• Published 17th Jan 2017
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Lavender Heart - Skaltrox Defiance Knight

John is your typical teenage guy, went to school, did chores and got a little money for doing so. But he also has a secret love for the show MLP, he kept it secret from everyone but now things will change. in a very interesting way.

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“Do any of you know how to Scuba?” that question lingered in Twilight’s mind. She never thought about that. The wreck didn’t lie too deep in the water, but it still resided a great distance, far deeper than any of them had ever gone. That included Matt.

Twilight brought her hands to her temples and rubbed them, thinking of anything to rectify their predicament. However, all of Twilight’s ideas seemed to result in their untimely demise and left the alicorn to growl in frustration. The lavender girl was about to give up hope when a familiar voice spoke out to the six friends. “I hear you want to scuba dive to a wreck out at sea. Is that correct?” the voice asked.

Twilight spun around to face this person and was met face to face once again with Excalibur Edge. “Excalibur? What are you doing here… and what are you wearing?”

The alicorn, wore only a red bikini over her white fur, easily showing off her cutie mark and her blue coated legs. She donned an almost seductive grin upon her face that left Twilight a little embarrassed. Excalibur twirled about on the spot. “You like it?”

Twilight stared at the bikini and began to feel her face heat up. She tried to formulate a response but it only boiled down to her mumbling a couple of incoherent words. Excalibur giggled as a result.

Ashley, however, was more confident to speak up “Are ya sure y’were a guy before all’a this?” Excalibur just giggled once more as her response.

After her giggling stopped, Excalibur decided to explain her presence. “Well, I got a hold of the Analysts and found out about the wreck and this relic that you need. So I came to help out.”

Twilight shook off her flustered state and eagerly proceeded to ask Excalibur a flurry of questions, only one of which caught her attention. “Can you help us dive to the wreck?” Twilight asked.

With a nod, Excalibur replied. “Instead of using Terrance’s money to acquire the equipment, we can just use my own boat and collection of wetsuits, free of charge, unfortunately you'll need to learn how to deep dive while we're out there.”

“Really? You mean it?” Rina bounced out of nowhere, her words sounding incredibly giddy.

Excalibur nodded once more.

The group appreciated the help, but Matt brought them back down to a question that Twilight completely forgot about “Uh, Twilight? Remember we don’t know how to dive?”

Once more, Twilight slumped her shoulders “That’s right. We don’t actually know how to dive” she explained to the white alicorn.

Excalibur seemed unfazed by the explanation. Somehow this girl knew what she was doing and it resulted in Twilight feeling a little less worried about the doing the dive, although seeing a 17th century wreck up close on the bottom of the sea already helped with that earlier.

“Don’t worry. If you want, I can show you a spell that could give us the ability to breathe underwater.” Twilight perked up at the mention of a spell. “Granted, it’s not guaranteed to work for as long as you wish. It frankly could just cut out at any moment and if you are more than 50 metres under water… you won’t be having a good time.”

Twilight broke out into a sweat. “I-I think we should just go with the conventional way, I’d rather not leave our safety in the hands of something that I thought a few weeks ago was just myth.”

“That’s probably for the best, but keep it in mind just in case.” Excalibur let out a deep sigh. “Anywho, are you set to get ready for the dive?”

Everyone nodded, with a small semi shake of the head from Terrance. “Well, follow me, then.”

Speaking of the shy boy turned shy girl, Twilight noticed that as the 6 followed Excalibur, Terrance lagged behind with a distant look on her face. The sun shone upon her butter yellow fur, making it glow almost mystically. Twilight couldn’t deny how beautiful she looked. Covering a blush, the lavender girl turned around and asked Terrance what she was wondering about.

“Hey Terry, what’s eating at you?”

Everyone halted on the spot, all lights on the shy girl, who covered her face at the sudden stares “I-It’s my name.” she said, barely audible.

“Yeah, what about it?” Matt said with slight agitation. The athlete always hated having to stop for problems when they were in a group going to do something, and the current halting was no exception to that.

“W-Well, think about it for a second, doesn’t exactly work with how I currently look.” she emphasized her point by waving both hands over her overly curvy body. The others stood stock still, a few blushes made their ways across the group. Even Excalibur, who seemed all too used to the female body and exploiting her own, was hot under her metaphorical collar after staring at the timid girl.

Harry decided to break the silence by speaking up. “Terrance does have a point, guys. It would make sense if we all had female names. Considering we’re turning into girls… with the exception of Rina, of course.”

“I get to keep my name as it is if I want to,, right?

