• Published 17th Jan 2017
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Lavender Heart - Skaltrox Defiance Knight

John is your typical teenage guy, went to school, did chores and got a little money for doing so. But he also has a secret love for the show MLP, he kept it secret from everyone but now things will change. in a very interesting way.

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Harry, what did you go and do this time

Twilight pondered what to do with the elements. Standing before them with a finger to her chin, she thought about giving one to each of her friends when they changed. Ashley was in the same boat as her, so the element of Honesty could be given to her. But Twilight feared that by even touching the elements, let alone put one on, would affect her in some way. “Yeessh, I’m already a anthro pony and a girl, I don’t want to change any further. Who knows what they could do to us” Twilight felt like she was just paranoid, the elements weren’t used to change someone, it was used to make a giant rainbow blast out and destroy an enemy...yes it does sound stupider than it looks.

Max had slept on Twilight’s bed the following night and he had just opened his eyes to see what was causing him to awaken from his peaceful slumber. *Bark* Max said jumping from the bed and pacing over to Twilight, looking at the box of shiny items. Twilight absently ran her hand through his fur rubbing his head, Max did seem confused at Twilight’s appearance the first he saw her, but eventually he came around, noticing the special ways she scratched him that John only knew, Twilight wondered if Max could also tell John was underneath her pony form.

But then she realised he was looking at the elements, shutting the box incredibly fast, she shooed Max away. She didn’t want their magic affecting him, considering he just got back from the vet yesterday.

Twilight rubbed her eyes of the sleep that still irritated, looking at the clock she remembered school was today. “Oh just wonderful, it’s time for everyone at school to know I switched genders and races. This’ll be dandy to explain “Hi everyone, I’ve turned into a half pony hybrid... and a girl. But I assure I’m still John, please accept me back.” Twilight said very agitated, mostly from waking up and partly because of school.

“I can see it now, Ashley and I running away from the school, as students throw next to useless school stationery and Teachers hitting us with rulers like we were a pest. It’ll be great” After Twilight finished with her sarcastic and slightly frightening muttering, she sighed hoping that what she was thinking wasn’t going to happen. Opening her bedroom door, she departs for the stairs.


After a silent breakfast, Twilight left for school through the front door. Later nearing the school, Twilight found the guys waiting for her. Yesterday they all agreed to meet up just before the front gates so that the bizarre transformations would be less of an impact. Greeting her friends, Twilight was ready to go in. “Don’t worry Twi, we are all here right next to you and Ashley. If they try to do anything, we are here to stop that” Matt said.

“Alright, let’s get going.” Twilight stated stepping forward, everyone else walking side by side with her. As expected, students and staff looked on in shock, confusion, surprise...basically anything to describe what they saw. Muttering and whispering was heard all around the group, some wondering if they were costumes, others thinking they were aliens and some thought scientific mutation. All much more believable than the real reason. Matt gave disapproving glares at anyone getting the wrong idea towards the Anthro ponies, they all seemed phased by it too. Before the group could sit down anywhere and talk, a voice could be heard over an intercom near their location.

Principal:” Would these students come to me now. John Radderson, Kurt Smith, Matt Dashel, Harry Delmarity, Rina Palinski and Terrance Valermont. Can you six come to my office immediately.”

Ashley sighed “Great, now tha Principal’s gonna want ta know what happened”

Terrance spoke up (rare thing to do) “We shouldn’t disobey the order. B-Besides if he understands, then we could get the rest of the school to believe too.”

Twilight nodded “Terrance is right, if we can convince the Principal of what happened, then the rest of the school may follow...emphasis on may.”

“Well let’s not dawdle about any longer, we better get up there” Harry stated. With a collected nod, the group of friends departed for the Principal’s office.


“So you are telling me that you two turned into these anthropomorphic ponies and girls may I add, via your computer screens?” Principal Barwell evaluated.

Twilight spoke for the group “That pretty much covers the gist of it, yes.” Twilight watched as the Principal raised his eyebrow, she gave him a sheepish grin in return.

“Do you expect me to believe that? Honestly, real aliens landing in the school’s grounds is a more believable story.” he stated, the group frowning at the response.

“But Principal Barwell, it’s true. Do you really think they just went and got a sex change in a matter of a few days? Their pony appearance may seem like a costume too, but it’s real check it out.” Matt protested grabbing Ashley’s arm (against her will) and shoving it into the Principal’s face, egging him to feel it.

Hesitantly he does, feeling the very real soft fur on Ashley’s arm. Ashley was still shooting daggers Matt’s way when the principal let go of her arm, to which Matt just grinned at. “You need to do better than that to convince me” Barwell said in monotone.

Twilight growled in frustration “What else could we possible do to make you believe us that doesn’t become indecent?” she asked, nearly begging.

Principal Barwell thought for a moment then suddenly came up with something “You said that this...Twilight character can perform magic, is that correct?”

Twilight responded “Y-Yes that’s right”

“Well if you can perform some sort of simple magic spell, I’ll believe this change is real” Barwell explained. “You can do that?”

Twilight nodded “I have fortunately practiced a little and I can levitate small objects”

Barwell sat up in his seat, eliciting Twilight to show him her magic. Twilight took in a deep breath “This is a better time than any to do this right” she focused her mind on a container filled with pencils and imagined picking it up with her hand. At first it wasn’t working and Twilight was beginning to panic, but then she wondered if the pressure she was under was the reason for her problem. Testing this theory, she relaxed her mind of the pressure and just pretended like she was doing it under no watching eyes and slowly, but surely, it lifted up from the desk and hovered about in the pinkish glow.

Everyone but Ashley was in awe. The group was told that she could do magic, but they never saw it in action...until now. After showing off her magic, Twilight dropped the container back to where it was and looked expectedly at the principal to respond to her show.

Barwell was at a lost for words at first, he just looked at the container, than at Twilight. After much contemplating he shook his mind back and spoke up “T-That was very unexpected, so this really means…”

“That we are what we say we are. Yes, yes it does” Ashley replied.

After everything was cleared up with the Principal,including the part about the others also becoming anthro ponies,the gang left the office feeling much better than they did entering it. The principal still scratched his head at how Twilight was doing her magic, picking up the container to see if strings were attached. There was none. “Unbelievable” he said.

The school day went it’s course pretty smoothly...well as smoothly as it can when some of the students aren’t even the same race anymore. Classes went as they always did, shenanigans happened like normal and the gang where like they always were.

“So what exactly did you want to show us Harry” Ashley asked as they entered a room. Harry was really ecstatic to show the group something in the home economics classroom at lunch. From what they could imagine it wasn’t good... at least for them.

“Twilight, Ashley. I know you don’t entirely appreciated me doing this behind your back, but I couldn’t help myself” Harry explained.

Ashley sighed “Harry what did you go and do?”

Harry smiled hesitantly as he opened a closet at the back of the room and revealed two outfits. “You can’t be serious can you?” Twilight said eyeing the outfit in Harry’s grasp.

“He is, we all know that Twi” Ashley responded.

The outfits Harry was showing the group were noth unique: the first one, most likely for Ashley, had denim shorts, an oddly designed white shirt and a brown leather over jacket. Luckily it wasn’t overly girly but it was a step toward that from Ashley’s current attire. Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for Twilight’s: this one had an overly cutesy looking blouse, a purple skirt with a star donning the side (that Twilight swore was something a cheerleader would wear) and a large purplish bow that would be tied onto the back of her head. “Harry, don’t you think you're destroying what’s left of my masculine pride with this outfit? Not saying that it doesn’t look good or anything” Twilight explained.

Harry looked at the outfit and grinned “What masculine pride do you have left? You're wearing a skirt now... voluntarily too.” Harry pointed at the skirt Twilight wore, she blushed in response.

“Well that’s true ,but at least it isn’t something a bimbo would wear!” Twilight growled.

Harry’s smile only grew. “I could make you look like a bimbo if you wanted. But first, please just try it on” Harry begged shoving the outfit in her face.

Twilight looked at Ashley “If can wear mine, you can wear yours too” AJ simply stated. Twilight grumbled as she snatched the outfit from Harry’s grasp and heading for a place to change.

About ten minutes later, they both returned. Ashley didn’t seem as annoyed with the outfit as she thought she would...but Twilight couldn’t bear to look in a mirror.

“I think this is actually growing on me” Ashley smiled admiring the outfit in the mirror.

Twilight barely managed to open her eyes and what she saw left her to say only a few words “Yep, my male cards are as good as gone” she looked amazing, she couldn’t deny it, but it was incredibly embarrassing and the skirt felt like it wasn’t covering anything. Matt and Rina’s laughter didn’t soften the blow either.

“Hush you, you look stunning. So what if people looks at you, if you don’t care about them, they won’t be a bother” Harry said as he adjusted the blouse.

“I guess, but I still feel weird. This outfit is so strange on me” Twilight muttered. Harry managed to just pick up on the words.

“We haven’t even put on the…”finishing touches” Harry replied as he smiled a very toothy grin.

“I’m in trouble aren't I” Twilight asked slightly scared.

Harry responded with an evil grin “You have no idea”

Author's Note:

Once more hasn't been edited fully, yadda yadda. Anyway I'm not a big clothes person, so I did something really basic when I explained the outfits. Sorry to those who are probably triggered over my choices on the outfits. And lastly the cast all have last names now.