bored with you now brother, I need to get this to her ladyship” he gestured to the plume of magic in his hand. “Ciao” he waved as a portal appeared before him and he began to step through.

Maestro tried to catch him mid Teleport, but failed. He sighing he muttered to himself “Well, this certainly didn’t go as planned…”

Ashley then spoke accusingly. “‘Didn’t go as planned?’ What in tarnation do you mean by that?”

Maestro sighed. “I’d hoped that I’d be able to tag along in his teleport, maybe find out who he’s working for. I mean, I have some suspicions, but I wanted proof.” He shook his head. “If Reina and Laranda knew about this, their hearts would break. After all, Chessmaster and I are the only family they have.”

The group of friend shook themselves off, and supported Twilight as she stood. Twilight then spoke. “I don’t know who those people are but they seem important to you and that Chessmaster. Do you know something about what’s going on?”

Maestro shook his head. “Not very much I’m afraid. All that I do know is that if things continue like they have then we may end up living in a world full of Anthros.”

Rina then tilted her head. “Would that be so bad?”

Maestro hummed in thought. “Maybe not, but…” He sighed. “Some people might not… adjust well to the change it isn’t for everyone you know. For their sake, we need to stop what ever mess is coming our way, and fast.” Maestro then stood. “That’s why the Analyzers led Twilight to the Elements. They know something big is going to happen.”

As he started to walk away, Harry spoke. “Where are you going?”

Maestro then tossed a piece of paper towards Twilight, and she caught it. “That contains my contact info. Give it to Trixie when she wakes up as well. Something tells me that she’s more likely to be with us than against us now.” Before Maestro left he turned around one last time and said “If you want some answers, look for someone you already know Twilight. I’ve been told she gave you some vital info before, so she may be able to give you some about this dark threat that has surfaced.”

With that Maestro vanished.

“Well that escalated quicker than I imagined” Matt stated.

Twilight peered over the contact info then at Trixie “Guys help her up. Harry inform the principal of what happened and let him know we had to leave urgently. Then meet us outside my place”

“I’m on it” Harry confirmed as he sprinted off for the principal’s office.

Matt and Ashley picked up the unconsciousness Trixie and started to move her, Ashley looked over at Twilight “What are we gonna do Twi?” she asked.

Twilight didn’t turn around but she answered with great determination “I need to contact Excalibur now.”

The Analysts argue about cake and metal bands

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“She has made the first move.” a cloaked being announced to another, standing in the middle of a large circle… a spell circle. The first cloaked being snapped their fingers and with a whirl of magic, an image of the fight that was waged between Twilight and Trixie in the school grounds appeared before the mysterious figures.

The second figure stepped forward from the shadows and turned to gaze at the screen. After a prolonged amount of time, the second figure replied to the first, “It seems that Maestro was able to intervene and prevent the fight from becoming… well, fatal in its ending.”

“But now she has a spark of Twilight’s magic and you know as well as I” The first figure paused to look back at their friend “that even a small spark can mean the difference between us succeeding… or failing.”

“But I have faith that they can turn things around...don’t you?” the second asked the first. The silence in the air was thick, but that became short lived when the first cloaked figure turned their back to the screen.

“I do too, but they are just kids that barely have a grasp on their powers and abilities. What can they do when it comes to a point where they encounter a threat like Chessmaster and these powers they wield are unavailable for some unknown reason?”

The second responded back. “If they do come across an enemy of that calibre, we may need to make ourselves known and engage the threat. We can’t expect them to claim victory in every battle they are bound to fight.”

The first figure sighed. “True, but we must prepare them so they can at least do something against the threat.” With a wave of their hand, they dispelled the magical screen and proceeded to walk over to a bookshelf. Placing a finger on the spine of one book, the figure slowly drew their finger across all the books in the row until they stopped upon one. They removed the book titled “Shipwrecks From the Age of Sails”. Unlike similar copies, this one was a bit more diverse in its contents. Several famous wrecks that were supposedly lost forever had their own entries and they contained never before seen information about their whereabouts, including one that was linked with the Anthropomorphization. The figure opened the book and scanned through for a specific entry.

“Twilight successfully located the Star Caster. Why are you going through that book?” The second figure asked, perplexed by their ally’s action. But suddenly came to a realization. “Unless.. no... you can’t possibly be sending them to find that one!”

The first figure merely continued to flip through pages until they were satisfied with one. “Aha!” They cheered pointing down at the page. “I’ve found its entry.”