“And I already changed mine.”

Harry looks over briefly at Rina and Ashley, rolling his eyes. He replied to the two, one after the other “Firstly, yes you can Rina, and secondly, alright I get it.” With a sigh and a rub of his eyes, he continues on from before “What I’m trying to say is, the rest of us that are guys -or were guys- that haven’t picked out a female name should pick out a new one.”

Matt continued the discussion. “That does make sense, but picking out a new one isn’t the easiest thing to do. Plus, for an athlete like me, who is frankly more masculine than all of ya, it’ll probably be harder to choose.”

While Matt was right about choosing one being difficult, the gang didn’t take lightly to her declaration of being the most masculine. Ashley, being the good sport, did the right thing...and punched Matt in the shoulder. Hard.

Matt, rubbing her shoulder, gave the farm girl a disapproving look, which only encouraged her to chuckle.

“So. What name did you have in mind, Terrance?” Harry asks.

Terrance shuffled about a bit, fiddling with her (unnecessarily) girly dress. “I was thinking about the name… Florence”

“Florence.” Twilight said experimentally. “I like it.”

“Oh um.. Or Flora for short. It kinda was the name I would’ve had if I was born a girl.” Terrance -now Florence- continued.

“Plus, it doesn’t stray far from your actual name. So that’s a bonus.” Harry added.

“Yes, so I would like you all to call me that from now on. Is that ok?”

The group nodded almost in sync, with the exception of Rina, who frankly nods in her own unusual way.

Excalibur gave a brief glance out to sea. “Guys, let’s get ready. If we mess about here, we’ll never get out on the water today. We don’t exactly have all the time in the world.”

Twilight agreed. “Excalibur’s right. Let’s get to it.”

Once more, the group proceeded to follow Excalibur to where she had all the equipment ready and waiting.

After a boring 15 minute walk, the group halted at the far side of the beach, where a medium sized boat was moored. It was a basic boat, had a colour coat of mainly blues and whites and a roof cover was attached to the top. Nothing too powerful, but still looked hardy enough for what they were about to do.

“So that’s the boat, but where are our wetsuits?” Matt asked.

Excalibur looked over at the girl and grinned. “See that toilet block over there?” the alicorn girl pointed a dexterous finger at a nearby washroom.

“Yeah?” she replied, becoming a little cautious of the girl's words.

“Go have a look inside and take a look - and, of course, on the side that is your gender. So basically all of you except Harry.”

“Why do I have a bad feeling about what’s in there?” Twilight groaned, the fellow alicorn only extended her creepy grin further, pushing the lavender girl down a nervous path.

Twilight appreciated Excalibur and the info she leaked to them, but she was rather odd and the way she settled into being a girl, gave her the same question Ashley asked, yet she knew that Excalibur wouldn’t give a different answer...or a useful one at that.

A little while later, after some surprisingly high pitched protests from Matt, the group returned donning full body wetsuits and red faces, all but Rina and Harry, that is. The latter not being in the same room with them.

“What happened in there, guys?” Harry asked nonchalantly. He was given almost angry looks from the others in return.

“You don’t want to know... and I mean it.” Matt shivered.

“I have to agree with Matt, Ashley. It’s for your own good” Twilight added.

“Are you guys done chatting over there?” Excalibur said, her voice was a bit more stern now.

“Ah y-yes. Sorry, Excalibur.”

“Ok, then.” She paused to look over the group, satisfied with the suits fitting them well, except Florence, who seemed a tad tight around the chest area "That girl is bigger than me! I’m a bit envious.” Excalibur thought. Glancing to the boat, she proceeded to explain what was about to go down. “I’ve done a little digging on the web and I managed to find some coordinates of the wreck. Once we arrive at the location, you’ll need to get your gear on and jump in so that you can get a feel for the suits and practice using the equipment. I’m sorry we can’t test diving in a pool, but we simply have no time to waste. We either do it now or not at all. I need to stay with the boat, so you're all on your own. You guys ready?”

Everyone nodded, “Well, let’s swim over to the boat and get going. Hop to it, ladies… Literally!”

“When did you turn into a drill sergeant?” Twilight sighed.

“Just then. Now let’s go, go, go!”

With a collective shrug from everyone, they began to run over and get into the water, swimming towards Excalibur's boat.

Twilight thought to herself as she ran, “I’ll see you soon Lazarus. That is a promise.”

Author's Note:

Sorry that it took so long, haven't been in that much of a mood to write. So if the chapter seems a little lacklustre than that's why.