• Published 17th Jan 2017
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Lavender Heart - Skaltrox Defiance Knight

John is your typical teenage guy, went to school, did chores and got a little money for doing so. But he also has a secret love for the show MLP, he kept it secret from everyone but now things will change. in a very interesting way.

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She is the Great and the Powerful...

The strange anthro pony named “Excalibur Edge” pleasantly drifted on the swing she sat on, after a more than obvious awkward pause, Excalibur extended her hand out and pointed to the swing next to her. “Sit” she said.

Not disobeying what she said, Twilight sits down on the swing, her tail had accidently been sat on and with a tiny “eep” sound (eliciting Excalibur to laugh to herself) she gets back up and flicks her tail out so it drifted off the seat and swished about silently below, rather than crushed and in pain.

Now that she was ready and waiting, Excalibur began to explain. “You need to be made aware Twilight that the Analysts aren’t from this world. They came from Equestria with a sole purpose in mind.”

Twilight being the type to ask questions asked one “What kind of purpose?” she said trying not to sound too cute when she was curious of something.

Excalibur answered by continuing her explanation “To open magic into the eyes of other world’s residents. They weren’t satisfied with Equestria alone spreading magic of the friendship variant and the normal variant, they wanted to join other worlds in this harmony, so that one day. People could traverse dimensions to enter Equestria or any other world apart of this harmonic union”

Twilight spoke up “Hold up. You’re saying that the Analysts want to spread their magic and harmony to other places so that we can explore each other’s world and join in friendship?” Twilight evaluated the situation.

Excalibur replied “Yes, pretty much”

Twilight scrunched up her muzzle “That’s incredible cheesy, but at the same time. Being able to explore other worlds sounds really great, although how that is done piques my interest”

“While Equestria’s magic is strong, it can’t create portals to other worlds unless it has two important things. The first is a shared amount of Magic, Friendship and Harmony and the second is...the elements.”

Twilight suddenly thought of the elements at home “I have the elements back at my house. I found them on a shipwreck not far from here. But I’m still in the dark about something, why did me and my friend Kurt change into anthro versions of the mane six?”

Excalibur peered off into nothingness “The elements are not just the necklaces, they are the living embodiments of what they represent. As in you”

Twilight once more couldn’t understand “You mean that to make things work between Earth and Equestria, we need myself, Ashley and four others, plus magic friendship and harmony to join our worlds?”

Excalibur went on “Yes, the analysts enjoyed your devotion to the tv variant of Equestria and after some studying, they found you perfect to be Twilight in this world, they also concluded your five major friends to also show signs of the other elements, in other words, those of your friends that haven’t changed yet will do soon. Once all six have become the elements, they must do what they can from there to make the first important ingredient happen”

Twilight was at a lost for words, apparently her five friends all need to be the mane six of this world and spread magic, friendship and harmony everywhere they went? Sounded crazy, but still something different than what Twilight was used to. Who cares about the change in gender and race, everyday is different from the last, we just have to make the most of what’s to come and embrace it rather than try to hide from it.

Twilight got up from her swing and thanked Excalibur “Thank you for the info, now that I’m aware that the rest of my friends will change. I can be ready to explain how massive task.”

Excalibur smiled as she also rose from her swing “I’m glad that it was helpful to you. But now I must be off. Farewell Twilight Radderson”

Twilight stopped her before she could leave “Will I talk with you again?” she questioned Excalibur.

Excalibur gave a grin “Possibly, but no promises” with that, she left the playground.

As she walked down the path, Excalibur wondered if she forgot something to say “Did I forget something?....Ahh it doesn’t matter, when other people turn anthro to, they’ll figure it out for themselves”

“Then she just left?” Ashley asked, the lavender pony as they wandered through oddly placed concrete walls that acted as makeshift seats.

“Yep, so basically all of you are gonna change soon enough” Twilight pointed at her other unchanged friends.

“Is there anything we might need to know about the characters we will become?” Harry asked from his seat he had claimed.

Twilight thought over the mane six, she thought about the characters that her remaining 4 friends will transform into and began to push her thoughts into words. “So to start; Rina, you are going to turn into Pinkie pie:as her name suggests, she is all pink and at the same time just like you...insane. Her trademark curly pink mane and tail can become straight when she isn’t in a good mood, she enjoys making others happy and is an expert in party planning”

Rina thought about the description “She sounds like my kinda character, I love it!” she cheered.

Twilight continued by looking at Matt “Matt you are going to turn into Rainbow Dash: she is tomboy of the group, she is athletic, egotistic...make that very egotistic, loyal (to a degree) and is always up for a fight when one’s about to go down.”

Matt gave a small nod “Not bad, at least I won’t be incredibly girly like all of you..haha” he chuckled. Ashley grabbed his arm and twisted it around his back until he said uncle.

“What was that about me being girly?” she said sweetly.

Matt trying to splutter a response said “...Oww...oww... okay just let me go” with a grin she let his arm go and watched his angered face directed at her.

Twilight now a little impatient tapped her hoof to regain their attention “As I was saying, Harry you are changing into Rarity: she is just like you, an excellent seamstress that is always willing to be generous with her works. She does her best stay in a “fabulous” manner at all times and frankly a major flirt and gossip.”

Harry seemed okay with the description “Well as long as I can keep my love for clothing, I’m fine with it. The flirting is probably going to be a problem though” he responded.

Twilight finished off with Terrance “Now Terrance, you are changing into the timid pegasus mare Fluttershy: she is a kind and sweet person to be around and loves to take care of animals and discover new species. She is great with finding medical herbs to heal injuries and as her name suggests she is very shy.”

Terrance only mumbled a response that Twilight couldn’t hear. “So now that you have a broad idea of your character, we can be ready for when it happens” Twilight explained to the group. Now that the gang knew their mane six variant identities, it was going to be easy for them to get used to it.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” a smug voice sounded out from behind the group of friends.

Twilight rolled her eyes “Oh, this is going to be great”

“John Radderson now are strange looking horse girl with wings and a horn. Hehe, I knew you were a freak John but now that you really are one. It’s just so much more fun to tease” a guy grinned from behind Twilight.

Turning around she came face to face with the intruder and returned a response “Look at that guys, its Darrell, the nicest guy in school”

Darrell scrunched up his face “I don’t appreciate sarcasm Radderson” he replied. Twilight scoffed at that remark.

“Funny, I thought sarcasm was your specialty. Or was it lack of intelligence…” Twilight grinned mockingly putting a finger to her chin and pretended to think “I always get it mixed up”

Darrell having already lost his cool, came straight up to Twilight and pulled her up by the collar “You should be keeping those words between your teeth. You’ll live longer that way.” Darrell nearly spat, dropping Twilight he began to leave. Well Twilight thought he did, but as she dropped her guard, Darrell came around and went for a swing.

Twilight managed to catch the swing at the right time and managed to dodge out of the way. Twilight with a slightly smug grin tutted Darrell “Trying to hit a girl? Well that just won’t do, you have to be punished” she (unintentionally) giggled and began to focus her magic.

‘Darrell is a bigger thing to lift and at that, alive, but I think I can do this.’ Twilight thought, gaining a stance she begins to channel some of her magic into her horn and slowly, despite Darrell’s flailing and protests, she lifted him up with ease and started to twirl him about.

“L-Let me go Radderson! When I’m back on the ground, you will be going through a building wall!” he shouted in anger, multiple students had gathered to watch the show and laugh at Darrell’s misfortune.

Twilight began to get bored throwing him about and decided to finish it off “Okay, I think it’s time to send you home.” With a twist of her head, Twilight sent Darrell straight into a nearby rubbish bin.

With the display finished, the crowd departed, hearing the sound of a bell Harry speaks up “I think it’s time to go Twi.”

Twilight smirked at Darrell before turning around to respond “Okay, I’m coming”

The fuming bully, get’s out of the bin and shouts out at Twilight “I will get you back Radderson, just you wait!”

Darrell Evenlor was one of Cape Navaus High’s infamous bullies. He didn’t bully one individual, he was the type to bully many people, just for the hell of it. He always thought of himself as better than everyone else and he reinforced that claim by being the one of the star players for the school’s football team the “Cape Navaus Sharks”. But after being humiliated just a few hours ago by one such bullied student turned into a weird pony human hybrid, he wanted to get him...or her back somehow.

Dropping his bag inside his room and kicking his shoes off, he retired to a computer nestled next to a wall. The bully may of been a bad guy, but at least he didn’t search up weird things like “how to bully a certain type of individual” or something like that.

As he read through a site that was explaining hard tackle moves for football, he got a notification on his email. “Hmm, I wonder who that is” Darrell wondered, he clicked on the email, puzzled by its contents he began to read.

It said: “I can feel your anger and hatred for that John Radderson, who now goes by the name Twilight. I can give you what you need to claim your vengeance upon her...and more!” Darrell was a little unnerved by this unknown person saying “and more” . He felt like this was a bad idea, but his anger towards Twilight was stronger and without hesitation he replied.

“What do I have to do?” he responded to the unknown person and waited for a response. Not 2 minutes later, he got one.

“Look at the screen” it replied.

Darrell wondered what looking at the screen would do, but since he already answered to this person he decided to obey. Staring at the screen it slowly turned pale blue, some weird magic dust appeared and Darrell swore it came out of the screen.

As he stared blankly into the screen of the computer, his body went through a transformation. Firstly his skin started to sprout pale blue fur all over, once that was through, his feet conjoined and turned into hooves. His short black hair turned a whitish silver colour and grew out all the way to his lower back, a tail also sprouted just above his backside. A horn then appeared at the top of his forehead, Darrell could feel the pain of it forming, but payed it no attention. Lastly his body curved inwards in some places and outwards in others. A feminine gasp concluded that he was now a she and that her transformations was finished.

Realising her reflection in the mirror, Darrell jumped up in surprise “What happened, why does Darrell sound like a girl?....Why does Darrell talk in the third person too?!” the now anthro Darrell shouted.

The screen had turned back to normal and a new comment from the unknown person had appeared“Like your transformation?”

Darrell in a mix of panic and anger instantly typed back “What did you do to me?!”

The stranger replied “I turned you into a worthy rival to Twilight. But instead of the hassle to learn how to use magic. I have given you the knowledge to use it as you please as if you have always had the power”

Darrell thought ‘Magic? I need to test this’ she began to test out her supposed magic and smiled a wicked smile as she marvelled at her telekinesis. “This is cool, Darrell likes”

The stranger responded again “You have what you need to claim your revenge on Twilight, so go and prove you are worthy of those powers Darrell...or should I call you Trixie?”

Darrell wondered about the name choice ‘Trixie’ she like it. With a dastardly malefic grin she yelled out “Look out Twilight, because Trixie’s here to play MUAHAHAHAHA!”

Author's Note:

Enter Trixie. Next time: Twilight and Trixie face off.