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Grandchildren of Discord - MLPRainbowHeart

Screwball and Mothball are Finally married. But Will life change after They find out that Screwy is having a foal? Most importantly, what kind of problems will their kids get into?

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Im Pregnant?! Twins!?

Three months after the big fight, they were all eating at the castle. Screwball, Mothball, Discord, Zany and Flutershy. They were all eating together. " I have to go to the bathroom. " Screwy said. She stood up fast and went walking fast.

" I wonder if she is okay." Fluttershy said. They all kept eating. Discord didn't kept eating. He was waiting for his daughter. When Screwy came out to bathroom Discord was relaxed.

" What is wrong with going to the bathroom? Mothball asked. Flutterhsy giggled.

"Never Mind Mothball." Fluttershy said.

Screwball kept eating her food when she suddenly had a piece of turkey in her face. She looked up and saw Zany laughing. " You never grow up Zany. " She said laughing. They all giggled. Some minutes later Screwy had to go to the bathroom again. Discord was getting worried now.

"Screwy, are you ok?" Discord asked looking at his daughter. She nodded.

" Sure?" He asked again. She nodded again. There was an akward silence for some minutes. Screwball finished that akward silence.

" Daddy do you have chocolate?" She asked.

" For the turkey? I know chocolate is good but for the turkey? " He said kind of confused. She nodded. Discord just did what her daughter asked.

" Oh and, cheese, whiped cream, sprinkles, and yogurt. " She said looking at her dad smiling. Everyone was staring at her.

"What?" She asked.

Fluttershy had an idea of what was happening. Then it came to her. It could not be posible, but maybe.

" Screwy follow me." She said. Her daughter followed. When they entered Fluttershy's room she closed the door.

" What did you really do in the bathroom???" She asked seriously at her.

" Mom!" Screwy said.

" I'm serious Screwball. " She said looking directly at her daughter.

" I was throwing up...." Screwball said looking at the floor.

" Ok, take this." Fluttershy said.

" OMG Mom! What! The pregnancy test!? " Screwball said kind of embarassed. Fluttershy looked at her seriously. Screwball sighed and did what her mother told her.

After she did it she looked at her mother surprised. " So?" Fluttershy said. Screwball looked down. Fluttershy gasped. She hugged her daughter.

" But don't tell daddy yet. I want it to be a surprise for father's day." Screwball said smiling. " It's in 2 weeks so I will tell him there, and Mothball."

Fluttershy nodded and started walking to the door, Screwball followed her. The others were eating at the table. When the both mares sat down to eat Discord was the first one to ask:

"Is she okay?"

Fluttershy nodded. "It's just a little cold, she will be better in a few days." She said smiling kindly at her husband. Discord nodded. He looked at Screwball and smiled. His little girl is all grown up, she is married and lives alone. He felt like it was just yesterday when he first saw her, when he saw her smile, when she started walking and when she always played with him. He sighed, he didn't have a little girl anymore.\

After the dinner the married couple said goodbye and went to their house. It was not so late, let's say about 4:00 p.m. Mothball went to their room and went to bed. Screwball did the same thing. Nothing happened for some minutes. Screwball was surprised because she was having a foal. She really wanted one but she didn't know how to handle this situation. She couldn't tell her husband since it was a surprise, it was difficult for her to hold it in. She always told everything to her husband, and know its even more important.

"It's for a good cause." She thought.

Mothball was deep in thoughts too. He was thinking on his mom, it had been long since those thoughts but they came back. He remembered how she never actually loved him since she didn't have a heart. But other thing he remembered was how she was dying, she looked so different. And when they got her heart, it was heart breaking for Mothball. It was like she turned into a completely different pony. She was so happy too see him. She missed a lot without a heart. Mothball wanted to cry, but he did not. He didn't wanted Screwy to worry. The two of them were lost in thoughts. Until one decided to speak.

"So just a little cold?" Mothball asked Screwball and faced her.

"Ya. I will get better in a few days. " Screwball answered facing him as well.

"Actually, I will be better in 12 months.." Screwball thought.

"I'm glad your okay. So when exactly is Cinnamon Stick and Dinky's wedding?" Mothball asked Screwball trying to change the theme.

"In some months, they said they need a lot of time to get ready, maybe like 5 or 6." Screwball said remembering what Dinky told her. That made her think, she had to tell Dinky about her new foal. Wait, she could tell her right? Ya the surprise is for Mothball and Discord.

"Okay. Well I'm going to bed early. " Mothball said and kissed softly his wife. She nodded and went to sleep too.

It was father's day. Screwball was only two months old. They were all at the castle again celebrating father's day. Discord was even more Discord-ish than ever. " Okay everyone, who wants chocolate cake?" Fluttershy asked putting a chocolate cake on the table.

" I do! But first the gifts for me!" Discord said. Fluttershy giggled.

"Alright honey, after all it is your day." Fluttershy said and winked at Screwball. Screwball winked back and poofed two tiny boxes.

"First mine." Fluttershy said and gave discord a tiny box. He opened it and got out two little tickets.


"Thank you Flutters!!! It has been ages since I went to the Crystal Empire!" He said happily

"I know. And its just you and me! Cadance told me a place where we can stay. " She said hugging back her husband who was already hugging her.

"And know mine." Screwball said and looked at her mother, Fluttershy nodded. She gave Discord the tiny box and then the other one to Mothball.

"But I'm not a father." Mothball said confused.

"Just open it." Screwball said. Discord opened the tiny box. It was a pair of tiny foal socks. He grabbed them and looked at them. He looked at the socks confused and then he looked at his daughter who was smiling. He put the socks in his fingers and then took them out. He looked at them up, down, side and other side.

"Why do I want fillie socks?" Discord said. His daughter did not answer she was just smiling. She had a huge smile that covered her face. Discord looked at the socks once again. Then it came to him. He gasped and looked at Screwball. " Really??" He said. Screwball nodded and smiled. Discord picked up his daughter and started spinning in the air.

"Oh I'm so happy! I am gonna be a grandfather! I am gonna be a grandfather! " He said. " Wait, I am gonna be a grandfather..." He said putting his daughter back in the floor. He went walking to Mothball and said: " I am gonna be a grandfather....." He said looking seriously at Mothball. His face went from serious to surprised when he saw Mothball's expression. He had a surprised expression. His eyes looked like plates and his mouth like a big cave. In other words, he was very surprised. Discord walked away from Mothball. "I guess I'm not the only one that didn't know." He said smiling. Mothball smiled and looked at Screwball, he walked to her and kissed her. Discord smiled.

"Wait, a foal.... Is that even possible? " Mothball asked. " I mean, I'm a changeling and you are, well half pony half....."Mothball said and then stopped, he did not know what Discord was. "Half Discord." he said thinking of something fast. Everyone giggled.

" Good try. " Discord said.

"Of course it is possible, or else you wouldn't be a father." Screwball said smiling at Mothball.

"Is it a mare or a colt? " Discord asked.

"I don't know yet. I will know in 3 months." Screwball said.

She opened her eyes with the sound of her husband. " Screwy! Come on we have to get to the doctor's!" Screwball yawned and got up of her bed. Her belly was big for 5 months. They still did not know what were they having, but they had a meeting with the doctor today. She walked to the door and Mothball was standing there waiting for her.

When they were on the way to the doctor's it was quiet.

" Enjoyed your nap?" Mothball said smiling.

" Very. Now that I'm pregnant I get even more tired than before, and that is a lot to say." She giggle. They both shared a laugh.

When they were there they didn't had to wait. A white pony came out with pink main, she had it in a pony tail and her cutie mark was a lily blossom. But the lily blossom had a little needle in it.

" Good afternoon Screwball, Mothball." She said kindly.

" Hello Lily." Screwball said smiling back at her. Lily made a move with her head like saying: come inside. They both entered the little office and Lily followed them. When they were inside Lily started the questions.

" Before we start, anything odd?" She said with a little notebook in her hooves.

"Well, I have been really tired." Screwball said thinking of something. Lily just giggled.

"Well my dear Screwball, that is very normal in pregnancy." She said. Screwball blushed a little and Mothball just smiled.

" Oh and, my tummy is really big for only 5 months. I don't know much about it but I know it's not supposed to be so big at this point." Screwball said remembering her thoughts. Lily started writing a little in her tiny notebook and then she put it down.

" Very well. Lay down here." Lily said touching the tiny bed. Screwball laid down while Doctor Lily was preparing everything. Once she started all three were staring at the computer. Doctor Lily stopped and gasped.

"What??" Mothball said hearing her gasp.

"Well, Screwball you know why your belly is so big? You are having twins!" She said with a ear to ear smile. Screwball gasped and looked at Mothball. Mothball has a similar expression as the one he had when she told him she was pregnant. Screwball just giggled.

" What about the genders? Can you find out yet?" Screwball said looking back at the doctor.

"Well no, but maybe they will be visible in 2 months. But I do recomend a lot of sleep and eating healthy." She said. They thanked her and starting walking to the castle. Scewball wanted to tell her parents the news fastly.

"So, twins. Double the work.." Mothball said and giggled.

" Well ya. But it's gonna be even more fun. I mean look at Ms. and Mr. Cake! They loved there twins. And they are adults now so we better enjoy it while we can. And we can ask them for some advice too." Screwball said putting a hoof on her husband and smiling. He smiled back to her.

"Discord, I just had a call from~" Fluttershy said looking for her husband until she saw him. He was.. reading.

"Sweetie, are you okay?" She said not worried but smiling because her husband didn't like reading.

"Oh please, just because I don't like reading doesn't mean I can't read." He said appearing reading glasses and putting them on.

" Okay then. What are you reading?" She said trying to look at the cover.

" Well, uhhh...." Discord started saying trying to think in something.

" The book of..... well......ummmm....Friendship? " He said. Fluttershy looked at him and raised one eyebrow.

" Fine, the book of...... Star Wars." He said trying to make another excuse. This time Fluttershy crossed her hooves. She tried to look at the book but Discord moved it. She tried to take it from his paw but Discord grabbed her.

"Discord! Let me go!" She said moving. Discord just giggled.

" The prize of that will be a kiss my dear." He said smiling. Fluttershy stopped moving and smiled. She kissed him and he let her go.

" Now please, tell me what are you reading." She said sitting by his side. Discord showed her the book.

How to be a good grandfather

" Oh Discord. You don't need a silly old book to tell you how to be a good grandfather. You are perfect how you are. " She said putting her head on his shoulder. He smiled.

"Thanks Fluttershy, I love you. " He said putting his claw through her main. She just smiled at him. Then she remembered.

"Oh my Celestia I forgot! " She said jumping from the couch.

"What?" Discord said confused.

" I wanted to tell you something, and that something is that Screwball and Mothball were coming in 10 minutes." She said. " But now the 10 minutes passed. "

Discord just nodded. There was a knock on the door and Fluttershy went to open it.

" Hi mom! " Screwball said with a smile.

"Hello my dear! Hello Mothball! " She said with her kind smile.

" Hi mom." Mothball said. Discord went to hug his daughter and remembering last time, he hugged Mothball too. It was a little awkward but he still did it. Once they were inside Mothball and Screwball were excited to tell them the news.

" Okay, so the thing is, we went to the doctor today to see the gender of the foal. " Mothball said.

" And we discovered that, we are not having a foal." Screwball said. Discord and Fluttershy looked at each other.

" Oh my, I'm so sorry dear, what happened?" Fluttershy said sadly.

"Nothing, we are having twins!" Screwball said excited. Discord was really surprised.

" Oh wow! I'm gonna be a double grandpa! " He said laughing. Everyone laughed.

" Well that means double the fun! " Fluttershy said smiling.

" And the work. " Discord said after a giggle.

" And most importantly, the pain. " Screwball said joking and everyone laughed except Mothball.

"Oh, really?" He said worried.

" Oh, umm Mothy it was just a joke. " Screwball said awkwardly. Mothball blushed and everyone giggled again.

2 moths later Screwball's belly was bigger than ever. She hardly could walk and she was always really tired. That morning she was snacking on some strawberries.

" Do I really have to eat this? I want chocolate! " She said complaining about it for the third time already.

" Yes, Doctor Lily said you had to eat healthy. " Mothball said packing some stuff in a bag.

" What are you packing in there? " Screwball said.

" Oh, some bits for the taxi and the doctor, and some snacks for you. " He said closing the bag.

" But Mothy, why a taxi? " She said. " We can walk to the doctor."

" Nope. We are not walking to the doctor, you can hardly walk. We are going on a taxi. "He said putting the bag on his back. Screwball just rolled her eyes and walked with her husband outside the house.

" Well we have to walk to the streets for the taxi." Screwball said.

" Nope. I called a taxi earlier so it would come here. " Mothball said. Screwball facepalmed and rolled her eyes. The taxi arrived and there was a brown colt driving it. Mothball and Screwball walked to the taxi. Mothball got in first and gave a hove to Screwball so she could get in too.

" Mothy, I can do things by myself." She said. Mothball just ignored that comment and gave some bits to the colt.

" To Doctor Lily's please. " Mothball said and the colt nodded.

When they arrived at the doctor this time they had to wait. Some minuted later Doctor Lily came out of her office with a little fillie by her side. She looked like 4 years old.

