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One thousand years ago, Princess Celestia went mad with jealous and greed, turning into the monster Equestria knows as Solar Flare. After trying to reason with her sister, Princess Luna is forced to fight her.

This is the prologue of the Princess Luna Vs. Solar Flare story. Please join the group if you want more. :pinkiehappy:

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Great story for the group! Love it.:heart::twistnerd:

Interesting bringing the two sister's parents, honestly a little more explaination as to why Celestia wasn't as like as her sister would've been nice, but regardless this is well written. Good job.

7324846 Thank You.:twilightsmile: Don't forget to join the group the story goes with.

Great story. Enjoyed it a lot

7325418 Alright how do I join and what all goes on in a forum, I'm been a fan of mlp from the beginning but I'm new too fim fiction

7325942 Click on the link that I put in the story description then there should be a little green button that says join. You just click it.

7326055 No problem, welcome to the group.

“I will not let you this to Equestria!”

umm did you mean "I will not let you do this to Equestria?"
I also feel like this occurred a bit to fast in terms of pacing. Maybe it's just me. That's just how i feel. I really like the ldea that going on here though

7334662 Thank you for telling me about that error and your opinions. If you like the idea join the group this story was made for!

7334677 don't you worry, I already did!:pinkiehappy:

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