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Ponies/Transformers: Cybertron Boys - Quick-5

In Equestria, Twilight Sparkle is dealing with mysterious objects crash-landed in Equestria from space. On Earth, Sunset Shimmer is dealing with another Friendship Games, this time against Primus Academy, and Nemesis High. How is this connected?

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The Battle Begins

In the Autobot Med-Bay, back at the Ark...

Ratchet wasn't usually comfortable around fleshlings. They not only confused him and slightly disgusted him with their organic nature, but no matter what kind of species they were, they never liked his kind. They responded with fear, aggression, and paranoia.

So imagine his surprise when the tiny yellow pony called Fluttershy stayed by the side of Mirage when he was incapacitated. The little thing looked upon Ratchet's petrified patient with concern and fear for a robot she barely knew. She'd asked if she could help on several occasions, though Ratchet had nothing she could do. The kindness she displayed was both confusing and refreshing to the Autobot medic.

"Alright, stand back." Ratchet requested, walking towards Mirage holding what appeared to be a jumper cable.

Fluttershy looked up to Ratchet and hovered away. "What are you going to do with that?" she asked.

Ratchet clamped the cable down onto one of Mirage's shoulders. "The Null Ray prevents electricity from running through his body." Ratchet explained, moving to where the cable connected. "The effects of the ray wear off eventually, but..." He flicked a switch. "...a quick jolt can snap him out if it real quick."

A jolt of electricity coursed through the cable and directly into Mirage's shoulder. Upon being shot, Mirage spasmed and jolted awake, screaming. "Wha? Where am I? What's going on?" Mirage quickly shouted.

"Easy, Mirage." Ratchet said. "You got zapped by a Null Ray. I just gave you a charge."

Mirage frowned before placing his face in his hand. "Why did they have to be here too?" he asked no one in particular.

"Guess that's just our luck." Ratchet sighed.

It was at that point that Mirage finally noticed the little yellow creature floating next to his bed. It was staring at him with a mixture of fear and concern with its big, green eyes. Mirage wasn't entirely sure what to say to it. "Um, Ratchet?" he asked.

"Yes?" The medic answered.

"Do you know what that thing staring at me is?" Mirage asked. At this, Fluttershy looked away, nervous.

"That's one of the organics Bumblebee brought back." Ratchet explained. "It insisted on staying while I charged you."

Mirage raised an eyebrow. "Hm." he said. "Well...thank you for your concern." he addressed Fluttershy. She simply nodded in response.

"My name is Mirage." he introduced himself. "What's yours?"

"I'm...I'm Fluttershy." she replied.

"Pardon?" Mirage asked.

"I'm...Fluttershy." she replied again.

"...Ok." Mirage said, turning back to Ratchet. "Where did Starscream go?"

"Don't know." Ratchet said. "He flew off after Arcee called for backup."

Mirage scoffed. "Typical." he commented.

"Um, excuse me?" Fluttershy managed to speak up.

"Yes?" Mirage answered.

"I-If you don't mind me asking..." She stuttered. "what was that bad thing you were fighting?"

Mirage blinked, then frowned. "Starscream." he almost growled. "The biggest coward you'll ever meet. Embodies everything bad about being a Decepticon."

"Oh my..." Fluttershy replied. "Only one question...what a Decepticon?"

Meanwhile, on the way back to Ponyville...

The rumbling of 6 vehicles making their way through the Everfree Forest was audible from a great distance away. The Constructicons weren't exactly known for stealth. What didn't help the situation was Bonecrusher's unorthodox deforestation technique: simply bulldozing into any and all obstacles in front of him, making a path for his fellow robots and their passengers. The ponies had initially objected to the idea, but Scrapper managed to convince them that, as long as Bonecrusher kept a straight path and avoided anything important, it wouldn't be that bad, and even beneficial should anypony wish to traverse through the forest without the risk of getting lost.

In truth, Bonecrusher was growing restless. He grew antsy moving away from the comforting emptiness of the quarry, and felt an intense need to demolish the forest before him. Scrapper allowed him to make a path in order to temporarily satisfy his appetite for destruction, as well as make their way to the ponies' settlement, but Bonecrusher hoped he'd be able to destroy whatever settlement he came to when their business was over and done with.

"Satisfied, Crusher?" Scrapper asked over his radio.

"This pleases me." Bonecrusher replied.

The rest of the Constructicons found the forest landscape utterly uninteresting. Sure, an odd creature would pop up every now and again, but they were quickly scared off by the bulldozer rampaging through the forest. They were simply eager to find whatever it was they were looking for and report back to Megatron.

Pinkie Pie chattered endlessly throughout the journey (practically driving Scrapper insane) while Applejack and Rarity stayed relatively silent. They still didn't trust these enormous machines, yet they couldn't discuss it amongst themselves. Anything they could say would be picked up by the dump truck they found themselves riding in. Still, if Pinkie trusted them...

"Oooooh! We're here! We're here!" Pinkie shouted as the robots neared the end of the thick foliage. The Constructicons came to an abrupt halt at Pinkie's declaration. The ponies quickly jumped out of their respective rides as they changed back into robot form. The Constructicons remained in a crouched position within the protective thickness of the Everfree.

Pinkie happily trotted out of the forest with her friends, but halted when she realized that the robots weren't following her. "Heeey. Aren't you guys coming?" she asked.

"Well..." Scrapper began, trying to think of an excuse not to reveal himself to the general population.

"We don't want to scare any of your fellow ponies." Hook interrupted. "I don't think they'll be ready for giant metal creatures they have never seen before."

"Oooooh." Pinkie said. "Ok! I'm still planning the party to introduce you to Ponyville, though!"

"Pinkie, I'm not so sure that's a good idea." Applejack said.

"Why not?" Pinkie asked.

"Well, like that...crane...thing said, most folks would be scared out of their wits just lookin' at these things." Applejack replied.

"But a party is the best way to introduce them to one another WITHOUT all the scariness!" Pinkie defended.

"We can worry about that later." Scrapper interrupted, wanting to direct the conversation in a direction beneficial to him. "In the meantime, let's talk about...that." Scrapper almost dreamily referred to an enormous, crystalline-looking castle located on the edge of the town. Its design was in sharp contrast to the overall rustic feel of its environment, yet it looked magnificent. As an architect, Scrapper was enthralled by the structure.

"Oh, that?" Pinkie asked. "That's Princess Twilight's castle!"

"Prin-Princess?" Mixmaster asked. The Constructicons' figurative ears perked up at that. Monarchies were uncommon in their travels.

"Yupyup!" Pinkie chirped. "She's the Princess of Friendship and one of my bestest best friends! Then again, every pony is my best friend, but the point still stands."

Scrapper tore his optics away from the magnificent structure before him to look at his comrades. They all silently exchanged one silent thought: they'd stumbled across a gold mine.

"Please, tell us more." Scrapper requested.

Earlier, back at the Ark...

Rainbow Dash took it upon herself to explore the enormous spaceship known as the Ark while Twilight and the other Princesses talked to that Prime robot. As the rainbow-maned pegasus glided through the massive halls, she received mixed reactions from the various robots she passed. Most were looks of confusion and/or panic. One particularly irritable Autobot immediately went to find Optimus to "clear out the infestation". Rainbow Dash found him quite rude.

Aside from the unfortunate crew, the ship itself was amazing to Rainbow Dash! Not only was it enormous, but every room held something she had never seen before. Rooms filled with advanced computers, a map of the surrounding areas, various complex machines (which the robot with the flashing lights urged her not to touch), and even Ratchet's infirmary where she found Fluttershy talking to a purple robot who sounded like a singer. The robot (whose name escaped Rainbow Dash) seemed much more friendly than the other Autobots she'd encountered thus far, even if Ratchet seemed uncomfortable with her presence. The purple one volunteered to escort the two mares back to Optimus, but Rainbow declined.

As she hovered about, she came across a black-and-white Autobot typing on a computer console. Curiously, Rainbow approached the robot and looked over his shoulder. "Whatcha doing?" she asked.

The robot simply looked at her for a second before closing whatever it was he was doing and walking away. Rainbow Dash could handle weird looks, but this guy outright ignored her question. That angered her so.

"Hey!" she called, zipping in front of the robot. "What was that all about?" she demanded. The robot's expression remained neutral as he simply stared at his pursuer. He then proceeded to shift into a police-styled motorcycle and drive underneath Rainbow Dash, causing her quickly look down between her back legs. Once he was a sufficient distance away, he changed back into his robot mode and continued walking.

"Why the nerve of-" Rainbow Dash began, preparing to chase after the robot further.

"Don't let him get to you." A new voice said. "That's just Prowl. He's had a stick up his tailpipe ever since he was created."

Rainbow spun around to see a red and black Autobot looking at her. "Heh. I could tell." she replied.

The Autobot smiled. "I'm Sideswipe." he introduced himself.

"Rainbow Dash." she followed suit.

Sideswipe looked around for a second before leaning in close. "You wanna get back at him?" he whispered.

Rainbow Dash looked intrigued. "How would we do that?" she asked.

Sideswipe grinned and began whispering in Rainbow Dash's ear. A similar grin spread across her face as Sideswipe spoke...

Just outside the Ark...

"WHAT!?" Cliffjumper shouted.

"You heard me." Optimus reiterated. "You're going to accompany our guests back to their home and act as their guardians until we find the Decepticons."

"But why me?" Cliffjumper asked. "Why not...I dunno, Mirage? He hates fighting anyways!"

"Yeah, why HIM?" Spike asked, ignoring the glare Twilight shot him.

"You're a capable warrior." Optimus said. "That, and Mirage is going to help us on our search."

"Most of us are 'capable warriors'." Cliffjumper stated, turning away and crossing his arms. "Just get Brawn to do it."

"Well, Brawn doesn't know these ponies like you do." Optimus said, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Cliffjumper raised an eyebrow as he looked back at Optimus. "Excuse me?" He said.

"Well, with your brilliant observations you made when you first met our guests, you demonstrated an acute knowledge of how these creatures function." Optimus said, smiling slightly. Hound and Mirage, who were watching nearby, smiled as well.

Cliffjumper's optics drifted to the ground. "Well...that is true." he said.

"Then we're settled then." Optimus stated. "Bumblebee will lead you, Bluestreak, and Jazz to the ponies' town of...what was it again?"

"Ponyville." Twilight reminded.

"Ponyville." Optimus said. "You'll be stationed there until the Decepticons are found."

Cliffjumper couldn't deny the facts, but he didn't really like them. Especially since he'd be playing sparkling-sitter to the rotten little lizard that burned his hand.

Hound placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Hey, cheer up." he said. "It'll give you a chance to get out of the ship."

"We should probably get going as well." Princess Celestia said. "We've been away from Canterlot long enough today. We'd better make sure no...'Decepticons' are hiding in our city."

"Indeed." Luna agreed before turning back to Optimus. "But...what should we do if we find one?"

"Apprehend it, then find a way to bring it here." Optimus instructed. "If you can."

With that, the Princesses nodded, said their farewells, and teleported back to Canterlot.

"We should find Rainbow Dash before she gets hurt." Twilight said.

"Don't worry. We don't hurt innocent aliens." Bumblebee beeped. "We took an oath."

After Fluttershy translated, Twilight replied. "I'm more worried about what she'll do." she clarified.

The question of what Rainbow Dash was doing was quickly answered as she dashed out of the Ark and laughing out loud. She was quickly followed by a shiny red car. The car changed into Sideswipe who was also laughing quite hard. "That was awesome!" Rainbow commented.

"Oh, that was nothing!" Sideswipe said through bursts of laughter. "You should've seen what my brother and I used to do while we were in space! Now THAT was awesome!"

They were interrupted by the wailing of police sirens coming from within the Ark. "You can tell me later, but we gotta run!" Rainbow Dash proclaimed, grinning widely.

Optimus then caught their attention by clearing his throat. Sideswipe's face immediately fell as he looked at his leader. "Sideswipe, what have you been up to with our guest?" Optimus asked.

"Uh...um...uh..." Sideswipe stammered. It was then that the source of the sirens was revealed. Prowl, in vehicle mode, sped out of the Ark and screeched to a halt just inches from Sideswipe. It was then that everyone noticed that Prowl was covered in green suds.

Prowl changed back into robot mode and glared angrily at Sideswipe and Rainbow Dash. "Prime." Prowl addressed Optimus. "These two delinquents set off an explosive filled with decontamination fluid in my quarters."

"Did they, now?" Optimus looked back at Sideswipe and Rainbow Dash (whose smile was slowly vanishing).

"Yes." Prowl reiterated. "I believe it was some failed attempt at humor."

"Actually, it was pretty successful." Rainbow Dash said, Prowl's glare only hardening.

"Hmm." Optimus said. It was at that point he noticed Cliffjumper, Hound, Bumblebee, Spike, Twilight, and Fluttershy were struggling to contain their laughter. Mirage was just smiling.

"Well, I can't punish Rainbow Dash for this, as she isn't under my command." Optimus said. "As for you, Sideswipe, you will return to your quarters. I'll deal with you later." Sideswipe said goodbye to Rainbow Dash before proceeding back into the Ark. Prowl, seemingly satisfied, returned to the Ark as well.

Rainbow Dash turned back to Optimus. "Listen, Prime was it?" She began. "Sideswipe didn't mean any harm, he was just-"

"Calm down, I won't hurt him." Optimus reassured her. "I'll just give him a slap on the wrist like I usually do."

Rainbow Dash sighed in relief. "Thanks."

"I know he didn't mean any harm. He never does." Optimus explained. "Sideswipe just needs to learn discipline. He's always got a half-baked prank in mind."

"Well...to be fair, Prowl was being a jerk." Rainbow Dash defended.

"He's just unused to dealing with organics like yourself." Optimus said. "He'll come around...in time."

Rainbow Dash frowned, but nodded. She then floated down to join her friends.

"Now we just need to wait for your final escort to arrive." Optimus stated.

They didn't need to wait long, as a red and greyish Autobot rushed out of the Ark and towards Optimus. "Bluestreak reporting for duty, Prime!" he proclaimed.

"Wait, YOU'RE Bluestreak?" Spike asked.

"Yeah. Why?" Bluestreak answered.

"Nothing. It's just that I...uh..." Spike said.

"Expected me to be blue?" Bluestreak asked. Spike nodded. "Yeah, I get that a lot. Thinking about changing my name. Anywho, why did you call me here, Prime? Another scouting mission? New place to explore?"

Bumblebee beeped grouchily at Bluestreak's chatter. Fluttershy patted his leg supportively.

"Actually, I have something different." Optimus answered. "You're going to escort our guests back to their hometown and make sure no Decepticons attack it."

"Wait, Decepticons!?" Bluestreak asked. "They're here? On this planet?"

"Unfortunately." Optimus said. "We've only just found out."

"Oh, scrap." Bluestreak said.

"Indeed." Optimus agreed.

"Well, I'll do what I can to protect them." Bluestreak promised.

"Excellent." Optimus said. "Now, move out!"

Jazz transformed into his stylish sports car Altmode, followed by Bumblebee into his yellow-and-black form.

Cliffjumper changed into a small red automobile, and Bluestreak into his grey car form.

Fluttershy hopped into Bumblebee, Twilight and Spike climbed into Jazz, and Rainbow Dash glided into Bluestreak. With Bumblebee leading, the Autobots sped off to Ponyville.

Meanwhile, back at the Nemesis...

Megatron used his arm to block the sun from his optics as he exited the hole leading to his buried ship. It was the first time he'd seen sunlight since his reawakening, and it was refreshing, if not somewhat blinding to his still-adjusting optics.

"Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, come in." Megatron placed a finger to his audio sensor as he attempted to radio for his seekers. Soundwave was doing his best to re-establish radio communication for the Decepticons, but the process was slow. "I repeat, come in." He received no answer at first, only static. But then an answer came.

"Thundercracker, checking in." A voice spoke.

"Skywarp, checking in." Another spoke.

"...Starscream?" Megatron asked over the radio. He was answered by the familiar sound of a jet approaching. Megatron looked up to see the familiar Altmode of his second-in-command approaching at high speeds. Starscream transformed back into robot mode and landed a few feet away from Megatron.

"Starscream, checking in." he said facetiously.

"Hmph." Megatron replied, unimpressed but not surprised by Starscream's sarcasm. "Why are you back so early?"

"I had a run-in with one of the locals, but I have some troubling news, Lord." Starscream explained.

"How troubling?" Megatron asked.

"The Autobots are here." Starscream told.

"...What?" Megatron asked.

"Yes, I'm afraid. The Autobots survived the crash as well." Starscream confirmed.

"Grrrr...." Megatron growled. "Were any of them...recognizable?"

"Yes, Lord." Starscream knew exactly what Megatron meant. "Optimus Prime was among them."

Megatron began growling to himself again, clenching his fist in anger. Starscream reeled back a bit in fear of Megatron's wrath.

"Then we must find them..." Megatron stated. "...and finish them once and for all."

"I agree completely, my Lord." Starscream said, still somewhat frightened. "What is our next course of action?"

"We wait for the other Seekers to return, then we plan our next move." Megatron decreed. "We must learn all we can of this planet, what sort of energy it contains, what we can use to our advantage. Then we track down the Autobots and exterminate them."

Meanwhile, back with the Autobots...

Spike was quickly realizing that riding in one of these Autobots was a lot of fun. The machines went at a speed he'd never traveled at before except in a train. But then, he was never as close to his environment in a train. The 'bots swerved and sped about their environment at such a pace and style that was exhilarating to the young dragon.

Twilight did not share his enthusiasm, however. She still was entirely comfortable flying at high speeds on her own, so being trapped in a metal box driving about in an unpredictable style was not her ideal way of travelling. To distract herself, she tried striking up a conversation with Jazz. "So, you're the second-in-command?" she asked.

"Yup. One and only." Jazz replied.

"What's it like, being-AH!" Twilight jumped at a particularly nasty bump in the road.

"Heh heh. Don't like the ride?" Jazz asked.

"Yeah..." Twilight admitted.

"Don't worry, I won't go too crazy." Jazz reassured. "Just be glad you ain't riding in Cliff back there."

"I can hear you, y'know!" Cliffjumper called.

"Well, your driving skills ain't exactly up to par most of the time." Jazz called back. Cliffjumper offered no response, simply grumbling to himself.

Twilight simply shook her head. Maybe Jazz was just acting upon some aspect of Autobot friendship she was unaware of. Another bump in the road caused her to squeak again, and Spike to laugh.

The remainder of the journey was uneventful. Jazz filled Twilight in on aspects of Autobot history she was curious about, Bluestreak and Rainbow Dash talked endlessly about whatever popped into their heads, and Fluttershy and Bumblebee conversed about how the latter liked Equestria so far. Cliffjumper simply sulked at the back of the convoy.

The trip would have continued as such until the group came across something quite unusual.

"...the wildlife is really tiny around here. Really delicate too. I gotta be real careful when driving about or else...what the?" Bumblebee beeped, stopping abruptly.

"What happened?" Fluttershy said softly, emerging from Bumblebee before he transformed back into robot mode.

"Hey! What's goin' on?" Jazz asked, allowing his passengers to exit before transforming. Bluestreak and Cliffjumper followed suit.

The Autobots and ponies looked to find a massive swath cut through the trees, forming what appeared to be a makeshift path. "Is this...normal around here?" Cliffjumper asked.

"No, it isn't." Twilight explained. "What happened here?"

"M-maybe it's...some kind of...new...monster!?" Spike assumed, panicking.

"It was a monster, that much is true. One that resembled those around you." An unknown voice spoke from within the trees. Cliffjumper and Bluestreak immediately reached for their weapons, but were halted by Jazz.

The ponies, however, recognized the voice quickly. "Zecora?" Twilight called.

Out of the forest stepped a zebra adorned in various pieces of jewelry. Zecora, the herbalist that the ponies present knew as a friend.

"You saw what did this?" Jazz asked.

"I saw the culprit, that much is true, but first I must ask: who are you?" Zecora replied. "The creature was savage, admit that I must, so forgive me if you do not hold my trust."

"It's alright, Zecora. They're with us." Twilight explained, gesturing to the Autobots. "This is Jazz, Bumblebee, Bluestreak, and Cliffjumper." The Autobots gestured in greeting.

Zecora looked over the Autobots, then nodded, seemingly satisfied. "The creature was large, through the trees it did barge like a very angry boar. It was coloured bright green, appeared quite mean, and was then followed by five more."

Jazz's brow furrowed. "'Bots, six green mechanoids, bulldozing whatever's in their path. Remind y'all of anyone?"

The Autobots nodded in confirmation.

"Why? W-what's going on?" Fluttershy stammered.

"Decepticons." Cliffjumper growled. "That's what's going on."

Fluttershy gulped.

Back near Ponyville...

"...and that's the WHOLE STORY of EVERYTHING Twilight's done since she moved here!" Pinkie Pie finished her lengthy story to a group of very confused Constructicons.

"I'm...impressed you managed to fit all that into only 30 cycles." Scrapper commented. "But you've been very...informative."

"Hey, anything to help a friend!" Pinkie Pie chirped.

Applejack and Rarity laid on the ground nearby, having abandoned all attempts to dissuade Pinkie from talking to the Constructicons. "Suagrcube, you've been talkin' bout Twilight non-stop for a half-hour. That don't seem a LITTLE weird to you?" Applejack said.

"Hey, we're new around here." Hook said. "We enjoy...hold on." A familiar static buzzed to life in the Constructions' audio sensors. Soundwave had finally reactivated the communications!

"Scrapper to Lord Megatron! Come in Megatron!" The titular Constructicon said, a finger to his audio sensor.

"I read you, Scrapper." The familiar voice of Megatron filled the comms of the Constructicons. "Where are you? I sent you to finish those tunnels over a megacycle ago!"

"Who are you talking to?" Pinkie asked, curious.

"Our...boss." Scrapper said. "I need to take this." Pinkie nodded in understanding and bounced over to where her friends were sitting.

"Sorry, my Lord." Scrapper apologized. "We got side-tracked, but the good news is that we may have found a potent energy source!"

"...Go on." Megatron instructed.

Scrapper smiled and began relaying all the information he'd learned thus far. "We've tricked a particularly moronic local into bringing us to their settlement. It evidently houses an important figure who's especially skilled in the art of 'magic'. It probably isn't actually magic, but this character might have the power to provide us with all the energy we could ever need!"

"Interesting...where is this figure?" Megatron asked.

"Just a moment." Scrapper requested, turning back to Pinkie. "Where is this Twilight Sparkle of yours?" He only found the other two ponies Pinkie had with her. Scrapper was confused, but then was startled when he turned to find Pinkie on his shoulder, looking like she was about to burst into tears.

"M-m-moronic?" Pinkie sniffed. "You t-tricked me?"

Scrapper growled, realizing the jig was up. "Yes, we did." he said, quickly brushing Pinkie off his shoulder.

Pinkie landed on all fours, oddly enough. "But...but why?" she asked.

"We needed to know the lay of the land." Hook revealed. "But now that you know we're not your friends, I see no reason to be nice any longer."

"Yes-yes!" Mixmaster agreed, turning to Scrapper. "Can-can I toss them into my mix-mixer? I wanna see-see what they're made of!"

"No!" Bonecrusher shouted. "Let me crush them along with their stupid town!"

"How about this?" Scrapper suggested. "Mixmaster, you take the creatures. Bonecrusher, you bulldoze this place."

Mixmaster grinned widely, while Bonecrusher simply changed into vehicle mode and charged towards Ponyville.

Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie made a mad dash for town, but Mixmaster wouldn't let them go so easily. "What-what's wrong?!" He shouted, changing into his vehicle mode to chase after them. "You scared of the mix-mixer? Don't worry...It'll only hurt A LOT-LOT!" He cackled as he chased after his targets. Sure, he might have been able to catch them easier in robot mode, but the chase was so much fun.

At least it would have been if he wasn't interrupted by a charging red Autobot. The small red vehicle quickly pulled up beside him and rammed Mixmaster off-course.

The ponies stopped running, panting in exhaustion as they heard the crash behind them. They looked behind them to see Mixmaster and Cliffjumper wrestling on the ground in their robot modes. Despite Mixmaster's size advantage, Cliffjumper seemed to be winning. "Get out of here!" Cliffjumper shouted. The ponies willingly followed that order.

"NO! THEY'RE MINE-MINE!" Mixmaster yelled as he kicked Cliffjumper off of him and chased after the ponies on foot. Cliffjumper was quick to respond though, and pulled out a giant blaster from seemingly nowhere. He took aim and fired a laser blast, striking Mixmaster in the shoulder.

Mixmaster cried in pain and he grasped his injury. He looked back to find Cliffjumper firing his weapon at him, but missing. Mixmaster took out his own laser pistol and began firing at Cliffjumper.

Back with the other Constructicons, another battle was raging. Bumblebee was engaged in a fistfight against Bonecrusher while Jazz and Bluestreak were attempting to dodge the laser blasts from the remaining Constructicons. Fluttershy and Spike were hiding in a nearby bush whilst Twilight was using magic to blast the enemy and Rainbow Dash was zooming about at high speeds in an attempt to confuse and disorient her attackers.

"So, these are the ones who tore up the forest?" Twilight asked as she dodged a blast from Long Haul.

"No doubt!" Bluestreak answered, firing at Scrapper. "They probably were too lazy to find an actual path so they cut a swath through the forest because Decepticons have no respect for-"

"Less chattin', more shootin'!" Jazz ordered, silencing Bluestreak.

Meanwhile, Bonecrusher seemed to be gaining the upper hand against Bumblebee. The Decepticon landed a hard punch on Bumblebee's face, dazing him momentarily, and attempted to ram Bumblebee into the nearest building: Fluttershy's cottage. Upon realizing where he was being pushed, Bumblebee put extra effort into slowing Bonecrusher's assault by digging his feet into the ground as hard as he could.

"I'm gonna squash you, bug!" Bonecrusher taunted. "Then I'm gonna destroy every single structure on this planet!"

In response, Bumblebee beeped an insult that was simply unmentionable, causing Fluttershy to gasp in surprise.

"Now that was just rude." Bonecrusher said.

Bumblebee activated his facemask and headbutted Bonecrusher, causing him to release Bumblebee and stumble back. Bumblebee then took out his laser pistol and blasted Bonecrusher in the torso several times sending him to the ground, smoke pouring from his wounds.

Scrapper watched Bonecrusher go down, angered. "Slag! We got a 'Con down!" he shouted.

"Of course we do!" Hook shouted. "We're engineers, not warriors!" The Constructicons watched as Scavenger spun around trying to catch Rainbow Dash, only to get dizzy and blasted by Jazz.

Scrapper growled. "We need to bring out the muscle." he claimed. "Constructicons!" he called. "Combine into-"

"Negative." The monotone voice of Soundwave rang through the comms. "Do not reveal yourselves."

"We're getting our diodes kicked out here!" Scrapper yelled.

"Suggestion: retreat." Soundwave said.

"Can we get a Ground-Bridge then?" Scrapper shouted.

"Negative." Soundwave replied. "Ground-Bridge: inoperative."

"Then what the frag are we supposed to do!?" Scrapper yelled.

"Suggestion: Run." Soundwave flatly said.

Scrapper looked around at the battle. It was going their way at all. Reluctantly, he called: "Constructicons! Retreat!"

With that order, the Constructicons capable of running changed into their vehicle modes and drove away. Scrapper loaded the injured Bonecrusher into Long Haul's dumper before changing into vehicle mode himself and speeding off with Long Haul.

"Yeah! Keep running Decepti-creeps!" Cliffjumper called after the retreating robots. The Autobots and Rainbow Dash cheered in victory while Fluttershy and Spike nervously creeped out of the bushes they were hiding in. Twilight just sighed in relief, silently thanking Celestia that was over before any pony was hurt.

Then again, that wasn't entirely true. She was unnerved when she saw Bumblebee blast Bonecrusher to the ground. He was trying to destroy Fluttershy's house, yes, but still...

Twilight put the thought aside for the moment. She decided to focus on the positives: Ponyville was safe from the Constructicons for now. That was the important part.

"Well...that was terrifying." Twilight stated.

"What are you talking about?" Rainbow Dash asked. "That was...exhilarating! So much fun!"

Jazz just shook his head. That's what he thought when the war began...but then he fought for millions of solar cycles. He didn't speak out loud, though. He didn't want to curb Rainbow's enthusiasm. "Good work, Autobots." he complimented his troops.

"Good work? It was great work!" Bluestreak began. "We beat the 'cons without breaking anything in town! That's got to be a first for us. Usually a whole lot of destruction comes with fighting the Decepticons but hey! None this time! Awesome, huh? Not to mention..."

The other Autobots just rolled their optics as Bluestreak went on another one of his infamous tangents. In the meantime, Jazz put a finger to his audio sensor. "Yo, Optimus..."

Back outside the Nemesis...

"Lord Megatron. Unfortunate news." Soundwave stated. "The Constructicons were attacked by the Autobots. They were forced to retreat."

Megatron simply sat on the ground, watching the setting sun. "It matters not." he said. "We have a potential power source in our crosshairs. This 'Twilight Sparkle' who supposedly lives in a town but a mega-cycle's trip from here...and that's on the ground." Megatron grinned, showing off his shark-like teeth. "But for now we return to our primary goal. Thundecracker and Skywarp should be back anytime now. They'll fill us in on exactly what this planet is..."

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I'm curious are you going to put in any of the headmasters like Chromedome or even titian class like Metroplex? I ask this because of the possibility of the bots and cons warping to the EQG universe.

I have no plans for Headmasters or Titans yet, but who knows what the future will bring?

When is the next chapter coming out?

7154800 id like to see the one that transforms into a planet to be honest i think his name is unicron or his brother primus

Are you planning on shipping optimus/twilight megatron/sunset rachet/pinkie bulkhead/applejack bumblebee/rainbow dash prowl/rarity grimlock/fluttershy.

7161853 When is the next chapter coming?:fluttershysad:

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