• Published 17th Jan 2017
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Lavender Heart - Skaltrox Defiance Knight

John is your typical teenage guy, went to school, did chores and got a little money for doing so. But he also has a secret love for the show MLP, he kept it secret from everyone but now things will change. in a very interesting way.

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A fishing pole, rope, bait, a Shark...and Rina.

Twilight explained to Ashley about the analysts, she discussed the elements and even showed the Star caster’s wreck to the farm girl.

“Wait a minute ther Twilight. You mean ya can really do Magic?” Ashley asked with amazement.Twilight had just finished explaining her little magic practice she took part in before she arrived at the beach. The anthro alicorn in question nodded her head. She may of been the one explaining it, but even still she felt like it was a dream rather than reality. “Your explanation of the Star caster with those gold necklace things was more believable.

“I sure can. Check this out” she responded by finding a stick lying on the ground and focusing her mind on it. Imagining she was picking it up with her hand, the stick shakily hovered off the ground levitating in a pink glow that also surrounded Twilight’s horn.

Ashley was of all things stunned “Well I’ll be. It really is real” Ashley watched on at the hovering stick. “But what do I get? That’s not real fair of you getting magic and I don’t.”

Twilight dropped the stick and turned around to face Ashley “It’s just the characters we have become AJ. Unicorn’s use magic, Pegasi can fly and control weather and Earth ponies have more endurance, strength and greater defence.”

Ashley wondered about that part on the earth ponies “More endurance, Strength and Defence? That’ll be real effective on the farm and if I get into a fight of sorts”

But then she eyed Twilight “You have both a horn and wings? Does that make your race any different?

Twilight caught on to the fact that she was an alicorn and not unicorn form. “Well from what we know so far off the show. There is only 5 alicorns and they are all of royalty, so basically an Alicorn is revered as almost a god among normal ponies. They have magic, flight and strength, so really they are the most powerful of pony” Twilight explained.

Ashley scratched her head at that “This is a lot ta take in but, you seem ta know it better than me or any of tha guys…” Ashley thought “Hang on...the guys. We need to let them know I changed too”

Twilight also realised “If we both changed, then they also have have a good chance of doing so too. We need to find them now, instead of later”

Ashley agreed. With sudden speed, they both rushed off the beach back into the street and find the rest of their friends.


Twilight texted Matt to see where he was, and luckily for them, the rest of their friends were at the park. Better time than any to let them know. Arriving at the park, Matt, Harry, Terrance and Rina all pulled equally confused faces. They were aware of John’s change, but who was this other one next to her?

“John...I mean Twilight is it? Who is that?” Matt pointed to Ashley.

Twilight explained “Firstly yes it is, secondly this is Ashley...or we know her as Kurt.”

Everyone but the anthro ponies exclaimed “KURT?!”

Ashley gave a slightly hesitant wave “Hey guys. This was weird for me as well, so your reaction is pretty darn normal to me. But I assure you that I’m still your ol pal Kurt” Ashley stated.

Harry spoke this time “Well, we did accept John’s change, so I see no reason to change that with you Kurt...I mean Ashley” Harry, despite his odd interest for clothes, was a good guy and he wasn’t the type to judge or simply turn his back on someone just because they suddenly changed their appearance. No matter how bad they looked (especially their attire). He was known though to be generous with his creations and the way he was eyeing both Ashley and Twilight, it seemed like he was metaphorically tracing up designs for them to wear.

Rina perked up from her seat on a fallen log “Yeah, Harry’s right. You guys look like the most extreme cosplayers I’ve ever seen. But I can tell when you guys are you...instead of alien equine beings that intend to replace earth’s population with their own.”

Twilight replied “Uhh thanks Ri, I’m glad you're on our side...I hope” Twilight liked Rina as a friend but sometimes...she was frightening.

Terrance didn’t really say much, but he seemed okay with it. Matt was frustrated that another of his friends changed, but after some much needed cooling off, he managed to be fine with it.

Ashley whispered to Twilight as the others conversed “Should we tell them about it? The whole possibility of them becoming like us?”

Twilight whispered back “They need to know. If they are aware of the possibility that they may change too, it will be much easier to deal with if it happens. Of course they might panic, but at least they’ll be ready for it”

“Got ya” Ashley winked “Alright guys, it’s best you know something else. Twi here will explain” Ashley announced.

Twilight nodded and then drew in a breath “Now don’t freak out...much. But you guys may or may not also become like us.
“WHAT?!” they all exclaimed.

“Surprise! You’re all gonna be half pony too..maybe” Twilight knew that was overkill but she really wanted them to freak out, especially Matt. Payback for all his punches he’s done.

It took about 20 minutes and five slaps to Matt’s face to calm them all down. After they did, Twilight continued “Guys, it’s okay alright? Yes it’s weird and feels strange, but you get used to it. Your families should too, don’t worry, besides you gain certain abilities with your change. Like flight and magic, that’s cool right?”

The others agreed “I guess so. But what about our brains?” Matt asked tapping his head for emphasis.

Twilight responded “Have we changed at all in the mind to you? I’m still John on the inside and Ashley is still Kurt too. We look different but we don’t act different...though with this body we might act a little girly, but not much.”

“Twi’s right guys, we look different but we are still your friends John and Kurt” Ashley said resting her arm on Twilight. The guys, looked at each other and smiled, at least they’ve calmed down now. “Now how about we go get something ta eat I’m starving”

The gang agreed and with Ashley leading the way, they departed for the nearest place for some food. Twilight and Ashley got weird stares from people in the cafe, but they paid it no attention, Rina was first to go about her order and like usual, it was huge. The guys never knew how she was able to store away so much food in her small body and she gained little to no weight at all. A lot of girls at school were envious of this bizarre ability Rina had, while guys just wondered, like her friends, how she was able to eat such copious amounts of food.

The gang was known to crazy antic whenever they went and ate food together at a cafe. Rina would make structures from her food then yell at random people when they told her to stop, Harry would flirt with nearly every girl in their, Matt would try to hold back Rina when she lashed out at people, oddly like a wild animal, Terrance would just sit in silence or talk with John/Twilight about things like the other chaos wasn’t happening and Kurt/Ashley would sigh and pretend like she didn’t know the others. Yep that was the gang for you and this time despite the recent events of anthro ponies, they were still the crazy bunch of friends.

Twilight returned home later that evening. “Sorry I was a bit late Mum. Long story but it included Rina, a fishing pole, a length of rope, a bait fish and a Shark...don’t ask.”

Mrs Radderson called from the living room “Don’t worry I got it at the mention of your friend Rina. But anyway while you were out we managed to get back someone.”

Twilight thought about what she meant and then came to a realization from about a 5 days ago. “Wait you mean? He’s back!”

Mrs Radderson nodded “He sure his, say hello”

From behind Mrs Radderson was a four legged creature. But it wasn’t just any creature, it was a dog. “MAX!” Twilight cheered happily “You’re okay buddy”

Twilight ran over to her dog. The golden retriever named Max was really sick not very long ago and he was taken to the vet to get fixed up, he was expected to be about a week and luckily he came back two days before that. Max seemed hesitant to hug Twilight, but eventually went for it, he was known to be friendly with even strangers. But he did know when someone was not right and acted to stay away from them.

“How you doing Maxy? You feeling better?” Twilight asked Max as she scratched his ears.

*Bark* Max replied, he was wagging his tail about so he seemed good, Twilight beamed at the dog’s enthusiasm.

“I’d like to play fetch with you. But you still need to rest up a bit, maybe later ok buddy?” Twilight stated.

*Bark, Bark* Max yelped, he looked sad about hearing that. But that was short lived as he went back to his normally cheerful self.

“Dinner will be ready soon sweetie. Just so you know” Mrs Radderson spoke up.

Twilight stood up from her crouching state and replied “Alright then. I’ll be upstairs if you need me for anything.” She then proceeded to ascend the stairs, wondering about if her other friends will actually change too. It’ll be strange seeing the other MLP cast that’s for sure.”

Twilight then shook her head “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Besides if Matt changes, I can mock him.

Author's Note:

Once more hasn't been properly edited yet. Also on a side note: the title of this chapter is just a silly thing from a line Twilight says later on in the chapter. But I could do something about it later on in a chapter.