• Published 17th Jan 2017
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Lavender Heart - Skaltrox Defiance Knight

John is your typical teenage guy, went to school, did chores and got a little money for doing so. But he also has a secret love for the show MLP, he kept it secret from everyone but now things will change. in a very interesting way.

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Shower singing and a meet up with AJ

Author's Note:

This chapter hasn't been edited to the fullest yet so many errors are bound to turn up. Just be aware of that. Also the songs Twilight is singing in the shower are called "God forsaken" (the first one) and the second is called "This I know" both by Demon hunter.

The next day, Twilight rose from her bed yawning furiously. “God, I was more tired then I thought” Twilight said, rubbing her eyes and looking out the window towards the rising sun.

After she confirmed the nearby shipwreck to be the Star caster. Twilight discovered a wooden box with the elusive elements of harmony resting inside, teeming with their huge amount of power. She then wondered about the theory analysts and the fact that they were responsible for current appearance. Who were they? A question Twilight was determined to be answered.

“Maybe they responded again, while I slept?” Twilight thought. Throwing her covers off, she walks over and sits down on the chair that faced her computer, booting up the device as she did. After several seconds the current page popped up and she began to scroll, checking the notifications she grumbles lightly at the page showing nothing new she hadn’t read already. “Maybe my email, then”

Logging into her email account she was startled to see a new message by....someone called Ashley j smith. “I don’t know an Ashley?” Twilight thought, who could be messaging her? She opened the email and gasped at the image of Applejack on the screen. Below it said “Twi, if you are reading this, I need your help! I’ve turned into Applejack, or an anthropomorphized version of her. I even use her accent. Can we meet someplace in private? ‘Love, AJ.”

Twilight rubbed her temples. ‘Someone else changed too? But who was it and how do they have my email…’ Twilight trailed off her thoughts, realising something. The stetson Aj wore in the image had the initials ‘KS’ embroidered on the rim. She knew who it was.

Twilight returned the message by replying “Kurt?! Is that really you? Well firstly sorry if I dragged you into this, secondly for where we could meet up...how about at the beach. I’ll be looking out at the sea from that natural rock formation that juts out kinda like a mini cape. In about 2 hours, Since we don’t have school today.” She then pushed send and waited for a response.

Not 10 minutes later, a response was made and Twilight instantly began to read it. “Sure thing, I got ta do some chores till then, should drag out to a couple of hours. See ya soon Twi. AJ”

Twilight smiled, “Good, now I’m not the only in this mess.”
Tapping her leg briefly, she springs up from the chair and departs her room for the shower. Twilight was a little more used to her body now, but she still got red when she saw it in the mirror, with or without clothes on. But she thought, soon enough she’d get used to it. Stripping off her clothes, she steps into the shower and turns it on. Now when she was still John she did sing every now and then in the shower and it was always really bad, but she didn’t care. But when she absently sang one of her favourites, she was stunned by how she sounded. “A fall to the fires of hell never failed to awaken, Though my soul ascend, in the darkness of my heart again. I’m GOD FORSAKEN!” Twilight couldn’t help but chuckle at her feminine voice singing such a metal song. Thinking, she decides to sing the chorus of another song by the same band “And the battle is my way. I will go this path alone, I will take unto my prey. This I know! All other’s will fall” Twilight ended up singing several more songs in the shower taking in at how great her voice sounded, although she did forget how long she had been in shower. Realising she was still in the shower, she turned off the lever and stepped out with a towel around her chest.

Twilight then marveled at her singing voice “I can’t believe how good my voice sounds now. I could probably audition for a talent show and….” but she suddenly thought of all those people looking at her, judging her. Shivering she thought “maybe not”, she was nothing like Terrance in the shy department but she was easily the next shyest of the group.

After putting on a fresh pair of clothes, with holes in both the shirt and skirt (yes she wears skirts now), she descends the staircase for breakfast.

Twilight’s mother greeted her as she entered the kitchen. “Morning darling, did you sleep well?” she asked. Mrs Radderson was still on edge about her son turned daughter’s appearance. It’s not everyday you see someone with wings, a tail and a horn, let alone your own blood. But she could still see John underneath that equine face and she wasn’t the type to just go ahead and disown her child because of her appearance. If anything that would be racist...maybe.

Twilight began her normal ritual of acquiring her cereal, responding as she did. “Good Mum, it’s seemed like I needed too” Twilight wanted to explain her email from Kurt or Ashley now, but decided against it as she felt like it was meant to be kept secret until she was ready to explain. With Ashley's consent of course.

Twilight instead went with discussing her discovery of the Star caster at the drain. While most of her friends and family was not into her interests, they still listened and also agreed at how ‘fascinating’ it was. Twilight knew they didn’t really care, but the fact that they did listen was good enough for her.
When Twilight checked the time after she finished her breakfast, she groaned. She thought the time would go fast like it normally does, but instead it had only been just over 30 minutes since she confirmed with AJ to meet up. Twilight wondered “Great, now I need to do something to kill time. Hmm....well...I guess I could read, that normally does the trick.” The Twilight from the show read a ton more than anthro Twilight did, but they both enjoyed to learn new things or add to the info they already knew.

As Twilight read through a book on myths, she thought of something incredibly real to the character she had become. Magic. John had always loved magic, but it was always out of grasp in this reality. But now it may just be in her hands... or horn. Looking at her horn she wondered if it was possible to perform a simple feat of magic such as telekinesis. “Well here goes nothing” Twilight said to herself, dropping the book she begins to concentrate. Imagining the book floating near her she opens her eyes to see if it worked. It didn’t. “Why did I think that was going to happen. Of course it wasn’t going to be that simple” Twilight slumped down disappointed “Maybe I should stick with using my hands. I do still have them… That’s it!” she exclaimed. “Hands” Instead of imaging the book floating she had to imagine reaching for it with her hand. It was simple but it had to work.

Her motivation returned, she tries once more, this time thinking of grabbing the book with her outstretched hand. She hears a familiar sound and opens her eyes, there levitating in a pinkish purple glow was the book. She cheered, it happened the book was there hovering about and her horn was also emitting the same glow. She began to pick up random items around her giggling and smiling like a kid in a toy store. But that came to a rude halt when she noticed the time. She had 10 minutes to get to the beach.

Dropping her most recent item, she runs down stairs (surprising considering she has had hooves for only a couple of days) saying goodbye to her mother and bounding down the street for the beach. Hopefully AJ wasn’t there yet.
Arriving at the beach, Twilight walked over to the rocky formation that jutted out from the side of the beach. It was slightly windy but not really cold, Twilight was glad as she never brought anything to cover up. She casted rocks into the sea so she wouldn’t succumb to boredness, if Kurt has changed would Twilight’s other friends do the same? They did fit the mane six’s personalities almost to a T. If they do change it’ll become a lot more serious from here on out.

“Hey ther’ Twi” an accented voice greets from behind the lavender anthro pony. Twilight turned around to meet her visitor. From what she could see, Kurt looked just like she did in the picture, everything about her screamed Applejack.

“So Kurt...I mean Ashley, you changed too?”

Ashley replied “Sure did, it was out of ta blue too”

Twilight raised her brow “How exactly did it happen? That’s what I want to know.”

Ashley shrugged her shoulders, kicking a rock or two with her boot “It happened through ma computer. This apple appeared on the screen and when I went ta look at it. I just turned into this” Ashley gestured to her body.

“So this happens via our computers....I’m sure the theory analysts got to you too.” Twilight said.

Ashley gave a confused look “What do ya mean? That channel you watch is tha reason for us looking like those extremely dedicated cosplayers? The guys are gonna look at me with tha weirdest faces I’ll ever see” she finished.

Twilight responded “I’m sure of it. And look I explained to you guys this predicament and you supported it, if the others did for me I’m sure they will for you. Don’t worry I’ll be right next to you.”

Ashley smiled “Aww thanks Twi. Also ma folks know about me looking this way, the students at school may be slightly different though”

Twilight thought about that. The guys knew of her transformation, and Ashley should be fine in explaining hers. But the school was a whole other story. “Well just face it head on. I’m sure random bystanders will be confused, but we shouldn’t worry about any of that.The school will be our only priority to take.” she stated.

AJ nodded “Sounds good. I’m glad you know about this too, considering being the first to go through it.” Ashley turned her head over towards the beach watching the waves crash on the shore and grinned “Since we are at ta beach, why not we take a walk. Sound good to you?”

Twilight returned her grin “Sounds good to me. Besides I have some more info you need to know” she said as she began to depart the rocks with Ashley in tow.

Ashley rolled her eyes and responded “Is this about yer confounded ships and shipwrecks again?”

Twilight blushed “Heh heh...not all of it”