" Hello Screwball, Mothball. " Lily said with her every day smile.

" Hi Doctor Lily. " Mothball said.

" Please, just call me Lily, and this is my daughter Blossom. Say hi sweetie. " Lily said and looked at her daughter.

" Hi..." The little voice said. She looked a lot like her mother. Lily had pink mane and Blossom had pink mane too, only darker and with blue stripes. Both of the ponies had white skin but the filly didn't had the cutie mark yet. Screwball smiled at her cuteness. " Mommy, why is that pony so fat?" Blossom said pointing at Screwball. Screwball blushed and Mothball giggled.

"Blossom! That's not nice! And she is not fat, she just has a foal in her tummy." Lily said blushing too. Blossom walked to Screwball and touched her belly. Screwball saw how she smiled.

" Actually, two foals in there. That's why it's so big." Screwball said smiling at the filly. The filly looked up to Screwball with her big blue eyes.

" That's why it's moving." She said looking at the belly again.

" It did? Oh my, the babied moved! " Screwball said happily. Mothball smiled at his wife's happiness like if he was falling in love with her again. Screwball noticed his face and smiled back. He blushed and looked at the Doctor who was entering the office. They both entered too.
During the whole process Blossom was sitting in Lily's desk playing with some toys. Lily looked very concentrated.

" I see what you did there Lily. " Mothball said smiling.

" Huh? " Lily said confused.

" You named your daughter Blossom. And your name is Lily. Lily Blossom." He said smiling again. Lily just giggled and smiled.

" Okay, I know the genders." She said looking at Screwball.

"You are having a fillie and a colt! " Lily said smiling.

" Oh that's great! " Screwball said standing up. She hugged Mothball and kissed him. Lily smiled at the love of the young couple.

" Here Lily." Mothball said taking some bits out.

" Oh no! You don't have to pay me! " She said pushing Mothball's hove. Mothball smiled and left with Screwball.

" So twins? And different genders? I'm so happy for you Screwy! " Dinky said. She was sitting with Screwball, Mothball and Cinnamon Stick in a table.

" Thanks Dinky! So enough about me, when is your wedding? " Screwball said after taking a sip of her strawberry milkshake.

" In one month. I really hope you guys can come. " Cinnamon Stick said.

" Well of course! Why would you think we can't? " Mothball said.

" Well, since Screwball is pregnant it may be hard for her. " Cinnamon Stick said and looked at Screwball.

" Umm, I'm sure it would be okay with her, right Screwy? " Mothball said knowing his wife's positive spirit.

" Well, I'm not sure Mothy. Doctor Lily said contractions were coming at 8 months, and I'm 7 months already. " She said looking down. Mothball's smile disappeared. " But I will try. " She said looking up again and smiling. Mothball smiled again.

" I really hope you can make it. " Dinky said smiling.

" Oh what am I saying? I'm gonna be there, I'm not gonna miss your wedding! " Screwball said.

" Are you sure? You said so yourself it may be hard. " Cinnamon Stick said.

" Ya! I mean, how hard could it be." Screwball said.

" Well okay if you say so..." Dinky said. Suddenly the restaurant's door opened.

" I'm here!!!!!!!!!!!" Discord said. Screwball giggled

" Discord! Shhhhhh. You can't yell in a restaurant!" Fluttershy said trying to calm her husband.

" Daddy over here. " Screwball said trying not to yell. Discord smiled and sat down by his daughter's side. Fluttershy did the same thing but by Mothball's side.

" So, what did you wanted to tell us sweetie? " Fluttershy said.

" Well mom, I know the genders of the foals. " Screwball said smiling.

" What are they??" Discord said. He sounded even more excited than Screwball when she found out about it. Screwball giggled and Dinky smiled.

" Well, a filly and a colt. " She said smiling.

" Oh! How great!!!! " Fluttershy said. " Wait, when is your baby shower? "

" Never mom. " Screwball said. " I'm not having one."

" Oh ok. Next week it is! " Fluttershy said. Cinnamon Stick laughed and Screwball rolled her eyes.

" Tomorrow we are going to shop for the things. " Fluttershy said happily.

Author's Note:

Hey guys! I know it has been long since I updated. It was thanksgiving week and today is the last day of it. Tomorrow I have class so I won't update tomorrow. I will update when I can. Some of you already read this, this chapter was deleted because it wasn't complete. Please read this again! Love you all! And next chapter, will be some Fluttershy and Screwball time.:raritywink: