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Grandchildren of Discord - MLPRainbowHeart

Screwball and Mothball are Finally married. But Will life change after They find out that Screwy is having a foal? Most importantly, what kind of problems will their kids get into?

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Oh no...

Chaotic nodded as his sister said the obvious.

" What now?" He said.

" Well, I'm not sure. He saw the kiss and.." Identity said biting her lips.

" Well, it's his problem for leaving you. You just moved on." Chaotic said.

" IT WAS HIS DAD!" Identity shouted. Rolling her eyes since she was receiving "much" help from her brother.

" Whatevs...." Chaotic said. Identity slapped her brother, not so hard but it did hurt.

"HEY!" He shouted rubbing his cheek.

" You deserved it!" Identity said.

" What don't you love DJ?" Chaotic said getting pissed off.

" Yes I do... but.." Identity said.

" But NOTHING! Let Caramel go!" Chaotic said as he went back to the pool leaving his sister alone and confused.

Identity was in her room. She did not tell anyone about Caramel, not even RH. She was so frustrated not knowing what to do. Then she heard a know.

" Come in." She said. Opening the door was DJ.

" Hey babe. Chaotic told me you were having some emotional problems." DJ said closing the door.

" That little..." Identity whispered.

" Wanna tell me what's wrong?" DJ said laying in the bed by her side. Identity froze in place.

" Well, its nothing its just my brother being a jerk." Identity said.

" Are you sure?" DJ said getting closer to her and facing her.

" Absolutely." She said as she kissed him. He wrapped his hooves around her and she did the same thing. Then there was another knock on the door. They both jumped out of bed.

"C-Come in." Identity said.

" Hey sweetie- oh hi DJ. " Mothball said. DJ smiled.

" Hey, your mother and I are going to Canterlot for a few days and your staying with Discord and Fluttershy. So pack your things cause it's tomorrow." Mothball said and closed the door.

" Pack me in there." DJ said. Identity giggled and gave him another kiss.

" I won't be too far away dummy" She said.

" I know. But the farthest I can be without you its 2 centimeters.." He said putting his forehead on hers. She giggled.

" Bye." She said giving him one more goodbye kiss. DJ gladly took it and went away. Identity sighed.

" I can't a normal life do I..."

Nightlight came out of her room. She noticed the basket of fruits she asked her son to bring already there. She went to pick an apple when she heard sobbing. She followed the noise to found her son crying miserably in his bed.

" Caramel?" She said going to him. She rubbed his back.

" Mom- I-I" He said but he could barely talk.

" She-dad-well" He tried to talk.

" SHE IS WITH DJ!" He finally shouted. Nightlight was confused for a second but then realized what her son was talking about.

" Well sweetie, I can't blame her. It had been four years already..." Nightlight said.

" But, but. A lot of mares tried to make me theirs and I said no hoping one day I could see Identity." Caramel said getting his tears off his face.

" Well, I guess she's not worth it after all.." Nightlight said.

" I suppose...." Caramel said.

" Get some rest." Nightlight said kissing him in the forehead and leaving his room. Caramel sighed and sniffed.

Well here it was.. Discord's castle. Identity entered along with her family. Discord was standing there with his arks wide open.

" Pops!" Galaxy said running to her grandfather.

" My little Galaxy!" He said then looking at the twins. He then took Chaotic and rubbed his head.

" Hey pops, don't you think I'm to old for this?" Chaotic said kind of annoyed.

" Nope." He said then taking Identity. He did the same thing but Identity did nothing. Discord raised an eyebrow.

" Is everything alright?" Discord asked Identity. Her parents closed the door and she stared into Discord's eyes. Letting him know NOTHING was okay. He hugged her as she started crying.

" No sweetie. You did love Caramel, but he left and you moved on." Fluttershy said giving Identity a cup of hot chocolate.

" Major love issue." Chaotic said drinking his hot chocolate.

" Ugh! Your fine! You have RH since childhood!" Identity said and gave a light hit on the table.

" You have DJ! Anyways, Granny is it okay if I ask RH to marry me?" Chaotic said.

" Oh." Fluttershy said. Discord looked at his wife who was frozen in place.

" Well even if your going to be an adult real soon, I think your too young." Discord said.

" Yeah Goofball." Identity said. Chaotic rolled his eyes.

" Whatevs, I will wait a few years." Chaotic said. Fluttershy smiled. There was a knock on the door. Discord went to open it. DJ was standing there with s basket filled with chocolates.

" CHOCOLATES!" Galaxy said.

" No, Galaxy their are for your sister." Fluttershy said taking hot chocolate for her.

" Talking about romance.." Discord whispered.

"What was that?" DJ asked.

" Nothing. Anyways, Hello DJ what brings you here?!" Discord said.

" I'm here to visit Identity." DJ said.

" Of course. Come in." Discord said. DJ gave a smile to Fluttershy who gladly smiled back.

" Hey darling." DJ said and gave Identity a light kiss. Receiving a blush from her.

" Not in front of my grandparents.." Identity whispered.

" Sure." DJ said. He put the basket in front of her.

" For my angel." He whispered. Identity smiled.

"Thanks." She said.

" Hey YOU TWO! Get your own room!!" Chaotic shouted.

" Fine." DJ said. Identity rolled her eyes and took DJ to her mother's old room.

" I wanted to ask you something Dity." DJ said.

" Anything!" Identity said with a smile. Then there was the doorbell again.

" Ignore it." She said. She then saw DJ kneel down. She lowered her ears. She didn't like where this was going..

" Identity. Since the first day I laid eyes on you, I fell in love." DJ said. Identity had her eyes as big as plates.

" You may had other stallion in your mind. But after some time I got you." DJ said. Identity started to sweat. Oh not even Celestia could save her now......

" So, Identity Chaos Shy." DJ said. Identity started to breath fast.

" Would you make me the happiest stallion in all of Equestria..." DJ said.

" And marry me?" DJ said. Identity was in shock. She loved him, and she really wanted this. But she care about Caramel too.... Oh no... Identity awkwardly smiled.

" I--I-" She said. DJ's smile started to fade. And that's when the door opened.

" Phew! Saved by the door.......OR NOT!" Identity thought as she saw Caramel standing there with wide eyes.

" Oh Celestia.."

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