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The Empire of Man has accepted the Pony planet into their empire as a commonwealth planet. Princess Celestia has long desired to start a proper colony with ponies only, without human intervention. She sends her student Twilight Sparkle to meet with the Emperor Augustus Constantin the Third (The Magnificent) to negotiate for a planet. She's intimidated, having never left Terra Equestria before. Her friends are coming, and stowaways abound, and Princess Celestia assures her that humans will not hurt her. But she has doubts. The Dauntless has been missing for years and space piracy is on the rise. The empire's cracking under it's own weight and Twilight fears that she will not be able to save herself or her friends.

cover art by Einik, used without permission.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 28 )

Following this. I am interested.

This fic is a work of art, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, KEEP MAKING MORE CHAPTERS! :flutterrage:

Why does that cover picture make me think of a Pony/Honorverse crossover?

Thank you! I was actually worried that people wouldn't like it too much due to how I wrote it. I've actually written a bit. Got started with Runescape fanfiction, short stories and now I'm at the pinnacle... Brony fiction.

Thank you all :raritywink:


I just had it in my archive and I thought it fits.

Not to many ponies in space stories out there and even less are worth reading. The detail you have put in here so far definitely makes this a must track story. Character are spot on even with the scfi element. Looking forward to more.

I can favorite my own story. This should be massively illegal.

I'm game....Lets see what you got.:rainbowwild:

tell all your friends bro, I can take them :raritywink:

They were the bravest of the brave, second only to the Wonderbolts.
So, Dash, you think that a bunch of pegasi without space fighters and never leaving their own planet and can only do a poor aerial acrobatics is more brave that a space fighters who fly through the abyss of space into the laser fires of hell, fighting space pirates and the armies of rebels and warlords.?
You are so stupid, Dash.

Hmmm, sending Pinkie Pie as a ambassador to the militaristic empire is rather a bad idea. Well, maybe at least she die. I'll be very pleased.

In the rafters of the final car in that garishly pink train hid three very small fillies. Applebloom, yellow and red but no coward and not angry at all, Sweetie Bell, with her sister's milky white and her own unique multi-pink hair, and Scootaloo with her orange and purple hair all huddled in a pink piece of luggage that said “Do not expose to vacuum.” Oh they were clever, cleverer than is right for three little fillies.

Indeed, they were far too clever. How would they know that the massive amount of luggage, so precisely packed by Spike and Pinkie Pie, would drive the very custom's chief of all Equestria to say, quote. “Screw it, it's all party supplies anyway. Put it in the pressurized cargo containers and fuggetaboutit.” And that's what happened. But that's the future, somewhat.

Haha, that was hilarious. But seriously, they have lost their minds?!?! I mean, CMC are trouble makers but this is totally stupidity.

OK, I must say that your story is very well written and interesting. I waiting for the next chapters.

The Dauntless was a Star Destroyer Class Imperial Capital Ship. She new it was named after some sort of Empire movie, but didn't know the particulars.
Ahahaha, I see what you did there.


Ho ho ho! I'll explain why they did all the Star Wars stuff later. :raritywink: I'm not mad at all, just very well advised. Half of my work is a reference to something or other. I'm making Juggalo references all over and I'm going to go Star Trek and, hell, Ender's Game and mother-loving Warhammer 40k.

You forget the major portion of their personality. They are the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Nothing can stop them from getting their cutie marks! They had a song about it. I would find it odd if they DIDN'T try to get the heck out. :scootangel: :unsuresweetie: :applecry: (why are these the only icons with them?)

And thank you for inadvertently showing me an error in my spelling. One thousand words and I'm missing a single letter.

I am working on the next chapter, but with July fourth and family matters, I'm quite busy. Sort of. Minecraft and Diablo 3 is part of family right? Kidding!

I'm going to set some stuff up for the future with a shorter chapter, before I create the next major chapter. I need introduce Shining Armor (he does not get enough attention!)

I dunno man, those Wonderbolts were pretty bad-ass back in the day.

Ah Pinkie Pie, She's going to be a character. (HO HO HO)

Trixie. In. Xeno-Marines? In army?! Wow.

Fury of Sol. Excellent name for human ship.

Someone's read a fair bit of Homestuck, I wager.


I have. I try to incorporate many of my interests into my work. This is not just a fanfiction, this is the combination of my own experiences. Many authors, I feel, try to make their writings original and deny their own lives. I say they also deny their soul. Homestuck and it's twists of fancy speak to me. As does the idea of the Empire of Man from the works of Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven. If you continue, you will see shades of Cherie Priest, Tsutomu Nihei, Brian Jacques, Ancient Myth, Dragon Songs of Old and a thousand other things you may be lucky enough to understand. I am no mere fic writer. I am the writer of myself. Ponies are my medium.

“Don't worry every pony, I can fix this!” She triumphantly declared. She let loose and soon everypony was relaxing in the aura of gentle love magicks. Everypony sighed in relief and began to smile. Pinkie Pie, however was suspicious. Was Cadence's power truly as controlled as they assumed it was? Was the love and friendship of Equestria natural? Or was it controlled by the unholy alliance of power hungry princesses spreading a devious matriarchy to keep pony kind down. This was why she started the revolution! Eventually, Pinkie Pie would cast down the regents from their mountain home and...
Yes, Pinkie, yes! Start the revolution! And kill this brainwashing pink bitch! I say this earlier and say now: Cadence true power is not love but rude brainwashing.

“This universe is chaos. It's like Discord is everywhere. Whatever you do, do not be consumed by it.”
What, you don't like our universe? Then get the fuck out! Return to your boring world.

“Don't worry Princess! We'll be able to beat anything that comes our way(...)
Yeah, right...

Really, fantastic father...


Indeed. Baron Tewkesbury is the shadow archetype of the My Little Ponies. While they have adventures that can be solved by friendship and love, he's never had that choice. He's fought tooth and hoof for every inch of ground he's gotten.

I'm glad you're enjoying it! :twilightsmile:

oh shit looks like they are all going there for no reason

Naw, I just haven't explained it yet.

Thanks for the favorite!

Errr, I mean, I know that Applejack have a apple pulp instead of brain and she is sometimes retarded but this...
They are bloody lucky that they are not a piles of ash now!!!
Sorry, but I can't...
I don't know, maybe Celestia should send some REAL diplomats instead a conceited fashion designer, always cowardly animal lover, psychotic party mare, narcissistic and hot-head pegasus and "I don't care about anything that is not related with apples and if you're smarter than me then I buck you in the balls" peasant.

Hmmm. OK, I waiting for the next chapter of this gloomy story.


Technically Baron Tewkesbury IS a diplomat, but he's only good at gunboat diplomacy. He has kept a massive family together for years in relative harmony after all. He'll shine eventually.

I am going to ramp up the pacing a lot. Originally I had planned a delicately crafted four hundred page journey into the depths of space, where the cast would learn great truths about themselves and the rest of the universe, but I guess I can go faster. :raritywink:

Those random lumps on the outside of a spaceship as seen in paragraph four are called greebles and nurnies.
And now you know (and knowledge is power!)


Awesome! I didn't even know about that! Thanks!

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