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Twilight is doing a research project on elephants. She needs to get her work done but Pinkie keeps intterupting with the strangest of answers. Here it is!

HOW IS THERE A PICTURE OF PINKIE AS AN ELEPHANT?!?!?!?! ... What has the world turned to?

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Night Blaze couldn't of been more happy. She had the greatest school, greatest friends and she seemed to be great at almost everything... That is, until she was murdered. The young mare was alowed to come back... just in a, um, different state.

Rated TEEN just in case. There may be some... um... more violent cases in this fiction... Just a warning.

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When Rainbow Dash eats some flowers that were drifting on a cloud and had recently seen a mysterious mare with a cloak to hide her identity, she goes into a coma. With time running out for her friends to save her and Rainbow completely unaware of the world around her, will Rainbow survive?

Rated everyone for perhaps slight violence but no gore, swearing, inappropriate material, etc. in any way!
Thank you all for your support! I can't believe people are actually reading this... More will be posted soon!

Please rate, comment, and feel free to give me critisim!

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