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When Rainbow Dash eats some flowers that were drifting on a cloud and had recently seen a mysterious mare with a cloak to hide her identity, she goes into a coma. With time running out for her friends to save her and Rainbow completely unaware of the world around her, will Rainbow survive?

Rated everyone for perhaps slight violence but no gore, swearing, inappropriate material, etc. in any way!
Thank you all for your support! I can't believe people are actually reading this... More will be posted soon!

Please rate, comment, and feel free to give me critisim!

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HA! First!!!
And yes, You see a flower, just eat it... great plan...........


All my thumbs are belong to you.

>See's strange rare flower! 1st reaction: EAT IT. xD

Awesome first chapter can't wait to see where this goes! :pinkiehappy:

you are evil, sir! Good thing i like evil!


Somehow I got a funny feeling Spitfire is responsible for all this :trollestia:

Despite the characters description, I'm kinda hoping Spitfire's the criminal here. I dunno, every time she's had screen time she came off to me as either dismissive or self-important, ignoring Dashie, the one who saved her life at the drop of a hat and not contributing to the hurricane that needed everything everyone could offer and was needed for future weather stability. Hmm, no tragedy tag. Taking that as "Dashie survives".

Here, have a vote up and fave.

... You may be on to something guys...:trixieshiftright:

must know more about what happened to Rainbow...
keep up the chapters and writing

There's something going on...Why is Rainbow back in school...? :moustache:

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