• Published 13th Nov 2015
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Grandchildren of Discord - MLPRainbowHeart

Screwball and Mothball are Finally married. But Will life change after They find out that Screwy is having a foal? Most importantly, what kind of problems will their kids get into?

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We Made Up.... ( Now without errors ^^)

" Stay here Zany " Fluttershy said, going to her husband.

" Discord are you o- " she tried to put her hoof on him.

Discord dissapeared without letting his wife talk to him, Fluttershy just sighed, and walked up to Dinky who was with Cinnamon Stick.

" Hello Fluttershy! " Dinky smiled, trying to keep positive. Cinnamon Stick waved.

" Hi, umm what exactly happened between Discord and Screwball?" Fluttershy asked, wanting to know what happened to see if she could fix it.

" Well..." Cinnamon Stick started saying, " I honestly don't wanna talk about it, sorry Misses Fluttershy... " He said, looking down.

" Don't worry. " Fluttershy replied and left. She then saw a colt on the counter and she went up to him.

" Excuse me um sir, that was my husband and daughter over there, can I please see the security camera to see exactly what happened between them? " Fluttershy asked the pony politely.

" Oh well of course, ma'am. " he replied and showed her the security camera on the computer in front of him.

Fluttershy looked at the recording and realized what had happened.

"Oh, my... what Discord said was... really... umm bad..." She said. " Thank you " she thanked the colt and left with Zany beside her.


Mothball decided he would go find his wife at their house, thinking that she was going to be there. When he arrived at the house, it was in the air and it was spinning rapidly.

He started flying until he arrived at the door, he tried to go in but as soon as he did, he got dizzy. He tried walking but he couldn't so he tried flying. He saw Screwball laying on the couch.

She was... eating paper? He thought it was weird, but he still went to talk to her.

" Screwy, Screwy, are you okay? " Mothball asked quickly. She nodded silently, not answering, " Screwy are you sure you are okay? " He asked again.

She didn't answer.

" Screwy look at me! " He pleaded, getting worried.

She looked at him with her eyes filled with tears.

Mothball was surprised.

" No! I'm not okay! My dad hurt my feelings more than yours! I'm not okay! And I know I made him feel bad too! " she cried out. Mothball kissed her on the forehead.

" Calm Down Screwy, please " He said kindly as he started to run his hoof through her mane. She sniffed and calmed down.

" I'm calm, I just want to be alone..." She said quietly. Mothball kissed her again and nodded, he put his hoof on his head, he was getting real dizzy.

"Are you okay?" Screwball asked, concerned.

" Ya I'm just a little dizzy... " He said, swaying. Screwball stopped the spinning the house and put her head back on the couch. Mothball left the house quickly and Screwball started to spin the house again.

Mothball left to go to the Everfree forest. He wanted to go to the chocolate lake. When he came closer to the lake he heard sobbing, Mothball got curious, he went behind the bushes and saw Discord.

He was crying.

" I never thought Discord cried..." Mothball thought to himself.

" She hates me! Oh, she hates me! She loves Mothball more than me! That changeling didn't raise her when she was a child! I did! I didn't mean what I said that changeling!!! And.... and..." He started sobbing, Mothball could not believe it, he felt bad for him.

Mothball then heard some rustling from behind him. It was Fluttershy, he told her to be quiet. She saw her husband crying and got a little mad that Mothball was spying on him.

" Why are you spying on him? " she whispered.

" Sorry, but I just wanted to come to the chocolate lake and I saw him here. " Mothball whispered back.

Fluttershy looked at her husband crying, she felt bad for him, she walked up to him. She touched his paw. He was startled at first but then tried to quickly wipe his tears.

" Something got in my eye......" Discord lied quickly, Fluttershy smiled and kissed him softly.

" Sweetie it's okay to cry, and specially if your sad. " Fluttershy said softly with a smile. He looked at her and forced a strained smile. He also knew Fluttershy could see through it, she hugged him.

" What's bothering you? " She asked quietly.

" It's what happened with Screwy..." He mumbled. Fluttershy put her hoof on his mouth.

" Don't tell me more, but you know, what you said about the changeling was pretty harsh.." She said kindly, living up to her element inside.

" I know, I know, I actually felt scared when Mothball got hurt, but I didn't show it because its not like me... "

Fluttershy just hugged him.

" You know there is someone here that wants to talk to you." She said.

" Is it Screwy? " He asked and started looking around. Fluttershy shook her head and pointed towards the bushes.

Mothball got out of the bushes and went towards them, he knew that was his call. Discord got surprised when he saw him but then he got kinda mad, he didn't wanted to see him.

" Hello, Discord, look Screwy didn't meant what she said, she loves you. I don't know why she got hurt, it was me who was supposed to get hurt. But it was her, she felt bad because of what she about hating you... " Mothball explained. Discord looked at Mothball.

" What would you do if you hurt somepony's feelings and you love that pony a lot but they won't talk to you? " Discord asked Mothball.

" I would not give up, I would keep talking to that somepony until they answer," Mothball said, " or I would just wait Discord. Until she calms down, it's your choice..." He said smiling at Discord.

Discord sighed.

" I guess your right." Discord said, " I'm going to go talk to her now, you both come with me." He said and started walking.

When they arrived at the house, it was still in the air, spinning.

Fluttershy couldn't help but giggle in amusement. Then she laughed. She was laughing so hard.

" Why are you laughing honey? " Discord asked.

" Ajajaja--- It's just that---ajajajaja------this looks just like------ajajajjajajajaj---when you stayed in my house." Fluttershy smiled trying to hold in her laughs, although she couldn't hide the laughter.

Discord snickered, remembering the memory.

Mothball didn't have a clue what they were talking about, he wasn't there when it happened.

Screwball heard laughing and she went out to see what was happening. She saw her dad and went inside again. Discord tried to go inside the house but there was a shield around it. Mothball and Fluttershy could go in but he couldn't, so he flew where the door was but he couldn't enter at all.

" Listen Screwy, I'm so SO sorry, I just wanted to spend time with you! And I didn't mean what I said about the cha- Mothball, I'm so so sorry!" He started yelling.

The only thing heard was: "GO AWAY!!!"

Discord went back to the ground and looked down. He sighed in defeat. Mothball walked in the house to try to talk with her.

" GO AWAY, PLEASE!" Screwball yelled, after that the only thing heard was sobbing. Mothball went out of the house and sighed.

" I have never seen her so broken," Mothball said. " the only time I saw her this broken was..." Mothball thought. He stopped and sighed.

"Well, when!?" Discord asked, desperate.

" Well, after the fight you had with her long ago at the Grand Galloping Gala, she was crying on the chocolate lake, I went to check on her and we talked, she tried to kiss me but I thought I could hurt her so... I told we should never meet again... and well I couldn't even look at her. I knew those beautiful enchanting eyes were filling up with tears... She started crying and I was spying on her... it really was heart braking." Mothball said with tears in his eyes.

Discord listened to Mothball. When he finished talking, Discord didn't say anything.

Then Screwball appeared.

" I'm so sorry Mothy, I didn't mean to hurt you it's just that I was upset. " She said, starting to cry.

Fluttershy looked at Discord.

They both disappeared.

" Screwy don't worry, but please talk with your dad, I just want you and him to be happy." Mothball said and kissed her softly. She sniffed and nodded.

" I'm sorry, I'm getting too emotional lately. And hearing my dad say that hurt me even more." She said.

Mothball hugged her and they both began walking to the castle.

When they arrived, Screwball took a deep breath. She knocked. Fluttershy answered the door. She smiled at Screwball. Screwball smiled back.

Fluttershy called over Discord and he went to see his daughter.

He opened his mouth to speak but didn't as Screwball hugged him.

" I'm so sorry daddy, I didn't know you just wanted to spend some time with me! " Screwball said, hugging her father. Discord hugged her back.

" Don't worry darling, and I'm sorry too, what I said was really rude to you and Mothball." Discord said, smiling. Screwball smiled and let go of her dad. They all shared a smile.

" Well its getting late Screwy, we should better get home." Mothball said.

Screwball nodded and waved to her parents. The sun was going down.

As soon as they arrived at their house -which was just a 10 second walk/fly- they slept peacefully.

Author's Note:

Hello Guys! I have been getting a lot of complains and questions if DF lets me do this, well ya she does. But I dont feel to comfortable with it so I'm gonna ask her if she wants to do some. But ya, anyways I know this is short but I have a lot of things in my mind right now. So I hope you enjoy this and Love You All!:pinkiehappy: Oh, and I'm so happy! 109 view already!:twilightsmile: