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Grandchildren of Discord - MLPRainbowHeart

Screwball and Mothball are Finally married. But Will life change after They find out that Screwy is having a foal? Most importantly, what kind of problems will their kids get into?

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A date.

As Identity entered the house all she was thinking on collapsing on the bed and sobbing. But she saw her grandparents angry in the table.

"Where have you been!?!" Fluttershy said.

" It's more than midnight Identity!!" Discord said hitting the table.

" D-did Chaotic tell you?" Identity said.

" No. He tried to hide it but I went in his mind."Discord said. Identity looked down holding her tears.

" WHY WOULD YOU GO ON A CLUB WITH YOUR COLTFRIEND UNTIL MORE THAN MIDNIGHT!!" Fluttershy said as her husband calmed her down.

"H-he.." Identity said.

" Excuse me?" Discord said and crossed his arms.

"H-he i-is not m-my coltf-friend a-anymore." Identity barely whispered. Fluttershy raised an eyebrow.

" Dear, speak loud-" Fluttershy said but was interrupted by Identity.

" I SAID DJ IS NOT MY COLTFRIEND ANYMORE!" She shouted before collapsing in the floor and braking into tears. Discord and Flutershy both gasped and went and hugged her. Discord could tell she was heartbroken. She cried and cried. It felt like she was never going to stop.

"What happened?" Discord said softly. Identity kept crying.

" Do you want me to go say for myself?" Discord whispered. Identity didn't wanted to let him. But at the same time she did. She just kept sobbing and slowly nodded. Discord was gone for only some seconds. When he came back his eyes were completely red.

" I'M GOING TO MAKE THAT STALLION PAAAAAAAAAAY!" He shouted in anger. Identity started sobbing harder which made Discord clam down.

" D-don't please don't." She said. Fluttershy looked at her. She never stopped crying. She then hugged her again in a tight long hug. Chaotic closed Galaxy's door and went running downstairs. He heard Discord scream and went to see what happened.

" P-pops!? Everything alright?" Chaotic said before seeing his family all in the floor. His sister was crying like if the world was going to end. His grandmother was holding her tight as she cried and his grandfather was on the floor containing his anger.

" I-Identity?" He slowly said. Identity got up and ran to her brother. She needed comfort from him too. He let her throw herself on him. And he hugged her tight. While she sobbed. Identity always counted on her big for only some seconds brother. She looked up to him too.

" Is this because I couldn't keep the secret?" He whispered to her.

"N-no... Thanks for trying to hide it." She said.

" Yes, I tried." He said making her chuckle. She then let go and sighed.

"I will tell you later." Discord said. Chaotic nodded. Identity went to her room and shut the door. She then collapsed in her bed. Not crying because she was completely dry. If she could she would still be crying. Some minutes later she heard her brother shout.


Identity put her head in her hooves in shame.


Identity now covered her ears. She closed her eyes, she was exhausted. Some minutes later her phone ringed. She moaned and took it.

"Hi....." Identity said weakly.

"CHAOTIC TOLD ME WHAT DJ DID!" RH said from the other side of the phone, although Dity heard it like if she was by her side.


" But...Isn't he your brother??" Identity said.

"Well, it's kind of like brother-in-law. His dad is my step dad. " She said quietly.

" Oh, sorry." Dity said.

" No worries." RH heard said and suddenly heard some snores. She chuckled and hang up.

Identity woke up and yawned. She still had that necklace. But she took off the dress that night. She didn't notice, she went downstairs and sat down in the table. She yawned again.

" Good morning Dity." A voice said form behind her.

" Good Morning..." She said, wait nopony called her like that in her family. Well except her brother. She looked behind her to find Caramel with her family. She jumped in surprise.

" Don't worry we are just questioning him. I saw he was with you.."Discord said then looking at Caramel.

" Did he did bad things."


"Were you angry?"


"Would you have punched him?"


Identity raised an eyebrow.

" Okay Dity he is the perfect stallion for you, now kiss." Discord said appearing Caramel in front of her, making both of the ponies blush. Fluttershy rolled her eyes, not only because he did that but because he now called her what Caramel called her. She pushed Discord. Discord then appeared Caramel a little bit farther.

"Did you pack your stuff already?" Fluttershy asked Identity.

" I forgot! I Didn't! " Dity shouted then running to her room.

" Go help her." Chaotic told Caramel. Caramel nodded and followed her. Identity was opening the drawers and getting all of the things fast.

" Calm down." Caramel said with a smile. Identity blushed and stopped. Caramel noticed the necklace again. Identity saw him looking at the necklace and took it.

" I- I never got to thank you for it. I opened it last night." She said. Caramel smile and walked closer to her.

" Do you still feel like that?" She asked him. Caramel went to kiss her. It was the same feeling as before, only that it was deeper. Identity was melting again, only now she didn't fell bad for DJ. Caramel then took her and put his hooves around her as she put her hoof on his cheek. They never wanted to let go. But a knock broke them apart.

" Come in." Identity said.

" Sweetie, your parents are here." Fluttershy said.

Identity nodded as she closed the door.

" See you soon." She whispered to Caramel. He smiled as Identity took her things and went outside. Caramel followed her outside but remembered Mothball hated him.

" Mommy!" Galaxy shouted and went with Screwball.

" Dad!" Chaotic said and hugged his father. As Identity was running downstairs she tripped. As she closed her eyes for the impact, she didn't feel anything. Chaotic was holding her with his magic and then carefully let go of her. She smiled as Caramel wiped a sweat away. He got soooo scared.

" Thanks." She said as she went to hug her dad.

" Be careful my little trouble maker." He told her as she giggled. She then hugged her mother.

" Come on. Let's go home." Mothball said after Screwball hugged her parents.

" Okay, so it was amazing! We stayed at a beautiful hotel, and then we went to this fancy restaurant, it was amazing!" Screwball said excited. As Mothball chuckled he took three little boxes. Screwball took one.

" And we bought you gifts!" She said giving her to Galaxy while Mothball gave the other two to the twins. Galaxy opened hers and found a tiny bouncy ball that said Canterlot. She giggled as she bounced it. As the twins opened their gifts they both took out two snowballs. They smiled.

"Thanks." They both said and hugged their parents. Screwball sighed.

" It was awesome. " She said happily. Mothball wrapped his wing around her as she smiled.

" We should plan a trip all of us to the Crystal Empire, before you two move out of the house!" She said.

" Sweetie, they are not moving until they are 30, or at least married." Mothball said as the twins rolled their eyes. Chaotic then looked at Identity, and she knew exactly why.

" Mom, Dad, while you were away... lots of things happened..." So Identity decided to tell them everything. From the start to the end. As they both had their mouths opened Mothball was angry.

" HE DID WHAAAAAAAAT!?" He shouted as Screwball put a hoof on him. He calmed down as Screwball looked at her daughter.\

" HOW COULD HE DO THAT!?" She shouted.

" He was drunk.." Chaotic said.

" Did you brake up with him?" Mothball asked. Identity nodded.

" But dad... do you now trust Caramel?" Identity said looking into her father's eyes.

" Even when he left you?" He said receiving a glare from both Identity and Screwball.

" I suppose so.." Mothball then said as Identity hugged him tight.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She shouted in happiness. Mothball hugged her back. Even though he was not completely sure about this.

Identity was jumping all around her room.

" Argh, Identity! Focus!" She said stopping in the mirror.

" You need to get ready for your first date with Caramel! '' She said. Suddenly a darker version of herself appeared in the mirror.

''What if he leaves you again?'' The voice said.

'' He won't.. I hope so.'' Identity said.

'' But it's possible...''

'' No it's not!'' Identity shouted and covered her mirror. She then went to the bathroom to get prepared. Rarity then came in after Identity got showered. Identity sat down on front of her mirror while Rarity did her hairstyle.

'' Darling, you need to look MARVELOUS in your first date!'' Rarity said.

'' Technically it's not my first date..'' Identity thought. After some hours Identity looked amazing. Want a picture? I only have a picture of Fluttershy using this hairstyle.

That was the hairstyle and dress Identity was using. (Please someone do a picture of Identity like this.) BACK TO THE STORY!

Rarity gasped. " You look amazing!"

Screwball got int the room while Identity was putting her necklace.

" Oh my sweet.. Discord! Your not my little girl anymore!" She said hugging her daughter. Identity smiled.

" I have never seen myself so, Fancy!" She said looking in the mirror.

"Hey, Caramel is he-" Mothball said. He then looked at Identity.

" You look so big." He said with tears in his eyes.

" Everypony is going all GAGA over me." Identity said smiling. She went down to Caramel. He was wearing a black tuxedo and was hold the rose. He was in his vampire form, which in Identity's mind he was handsomer. Caramel's eyes widened at the presence of this beautiful mare. He opened his mouth and the rose almost fell.

" You- look stunning!" He said as Identity blushed.

" Caramel, your vampire form.. It's night." Identity said.

" Don't worry, only you can see it. Twilight put a spell on me." He said as Identity nodded. He put his hoof on front of hers.

" Shall we?" He said as she took his hoof. He slowly put the rose on her mane.

The candles were romantic. The restaurant was dark and romantic. The music was slow and romantic. And the two lovers were staring into each others eyes. The waitress came braking them apart.

" What would you want in this lovely night?" He said.

" I would want spaghetti." Identity said.

" Make that a big plate, we will share." Caramel said.

" Drinks?"

" Iced tea." Identity said.

"Water please." Chaotic said as the waitress nodded and left. Some minutes later another waitress came and put a cup in front of Identity.

" It's from a secret admirer." The mare said and went away. Caramel started looking around until he saw the secret admirer. He turned around to find Identity about to drink the cup. He stopped her, only receiving a glare from her. He then pointed at the stallion in the other table. It didn't take long for Identity to realize who it was.. it was DJ. And it looked like he was drunk..AGAIN. His eyes, like darts at Caramel, and he looked like he wanted to kill him. Identity lowered her ears and Caramel could see she was terrified. When the waitress came with the drinks Caramel whispered something to him. The waitress then went to DJ, and he told him what Caramel told him. DJ stood up and left.

"What did you tell him?" Identity said confused.

" I told the waitress that he was bothering us..." Caramel said. Identity smiled and enjoyed her very first date with Caramel.

At the front of the door Caramel was leaving Identity. He gave her a light kiss making her blush.

" Bye." She said as she entered her house. Caramel's smiled faded as he walked to Ponyville's street. He went to a dark corner in the middle of the night. Right there was a stallion standing.

" Let's finish this DJ.."

Author's Note:

Hello Guys! Hope you enjoy this chapter! It was supposed to come earlier today but, I accidentally deleted it when I went to save it. TWICE. Anyways, YES! Discord's mirror reflection is back! Only this time with the twins!

Cute couple let's say. Hope you enjoy this chapter!

What will happen next? Why is Caramel with DJ? Find out in the next chapter!

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