The second figure’s face was covered, but the first could tell that they were giving a disapproving look and because of that, they gave a snarky comment. “Don’t give me that look, I’ll have you know that I can cut off your supply of cheesecake with a simple snap of my fingers.” the first emphasized by snapping their fingers, an invisible grin was formed when the second figure flinched.

“Y-You wouldn’t dare!” they barked.

The first retorted, “I can and I will.”

“B-But if you do that I’ll… I’ll take all your normal cakes and other confectionaries and… eat them. How do you like that, huh?”

The first scoffed. “Please. As if you know where my stash is. Besides I can just get more...I do have a supplier.”

The second growled. “But I-”

“Doubt it.” the first interrupted.

“I could-”

“Has a thirteenth seal lock on it.”

“Well I may just take that thing inste-”

“Oh, I think not. High chance of failure with that”


The two mysterious figures stood with a pregnant pause looming over them, the second cloaked figure was growling internally. After a few more moments a deep sigh broke the silence.

“Fine. Let me have a look at that page.” the second uttered, reaching out and plucking the book from the first’s hands. The latter began to explain the shipwreck as the former scanned the pages.

“The HMS Lazarus: a three masted frigate with an armament of 60 cannons. She was heading for the Indonesian Islands when a conflict arose between 3 Royal Navy ships and 5 French ships, south of their current position, and they were forced to intervene. The battle was fierce, three ships were sunk and the Lazarus was severely damaged. The captain of the Lazarus made the quick choice to beach her bow on a nearby sand bank. The crew was saved, but very few items were able to be removed before the ship sank backwards.”
The second figure shook their head “Why are you telling me all this? I was there with you when the ship left port. In fact, I was the one to place that relic on the ship.”

The first figure chuckled. “I told him to be careful for sand banks with steep inclines. But he never listened. Too focused on my looks, I think.”

“Please. He was looking at me.” the second placed a hand on their chest. A grin was not visible on the second cloaked figures face, but was very much implied .

The first growled “Hey, watch it you. I can do a lot more than cutting off your cheesecake supply. Such as...” they stopped to think “all your Metallica merch for instance”

This seemed to be the second figure’s last straw, they threw off their hood and revealed their face. Their very angry face. It was another anthro. This one was a midnight blue colour with an equally blue mane flowing in a non existent breeze, a horn donned their head and a black crown rested in front of it. It was also obvious that they were female.

“TIA! I told you that was off limits!” she growled, shutting the book and reaching out to place a finger on the first’s chest. “I swear, if I find my special edition of “And Justice For All” signed by the band, missing. You’ll be in a world of pain!”

The first removed their hood, a slightly scared look on their face.The first was also an anthro. Unlike the other one, though, this one was an alabaster white with a pastel rainbow coloured mane, also flowing in a non existent breeze. Its face was undisputably female and they also donned a horn and crown.

“Calm down, Lulu. I was just joking, I’d never do that to you. Well, not on purpose.”

Lulu crossed her arms and gave another disapproving look, Tia sighed “Anyway, we placed that relic on the ship as a failsafe if our enemy did happen to get a spark. And now that we are aware that she does, we must act swiftly and inform John and his friends to find the relic before it’s too late.”

“Lulu” pulled a smirk. “You know how funny it looks when you instantly change your mood from casual to serious in a split second Celestia?”

Celestia grinned. “I can say the same about you, Luna. But enough joking, I must inform John about the relic and the Lazarus ship.”

Luna snickered, “There it is again!”

“Hush, you.” Tia retorted gently, as she sat down at a computer and began to write a message to Twilight.
About 5 minutes later, Luna came up beside the older anthro. “When are we going to inform John of his… awakening?” Luna asked.

Celestia stopped typing and sighed, not breaking eye contact with the screen “That will come soon enough. For now, we need to focus on our current task. I’m sure he will have many questions when the awakening happens… but that bridge should be left until later on to cross.”

Celestia rotated her head to Luna with a smile… that lasted 5 seconds when she stared at what Luna had in her hand. Luna held a plate with a half eaten piece of cake resting on its china surface. She stood frozen like a deer caught in headlights, crumbs covered her face. With a sickly sweet smile, Celestia asked, “Is that my triple choc black forest cake?”

Luna said nothing, she instead made the (probably) wise choice to escape when she had the opportunity. “I regret nothingggggg!” Luna shouted, her voice getting quieter the further she went.

Celestia sighed. “Yep, I’m gonna take that album from her. It will be a good addition next to my signed copy of “Carolus Rex”.”

Remotio maris obtentu cadaver

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Twilight rose from her bed, stretching out her joints until she was satisfied by the nearly silent popping noises they emitted. Dropping her hooves to the floor, she made the early morning commute from her bed towards the computer, so that she could check her email.

As she opened up the computer and sat down to wait for the device to load, she remembered some of the things that Maestro and Excalibur talked about. Such as the threat creating their own anthros, Discord (apparently) doing the same but for a good reason, Maestro gifting Twilight and her friends (those that have changed) with magical buffs that relate to their specific race and their talents. And lastly, the still little known reason as to why the threat wanted a spark of Twilight’s Magic.

“Why did this threat want some of my Magic? Do they intend to infuse it with their own body or use it to power some diabolical machine that affects everyone on the planet in a unique way?”
Twilight thought. She still found this whole thing incredibly weird and crazy, but she had to trace it all back to the source.... when she looked at that video from the Analysts.

Speaking of the Analysts, Twilight felt urged to see if they had sent her a new message. And as luck would have it, they did send her one. Clicking on the message, she began to read with growing excitement.

“Dear John (Twilight),

We are grateful that you obtained the elements from the Star Caster… but now, recently, we have learned that our enemies successfully stole some of your magic. This is unfortunate, but can be fixed. Another wreck lies off the Western Australian coast, located near a sandbar roughly 250 km from the mainland; The HMS Lazarus sits at a depth of about 50-60m. She holds a relic that will be able to help you greatly in fighting this growing threat. We suggest you take your friends on this mission.

Now, we are sure that you are curious about one thing. Why haven’t marine archaeologists found the relic already?

Well, the reason is that the relic was covered in a spell that lets only ponies (or in this case Anthro ponies) see it. In a sense, those that do not believe in magic will not even notice it lies in the wreck.

We hope that you will find the relic and -considering your maritime interest- enjoy seeing an 17th century wreck on the sea floor.”

Twilight leaned back in her seat, her hands covering her face. She couldn’t believe it! Another wreck related to her predicament and this time it was out to sea! Twilight couldn’t contain her giddiness. She jumped out squealing like a lunatic, furiously obtaining clothing while texting her friends to meet up at the park in about 30 minutes. She rushed into the bathroom, cleaned her teeth, brushed her hair and returned to her bedroom where she placed fresh clothing on for the day. Giving herself a once over in the mirror, she proceeded to sprint downstairs for breakfast.

Entering the kitchen at breakneck speeds, she came face to face with Maestro sitting at the dining table eating cereal. “Maestro? Why or how are you here?” Twilight questioned her fellow anthro.

Maestro pulled a confused look. Finishing the food in his mouth, he explained his reason for his presence. “Did you forget? I asked you if I could stay the night so that I could regain my strength and you allowed it.”

Twilight scratched her chin for a moment, then suddenly gave a sheepish grin. “Oh yeah… hehe.” Twilight rubbed the back of her head. Twilight’s mother came up beside the lavender anthro without her knowing and grinned evilly.

“I must say, dear, you sure know how to pick a boyfriend.” Mrs. Radderson taunted.

Twilight looked toward her grinning mother and then back to Maestro, -who went back to eating his breakfast- then blushed heavily. In classic anime style, Twilight shouted back at her mother, redder than anything she could think of, “HE’S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!”

This elicited a chuckle from both Maestro and Twilight’s mother. Twilight, in turn, slumped her head and slowly entered the kitchen to acquire her own breakfast.

“Why me?” she muttered, first Harry made her wear some embarrassing clothing and implied using a design for a date, and now her mother taunts her with Maestro.

Internally growling, she set her bowl down at the opposite end of the table and began to eat her breakfast, emphasising her anger in each bite.

Maestro couldn’t help but grin at Twilight’s fuming face. He knew how embarrassing it must have felt for a guy to not only change form but also gender. While Maestro couldn’t fathom the gender part, he felt like it was his obligation to try to comfort the mare. She did let him stay in her house, after all.

Maestro finished his cereal and got up from his seat. Twilight noticed the sound and looked towards the now standing Maestro. “I didn’t mean to laugh at you.” he said.

Twilight instantly flicked her head to the side with an annoyed look. “I know, but the fact that you did is what hurt me.”

Maestro hoped that Twilight was a bit more lenient with her reply. Unfortunately that was not to be the case. He needed to take a different approach. Recalling Twilight’s previous excited mood, he decided to poke at the idea of why she was so excited.

“Why were you so excited before?”

“Hmm? Oh, well… it’s none of your business, okay?” Twilight replied, unintentionally snapping at the end.

‘Stubborn, I see.’ Maestro thought. With a grin, he continued to speak. “If I were to guess… it is actually my business. The analysts gave you a mission, didn’t they?”

The stubborn alicorn opened her eyes wide.

“How did you know?” Twilight asked.

Maestro shrugged, “I didn’t, it was just a simple guess and it seems like I was correct.”

Twilight hated to admit it, but Maestro was correct and she showed that by explaining what the Analysts had told her.

“So they tampered with Earth’s history again and placed a relic -that can help us, by the way- on this Lazarus ship that can only be seen by people like us?” Maestro evaluated.

Twilight added, “Well, they didn’t say that they placed the relic themselves, but considering that they knew of the spell… I’m sure they implied it. But anyway, yeah. You got the gist of it.”

The male anthro adjusted his glasses. He fumbled about with his phone for a brief moment and returned to Twilight. “I would be happy to come with you… but I unfortunately have important things to do. You need me to trace Chessmaster’s location, after all.”

Twilight sighed. “Sorry, I got angry before. I just lost it. I always did have a heated temper, so when I get mad… I get Mad!”

Maestro gave a genuine smile. “Don’t worry about it.” he turned his head towards the door. ”I’ve got to get going. I’ll see you around.”

Maestro gave a wave and departed for the door. Twilight returned the wave as he did. As he left, Twilight finished her cereal up and returned to the kitchen, where she met her mother’s grinning face. Twilight growled, “Not one word” she muttered.


18 minutes later, Twilight met up with her friends and discussed the game plan. “So... who’s up for a little diving?” she finished.

Terrance (as expected) shrank down and shook her head furiously. Twilight couldn’t help but internally squeal at the Pegasus’s cuteness. The group managed to get her at least to come out on the boat. It could also be an advantage if one of the gang got in trouble. Rina agreed on reflex, Matt and Ashley seemed fine with it too, and after convincing Harry that his hair wouldn’t get too wet, they were all ready to go.

All they needed was to get the equipment and a boat.

“So, fearless leader. How, pray tell, are we gonna get out there without any proper equipment or a boat?” Matt said sarcastically.

“I’m working on it!” Twilight yelled.

The group stood on the beach looking out at the sea, Twilight frantically coming up with ideas. “Why don’t we just hire a boat and a set of wetsuits?” Rina asked.

“Not enough money Ri, even between the six of us.” Twilight responded with a groan.

“I… do” a small voice said.

“Who said that?”

“M-Me.” Terrance responded.

Harry suddenly face palmed. “That’s right! how did we forget that Terrance was rich?”

The rest of the group mimicked Harry’s actions. Twilight completely forgot that Terrance was a rich boy -erm, girl. The Valermont family was originally from France and they were well known for owning a car brand that was seen all over the world. Terrance, however, was pretty humble with his title and he preferred to not exploit it unless he was forced to. He had lived in Australia for most of his life when his family's vacation in the country had been so enjoyable, they decided to make a secondary home down in the Margaret River wine region (one of their favourite places). But soon enough, they were aware that their stay in Australia couldn’t be permanent. Terrance as a young boy didn’t want to leave. It was a hard choice, but his parents decided to allow him to stay. He got foster parents to look after him, (unfortunately he wasn’t allowed to stay in his real parent’s home) applied for Cape Navaus High and soon enough he became friends with the rest.

But while Terrance saw his parents for roughly 2 or 3 months of the year, he got money from them nearly constantly, and he had to always carry a fair amount in his wallet at the request of his father. Something about women liking guys with money. In real sense that would just attract gold diggers, but… Twilight decided not to think about that too much.

“So ya think you could help us out, Terrance? You are normally the type to be kind.” Matt asked the timid girl.

“Well, I guess it would be fine… I wasn’t really using this $6500 anyway.”

The group shared a collective gasp. “6500 dollars!” Rina shouted.

It was a good thing that nobody was drinking anything.

Terrance nodded. “That’s just what I’ve got on hand.”

“Aw, man! We should go get something way better than scuba gear and a boat!” Matt cheered, Ashley made the choice to pull on the rainbow haired girl’s arm.

“We ain’t gunna blow Terrance’s money on something you want. We need that gear and boat for a reason and if we go with yer idea...we’ll just be in trouble.”

Matt pulled her arm from Ashley’s grasp and began to grumble. “So Twi, we gunna get the gear?”

Twilight nodded affirmatively. “You bet! Let’s head for the dive shop and get the scuba gear, then we need to hire a boat.”

The other five understood their task and proceeded to leave for the dive shop, Twilight gazed out at the flat ocean and smiled “Soon enough I’ll see your carcass, Lazarus.”

“Uhh guys?” Rina suddenly asked, “Do any of you know how to scuba dive?”

“....Damn it.”


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“Do any of you know how to Scuba?” that question lingered in Twilight’s mind. She never thought about that. The wreck didn’t lie too deep in the water, but it still resided a great distance, far deeper than any of them had ever gone. That included Matt.

Twilight brought her hands to her temples and rubbed them, thinking of anything to rectify their predicament. However, all of Twilight’s ideas seemed to result in their untimely demise and left the alicorn to growl in frustration. The lavender girl was about to give up hope when a familiar voice spoke out to the six friends. “I hear you want to scuba dive to a wreck out at sea. Is that correct?” the voice asked.

Twilight spun around to face this person and was met face to face once again with Excalibur Edge. “Excalibur? What are you doing here… and what are you wearing?”

The alicorn, wore only a red bikini over her white fur, easily showing off her cutie mark and her blue coated legs. She donned an almost seductive grin upon her face that left Twilight a little embarrassed. Excalibur twirled about on the spot. “You like it?”

Twilight stared at the bikini and began to feel her face heat up. She tried to formulate a response but it only boiled down to her mumbling a couple of incoherent words. Excalibur giggled as a result.

Ashley, however, was more confident to speak up “Are ya sure y’were a guy before all’a this?” Excalibur just giggled once more as her response.

After her giggling stopped, Excalibur decided to explain her presence. “Well, I got a hold of the Analysts and found out about the wreck and this relic that you need. So I came to help out.”

Twilight shook off her flustered state and eagerly proceeded to ask Excalibur a flurry of questions, only one of which caught her attention. “Can you help us dive to the wreck?” Twilight asked.

With a nod, Excalibur replied. “Instead of using Terrance’s money to acquire the equipment, we can just use my own boat and collection of wetsuits, free of charge, unfortunately you'll need to learn how to deep dive while we're out there.”

“Really? You mean it?” Rina bounced out of nowhere, her words sounding incredibly giddy.

Excalibur nodded once more.

The group appreciated the help, but Matt brought them back down to a question that Twilight completely forgot about “Uh, Twilight? Remember we don’t know how to dive?”

Once more, Twilight slumped her shoulders “That’s right. We don’t actually know how to dive” she explained to the white alicorn.

Excalibur seemed unfazed by the explanation. Somehow this girl knew what she was doing and it resulted in Twilight feeling a little less worried about the doing the dive, although seeing a 17th century wreck up close on the bottom of the sea already helped with that earlier.

“Don’t worry. If you want, I can show you a spell that could give us the ability to breathe underwater.” Twilight perked up at the mention of a spell. “Granted, it’s not guaranteed to work for as long as you wish. It frankly could just cut out at any moment and if you are more than 50 metres under water… you won’t be having a good time.”

Twilight broke out into a sweat. “I-I think we should just go with the conventional way, I’d rather not leave our safety in the hands of something that I thought a few weeks ago was just myth.”

“That’s probably for the best, but keep it in mind just in case.” Excalibur let out a deep sigh. “Anywho, are you set to get ready for the dive?”

Everyone nodded, with a small semi shake of the head from Terrance. “Well, follow me, then.”

Speaking of the shy boy turned shy girl, Twilight noticed that as the 6 followed Excalibur, Terrance lagged behind with a distant look on her face. The sun shone upon her butter yellow fur, making it glow almost mystically. Twilight couldn’t deny how beautiful she looked. Covering a blush, the lavender girl turned around and asked Terrance what she was wondering about.

“Hey Terry, what’s eating at you?”

Everyone halted on the spot, all lights on the shy girl, who covered her face at the sudden stares “I-It’s my name.” she said, barely audible.

“Yeah, what about it?” Matt said with slight agitation. The athlete always hated having to stop for problems when they were in a group going to do something, and the current halting was no exception to that.

“W-Well, think about it for a second, doesn’t exactly work with how I currently look.” she emphasized her point by waving both hands over her overly curvy body. The others stood stock still, a few blushes made their ways across the group. Even Excalibur, who seemed all too used to the female body and exploiting her own, was hot under her metaphorical collar after staring at the timid girl.

Harry decided to break the silence by speaking up. “Terrance does have a point, guys. It would make sense if we all had female names. Considering we’re turning into girls… with the exception of Rina, of course.”

“I get to keep my name as it is if I want to,, right?

“And I already changed mine.”

Harry looks over briefly at Rina and Ashley, rolling his eyes. He replied to the two, one after the other “Firstly, yes you can Rina, and secondly, alright I get it.” With a sigh and a rub of his eyes, he continues on from before “What I’m trying to say is, the rest of us that are guys -or were guys- that haven’t picked out a female name should pick out a new one.”

Matt continued the discussion. “That does make sense, but picking out a new one isn’t the easiest thing to do. Plus, for an athlete like me, who is frankly more masculine than all of ya, it’ll probably be harder to choose.”

While Matt was right about choosing one being difficult, the gang didn’t take lightly to her declaration of being the most masculine. Ashley, being the good sport, did the right thing...and punched Matt in the shoulder. Hard.

Matt, rubbing her shoulder, gave the farm girl a disapproving look, which only encouraged her to chuckle.

“So. What name did you have in mind, Terrance?” Harry asks.

Terrance shuffled about a bit, fiddling with her (unnecessarily) girly dress. “I was thinking about the name… Florence”

“Florence.” Twilight said experimentally. “I like it.”

“Oh um.. Or Flora for short. It kinda was the name I would’ve had if I was born a girl.” Terrance -now Florence- continued.

“Plus, it doesn’t stray far from your actual name. So that’s a bonus.” Harry added.

“Yes, so I would like you all to call me that from now on. Is that ok?”

The group nodded almost in sync, with the exception of Rina, who frankly nods in her own unusual way.

Excalibur gave a brief glance out to sea. “Guys, let’s get ready. If we mess about here, we’ll never get out on the water today. We don’t exactly have all the time in the world.”

Twilight agreed. “Excalibur’s right. Let’s get to it.”

Once more, the group proceeded to follow Excalibur to where she had all the equipment ready and waiting.

After a boring 15 minute walk, the group halted at the far side of the beach, where a medium sized boat was moored. It was a basic boat, had a colour coat of mainly blues and whites and a roof cover was attached to the top. Nothing too powerful, but still looked hardy enough for what they were about to do.

“So that’s the boat, but where are our wetsuits?” Matt asked.

Excalibur looked over at the girl and grinned. “See that toilet block over there?” the alicorn girl pointed a dexterous finger at a nearby washroom.

“Yeah?” she replied, becoming a little cautious of the girl's words.

“Go have a look inside and take a look - and, of course, on the side that is your gender. So basically all of you except Harry.”

“Why do I have a bad feeling about what’s in there?” Twilight groaned, the fellow alicorn only extended her creepy grin further, pushing the lavender girl down a nervous path.

Twilight appreciated Excalibur and the info she leaked to them, but she was rather odd and the way she settled into being a girl, gave her the same question Ashley asked, yet she knew that Excalibur wouldn’t give a different answer...or a useful one at that.

A little while later, after some surprisingly high pitched protests from Matt, the group returned donning full body wetsuits and red faces, all but Rina and Harry, that is. The latter not being in the same room with them.

“What happened in there, guys?” Harry asked nonchalantly. He was given almost angry looks from the others in return.

“You don’t want to know... and I mean it.” Matt shivered.

“I have to agree with Matt, Ashley. It’s for your own good” Twilight added.

“Are you guys done chatting over there?” Excalibur said, her voice was a bit more stern now.

“Ah y-yes. Sorry, Excalibur.”

“Ok, then.” She paused to look over the group, satisfied with the suits fitting them well, except Florence, who seemed a tad tight around the chest area "That girl is bigger than me! I’m a bit envious.” Excalibur thought. Glancing to the boat, she proceeded to explain what was about to go down. “I’ve done a little digging on the web and I managed to find some coordinates of the wreck. Once we arrive at the location, you’ll need to get your gear on and jump in so that you can get a feel for the suits and practice using the equipment. I’m sorry we can’t test diving in a pool, but we simply have no time to waste. We either do it now or not at all. I need to stay with the boat, so you're all on your own. You guys ready?”

Everyone nodded, “Well, let’s swim over to the boat and get going. Hop to it, ladies… Literally!”

“When did you turn into a drill sergeant?” Twilight sighed.

“Just then. Now let’s go, go, go!”

With a collective shrug from everyone, they began to run over and get into the water, swimming towards Excalibur's boat.

Twilight thought to herself as she ran, “I’ll see you soon Lazarus. That is a promise.”


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The boat sped across the sea swiftly, the small waves licking at the boat’s hull as they went along. Occasionally the sound of these waves could be heard slamming into the hull and echoing out for all to hear. Florence, unfortunately, took the sounds as the most terrifying thing and claimed that the boat was breaking apart. All of us knew that this was complete rubbish, but poor Florence couldn’t stop shaking like a fragile leaf every time the sound made itself known.

Twilight had half a mind to slap the girl and bring her back to her senses. However, Twilight couldn’t bring herself to inflict harm upon another (minus Trixie), especially one of her friends. Even if it was for a good cause. Ashley decided to use a different method.
Scooting over to the shy girl, the farmer brought her into a hug and explained that everything was fine and that the boat would not sink, despite Florence’s protests. Eventually she calmed down after confirmation from Excalibur that her boat was perfectly safe and that
she'd had only one case of the boat sinking...although she probably intended it as a joke. Something Matt found hilarious.

Speaking of which, during the trip, the others forced Matt to use a new name, now that he/she was anatomically female. She dreaded it, but admitted that it would be strange if she kept the name Matt, and so she went with the name Micaela. With that minor dilemma resolved, everyone went back to casual chatter and Twilight stared out at the clear water, pondering on the wreck and the relic aboard it.


“We’re here~!” Excalibur announced suddenly as the boat came to a halt, rousing Twilight from her thoughts.

“Well, I was expecting something a bit more... eye catching, if I’m being real with you all” Micaela now stated. The others agreed... except Twilight.

“If the wreck had beached on land and was abandoned, then we would see it, but frankly that isn’t the case. That small sand bank helped to save the crew.” Twilight pointed to a sand bank several meters from their position.

Twilight then proceeded to explain further “But due to the ship’s weight, the steep incline of the bank broke apart and slipped back down the incline into the water not long after the crew fled.” she continued. “That buoy over there marks the general location of the wreck.” she added, directing them to look at it.

The others collectively gazed at the colourful bobbing buoy and all gave a united “oh”, encouraging Twilight to sigh.

“So... shall we get in?” Harry suggested.

“After you, then.” Micaela said, and grinned.

“Why me!?” Harry shouted.

“Because you asked first if we should.” Micaela responded.

“How cliche can you get?” Harry joked.

Micaela gave him a giggle that was intended to be a normal laugh. “Are you really asking me that kind of question?”

Harry stared intently at the smirking Micaela, who shot him a gaze, indicating that he should jump in. Which he did eventually give into.
“Fine.” he sighed, as he proceeded to put on the rest of his gear, sometimes flicking a glare at Micaela’s grinning mug.
After everything seemed in order, Harry jumped into the ocean with a typical splash and proceeded to bob about sculling the water patiently as he watched the rest of the group follow suit after their equipment check.

Except for Twilight and Florence. Twilight’s reason for still being on the boat was understandable, as she was going over a map of the wreck site with Excalibur, pinpointing ideal locations of the relic’s current resting place. But Florence let her many fears creep back upon her once more. “I can’t do it.” she softly spoke.

“For crying out loud, Flora! We’re already here and you just now decide to chicken out?” Micaela shouted in agitation.

“That’s not the best thing to say to her, Micaela, if you ever want to see her dive with us.” Rina opined.

Micaela spun around to face Rina. “Says you. I’m sure after that little stunt with the shark, she became so traumatized that she probably won't ever get in the water again.”

Rina took offence to that remark “Hey, I resent that! Everything worked out perfectly. Besides, if that shark came back with any of his buddies…”- she did a quick one-two motion into the air- “...they’d have to deal with me!”

Ashley gave a chuckle. “Only you would punch a shark, Rina. Only you.” she muttered.

“Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Florence, get in here!” Micaela ordered.

Florence refused, comically gripping the boat and showing a look of pure fear, gasping heavily and imagining a million crazy ways that everything could go wrong with one fell swoop of her jumping into the liquid pit of death.

As Twilight finished discussing the map with Excalibur, she turned to see the frightened girl clutching onto the railings of the boat. Pulling a small grin, she stepped up behind Florence and gave a gentle pat on the shoulder to ease her worries.

“If you don’t want to go with us, Florence, I’m all but happy for you to stay here with Excalibur and the boat. All we are going to do is check out the Lazarus, quickly find the relic and be back before you know it. Can you handle that?”

Florence managed a small but knowing smile. She nodded sweetly and eased off the railings. With her mind at ease, she plopped onto the side seat and sighed, her ears drooping expressively.

Twilight had hoped for the whole gang to go together and see something spectacular, but she was well aware of the fears that Florence had over everything deep sea related. -Heck, Twilight herself was afraid- And she couldn’t simply ignore them for her own intentions. Plus, it did double as an apology for the thought of slapping the shy girl earlier, despite said shy girl knowing nothing about that.

Twilight attached the last of her gear. Things like mask, air tanks and flippers, which -for some odd reason- seemed to be perfectly fitted to her hooves. She wanted an explanation, but since she was afraid of the answer... she opted to keep her mouth shut. Lastly, she checked everything over twice and with a thumbs up to Excalibur, she leaped into the sea with a great splash.

Returning to the surface to meet up with the group, she waited for the other Alicorn to step up and tell them their time limit and the site in general.
Excalibur gave them them the briefing. “The wreck is mostly in pieces, but some of its lower hull at the stern region still retains a slight structure. If we stick to the mission accordingly, this should only take about an hour, two at the most. So no messing about down there.”
The Alicorn shot a stern face at Micaela. “Understand, Miceala?”

The cyan pegasus just grinned.

“Well... off with you guys, hop to it. Or rather, swim to it.”
With the green light set, the group dipped below the waves and dived down towards the wooden carcass of the once great naval ship.


The water was incredibly murky as the group descended deeper. Twilight found that diving wasn’t all that too difficult. It was like snorkeling... but with a ton more gear and used for much deeper parts of the ocean. After a while, Twilight began to have doubts that the wreck laid here and muttered profusely at the false information the analysts fed her. But suddenly she was halted by something not organic looking at all. Reaching a hand out, she touched it and gasped at the odd feel of wood.

She signaled her friends to come over to her location and they acted accordingly. She showed them what she found and declared (although mentally, as they couldn’t speak underwater) that they had indeed found a ship... but was it the Lazarus?
Twilight used simple hand gestures to direct everyone to search the ship for anything of the “magical” sort. Honestly, Twilight was at a loss as to what they were looking for. The analysts were rather vague on what the relic was and what it did exactly. Maybe they would explain its purpose when she acquired whatever it was.

Although, Twilight managed to keep her questions to herself for the time being. She was giggling internally at sight before her. Sure, the Star Caster wreck was extraordinary, but the supposed Lazarus was beneath the waves. It had a completely different story to tell in full and it was much harder to discover those secrets. It made it so much more wondrous to explore and Twilight couldn’t contain her love for it anymore.
She swam about the wreck looking for where cannons lay, masts, she searched the cabins that were still intact... to a degree, and even the figurehead, which turned out to be a man of sorts. ‘Most likely the namesake of the ship’ Twilight thought to herself.

While making goo-goo eyes over the dead ship, someone shouted from behind Twilight. Rina was the easy culprit for this, but she hadn’t changed yet and thus wasn’t able to see any Equestrian magical items, which went for Harry too. Twilight went wide eyed as she found these massive holes in her plan and it made her embarrassed that she failed to see them earlier.
Twilight frantically swam over to the source and found Micaela holding what she hoped was the relic, although knowing Micaela, she probably decided to do it as a prank.

Or not. It turned out the sporty girl had indeed found something and it seemed like what they were looking for. The object was a strangely symmetrical golden orb with etchings of equines on it. Rina handed the orb to Twilight and she inspected the relic further. She judged it to weigh roughly as much as a standard watermelon and was the size of a basketball, lines traced the top of it in a pattern that didn’t look like mere decoration. She ran a finger along them and found that they were seams. The top clearly was meant to be opened up.
While inspecting the relic, she felt something odd in her chest, a warm, tingling feeling. It was there for a mere second, but it felt too unnatural to be simply shake off. However, she couldn’t dwell on it here. She needed to check if it happened again later. Twilight gave the gang a hand gesture pointing up towards the surface. They obeyed her command. Well, half of them did, anyway.

Micaela and Rina decided it was a brilliant idea to try and take a cannon up with them. Twilight could've done the right thing and ordered them to leave it be, but she came up with a much "better" solution. She actually encouraged the two misfits to pick it up. They took the strange encouragement as suspicious, but pushed the thought aside fairly quickly and returned to act upon their devious plan.
However the two girls failed to take into consideration how heavy such a thing was going to be. Realizing that Twilight knew this information, they felt both annoyed and embarrassed that she had played them both so easily.

With all antics now put to rest, the group swam back to the surface.
The relic had been found and Twilight felt one step closer to stopping the threat. Now if only she could figure out what that strange, warm feeling spreading throughout her chest was...