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Night Blaze couldn't of been more happy. She had the greatest school, greatest friends and she seemed to be great at almost everything... That is, until she was murdered. The young mare was alowed to come back... just in a, um, different state.

Rated TEEN just in case. There may be some... um... more violent cases in this fiction... Just a warning.

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Well, that was a really stupid way to do a cliffhanger...:facehoof: I should really change it.

Whooooo lives in Equestria under the clouds? Rain-bow Dash-y!


I feel like the story would be better if you cut out the intro to the chapter, it doesn't really add anything and just seems slapped on. At the very least I would ask that you change it to a proper intro.

Also, the general consensus for spacing of paragraphs is a break between each one.

Just some suggestions, take them as you will.

I like the setup, just work on the pacing/descriptions a little bit. I feel like the plot's a little underdeveloped. Apart from that, good work. I'll be expecting more...:pinkiecrazy:


whens the next chapter? cant wait for the next :rainbowkiss:

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