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A writer who loves ponies. Soon I will write and you will enjoy.


Idea · 10:30pm Dec 9th, 2012

Brief idea, Cadence, shining gender swap, etc. Slightly graphic.

Not been writing because School and other things really eating into my time. I've been keeping up and whatnot with MLP and the stories on here.

I have been writing non pony stuff: http://allyouare.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/bricks-original-short-story/

this is my best example.

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Upcoming plans · 3:30am Jun 19th, 2012

I will begin writing tomorrow.

I'm out of work right now, but I'm very busy. I do a lot around the house so that my mother and others will not and also to not make myself a burden. I'm also doing things like volunteering. Fortunately, I have enough loans to cover my next year of college (History) so I'm not too worried about myself. My Mom's in England right now, which means I will do about anything. And it's my pleasure to. (I'm a great fan of Rarity and Applejack for some reason...)

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