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Grandchildren of Discord - MLPRainbowHeart

Screwball and Mothball are Finally married. But Will life change after They find out that Screwy is having a foal? Most importantly, what kind of problems will their kids get into?

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Friends again.

Screwball went to her daughter's room.

" Sweetie, you there? " Screwball said knocking.

" Yes mom." Identity answered. Screwball opened the door and went with her daughter.

" Do you want to tell me what happened? " Screwball said sitting by Identity's side who was laying down in bed.

" Well. " Identity said. " We were at the mall and then..he...he.... he was kissing with Aura! " Identity said and teared apart in the last part. Screwball knew well that she was talking about Caramel. She put her hoof in her daughter's mane and started untangling it.

" Sweetie, maybe he doesn't like you. And if he doesn't, that means he is not worth it. You are perfect, much much better than Aura. " Screwball said. Identity sniffed and got her head out of her hooves.

" But, But I. Mom I. " Identity said. " I didn't realize until I saw him kissing Aura, but I love him! I love him more than anything! " Identity said with a mix of anger, sadness and excitement. There was heard a gasp. They both looked to the door. Mothball was standing there with Caramel by his side.

" Oh no. " Identity whispered.

" You are gonna have to fix this by yourself darling. " Screwball said and went with her husband. She pushed Caramel and left.

" Don't brake her heart again. Or I will brake you. Remember I'm still a changeling. " Mothball whispered to Caramel and left.

Identity just stared at Caramel blushing and put her head in her hooves again. Caramel was looking down.

" What! Move! " Screwball and Mothball said outside the door. Identity rolled her eyes. Then the only sound heard was a spell sound.

" Chaotic! Take that field away! Now we can't hear anything! " Mothball said.

Identity and Caramel giggled and their awkward silence came again.

" Do you- do you really love me? " Caramel asked still looking at the floor. Identity blushed even harder. Her changeling eyes were red and watery from all the crying.

" I did." Identity said not making eye contact.

" You, did? " Caramel asked.

" Yes. But your new marefriend won't be okay with it. So I moved on." Identity said looking at him.

" What!? I don't have a marefriend! " Caramel said.

" So you kiss mares that aren't yours!?" Identity said while getting angry.

" No! No! She kissed me. It wasn't me. " Caramel said.

" Caramel. Even if she did, you didn't push back. I don't want somepony like that." Identity said and looked down.

" Dity, please. " Caramel said walking to her bed.

" Don't you call me Dity! That's only for my real friends. Now leave. " Identity said and her eyes got watery. Caramel looked down.

" Can you please let me explain?" Caramel said.

" No. I'm not in the mood for stupid excuses. " Identity said and looked at her window. Caramel sighed and left. Identity stared at the door and started crying.

" I'm sorry...." Identity whispered and kept crying.

Caramel was sitting in the mountain watching the sun go down. He slowly felt his transformation and looked at the sunset again. When he was fully turned he starting flying to the trees. He sat in a branch and stared at Identity's window.

"I know that we just met"

He started singing.

Maybe this is dumb

"But it feels like there was something"

"From the moment that we touched"

"'Cause, it's alright, it's alright"

"I wanna make you mine"

He looked down and sighed.

"The way you're lightin' up the room"

"Caught the corner of my eye"

"We can both sneak out the back door"

"We don't have to say goodbye"

"'Cause, it's alright, it's alright"

"To waste time tonight"

He started flying.

"Maybe I'm just a kid in love
Maybe I'm just a kid in love
Oh, baby
If this is what it's like falling in love
Then I don't ever wanna grow up
Maybe I'm just a kid in love"

"Maybe... I'm just...." He said and tears were starting to fall from his face.

" A kid in love. " He finished and entered his house.

Author's Note: If you wanna hear this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiEz1GleIbs

" Sweetie, where were you? " A brown mare walked to Caramel and said.

" I was just flying around. " Caramel said without opening his eyes.

" Nopony saw you right? " She said. Her eyes were blue and her mane dark blue. She was a vampie-fruit-bat as well.

" No mom. Nopony." Caramel said walking to his room.

" Are you okay darling?" Nightlight said walking to her son.

" Fine. " He said and closed the door.

" Oh my poor baby. " Nightlight said as her husband walked in the house.

" We got a problem darling. " Bolt said closing the door.

" What is it?" Nightlight said worried.

" I just read that changelings aren't affected by erasing memory dust. " Bolt said getting a book out of his backpack.

" And???" Nightlight said. " Oh... Mothball!"

" Exactly! " Bolt said. Caramel heard his dad. He went to open the door to say hi but he stopped. He put his ear in the door and started listening.

" Okay. Then what about Identity? " Nightlight asked. When Caramel heard that name he gasped. Maybe she was just acting.

" Well. I'm not sure if it worked with her. From what I know, it did. But maybe it is because she is not a complete changeling." Bolt said putting the book down.

" Okay. But what about Mothball?" Nightlight asked.

" We make a deal. " Bolt said getting a few bits out of the backpack.

" No! We need every last bit. We don't have anything." Nightlight said trying to get the bits back.

" Well. I care more about my son's safety than our money. " Bolt said. Nightlight just sighed and looked down.

" Okay then. Tomorrow you go talk to Mothball. " Nightlight said.

" Wait. Don't pay Mothball. " Caramel said. His parents looked at him.

" He told me to stay away from his daughter. But he won't be so mean to tell anyone. " Caramel said walking closer to his dad.

" Please. " Caramel said and hugged his dad.

" Well okay." Bolt said and Nightlight smiled.

"Can I come in?" Mothball said pushing his daughter's door.

" Ya. " Identity said.

" I need to tell you something Identity." Mothball said and sat down.

" Yes?" Identity said. Mothball thought for a second. It was better not to tell her that her crush was a vampire.

" Well. Um. I love you. " He said and went to the door.

" Me too. Daddy." She said. Mothball smiled at her and closed the door.

" Ugh! I almost kissed Caramel! Why would he let his dad do that! Ugh!" Identity shouted as soon as her dad closed the door.

" At first I thought it was a dream, but then my memory came back..." She thought to herself.

" What's wrong?" Chaotic said entering the door. I could hear your thoughts from downstairs.

" Oh right. I forgot we can read thoughts." Identity said.

" Ya. And you shouted. Anyways, what's wrong? " Chaotic said and sat in his bed.

" Well, don't tell dad. But remember that dream I told you about? " Identity said and looked at her brother.

" Ya." Chaotic said.

" Well it wasn't a dream. It really happened. I got my memory back some minutes after Caramel left." She said and facepalmed.

" He does love me. Then why did he kissed Aura! " Identity said and put her face in her hooves.

" Well I have something to tell you too. " Chaotic said. Identity looked at her brother. " I stayed to hear dad with Caramel after breakfast that day."

" And dad knows about what happened. Then he told Caramel to stay away from you. And what happened with Aura was a misunderstanding. " He said.

" What! Wait,why?" Identity said trying to process all the information.

" Because Aura did kiss him. Then he said he didn't like her. He hates Aura, he loves you not her." Chaotic said.

" Oh my. I need to talk to him!! " Identity said standing up.

" Not now. It's midnight. " Chaotic said. Identity nodded and went to sleep. When she was asleep Chaotic's cellphone ringed.

" Hello?" He said picking up the phone.

" It's me Chaotic." R.H. said.

" Oh hi Cupcake." Chaotic said and laughed. R.H. laughed too.

" Guess what? I just talked to Aura. I made her confess what she did to kiss Caramel. You were right." R.H. said.

" Awesome. Now we need a way to get my sister and Caramel together. Again." He said and giggled.

" Okay." R.H. said. " My mom is calling me. Call you tomorrow, bye." R.H. said.

" Bye. Love you. " Chaotic said and hung up.

" When will it be time father?"

" Soon my dear Shadow, soon."

" Yes father."

" We will take revenge. And take what's ours."

" How?"

" Crushing the main six. And what they love, then we take the rest with our darkness."

" Hey Dity. How's life treating you? " Moonlight said approaching Identity.

" It could be better. How about you?" Identity said sitting down with Moonlight.

" Fine. My mother wants me to bake muffins like her but I don't want to." Moonlight said and rolled her eyes.

" Well, you know how Dinky is." Identity said.

" Hello girls. What would you want today? " Velvet said.

" I want a muffin. " Identity said.

" And I want a cupcake. " Moonlight said. Velvet nodded and went to the kitchen. The door was heard. Somepony came in Sugar Cube Corner but Identity didn't bother to look. She was thinking too much in Caramel.

" Um, Dity. We should go. " Moonlight said looking behind Identity.

" Why?" Identity said and soon heard a familiar voice.

" Hi... Identity.." Caramel said. She stood still for a few seconds then lowered her ears.

" Caramel. Hi..." She said without looking back.

" Look I need to tell you something. Come." He said and took her hoof. Identity blushed and shouted when he pulled her to the wall.

" I know that you didn't wanted to kiss Aura. And I'm sorry I got mad with you. And-" Identity said but Caramel stopped her.

" Wait. I need to show you something tonight. " Caramel said.

" No." Identity said.

" No? Why not?" Caramel said confused.

" Because.. I know you are a vampire. Caramel stood still and his eyes were as big as plates.

" How do you..." Caramel said.

" My memory came back. At first I thought it was a dream. But then I realized it was real. " She said.

" But it isn't supposed to come back. Well maybe it's because you are half changeling." Caramel said and shrugged.

" Right?" Identity said confused.

" Changelings aren't affected with the dust." Caramel said.

" Right." Identity said, this time she understood.

" Hey, did my dad tell you to stay away from me?" Identity said.

" Um." Caramel said looking down. He promised Mothball not to tell his daughter.

" I know he did." Identity said. Caramel started looking around.

" He is not here. I came with my aunt Dinky." Identity said.

" Okay." Caramel said. The the door's bell was heard again. Identity looked and it was her father. Caramel gasped and Moonlight looked at Identity. Identity panicked and gave a little scream before turning into a random mare. Mothball looked back and he saw Caramel with a... very frightened mare. Maybe she was new and was scared because he was a changeling. He rolled his eyes and went to talk to them.

" Hello, Caramel. " He said.

" Um. Hello Mr. Mothball." Caramel said nervous.

" Who is your friend here?" Mothball said pointing the mare.

" Well her name is..." Caramel said.

" I'm Neon! " Identity said thinking on a random name.

" Okay, nice to meet you." He said and walked away.

" That was a close one " Identity whispered to Caramel. He nodded then looked at her disguise.

" You look cute in that disguise."Caramel said. She was light blue with blonde mane, green eyes and she was a pegasus. Identity blushed.

" Hey!" She said,

" I don't meant that you aren't cute. I mean, you are cuter than that, what I mean is.." He said nervously.

" That she is cute even in her disguises. " Chaotic said behind Caramel. Caramel gave a little jump.

" Oh, yes that is what I wanted to say." Caramel said awkwardly. Identity rolled her eyes and looked at her dad who was talking with Pinkie.

" Wait. How do you know it was Identity?" Caramel asked.

" Weird twin thingy." Chaotic said. Caramel just stared confused.

" Forget it." Chaotic said.

" Identity." Mothball said standing by her side. Identity immediately froze in place.

"Wha-what? Who is Identity?" She said.

" Nice try. But I know you are my daughter, I can smell changelings from a mile away." Mothball said raising an eyebrow. Identity sighed and transformed back to herself. Caramel couldn't help but smile.

" And you. I gave you orders." Mothball said now looking at Caramel.

" Dad stop. I got my memory back. I know what happened and I know that he is a vampire." Identity said.

" WHAT!?" Chaotic said giving a tiny jump and getting far from Caramel.

" Oh. " Mothball said ignoring his son's reaction.

" And please don't tell Caramel to stay away from me." Identity said getting Caramel close to her side. Caramel blushed and smiled awkwardly.

" But he can harm you. I don't trust him or his father, who knows about his mother!" Mothball said.

" You know-" Caramel tried to speak.

" No! He will not harm me dad. He is not like that." Identity said getting Caramel closer to her. Caramel blushed again.

" Well if I-" Caramel said.

" Young lady. I know what's best for you. And being with this colt is not good." Mothball said getting Caramel far from his daughter.

" HEY!" Caramel shouted. He got all eyes on him, like he wanted.

" My dad thinks the same about you, Screwball and Identity." Caramel said.

" He thinks Identity could harm me, and specially you." He continued. Mothball immediately thought of this and backed up a little bit.

" And no, I would never ever hurt your daughter sir." He said giving a hoof to Mothball. Mothball stared at the hoof for a second, then at the colt. He looked so nice, but he couldn't trust him yet.

" Fine." Mothball said without giving him a hoof. " But you have to stay 3 feet away from her, no touching, and obviously no kissing!" Mothball said as Screwball came in Sugar Cube Corner.

" Mothy, there you are! " She said and stopped when she saw all the kids. " Oh boy, what happened now?"

" Nothing sweetie, I will tell you later." Mothball said. Screwball nodded.

" Dity! Your muffin is here like 30 minutes ago!" Moonlight shouted from the table.

" Oops! Coming." Identity said and ran towards the table.

Guess what? It was Hearth's Warming day! And everypony was gathering in the castle, as always. Not only the Discord family but all of the main six. And their kids of course, and let's not forget their grandchildren. Everypony was talking, but Identity was staring at the window, the sky was orange the sunset was starting. Every time she saw this she thinks about Caramel. She sighed as R.H. approached her.

" Feeling down?" She said and sat down by her side.

" Nah." Identity said.

" Guess what!?" R.H. said.

" What?" Identity said.

" My older brother is finally coming for a visit!" She said smiling.

" You have an older brother??" Identity said.

" Yes. He lives with my father. They both live in Canterlot." R.H. said.

" And he is coming with my dad, any second now." R.H. said. Suddenly the door was open. A light green with rainbow mane stallion was at the door. Then next to him was another stallion, almost Identity's age. He was light blue with dark red mane. His eyes were green and his cutiemark was a pair of headphones. Identity looked at the unicorn. He was cute, but her heart was on Caramel so don't give it second thoughts. The stallion looked at Identity for a few seconds. Then he looked at his sister.

" Rainbow! " He said as his sister went to hug him. He was just one year older than them. So he was 15.

" DJ! I'm so glad you came home!" She said and before her brother could talk she took him by the hoof and went to Identity.

" This is my BFFFFFFFF.... and it keeps going, Identity!" She said and pushed her brother to Identity, but she pushed him to close. Identity and DJ were so close, it looked like they were gonna kiss. They both blushed hard. R.H. realized the mistake she did.

" Oops!" She said awkwardly. And took her brother far from Identity.

" Hi.. I'm DJ. " DJ said putting a hoof on front of Identity.

" Hi. As you know I'm Identity." Identity said and gave him a hoof.

" And I see you are still as excited as before R.H." He said.

" Yep!" R.H. said while she was giving tiny jumps. Then the door opened again. Standing there was Bolt with a gift in his mouth. Discord went to greet his old friend. Mothball was in the kitchen and we got out he saw Bolt. He gasped. He went to Identity and grabbed her hoof. He ran to the kitchen.

" What ? Dad!" Identity said.

" Bolt is there. He is dangerous." Mothball said.

" Ugh dad." Identity said and rolled her eyes.

" Identity! " Mothball said but his daughter was already outside.

" Hello Identity." Bolt said.

" Um. Hello." Identity said. She didn't believe her dad but she did not fell safe with Bolt.

" This gift." Bolt said putting the gift down. " Is from Caramel."

" Why can't he come?" Identity asked, she knew exactly why but she dared to ask.

" It's not your problem kid." Bolt said.

" Excuse me, don't talk to my daughter like that!" Screwball said. " You can at least say you don't know!"

" It's not your problem either, kid." Bolt said.

" Excuse me!? I'm not a kid! " Screwball said angry. Mothball heard his wife shout and went to see.

" Bolt. Say so sorry to my wife and daughter." Mothball said. Bolt gasped quietly. He knew that Mothball knew about the secret.

" I'm-I'm sorry. Bye!" He said and went away. Screwball sighed.

" You okay?" Mothball said.

" Yes." Screwball said and went with her dad.

" Wow. " DJ said walking by Identity's side.

" Wow indeed." Identity said.

" Do you know why he didn't came?" DJ asked.

" Well. No." Identity lied.

" Okay then." DJ said.

" Attention !" Screwball said. " I have one gift for all of you!"

" Is it muffins!?" Derpy asked.

" No Derpy, I bet its not muffins." Fluttershy giggled.

" I'm having another foal!" Screwball said and smiled. Everyone had different reactions, I will give you some: :pinkiehappy::derpyderp2::rainbowkiss::twilightsheepish::raritystarry: Bu Discord and Mothball had the same as before, Discord was excited and Mothball was surprised but then happy.

" Awesome." He whispered to Screwball and kissed her. Screwball giggled.

" What is it?" Apple Jack asked.

" I'm not sure. " Screwball said. " We will find out in some months." After that everyone went back to what they were doing.

" I'm going out for some fresh air." Identity said. D.J. and R.H. nodded. Identity went to the cold night. She was a little deeper into the forest and there she found two trees who were curved into a heart shape. She thought it was real nice so she flied to one of the big branches and sat down. Suddenly she heard something in the tree. She looked at her sides, up and down but she saw nothing. Then in the other tree something sat down too. It was Caramel with a huge smile in his face.

" Hi." He said.

" Hi." Identity said with the same smile.

" Did you like my gift?" He said.

" Oh." She completely forgot about it. " I forgot to open it, there was a lot going on."

" What happened?" Caramel asked.

" My mom is having another foal." Identity said and rolled her eyes.

" Oh. Isn't that nice?" Caramel said.

" Ya, but I'm not into foals." She said. Caramel giggle quietly.

" I like when you turn into a vampire." Identity said noticing his vampire form. Caramel blushed and smiled.

" Thank you. Hey can you turn into one?" He said.

" What? No. Well I'm not sure." Identity said. " I never tried it."

" Try !" Caramel said excited.

" Well okay then." She said and closed her eyes. Green flames covered her. She was going to transform completely into Caramel but all she got were the wings, ears and fangs, well she already had fangs. Instead of being Caramel's color they were pink.

" Oh, you turned into a vampire, literally! " Caramel said.

" I couldn't do it." Identity said and turned back.

" I think you looked cute." Caramel said. Identity smiled but her smile faded when she two familiar voices.

" Identity where are you?" Mothball shouted.

" We have strawberries covered in Nutella, your favorite!" Discord shouted.

" Quick hide. " Identity said as Caramel went inside the tree. She went down with her family.

" I'm here." Identity said.

" Where were you?" Discord said.

" On top of the tree. Just looking around." She said.

" Okay, come inside it's cold here." Mothball said. Identity looked at the tree and followed her dad.

" Drink it! Drink it!" Moonlight, R.H., D.J, and a light blue pony with orange mane. Her name was Daisy. She was Thunder's and Apple Blossom daughter. Chaotic was holding with his magic a cup of soda mixed with beer.

"Nooooo." Chaotic said.

" Chicken!" Moonlight said.

" If you drink it I will kiss you." R.H. said. " He will never drink it." She whispered to Identity. Chaotic blushed at the thought of a first kiss with a mare that's not even his marefriend. But it was nice the thought of kissing her. Chaotic gathered all of his strength and gave a huge gulp. Without thinking it twice he drank it all. R.H. gasped and blushed. Identity started giggling and making fun of her friend. Chaotic felt like throwing up. Then he moved his head from side to side and closed his eyes. He gave a huge breath and opened his eyes. He was fine, and he looked at R.H. She just stared at him blushing.

" Oh wait, I have to go! " R.H. said and ran to the door. It was too late because Identity grabbed her tail.

" Your not going anywhere!" Identity said as she grabbed her older brother and put them both in her room.

" Now do your thing!" Identity said and slammed the door. They both started staring and blushing.

" You told you would kiss me." Chaotic said and gave an evil smile.

" I thought you weren't gonna drink it!" R.H. said still blushing.

" I wasn't gonna drink it. But when you told me that I wanted." Chaotic said. R.H. blushed and smiled. She then threw herself at Chaotic and gave him a huge passionate kiss.

" Hey guys. Dad just put a chocolate fountain if you wa-" Screwball said opening the door and stopped. Not one of them stopped kissing. They kept kissing. " Oops." Screwball said and giggled. She closed the door and left those two lovebirds alone.

At the other side of the window Identity and Caramel were looking at the two lovebirds.

" Ahahahaha a minute already!" Identity said but quietly.

" Those two really love each other." Caramel said. Identity nodded and with a smile she started recording them. Identity started hearing Caramel's thoughts.

" Oh no, I forgot I can read thoughts." Identity thought to herself and tried not to hear but it was impossible.

"When is she gonna kiss me?" Caramel thought. Identity gasped and dropped her phone.

" What!? Did they go farther than kissing?" Caramel asked.

" Wha- What? No! I forgot, um my dad is looking for me bye." She said entering the house after grabbing her phone.

" Was it something I said?" Caramel thought.

Author's Note:

Hi guys! Merry Christmas! I know, I took quite some time with this chapter, and it's not that interesting but I really hope you like this. I think it's been the longest chapter so far. Anyways, I hope you like this and give a like, comment and enjoy. Love you.:pinkiehappy:

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