• Published 13th Nov 2015
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Grandchildren of Discord - MLPRainbowHeart

Screwball and Mothball are Finally married. But Will life change after They find out that Screwy is having a foal? Most importantly, what kind of problems will their kids get into?

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The Delivery

The mall was full with ponies. Mothball, Fluttershy and Screwball were some of those ponies.

" I still can't believe your mother makes you walk through the mall. Your pregnant and can barely walk! " Mothball whispered to Screwball. Screwball just rolled her eyes. She was 7 months pregnant and even if she didn't show it she didn't like walking. She was having twins so her belly was bigger than it's supposed to be. Lets just say walking was a challenge.

" We are here! " Fluttershy said excited. " The Foal Shower shop! " They all entered together to the colorful store. Screwball was looking around kind of confused. She had never seen this store here. Well maybe it was because she wasn't pregnant before.

" Wow, all of this store just with foal shower things? Oh and baby stuff too." Screwball whispered to Mothball. He giggled. Screwball stopped when she saw a little foal cloth. It was for a filly and it was so cute! It was pink and it had a little heart on it and it said:

I'm mama's girl!

Screwball sighed when she read the little shirt. She smiled and thought about having the foals. Was it easy? Was it hard? Was it fun? It was new for her, she knew she was going to ask some people, but not her parents. Mothball saw Fluttershy talking to a pony and then turned to see his wife looking at a shirt. It seem that she go the "Foal Flu". Mothball giggled. Screwball was smiling. Oh.. even thought she was pregnant she didn't look old, tired or sad. She looked happier than ever! She still looked beautiful than ever. He decided to go walk up to her. Screwball heard somepony walk up to her. She looked at her back and Mothball was there smiling at her. He walked to her side and sighed.

" Caught up with the foal flu?" He said and smiled. She giggled.

" I got the foal flu since I got pregnant." She said putting more humor. Mothball could notice that her wife was sad, or was it nervous? He didn't really know, but he knew she wasn't happy.

"Anything wrong Screwy?" He asked her.

" Well, I don't know what to expect when the foals are here." She said putting her head on Mothball's shoulder.

" Is it gonna be fun? Hard ? " She said looking down. Mothball knew what his wife was feeling. He felt almost the same.

" Don't worry Screwy, if it's hard or fun we will always be together. In the good times and the bad times. " He said kissing his wife. Screwball smiled and kissed him passionately. Fluttershy walked to the couple and smiled.

" Guys, meet my friend. Her name is Aqua. " Fluttershy said standing next to a unicorn. Her skin was light blue and her main was dark blue, like the sea.

" Hello! I'm Aqua and I'm the owner of this store, you must be Screwball. And you must be Mothball. Fluttershy has told me so much about you! " The unicorn said happily.

" Mommy....... My ball got stuck in the high shelve. " A young familiar voice said. Screwball heard that somewhere else.... but where? A young filly came and walked to aqua. She was white and her mane was blue, toothpaste blue. Screwball had seen that girl before, but where?

" Oh! Mommy! That's the girl that helped me with that mean colt! " She said. So that's were Screwball saw her, that was Minty!

" That is so nice! I'm glad you helped my daughter Screwball! " Aqua said.

" No problem! I can help her with the ball too, come on Minty. " Screwball said happily. Minty smiled. They were both walking to the shelves and Minty was smiling all the time.

" So your name is Screwball? Can I call you Screw? " Minty said. Screwball blushed at the nickname but thought it was cute how she said it.

" Yes that's my name, and you can call me Screwy." Screwball said smiling at the filly. Minty pointed at the high shelve and Screwball saw the red ball. She grabbed it with her magic at she gave it to Minty.

" Thank you." Minty said and smiled. Screwball smiled and then she felt something. It started hurting. It was a contraction, it was even more painful than she expected.

"Ohhhhhhh." She said touching her belly. Minty saw her confused.

" Are you okay?" Minty said.

"Ya....ohhhh...I'm okay" Screwball said. The contractions stopped and she breathed heavily. " I'm okay, now come on let's go with your mommy. " Minty nodded and followed Screwball to her mother. When they went there. Fluttershy had a lot of bags. Mothball noticed the tired face on Screwy's face.

" Are you okay?" Mothball said.

" Not really, can we go home? " Screwball said touching her belly and sighed.

" Of course. " Mothball said and looked at Fluttershy. Fluttershy nodded and thanked Aqua.

They were in their home, in the bed. Mothball looked at Screwball, she had her eyes closed. " Screwy, when you told me you were not okay I got worried, what's wrong?" Mothball said. Screwball opened her eyes and looked at him.

" Well, I got my first contraction." Screwball said.

" Oh! Omg, are you okay? I mean why didn't you told me?" Mothball said worried.

" Exactly. I didn't told you because of this " Screwball said.

" What?" Mothball asked confused.

" You will make such a big deal it was just a simple contrac-" Screwball said and stopped. She was feeling another contraction. It was weird, contractions only started at 8-9 months. Why was she having them now? Mothball noticed his wife was not okay.

" Just a s-i-m-p-l-e contraction...." Screwball said trying to hide the pain. Mothball knew she was not okay.

" Screwy, are you okay?" Mothball said. Screwball just nodded. She didn't wanted to speak because she knew he would notice.

" Your not okay, you are having another contraction, aren't you?" Mothball said sitting in the bed. The contraction stopped. Screwball just stared at her husband. " Am I right Screwball?" He said again. She slowly nodded.

" But it's gone now! " She said looking at Mothball again.

" You need to tell me this things Screwy! I'm your husband. " Mothball said laying down on the bed again. She just nodded and kissed him.

Author's note: Hey guys, a quick note here. The foal shower is gonna be short ok? Just so you know this.

It was the foal shower week. Fluttershy and Screwball were hanging the last decorations. Mrs. Cake came in with a 3 layer cake. The first layer was blue, the second one was pink and the top one was changeling hair color. In the top it said:


And it had two candy foals on top. The baby cakes came in too. Well, they were not babies anymore. Let's re-write that sentence. The kids Cake came in too. Screwball sat down in a pink couch and just waited for the guests to arrive. Pound Cake started taking with Mothball, while Pumpkin Cake was holding with her magic a gift bag. She walked to where Screwball was.

" Hello Screwball! Haven't seen you in a lot of time! And now, your pregnant!" She said. She was always so nice. She had to little braids and a Pumpkin Cake cutie mark. Screwball wasn't close friends with her, but they were still friends. The last time she saw her was at her wedding. Or was it at her birthday? She didn't quite remember.

" Hi Pumpkin! Long time no see. How are you? " Screwball said with a smile.

" I'm great! Oh and me and my colt friend are planning to go on a vacation. So maybe its gonna be a long time no see! She giggled. Screwball smiled and noticed the gift bag.

" Oh,. you didn't need to bring anything! " Screwball said.

" Of course I did! It's for the babies, open it later. " Pumpkin said. Screwball smiled at her niceness.

" Ok thank you a lot Pumpkin! You can put it there over the cake table. " Screwball said. Pumpkin smiled and went to put the gift. Then Dinky arrived.

" Hello future mamma! " Dinky said laughing. Screwball laughed too.

" Hello future wife! " Screwball said laughing. Dinky followed her laughter. " Okay that sounded weird. "

Dinky smiled. " Ya a little. " She said smiling.

Dinky went to put the gift as other guests arrived. One by one, all of her friends. family and known people. Mothball went to her wife and sat by her side.

" You okay? " He asked her.

" Ya, I just, well, I don't feel comfortable with this. " She said.

" Oh, well why don't you? It's a party just for you! And well for the babies. " He said smiling. Screwball giggled at her husband's effort to making her smile. After some hours they were all playing games. Screwball of course was sitting in the couch. She was the pregnant one, so she had to be playing, but she said she felt tires. It was true though. Screwball was watching as they played when the door opened. She looked to see who it was and she saw... Lily? Doctor Lily?

" Screwball! Follow me please. " She said walking into a little corner of the castle.

" What's wrong? " Screwball said.

" Are you having contractions already?" Lily asked.

" Yes." Screwball said, not forgetting this last week of contractions.

" Well I was going through your papers and I saw the first test we did. It turns out you are not 7 months pregnant, you are 9. And in one week you are going to turn 10." Doctor Lily said. Screwball gasped. This explained the contractions.

" Well thank you a lot Doctor Lily." Screwball said. Doctor Lily nodded and left. Screwball went to the crowd of games. She stopped everyone and there was a sudden silence.

" Attention everypony! I have an announcement. It turns out, I'm not 7 months pregnant... I'm 9. " She said and looked down. There was heard a gasp and some murmurs. Mothball was shocked.

" You can now return to your games. " She said walking to the couch. Everyone returned to the games as if nothing happened. Mothball went to her wife.

" Really? That's a shocking twist." He said sitting by her side. Screwball sighed and nodded. Fluttershy was worried. She had Screwball when she was 10 months. Maybe it could happen to her too, after all she was already feeling the contractions.

" Sweetie, do you feel okay? " Fluttershy said and walked to her daughter. Screwball nodded.

" HA! I won! I drink 50 baby bottles! " Discord shouted. Screwball giggled at the competitive spirit of her father. She was hoping that everything went okay.

Cinnamon Stick was standing in the middle with a tuxedo. His mother and father were on the front crying of happiness. Then by his side was Twilight and then a little bit more on the left were Screwball, Apple Blossom and Lighting Dash. Behind Cinnamon was Mothball wearing another tuxedo. The three bride maids had light blue dresses with blue flowers on their manes. When the music started the flower girls came. They were the Tri-pies, They had white dresses with light blue flowers in a little crown. Then Dinky came. She had really long dress. It was white and at the end it was light blue. Her hair was in a bun and she had a short veil in light blue. She was stunning. Cinnamon Stick's eyes widened.

" She looks amazing..." He whispered. Mothball heard him and giggled.

" I know the feeling. " He whispered back. Cinnamon Stick was to hypnotized with Dinky that he didn't heard him. Dinky got on front of Screwball.

" We are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of Dinky Hooves And Cinnamon Stick. " Twilight started the ceremony. Screwball was already 10 months pregnant. Screwball was lost in thoughts and when she "woke up" the ceremony was ending.

" And do you Cinnamon Stick swear to love and protect Dinky during sickness and hard times until death?" Twilight continued with the ceremony. Screwball felt a pinch. She put her hove on her belly. It was a contraction, but it was harder than the others. She started breathing faster.

" Screwy don't worry, it's just a contraction. It will leave." She said to her self. Apple Blossom noticed Screwball struggle.

" Are you okay Screwy?" She whispered to her. Screwball nodded and kept breathing heavily.

"And do you, Dinky, swear to love Cinnamon Stick during sickness and hard times until death?

The contraction was getting harder. " Ohhhh my Celestia..." Screwball whispered. She needed to hide her pain. But two ponies already noticed. Or actually, a draconequus and a changeling. Discord saw her daughter, and he knew well that look.

" Fluttes.." He whispered to Fluttershy.

" Yes?" Fluttershy whispered back. Discord pointed at Screwball and Fluttershy gasped.

" Oh no.... but we can't interrupt the ceremony! " Fluttershy said.

" She is gonna have the foals! How can't we interrupt!?" He said starting to get nervous.

" Wait a little bit more.... Screwy wait just some minutes.." Fluttershy whispered.

"And now I declare you, stallion and mare! Twilight said and everyone clapped. Mothball noticed his wife. He wanted to run to her wife but he remembered what she told him.

You make such a big deal about it! It's just a silly contraction!

He stayed there biting his lips. Cinnamon and Dinky kissed. Everyone was cheering and clapping. Screwball got the last contraction, it was horrible. While everyone was cheering she let out a cry. Nobody heard her. Only the ones close to her. Not even Discord heard her. Mothball went running to his wife and Dinky turned around. Screwball throw herself to the floor. ( not hard )

Dinky hold her hoof.

" Oh God, Screwy are you okay!?" She said worried.

" No.... the....the babies! " Screwball said. Mothball arrived with her wife.

" Screwy!! Are you alright!?!?" He said holding her hove and he was really worried.

" No, she said the babies are coming! " Dinky said. Discord was at the bathroom... Great just Great!

" Screwball look at me. Everything is going to be okay. Can you teleport to the hospital?" Mothball said.

" No.... don't have the strength..." She said.

" Okay, I will go get Discord! " Apple Blossom said and started running. Screwball let out another cry. Discord heard his daughter. He was already in the hall. Apple Blossom was running towards him and when she saw him she stopped.

" Discord! It's Screwball! She is gonna have the babies. And she is too weak to teleport there. " Apple Blossom said getting her breath. Discord started running to where his daughter was.

" Screwball! We are going to the hospital, pronto! " Discord said. Screwball nodded. Fluttershy went running with her family. Discord hold his Screwball, Mothball and Fluttershy's hoves and teleported to the hospital..

" Help! Somepony! My daughter is having her twins! " He shouted. A nurse went to them with a hospital bed.

" Put her here! " She said. Discord put his daughter in the bed and saw as she was being carried to the labor room. Mothball was by her side all the time. Screwball let out another cry.

" Everything is going to be alright Screwy. Just breath." Mothball said. Screwball looked at him and kissed him. Discord watched when they got in the room.

" It has been 4 hours already! I'm worried! " Discord said walking through the waiting room.

" Discord don't worry she is having twins." Fluttershy said. She seemed calm but she was as worried as her husband.

" That's it I'm going in. " Discord said as he walked to the door.

" Discord don't! " Fluttershy said. Discord reached for the door handle and before he could touch it he heard:

" Okay, the last push and the last foal!" Everything got quiet and then there was a foal cry.

" The babies are here! " Discord shouted to his wife. Fluttershy was reading a magazine and when she heard it she stood up fast.

Author's Note:

Hey Guys! This was a fast update, and I did it because I left you hanging a week without an update. I really hope you like this and love you all!:pinkiehappy::heart: