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Crystal Ash

Words said so often that they lack any meaning.


This story is a sequel to Spike's Dolls

Spike didn't see Rainbow and Pinkie laughing in the bushes.

But Twilight did.

And she intends to find out exactly what those ponies have been up to.

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Comments ( 3 )

"Uh, what makes you think you're the boss of us?"

Heh, if I had been Twilight I would have said,
"Because Spike is my little brother, heck he is practically my son when you think about it, and you upset him. On a related note, I have the power to turn both of you into potted plants. Any more questions?":twilightsmile:

Yep. I think Rainbow and Pinkie caught the implied threat and backed off. :rainbowderp: :pinkiegasp:

Rainbow chewed on her hoof. "We didn't do nothing with those!"

Twilight leaned forward. "The correct term is, 'We didn't do anything with those.'

...sick burn twilight.

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