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Grandchildren of Discord - MLPRainbowHeart

Screwball and Mothball are Finally married. But Will life change after They find out that Screwy is having a foal? Most importantly, what kind of problems will their kids get into?

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New Friends. Or is it, New Romance?

Author's note: Hello guys! I hope you like this story so far! I need your opinion, which villain do you prefer? Tirec or Sombra? Comment please.

" Hello! I'm Identity. And I suppose you are Caramel? " Identity said walking to the brown colt.

" Hi... Ya, My name is Caramel..." He said without making eye contact.

" No need to be shy, I don't bite! " Identity said. Caramel didn't say anything, he just looked down.

" Oh, wait. I get it it's my look. " Identity said and looked down.

" What? No no! It's not your look, its me. I'm a bad at making friends. You look, gorgeous. " He said.

" I'm glad it's not my looks. I will help you make new friends! " Identity said and smiled. Then she remembered what he said at the end.

" Wait, what did you say about me? " She said looking at him.

" I.. well... nothing.."He said blushing. Identity just giggled.

" So after school wanna come to my house? We have to do the treats after all. " Identity said. The colt's smile faded and he looked down.

" I don't know if my mom will be okay with that. She told me not to....." He said and stopped.

" Not to what? " Identity said confused.

" Nothing. Forget it. But I will ask her after school. Well my dad, my dad is the one that comes for me. " He said.

Huh. That was weird. Well Identity wanted to know the secret, but she didn't wanted to get ahead. She was just making a new friend.

" So Chaotic. My mom helps Pinkie Pie in Sugar Cube Corner. Maybe we can go there after school so she can help us bake the treats. " Rainbow Heart said walking out of the door.

" Well, I will have to ask my mom. " Chaotic said.

" Ya, I will go with Caramel if mom lets us. " Identity said coming out of the door and joining them.

" Who is Caramel? " Chaotic said.

" I new friend I made. " Identity said. Caramel went out the door.

" Hey Caramel come here! " Identity said.

" Yes? "

" This is my brother Chaotic and my friend Rainbow Heart. " Identity said.

" Hi. " Caramel said and the others waved and smiled. Suddenly Identity felt a sneeze coming. Her dad told her not to sneeze in public because she couldn't control her powers yet. Chaotic felt it. They had this weird, and really weird connection.\

" Identity, go! " Chaotic whispered to her. She nodded and went to the back of the school running and then she sneezed. She turned into Cheerilee, then into another filly and then into herself again.

" Phew. " She said and went with her friends again.

" What happened???? " Caramel said.

" I... I..... saw a bunny! " She said.

" Mm-hmm. " Rainbow Heart said and raised an eyebrow.

" Ugh fine. I had to sneeze. " Identity said.

" And.... when she sneezes she looks weird! That's why she went to hide! " Chaotic said trying to hide the secret.

" Ohhhhh. " Caramel and R.H. said at the same time.

" Rainbow Heart! " A mare said. Her coat was white and her hair was red.

" Mommy! " Rainbow Heart said running to her mom.

" Come on, we have to go to work. " Red Velvet said. Her name was Red Velvet. Her cutie mark was a red velvet cupcake.

" Ya mom, but I made some new friends, can they come with us? " R.H. said.

" Of course! But we need their parents to say yes" Red Velvet said.

" Cane we wait until they come?? " R.H. said excited.

" Okay. I'm going to talk with Cheerilee okay? " Her mom said. R.H. nodded and went with her friends.

" That was my mom. She is gonna wait for your moms to come and let you come with us. " She said. They all nodded.

" Caramel, where are you? " A stallion said looking around. He had a light yellow coat and light brown hair.

"Dad! I'm here! " Caramel said waving to his dad. He walked up to his son.

" Dad, can I go to Sugar Cube Corner with my new friends? " He said.

" Well, I don't know son. " Bolt said.

" Pleeeeeease, you can come with us! " Caramel said.

" Well okay, but we have to get home before sunset okay? " Bolt said.

" Oh right, ya. " Caramel said, like if he was remembering something.

" Yay! Now we have to wait for our mom to come. " Chaotic said.

" My little Trouble Makers Where are you?? " A familiar voice said. Identity and Chaotic gasped in exciment.

" Is that who I think it is?! " Identity said.

" You bet it is! " Chaotic said.

" Grandpa Discord! " They both shouted. Suddenly Discord appeared between the two of them.

" Kids! " Discord said. They both laughed. Discord looked at Bolt and gasped, Bolt did the same thing.

" Discord is that you? " Bolt said.

" Well Duh! " Discord said and laughed.

" How are you! It has been so long since I saw you! " Bolt said.

" Ya some years. Life went on. Oh Hey, did you married Nightlight? " Discord said.

" Yep, this is my son Caramel. " Bolt said.

" He looks so much like her. Remember when we went flying at night, when she turned into a-" He stopped when Bolt covered his mouth.

" Shut Up Discord. He knows about it but his friends don't I don't want anyone to know about it. " Bolt whispered to him. Discord nodded.

" Anyways, are this your kids? " Bolt said looking at the twins.

" What? Oh no! This are my grandchildren. My daughter is Screwball. " Discord said proudly.

" Oh you are a grandpa already, awesome. And I know your daughter. She defeated Chrysalis with another changeling. I'm guessing that is their father. " Bolt said.

Discord nodded proudly.

" Grandpa, can we go to Sugar Cube Corner with Caramel and Rainbow Heart? " Identity asked Discord.

" Well of course dear! Wait who is Rainbow Heart? " Discord said.

" Umm, duh! ME! " R.H. said

" She is our new friend, her mom works at Sugar Cube Corner, and we have a treats project. She is my partner and Caramel is Identity's partner. " Chaotic said.

" Well okay. " Discord said. Suddenly Red Velvet came out of the school and saw Discord.

" Discord! Old pal!!! " Red Velvet said and hugged Discord.

" Velvy! Oh your Rainbow Heart's mother!? " Discord said.

" Yes! Oh and this are your kids? " Velvet said excited.

" No, my garndchildren. " Discord said.

" Nice. So you coming to Sugar Cube Corner? " Velvet asked.

" Well Duh! If all my old pals are going to be there, I'm going to be there. " Discord said. All the kids cheered.

"Hello Red Velvet! Ready to work?" Pinkie said giving Red Velvet an apron.

" You bet I am boss! " Velvet said putting it on.

" Oh please, don't call me boss, just call me Pinkie. " Pinkie said.

" Okay. Kids I will help you cook later, now go and sit. " Velvet said and went to the kitchen.

" Ya kids, Bolt and I will be outside talking. " Discord said.

" Okay Grandpa. " Chaotic said while Discord went outside.

" So Caramel, why did your dad didn't let our Grandpa finish the sentence? " Identity said. Caramel knew exactly what Discord was going to say, but his dad told him not to tell it to anyone.

" Um, I have no idea. " Caramel said, lying.

" Okay, but we have to think what are we going to bake for the project! " R.H. said.

" Well, I'm thinking of an apple pie. " Chaotic said.

" I don't like apple pies. What about a cake! " R.H. said.

" A cake it is then. " Chaotic said.

" But the frosting has to be rainbowed colored! " She said excited. Chaotic giggled. She looked so cute when she was excited.

" What about us Caramel? " Identity looked at Caramel.

" Hmmm, I don't know.." Caramel said and started thinking.

" What about caramel apples! " Identity said.

" Oh, um apples??? Well I.. apples.... I'm allergic to apples! Ya, I'm allergic to apples. " Caramel said. Obviously Identity could tell he was lying.

" Oh, well what about chocolate strawberries? " Identity said.

" Okay with me. " Caramel said.

" Then chocolate strawberries it is. " Identity said.

" Okay kids, you already know the recipes and how to do it. Now bake! I need to go back to work. " Velvet said leaving the kitchen. All the foals had aprons on.

" Okay Chaotic, Let's look for the ingredients first. " R.H. said and went to look for the things, while Chaotic followed her.

" Caramel, look for the strawberries, I will look for the chocolate to melt it. " Identity said.

When they all had everything they started baking. But apparently it was harder than they thought.

" No! No! Chaotic ! It's not flowers its flour! " R.H. said.

" Oops! " Chaotic said getting some flowers out of the mix.

" Caramel. Caramel! " Identity shouted.

" What?" Caramel said with some sticks is his mouth.

" I Have chocolate all over me! " Identity said. Her face was pretty much completely covered in chocolate.

" Oh my, um let me help you. " Caramel said. He took a napkin and started passing it through her face. They were just 7 years old so it wasn't awkward. But it was just a tiny bit weird. Identity felt something, something she never felt before. It was like her heart hurt.

While Caramel was passing the napkin she was blushing. Caramel saw her blushing and he blushed too. He stopped.

" Um, can you finish? " Caramel said.

" Ya sure. " Identity said and kept passing the napkin in her face.

Caramel went for more sticks and he saw the window. The sunset was starting and he felt his mouth weird. Then his dad opened the door hard.

" Caramel! Come on! I didn't realize sunset was starting! " Bolt said grabbing Caramel by the hove.

" But, Caramel! " Identity said.

" Sorry, I will help you tomorrow! " Caramel said and the door slammed shut.

" That was weird. " Chaotic said.

" Yep. " Identity said and kept working.


" And then his dad slammed the door. " Identity said. They were all eating at the table in their home.

" Well, maybe they forgot something? " Screwball said.

" No mom, we were there for hours. Then sunset started and his dad was panicked." Identity said.

" Well, maybe he is afraid of night?" Mothball said.

" Oh please dad, he is a full grown pony. " Chaotic said.

" Well, I had to finish the project by myself." Identity said.

" Well, you did a great job honey. " Screwball said.

" Any sneezes today? " Mothball asked.

" Yes. I almost got caught by my new friends. But Chaotic helped me. " Identity said remembering what happened.

" That's nice. " Screwball said standing up and washing her plate.

Chaotic used his magic to grab the plate and clean it.

" I wish I had magic like him. " Identity said.

" Well you don't, but you have unique powers. " Mothball said walking closer to his daughter. " And you are perfect the way you are. "

" Thanks daddy. " She said smiling.

" Dad! I mean I left her hanging! " Caramel yelled at his dad.

" Don't yell at me little mister! That secret can not be revealed! " Bolt said.

"But what if I want to show it!? " Caramel said this time looking at his father.

" Well you wont!! And end of the argument!! " His dad said and walked back.

Suddenly something flied by his side. It was fast. A pony walked to Caramel. it was a bit different from a pony.

" Mom. Dad doesn't let me show this. " He pointed at himself. " to my new friends."

" Sweetie. " her voice was like a vampire. " We talked about this. You can't show it to anyone. It's dangerous."

Caramel lowered his head.

" It's not fair. " He said and flied to a tree.

" Okay guys! " Cheerilee said. " Time to present your projects. First, " She read a paper. " Caramel and Identity."

Caramel looked at Identity who had a plate with strawberries covered in chocolates in a stick.

" I'm sorry I left you hanging yesterday. " Caramel said.

" No problem. " Identity said.

" Hello my name is Identity and he is Caramel." Identity said.

" And we made strawberries with chocolate. " Caramel said.

" Ya, sure WE." Identity said. Caramel looked at her and then looked down.

" The ingredients are strawberries and chocolate. " Identity said.

" First you melt the chocolate. " Caramel said.

" And then what Caramel??" Identity said.

" You cover them in chocolate? " He said.

" No. You grab the strawberries and put them in sticks. You dip them in the chocolate and let them cool and the fridge. " Identity said.

" Look sorry. " Caramel whispered to her.

" If you are really sorry, tell me why you left. " Identity said, but she didn't whispered.

" I can't tell you... " Caramel whispered.

" Stop whispering! " Identity said.

" Thank you for your attention. " Identity said and went to her chair. Caramel lowered his ears and walked to his chair.

" Look please I'm sorry. " Caramel said.

" I forgive you. I'm sorry too. I don't know what got over me. " Identity said. Caramel smiled. And Identity smiled back.

After that minor fight Caramel and Identity became really good friends. And so did her brother and R.H. After 7 years the teenage friends were always together. Now that they were 14 years old, they experienced lot of new things.

" Mom, pleasee. Let me go to Identity's house! " Caramel said.

" Darling. I will, but please come before sunset okay? " His mother said. Caramel nodded. He went to her house and knocked. Screwball opened the door.

" Hi Caramel! Come to see Identity? Cause if its Chaotic, he is out. " Screwball said.

" Yes, I come to see Identity. " Caramel said. He had become huge friends with Screwball. Mothball was a little insecure about that stallion from the beginning. But he wasn't so mean to him.

" Hello Caramel. " Mothball said.

" Good afternoon Mr. Mothball. " Caramel said. Mothball nodded and went to his room. Screwball giggled.

" She is in her room. " She said and went with her husband.

Caramel knocked.

" Wait! " Identity said. She opened the door and smiled.

"Hi! " She said. " Come in."

Caramel entered her room. They always went to her room and sat in her bed to talk.

They both sat down.

" So what's new? " Caramel said.

" Well my mom is thinking of having another foal. " Identity said.

"Wow. " Caramel said.

" I know." Identity said and lay down.

" Well, nothing else? " Caramel said. He wanted to lay down too. But he didn't because he would feel weird.

" Well. Chaotic discovered that R.H. liked him. And he confessed that he liked her too." Identity said.

" Wow again. And I guess that's why he is out. They are on a date? " Caramel said.

" Yep. " Identity said sitting down again.

They were talking for hours. Caramel arrived at her house at 3, and it was already 5. The sun was going down and Caramel gulped. He knew he had to go home.

" Identity. I have to go. " Caramel said standing up. Identity sighed.

" Why do you always leave at this hour? " She dared to ask for the first time.

" That's my limit. " He said getting out the door.

" Wait. " She said and grabbed his hoof. " Please."

He sighed. He looked at her eyes. He stared at her for some seconds and sighed again. He closed the door.

" I'm gonna show you something I'm not allow to show. And promise me you won't tell anypony. " He said .

" I won't. " Identity said and sat down.

" And don't freak out. And I just show you because, well I fell like we can trust each other. " Caramel said. Identity felt that pain in her heart again. What was it!? She felt like butterflies in her stomach. It was so weird. Caramel walked to the middle of the room. When the sun went completely down, moon light covered all the room. When the moon light covered Caramel he started changing. His ears had like striped on it and fur. In his mouth, sharp teeth appeared, His wings turned pointy, and his eyes changed too. He turned into a... fruit bat! Identity gave a little jump in surprise.

" I knew you would hate me. '' Caramel said looking down.

'' No, no you.. you...'' Identity said. The butterflies in her stomach flied harder. And that weird pain was harder.

'' I look like a monster.'' Caramel said.

'' No! You look awesome. '' Identity said. You have fangs like me! Identity had fangs, because she was part changeling.

Caramel smiled.

'' Your not the only one that has been keeping secrets. '' Identity said.

'' What? '' Caramel said confused.

'' I have been practicing, and now, I can do it perfectly.'' Identity said and closed her eyes. She focused really hard. Her body got covered in green flames and then she changed into her mom.

''Wow! '' Caramel said and jumped. Then she changed into her brother, into her dad and then into herself.

'' I'm part changeling. '' Identity said.

'' Oh right. '' Caramel said. He looked down.

'' Identity, since the first day I saw you I felt like a pain in the heart and butterflies in my stomach. '' Caramel said.

'' Really? I have felt the same thing! '' Identity said. '' But what is it?''

'' Its....'' Caramel said. '' Love.'' Identity gasped.

'' So I love you, and you love me. '' Identity said.

'' I have loved you for so long. '' Caramel said getting closer to her.

'' Me too.... '' Identity said and looked down. They got closer to each other until their lips were almost touching. They almost kissed, but suddenly the door slam opened. It was Bolt, Caramel's dad.

''Dad!'' Caramel said jumping.

'' CARAMEL! Your are so grounded!!!!!'' He said taking him by his hove. ''

'' Wait don't! I won't tell anyone!'' Identity said after waking up from her dream. She almost kissed him!

'' You little pony come here! '' Bolt said letting Caramel go. He grabbed a little bag he had.

'' Dad don't! Please I beg you! '' Caramel said. But it was too late, his dad already throw some blue dust to Identity's face. She was unconscious. Before she fell to the floor Caramel grabbed her.

'' I'm sorry son, but we had to erase her memory. Don't worry she will just forget that you came here. '' Bolt said while Caramel was putting her in her bed.

'' I can't believe you are so mean.'' Caramel said looking down with a tear going down his face.

'' You were gonna kiss. Right?'' Bolt said.

''Yes, So what!?!?!'' Caramel shouted.

'' She is part changeling! Who knows maybe she is just tricking you, she will absorb your love!'' Bolt said.

'' No! That is not true! '' Caramel said.

'' Of course it isn't...'' Mothball said.

'' Why are you here!? '' Mothball said.

'' Umm. '' Bolt said and throw some of the dust to Mothball.

'' Caramel came here and then left at sunset. '' He whispered to Mothball before he felt unconscious. Bolt put Mothball in the couch and left with his son.

Caramel looked at Identity's window. '' One day...'' He whispered.

Author's Note:

Hi guys! How are you? I'm good too. I really hope you like this chapter. It's difficult to write this because the story is about the twins. So I have to write about both of them. Next chapter will be what happened in Chaotic's date. In other words, what happened while Caramel was with Identity. So, love you all and keep being nice! Oh and comment, who do you prefer: Sombra or Tirec. Next week I will see and whoever has the most votes will be the villain:pinkiehappy::heart::raritywink:.