• Published 13th Nov 2015
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Grandchildren of Discord - MLPRainbowHeart

Screwball and Mothball are Finally married. But Will life change after They find out that Screwy is having a foal? Most importantly, what kind of problems will their kids get into?

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The fight ( Now without errors ^^)

Screwball could not believe it. She didn't say she wanted kids - she just asked what he thought about kids. " I never said I wanted kids... " she said.

" I just asked you what you think about them..." she said rubbing a hoof on her neck.

Mothball started blushing, " I.. I... I'm sorry.." he stumbled though the words weren't coming out. Screwball gave him a big long kiss and smiled at him.

"We have been married for three months now, maybe it's time... if you want..." She said happily, but also kinda nervous. Mothball was looking at those swirly enchanting eyes.

He sighed and said, " Yeah... I guess I want kids but I don't know... but let's enjoy your birthday... shall we?"

Screwball giggled and finished her food. She poofed the blanket and the plates away before she kissed him and started walking.

Mothball was a little nervous, he have never been a father before. In the hive only the royals reproduced and Mothball never got the chance to be a king. He didn't know if he should be happy or scared. But what he does know is that he might be a father. They started walking until they arrived at a big muffin colored house, Mothball knocked on the door.

Derpy opened the door and greeted, " Hello! Are you here to see my daughter? " She said happily, not knowing the actual reason, having a random guess.

They nodded.

" She is eating with her boyfriend Cinnamon Stick, but you could always join them, it's not like he is going to propose or something! " she winked, they giggled but they were confused.

" Thank you Mrs. Muffin. " Screwball smiled.

" Oh please, call me Derpy! Oh, by the way, they're having dinner at Haydream. " She said and smiled. They both thanked her and left.

They saw that when they arrived at Haydream, the place was wonderful and nothing like its name.

The couple entered and found themselves into a part where there was lovely romantic music and the pretty couple sitting in front of the music. Then the music stopped and everypony took a break, Dinky and Cinnamon Stick were eating. Mothball and Screwball walked to the table.

" Hey Screwy! " exclaimed Dinky excitedly. Screwball smiled and looked at Mothball. He was talking with Cinnamon Stick already, Screwball grabbed a chair and sat down.

" Hey Dinky, so, how is you date? " she said giggling.

Dinky smiled and started, " Well it's not really a date but if it was it wouldn't be anymore because the married couple arrived. " she giggled and looked at Screwball with a smile.

Screwball laughed, " Well it can be a double date! "

They both giggled. While those best friends were talking a little bit in the corner, two colts were talking too.

"So yeah, Screwy's birthday was or even will be the most embarrassing moment of my life " Mothball said to Cinnamon Stick.

" So it's official? You guys are gonna... have kids?" Cinnamon Stick said looking at Mothball who was blushing.

" I don't know yet..." Mothball said looking down.

" Dude we already talked and I told you to do what your heart tells ya! At least that is what my mother tells me! " He smiled, putting a bit of his mothers accent into it. Mothball nodded and told him to go to the table.

" Wait, Mothball... I need your advice." Cinnamon Stick said nervously.

" What's wrong? " Mothball asked, noticing the red cheeks on his friend's face.

" I'm going to ask Dinky if she wants to marry me..." he said blushing harder.

"That's Great! " excitedly said Mothball.

" Ya but, I'm not sure if she will say yes. " The Cowboy said.

" Just be yourself. " Mothball said. " Oh and, don't let her take over the marriage proposal!" He giggled, winking.

Cinnamon Stick laughed and went to the table with his marefriend and Screwy.

He looked at Mothball, Mothball nodded and looked at Screwball. Screwball caught his eye and knew she had to leave. She left the table with her husband and went on stage. Mothball whispered something to her and Screwball smiled. She was a very good singer... The lights went out and Screwball started singing.

" You.. make me feel unique... " She started singing.

The young couple looked at her and then at each other.

" You are the light for my path..."

Cinnamon Stick looked at Dinky in the eyes and took a deep breath.

" It's like you have.. an enchanting technique.."

Dinky looked at Cinnamon Stick knowing he was gonna ask her something but not knowing what.

" I need you... and I love you! "

" Dinky Hooves..." Cinnamon Stick said and looked at her eyes. She was smiling.

" If you come with me.. we will be happy together..."

" Will you..." his tone starting to get nervous.

" When I look at your eyes, its a splendid view! "

" Will you make me the happiest stallion on Equestria and marry me?" He said looking at her eyes. Dinky had a huge smile on her face.

" With you there will never be a bad weather! "

" YES! YES! " Dinky yelled and everyone looked at them. Screwball stopped singing and smiled. She started clapping, then Mothball, then all the ponies in the restaurant. Dinky gave a huge kiss to Cinnamon and Screwball and Mothball walked over to them and sat next to them. The original music started playing again and everyone kept doing their business.

" Now to celebrate.." started Screwball, " Let's go BOWLING! "

The two couples laughed and nodded. Mothball nodded too, even though he didn't know how to play it.

" How about 5:30? " Cinnamon Stick said. Screwball nodded and waved at them, they left together.


It was 3:00 p.m. and the married couple were walking in Ponyville's streets, each of them in their own thoughts. Mothball was thinking on how he got embarrassed about what he told Screwy. But he was also thinking how he made his first best friend be happy with the love of his life.

'Well.. at least helped' he thought and chuckled quietly.

Meanwhile, Screwball was looking at couples with their children. They were so adorable! She saw this little filly playing with another colt. He stole her ball and she was asking for it. He would not give it to her so Screwball went to the young colt.

" It's not nice to do that " she said kindly, smiling at the young colt and filly.

The young colt looked at her and gave the ball back to the filly before he ran off.

" Thank you..."

Screwball heard a voice behind her. It was shy but cute, she looked at the little filly. She was white and had her hair blue, toothpaste blue to be precise. She still had no cutie mark.

" No problem, what's your name? " Screwball said with a smile.

" I'm..I'm Minty. " she said quietly, looking down.

" Nice to meet you Minty, now go back to your mother. " Screwball said with a smile. The filly nodded and started running to her mom. Screwball smiled and just remembered that she was with Mothball. She looked at him and found him smiling at her.

" It looks like you will make a good mother. " He said looking at her. She smiled. They kept on their way to the castle.


Zany threw a piece of cheesecake at Discord's face, " Haha Daddy you have cheesecake all over you!" He giggled, laughing. Discord got up with an evil smile. He had a bowl full of pudding. He started chasing the infant while Zany was screaming and laughing.

The door opened. Fluttershy was looking at Discord and her son.

" Discord... first of all, why are you playing with the food, I'm TRYING to teach Zany to stop doing that and what you do is make him play even more!" She said looking at her husband in the eyes. Discord opened his mouth to say something but his wife kept complaining.

" AND.... Did you gave him desert before lunch?" She asked sternly, " How many times have I told you... DON'T!" she said looking at her husband then at Zany that had his face in a bowl of chocolate pudding.

" I'm sorry dear..." He said getting closer to her." I won't do it again. " Fluttershy was mad but it was hard for her to stay mad at him since he always finds a way to flatter her.

" You see.." He said getting closer to her, Fluttershy then looked at him, " We were just having a little fun... " He said slyly, edging his mouth close to hers. The infant looked at them then covered his eyes. He did not liked romance. They both kissed.

" Oh... I suppose you can have a little bit of fun... " she swooned, smiling at her husband.

She cleaned the piece of pie from his face and Discord smiled. Fluttershy started to make lunch and Zany went to his room to play. There was a knock on the door. Discord went to open it.

" Why, hello darling! " he grinned, hugging her daughter, " What brings you here?! " He asked.

" Hello Daddy, first of all I'm here to see if we can have lunch with you guys since it's my birthday, and secondly, Daddy you know.. Mothball DOES exist too... " she said looking at her father then at her husband.

" Yeah, yeah! Bla-bla-bla, but on the other hand... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING! Of course you can come to eat! " He grinned, inviting them inside. Mothball chuckled and followed his wife inside.

" Hello darling, happy birthday! " Fluttershy greeted but without looking at them.

" Hey mom, what are you cooking? " she asked, curious.

" I'm making a corn soup with some flower salad. " she replied, still not looking at them. Screwball looked at her dad.

" Well you can have a little chocolate with that because that's food for ponies. " He whispered. Screwball giggled and sat down. Mothball went to see if he could help Fluttershy.

" Hey mom, do you mind if I help you? " He asked politely, walking up to her.

" Of course not! You can take the corns out and start peeling them if you want. " she said. He nodded and started what he was told.

Screwball looked at her husband and smiled. He really didn't know how to cook but he was trying. She was still thinking on the kids thing. She really wanted to have kids. She started to wonder what would it be like to be a mother. I mean it isn't so hard, right? Discord could clearly see that his daughter was lost in thoughts.

" What are you thinking? " he asked, sitting down by her side.

" Oh, nothing. " Screwball replied, knowing that if she told her father he would go nuts.

" You know I can just go into your mind. " he said looking at her daughter, he knew it was something.

" NO. No... it's just...just that I was thinking about Dinky! Yeah, Dinky... Cinnamon Stick proposed to her! " She lied, thinking of that on the spot.

" Oh that's nice! " Discord said.


After lunch, Screwy and Mothball were walking to meet Dinky and Cinnamon to go bowling.

" Did you tell your father about thinking about having kids? " Mothball asked.

" No, I knew he would go nuts. " Screwball said. Mothball nodded.

" Hey!!! Over here!!! " Dinky shouted, waving.

When they entered the bowling place, there were a lot of ponies playing.

Some minutes later they were all playing, Mothball and Cinnamon Stick were a team and Screwball and Dinky were a team too. They started playing and the girls were taking the lead. It was Mothball's turn and he had to hit all the pins to win. He was actually good at this! He looked at the cones and closed his eyes. He started running but then Discord appeared in front of him and startled him. He didn't wanted to hit Discord so he let go of the ball and he slipped, hurting his hoof and went down to the pins instead of the ball. He hit all the pins.

" Wooooo-hoooooo 10 PINS! OHHH STRIKE! " yelled Discord, making most of the attention around the room turn to him for a few seconds.

Screwball ran to Mothball and slipped, she teleported next to him and grabbed him. She teleported again with Mothball next to the tables. She look at his hoof and then at Discord. " Screwy I'm alright don- " Mothball tried to say.

" DAD! " She yelled looking at her dad. Discord pointed at himself with fake confusion.

" Me? Ohhhh, wait what happened with daddy, now it's dad??" he asked, surprised.

" YOU HURT HIM!" Screwball yelled.

" Screwy I'm fine!" Mothball tried to argue but Screwball kept on yelling. Everypony then had their eyes on the two chaotic ponies/draconequus'.

" Oh please, I'm the one who helped him win... after all, we know he wouldn't. " Discord shrugged.

" STOP, JUST STOP IT! " shouted Screwball.

Discord could not believe it.

" First you invade our privacy, and now this!?!?!? " she started getting red but not for embarrassment, but from anger.

" Just stop! You hurt Mothball and don't even care!!!" She kept on rambling

" Well excuse me for trying to spend some time with my dau-" He started but then he stopped when he felt a hammer hit him. It wasn't that hard but it still hurt.

" SCREWBALL! " He shouted.

He looked at his daughter who was completely red looking at him. " Screwy stop! " Mothball tried to stop her but Discord started yelling back.

" OH! So this is how it's gonna be!!??" He started again. Fluttershy had just entered the bowling place and saw the fight.

" Oh no... " she sighed.

" You are only defending that STUPID changeling!" Discord shouted.

Screwball gasped.

" The son of the changeling that almost killed your mother!? She actually killed your mother! That stupid changeling! " He finished. He looked at his daughter who had tears in her eyes. She stopped her tears from falling. She threw a bowling ball at her father but he dodged it. He disappeared into the arcade that was across from the bowling alleys.

" He really doesn't mean it Mothball... " Cinnamon Stick assured to his friend.

" I know, that's not the thing I'm worried of... it's Screwball... " Mothball said.

She was so mad and she was looking down.

" Screwy I'm fine don't worry, and he didn't mean that..." Mothball tried to talk to his wife.

She disappeared.

They heard loud yelling and crashing in the arcade, Discord went out, dodging balls.

" SCREWBALL STOP! " Discord ordered, shouting. She looked at him angrily.

" I HATE YOU!" She said and teleported away.

" Don't you think this is a big deal just for what happened? " Dinky asked. Everypony else nodded.

" I'm gonna look for Screwball... " Mothball sighed and trying to pass by Discord's side who was staring right where Screwball disappeared.

Author's Note:

Hey! Sorry for the drama. But it needed it :twilightsheepish: I know it is weird that Screwball made such a big deal about that. But she got hurt about what Discord said about Mothball than he did. But still I hope you enjoy this!!!:pinkiehappy: Oh and I know it you not ya, Cinnamon Stick said it like that because he was bringing the cowboy accent! If I spell anything wrong tell me!:derpytongue2: