• Published 30th Jul 2016
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Exterminatus - Ari Dufresne

Twilight builds an amplifier for her new radio, and discovers something that should have remained hidden.

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Author's Note:

Sorry again for killing your brain cells.

I don't own anything.

It had been over three hundred years since the transmission was heard. In those three hundred years, almost all of the technological revolution had been dedicated to perfecting magic assisted space flight, and wartime technology. The petty feuds between the species of the world here put to an end when it was discovered why Equestria had declared war on aliens of all things.

Griffons and the hippogriffs had ended the petty feuds and began a long term peace in order to help with the efforts and eventually developed the technology to move at faster than light speeds utilizing the dark energy of the universe (or as the ponies called it “magic”).

The minotaurs had helped develop the weapons that could take out entire cities with one push of a button. It took a lot of convincing to get them to share the knowledge of the devices, but the minotaurs relented. Again, the bombs were just a rapid energy converter set to dark energy.

Even the changelings helped out, after making peace with Equestria. They designed and built the ships to house all of these technological marvels. Not only were they massive ships that had to be assembled piece by piece in space, but they were amazingly agile.

The zebras used their own brand of magic to shield the ships from any incoming attacks. It used an impervious spell that while darker in nature than most spells, did it’s job perfectly. Most things simply phased through the ship and its crew.

It was the ponies, however, that did perhaps the most marvelous thing of all.

Twilight had been listening in on an adjacent radio signal from that area and managed to pick up snippets of conversations by the inquisition. What she mainly focused on was something called ‘Warp Energy’. It was a weaker form of magic that could be used by almost anyone. It took training, but she had managed to train an entire contingent of pegasi and earth ponies how to use the stuff.

What was really impressive was that normal magic users and magically imbued objects negated the effect of Warp Energy.

In a mere three hundred years, Equuis had a massive army of ponies, griffons, hippogriffs, minotaurs, changelings, and a massive number of the finest golems created by Celestia and Luna.

It had taken over three hundred years to reach this point, but it had been worth it. Twilight looked away from the viewing screen in one of the smaller ships (they knew that being in the flag ship was too obvious) to the armored forms of Celestia and Luna, both in the sturdiest power armor ever created. Twilight was dressed much the same. Cadance was back on the planet, in case something happened.

“Shall we?” Twilight asked The Princesses.

“Let's do this.” Luna answered with an undertone of steel in her voice.
Twilight pressed the button that opened the wormholes used for FTL travel. Within seconds, they were a quarter of a galaxy away from home.

In front of them was the homeworld. The place where this evil originated. Terra. With a nod to the officer next to her, the ships began to get into formation.

Taking a shuddering breath, she advanced to the radio broadcaster that would send this message to every person on the planet. Twilight began the speech that had haunted her for years.

“We have arrived.”

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Comments ( 20 )

This a Warhammer 40K story? It seems like one.

Oh hopeless poor creatures of planet Equuis, they just don't know who are they dealing with. May the god Emperor crush their very soul.

I'm not planing a squeal to this. However, I am planing another story that will have the first chapter out either today or tomorrow.


Darkseid is having popcorn.

7436760 why can't we see just what happens after Twilight tells the imperium of man to surrender? And what happens when the imperium attempts to obliterate the Equis warships?

I had no intentions of continuing the story, but I might write a few chapters with different endings.

i wonder if they would get tempted by the power of chaos and discover the true horrors both mental and physical of that galaxy there some nasty things that won't stop for friendship... and technically the empire of man did trust once but it got one too many knives in the spine

“We have arrived.”

I'm guessing they don't about the Imperium Battlefleet Solar and the planetary defenses on Luna (The moon not the pony). Also after the attack is stopped (I'm guessing Terra would have a better defense force after the Horus Heresy and the army the ponies and their allies made would probably not be as powerful as Horus's traitor legions and certainly not as experienced as them) wouldn't the Imperium attempt to find and destroy the planet Equestria is on for revenge for attacking what is to the Imperium the holiest place in the galaxy.

I did enjoy reading this and I hope you plan on making a sequel or at least a few extra chapters in the future.

Good luck Twilight, because let's be honest, you're going to get fucking curb stomped. It doesn't help that we know why the Imperium declared exterminatus and how things are in 40k and as such they're inherently more sympathetic.

And then poor Twilight and all the ships with her got blown to bits because her armada is drawn from 1 world while the imperium has so many that they loose them and don't even notice. :pinkiesad2:

What happens next??? More Please.

and the didn't get corrupted by warp entities during the travel? the daemons are not exactly united and the unicorns would have a psytic footprint like an eldar, basicly atracting daemons without geller field tecnology also warp travel is not instantaneous and how did they get the coordinated from terra?

7490987 also the ordo malleous on Titan (saturn)

The ponies are being ass holes in this story, they never stopped to think of the most likely good reasons for the planet to have been annihilated.

it was none of their business either.

Meh, there aren't enough stories with ponies in the wrong.

Though I can sort of understand. I mean, if you're a creature that tries to get out of killing even when it's perfectly justified, imagine how you'd feel about someone destroying an entire world, just like that.

Besides, isn't this basically America, bringing Freedom and Democracy in convenient cartridges? ;-]

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