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Grandchildren of Discord - MLPRainbowHeart

Screwball and Mothball are Finally married. But Will life change after They find out that Screwy is having a foal? Most importantly, what kind of problems will their kids get into?

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Identity was in her bed looking at the roof. As the door opened she sat down too see her father.

" Chaotic told us what he saw, and what you did." Mothball said.

" Sorry dad, I- I don't know what got over me!" Identity said. Mothball sat down by her side.

" I get it, for love we do stupid things." Mothball said.

" But what you said to your brother, wasn't nice." Mothball said as Chaotic entered the room. Screwball was there too.

" And you hurt not only his feeling but you mom's feelings." Mothball said. Identity lowered her ears and hugged her mom.

" Sorry." She whispered. Screwball smiled as Chaotic joined the hug. Mothball smiled and hugged his beloved family. They sat down, still hugging never wanting to let go.

RH was with her mom in the room.

" I'm glad you are okay." Velvet said sitting by RH's side. RH just nodded.

" I'm sick of that stallion! Even if he is my step son, I don't like him." Velvet said referring to DJ. RH sighed.

" And I'm sick of you dating that-that stallion! He doesn't even care about me.." RH said. Velvet lowered her ears.

" I know you don't like him... but I need to tell you something dear.." Velvet said.


" I'm pregnant." Velvet said. RH gasped.

" I was going to tell you with Lemon but, I think now it's the perfect time." Velvet said touching her belly. RH looked to the floor and nodded.

Chaotic entered the room with a smile.

" Hello Mrs. Velvet." Chaotic said.

" Hi Chaotic." Velvet said with a smile.

" Hi sweetie." Chaotic said then sitting in the hospital bed with RH. RH smiled. Velvet then got closer to her ear.

" Now, this young stallion, I sure like this young stallion!" She whispered to RH and left. RH smiled as she put her head on Chaotic's chest. Chaotic was stroking her mane with a smile.

" I love you..." He whispered.

" I love you too."She whispered back. They shared a long kiss and closed their eyes.



" Are we going to stay together forever?" RH said still with her head on his chest.

" Of course." Chaotic said. " If that's what you want.." He said again. She nodded.

" More than anything in the world."

Identity got in the hospital with some brownies. She then knocked on Caramel's door. The doctor answered.

"Miss Identity! Welcome. His parents are not here yet so you have some 20 minutes." The doctor said letting her in.

" I'm going to leave you alone." The doctor said and left. Identity nodded and looked at Caramel. 5 days had passed since.. the incident and he was getting better. The breathing thing in his mouth wasn't there anymore, and some tubes were removed. However, he was still still hurt. He was sleeping on bed and Identity walked closer. She slowly put the brownies in the table and sat down in the chair. She looked at him for some minutes and looked down.

" I wish.. I wish It would have been me.." She whispered.

" Then I won't be getting brownies.." She heard. She giggled and hugged him. Caramel smiled. As Identity put the brownies on the bed he looked at her eyes. She did the same. Then she looked at the brownies putting one in a plate and giving it to him. Caramel smiled.

" How do I know they are not poisoned?" He said smiling. Identity rolled her eyes and decided to play the same game.

" You'll have to wait and see." She said.

" Wait, wh-" Caramel was cut short by Identity. She stuffed the brownies in his mouth. He took some minutes but he swallowed it.

" So gooooood." He said with a sigh. Identity giggled.

" Hey, I can kiss you now.." He said with a smile.

" No, your mouth smells like brownie!" She said giggling.

" Hey! No fair!" He said. Identity started giggling when he tickled her with his wing. Then the door was open. Bolt was there with a yawn and Nightlight was there too. By this time everypony in the hospital knew her secret. The teenagers gasped as they returned back to normal. Bolt saw Identity and his expression changed.

" What are you doing here!?" He said.

" J-just passing by.." Identity said getting off bed and taking the brownies. She walked to the door and Bolt stopped her with his wing. She looked at him.

" Thanks for being there for my son.." He whispered. Identity smiled.

" He really loves you." Nightlight said. Identity smiled the biggest of the smiles. They closed the door as she went out. Caramel smiled.

" She was jumping, what did you say?" He said.

" She was?" Bolt said and looked through the door's window. He giggled softly.

As Identity walked in Ponyville's streets she was smiling. Today was the last week before Caramel could go out of the hospital. She was making her way to the hospital, when she was stopped by an un-known pony. Her coat was light gray and her mane was dark red. She was NOT Velvet. She had some sort of weird dress, covering her cutiemark. And a hat, covering her horn.

" Hello, are you Identity?" The mare said. Identity slowly nodded. Something about that mare..... her voice was familiar.

" I will need you to follow me." The mare said.

" Are you crazy? No way." Identity said moving on. The mare ran by her side.

"B-but it's urgent!" The mare said again.

" Nope!" Identity said.

" I-It's your aunt, she.. umm she is sick!" The mare said. Identity then raised an eyebrow.

" I don't have an aunt." She said.

" You don't? Oh right you don't! Jaja, um wrong pony!" The mare said and ran away. Identity rolled her eyes and left.

" Two more days.." Caramel said smiling at Identity who was by her side in the bed. She apparently fell asleep.

" Two more days, and I can be with you again."

Identity smiled in her sleep. Caramel couldn't resist it, she was so cute.. He kissed her. Bolt entered the room just when Caramel stopped.

" W-what is she doing in there?" Bolt said confused. Caramel shrugged.

" I woke up with her by my side. I guess she came to visit and feel asleep." Caramel said. Bolt shake his head and took her slowly. He put her in the couch.

" Caramel.. I really like that mare.. It's just that, you go crazy around her." Bolt said sitting down in the bed.

" Because I love her." Caramel said.

" I know, but promise me, if I let you see her, you have to think twice about your actions.." Bolt said. Caramel nodded. Nightlight then came in the room.

" Caramel, somepony wants to say hi." She said with a smile. By her side was a 2 year old filly. Her coat was light yellow and her mane was brown. She had green eyes and, apparently she wasn't a vampire.

" Lily!" Caramel shouted. The filly hugged her brother tight.

"Cawamel!" She shouted. She hugged her brother and Caramel smiled.

Identity yawned and rubbed her eyes. She sat down, not noticing where she was.

"Dad! Just 5 MORE MINUTES!!" She shouted. Everypony in the room stared at her. Caramel was smiling. Identity then looked at the ponies finally, noticing where she was.

"Oh...umm. I'm so sorry." She said blushing. Everypony kept talking. Identity stared at the filly in Caramel's lap. The filly, apparently was doing the same thing. Lily went to where Identity was and jumped by her side.

" You wook Weiwd! She shouted pointing at Identity. Identity blushed and lowered her ears. All of the family looked at her.

" Lily!" Nightlight said grabbing her daughter.

"I'm so sorry.." Bolt said. Caramel looked at Identity with surprised eyes.

" I'm sorry Dity.. Lily is not used to.." Caramel said trying to find a word that wasn't: ' Not a pony '

" Monster?" Identity said looking at him. Identity had never actually cared about her looks. But now, even if it was a 2 year old filly she fekt horrible. It made her think, why does Caramel like her? Why does nopony run away from her?

" No! No! I mean she is only used to vampires.." Caramel said rubbing his back. Identity forced a smile. Carmel could see through it as he looked at his sister. Lily smiled. Caramel just looked down.

" Anyways...... Identity! How's your sister!?" Nightlight said changing the theme. Even though she never talked with Identity.

" Good." Identity said.

" Sister?" Carmel said.

" I have a baby sister, she is 4 years old." Identity said with a smile.

" Well, Lily is 2 years old." Caramel said with another smile. The doctor came in.

" Excuse me, your visit time is over, I need to work with Caramel." The doctor said with a smile. They all nodded and left.

RH was with BFF walking to the hospital.

" So Dity, today is the day when Caramel leaves the hospital?" She said.

" M-hmm. I'm soo excited." Identity said.

" I noticed." RH said seeing her friend jumping. Identity blushed and stopped jumping.

Suddenly another strange mare came. Her coat was pink and her mane was white. She was hiding her cutiemark with a blue dress.

" Identity! Quick!! It's your brother! H-he is in trouble! " The mare said. Identity gasped.

" Follow me!" The mare said running to a much different path from the hospital. RH decided to go too, after all it was her coltfriend. Identity ran behind the mare with RH by her side. Some minutes later they found themselves in the Ever Free Forest. As they looked around they noticed the mare was gone..

" W-where are you..?" Identity said scared. RH was scared too. Suddenly they heard the bushed move. Both of the mares were horrified. Identity looked over at her friend before talking.

" I'm scared.." Identity said. Suddenly everything went black. But things for her rainbow mane friend were exactly the same.

Identity woke up tied up with chains. By her side was RH in the same situation. She was still unconscious. Identity started shaking her head trying to remember what happened. Then everything went back to her.

" Darn it.." She said quietly. As she looked around she had this horrible felling she had been here before. She heard slow hoofsteps as her ears twitched. She looked into the darkness and saw nopony. She then heard a moan. She looked by her side seeing her friend wake up.

" What happened...?" RH said. She then remembered what had happened a few hours ago. Identity looked at her and they both shared scared looks. Suddenly the hoofsteps were heard again.

" Well well well, not so powerful now.." A voice said in the darkness. That voice... she heard it again.. from where!?

" How would you like for me to hurt YOUR dad?!" The voice shouted as it came out of the darkness. Identity gasped and saw in horror as her old... how do we call her now? Her old enemy? Let's go with enemy. As her old enemy was standing in there with an evil smile. She knew exactly who it was. Dark grey coat, purple mane with blue tip. Red, green eyes with smoke. Her armor, cutiemark horn. It was Shadow.

" Shadow..." Identity growled. " Long time no see..." She said.

" Jaja yes Identity, long time no see..." Shadow said.

" Now, If you want to be free, and your little friend you have to answer some questions!" Shadow said.

" I will never speak to you!" Identity snapped at her.

" Calm down there, no need to get all tiger." Shadow said. Identity was getting crazy,at this point she sounded like Discord.

" Anyways! First question." Shadow said. " Are you family or friend of the main six?"

Identity thought for a second. Yes she was but, should she tell her? It would do no harm.

"Yes.." Identity said.

" I see.. Now, where do they live?" Shadow said.

" I will never tell you.." Identity said. Shadow shrugged.

" I guess we will have to do this the hard way!" She said with a smile. As she turned the floor into lave she levitated to be in front of the scared mares. Identity and RH both looked down to find themselves slowly going down to the lava. Identity shouted in horror. RH flapped her wings trying to escape but it was useless.

" Fine Fine I will tell you!" Identity shouted before the floor turned into normal and Shadow found herself on Identity's face.

"Talk...." She said smiling.

Caramel was in his wheelchair waiting for his lovely crush. Their parents where with the doctor paying and doing some stuff. Caramel looked at the clock. It was 3:30 already. Identity promised with all of her heart to be there at 2:00. He was getting worried. If she had to cancel she would probably call him or something. But she didn't. As his parents went with him he gave them a worried look.

" What's wrong?" Nightlight said.

" Well, Identity promised to be her at 2:00 and its 3:30 already." Caramel said.

" Don't worry sweetie. She has personal business, I'm sure it's nothing!" Nightlight said with a comforting smile. Caramel shrugged. But this is Identity we are talking about. She always told him if she couldn't go. As the vampire/pony family arrived to their home in the deeps of the Ever Free Forest Caramel got up of his wheel chair and stretched his wings and hooves.

" Ahh. Feels so good to finally walk!" He said as he took off flying. He gave some loops here and there and he went to the ground.

" I feel like doing a race!" He shouted as his father smile.

" Of course. I wish we all had that childish spirit."Bolt said entering the house.

" Hey! I'm 18... and a half!" Caramel shouted chasing his father.

As Identity and RH were patrolled by Shadow out of the Ever Free Forest Shadow gave them a glare.

" Speak to somepony about this, and I will hunt you down. I know everything.." Shadow said before the mares turned around finding nopony. They both lowered their ears in fear.

" I think we are lost.." RH said looking around.

"Let's fly!" Identity said before flapping her wings. She didn't move from the ground.

" Ugh, being tied in those chains made my wings all bad.." Identity said. RH nodded as she did the same, with the same result. As they walked into what they thought it was closer to Ponyville they were actually walking to the deeps of the Ever Free Forest. After some hours walking they were hungry, thirsty and tired. Their fast steps were now slow and their eyes were almost closed. Suddenly they heard a lot of giggles and saw a light. They ran to where the sound came and found a nice wood cabin in the center of the forest. They sighed in relief as they knocked on the door.

It was a beautiful sunset and Caramel was having dinner with his family. He already turned into a vampire. They were all sharing a wonderful moment. They were giggling and talking. Caramel had his phone by his plate just in case Identity texted him. Suddenly there was heard a knock on the door. It left all of the family in shock. Nopony knew where they lived. They were in the center of the Ever Free Forest. Bolt stood up not making any noise and slowly opened the door expecting an animal or something. But what he found was way worst. Identity was standing there with her best friend, they both looked almost dead. Not either of them were focused enough to notice the light yellow stallion.

" How did you mares found us?" Was all he said before gasping as the mares collapsed to the ground. Caramel looked at the door but his dad was blocking the view. He then looked by his side noticing a familiar pink. He looked down seeing then a familiar changeling hooves. He ran to the door and when he got there the mares collapsed. Bolt took them both and put them slowly in the couch. He may not want them to know his current home, but he wasn't a bad guy either.

" What happened to them!?" Caramel said in shock as his mother stood up to see the mares.

"I-I don't know! They both collapsed after I talked to them!" Bolt said as his wife went to the refrigerator and took two ice bags. She gave them to her husband and he slowly collocated the ice bags in their heads.

Caramel sat by Identity's side removing the ice bag and touching her forehead.

" She is really hot!" Caramel said.

" Caramel!" Nightlight shouted.

" Mom! What I mean is she is really warm.." Caramel said blushing. Nightlight lowered her ears.

" Oh.."

Bolt rolled his eyes and put the ice bag back on Identity's forehead. They all returned to their dinner, giving the mares some glares from time to time. After some minutes the family was washing the dishes. Nightlight was picking up the dishes and things in the table, Bolt went to put to bed Lily and Caramel was washing the plates. Identity moaned as she moves to the other side, facing the working family. She slowly opened her eyes feeling the cold on her forehead. She slowly went and took it. Without thinking twice she threw it behind her. She rubbed her eyes as she tried to see clearly. When she did she sat down putting her hoof on her forehead. She then looked around, she did notice the ponies in front of her, but she was feeling to bad to even care. Caramel heard the moan as he looked back. He gasped running to Identity and giving her a huge hug. He was so excited, he left the water running. Nightlight closed the water and served to glasses of water and gave one to Identity. Identity started drinking it recovering a little bit. As she looked the face in front of her she recognized who it was.

It took her some time, but she recognized him. She gasped and kissed him. Nightlight smiled and shook her head. Caramel smiled as RH woke up too. Nightlight gave her the glass of water as the ice bag fell from RH's forehead. She had the same reaction as Identity but *clears throat* without the kiss. Bolt then went with his son and noticed that the mares were finally up.

" Mares, you have some explaining to do.."

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