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The Rein of Darkstar - lemonsrcool

War-torn Equestria! In a different dimension, the mane 6 must stop the evil regime of Darkstar!

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Chapter 4

*I am really sorry for the long delay for this chapter. I was just so caught up in my non- pony life that I just didn't have to time to write this new chapter. Again, really sorry.

The Rein of Darkstar

The bitter cool air stung in the night. Darkness was around every corner, casting mysterious shadows that clawed at the ground. Streetlights illuminated the night, bringing little reprieve from the darkness surrounding. Rainbow walked on. Tears fell from her face, hitting the ground soundlessly. Miserably, she looked around at where she was. She didn’t care. Wanting to get away from anything she knew, she continued. Her rainbow mane fell limp next to her, lacking in its usual luster. She looked around to make sure there were no prying eyes watching. Opening her hoof, she looked at the letter.
We are sorry to inform you that Lt. Dash has been struck down in the line of combat, fighting for a free Equestria. It is unfortunate that he has been taken from us at such a young age, and he will be missed dearly by loved ones and friends. In this cruel world we lived in, Lt. Dash was a great man and we bequeath his body to you, so he may accompany you still in times of loneliness and sorrow. Celestia bless him, and we extend to you our deepest regrets and apologies.

Respectfully yours,
Col. Sky Charge
2nd Airborne

Rainbow stopped walking, a new flood of tears overcoming her. Quiet sobs escaped her lips as she stood there, in the middle of the street. She tried to regain her composure, shaking her head. The streets of Cloudsdale were dark, the rebel territory heavily shrouded in a storm cloud. Rainbow remembered her father. He was a Pegasus, just like her. He had taught her to fly back when she was just a filly, and he was the one who encouraged her competitive attitude, striving for her to do her best. He was brave and strong and Rainbow always looked up to him. She remembered her first time flying, with her father by her side as she laughed with glee. Rainbow found herself crying again, as she recalled all of her fondest memories of her father. Lightning rumbled beneath her as she walked onwards. Not paying attention, she nearly walked into a wall. Looking up, she noticed a Darkstar propaganda poster. Darkstar was holding up his fist, proclaiming his new empire. Rainbow snapped

“ARRRRRRRAAAAGH!” She ripped the poster off of the wall, flying upwards at breakneck speeds, tears streamlining down her cheeks. Her wings pushed harder as she flew in a large arc above Cloudsdale, the darkness of the storm plus nighttime making her disappear from view. She flew back a moment later, nearly crashing into the ground. The poster was ripped to shreds, small bits falling around her as she panted, with sweat dripping from her momentary exertion of energy. She sobbed silently while sitting in the street, while she tried to regain her mental capacity to think. Alone in the street, her mind wandered. Her father had always told her to act tough, but keep loyal. He was what somepony would call chivalrous, but Rainbow always couldn’t keep up to his standards. He was tough, but still loved his family with his entire heart. He was loyal to Equestria, and always spoke up when he thought something was wrong. He was strong, but not a bully. He always maintained his composure, an expert at masking his temper. Rainbow wanted him back. That Darkstar guy had taken him from her. He had taken one of the only ponies that truly mattered to Rainbow.

Rainbow’s mind raced. She always had a sort of temper. She could never hold it in for too long. Her father would have told her to think in this situation. She could practically hear him. Assess the situation. Don’s act too swiftly, and don’t do anything you might regret. Her tears leaked into a nearby puddle, spreading ripples around. Rainbow looked in and saw her father staring back. She looked in his eyes. He had dark blue eyes. She always wanted dark blue eyes. Rainbow remembered when she had told her father about her wish. Don’t say you want my eyes. You have the same beautiful eyes as your mother. Rainbow’s mother had died after she was born. She never really got to know her, but thought she must’ve been a great pony considering how her father had always talked about her. She had the most beautiful mane I had ever seen. All different colors. Just like yours, Rainbow. *Sigh*… I wish she could be here right now. Rainbow wished her father could be with her right now. Her parents were now both gone. Her father had joined the rebellion to fight for Equestria. He had left her in the care of a close family friend, but Rainbow always hated it. It’s not like she didn’t like the family friend. It’s just that she never really got to spend time with her father anymore. And now he was gone. Rainbow nearly began to cry again, when she caught herself.

No. Rainbow wouldn’t be this weak. Be strong. Even in the worst times. In the end everything will always turn out alright. If things aren’t alright, then it isn’t the end. She could practically hear her father’s voice in her head. Rainbow looked up for the first time, trying to figure out where she was. It didn’t recognize the street names, but realized she must be on the south side of Cloudsdale. It was a little more run down than the northern part that she lived in since childhood. A light at the end of the street caught her attention. With the streetlights illuminating nothing but storefronts, the lights on the inside of this building immediately contrasted from the darkness inside all of the other stores, as it was very late. Rainbow walked slowly towards the building, hoping to get some directions back to her home.

She approached the building cautiously, making sure that it was still open. Taking a peek in the window, she noticed a large, bored looking Pegasus reading some documents at a desk. A sign on the window said, “Always Open!” Rainbow walked through the door and walked to the Pegasus. She was about to speak when she was told to sit down at the table. Not really knowing where she was, she sat down. A little nameplate on the desk said, “Sgt. Zephyr Twist”.

“Age”, the Pegasus, who Rainbow assumed to be Zephyr, asked in a very monotonous tone.

“Excuse me?” replied Rainbow.

“Age. You know… how old you are?” replied the Pegasus with an annoyed tone of voice.

“Oh, well I’m 19, but…”

She was cut off by the Pegasus making a shushing motion with his hoof. “Here; Sign this.” He pulled out a sheet of paper and handed it to Rainbow. Rainbow looked down at the paper.
Equestrian Rebellion Recruitment Form

Rainbow realized where she was. She jumped.

“Whoa! I didn’t mean to join! I just… came here… for…” She thought about it. Joining the rebellion. Getting revenge for her father. Freeing Equestria. The concept beckoned to her. She could feel it. She didn’t want to act impulsive, but she would need to return home. Rainbow had the urge to just sign up. She always was drawn to adventure. She was always drawn to action. And she could fight for the future of Equestria. To avenge her father now. She had to do it. She didn’t want to make a decision she would regret, though. What if she got killed out there? She began to rethink her quickly made decision. She had to get home. Everyone would be worried about her, as she had run to her room when she got the letter. She had quickly unlatched the window and bolted out of her home, flying anywhere that would give her the solitude she needed.

“Ahem… are you going to start writing anytime soon?”

Rainbow was knocked back into the situation. Her cheeks began to turn red. Her mind worked furiously to figure out what to do.

“Can I take this sheet home?” she asked. “I can just bring it back tomorrow.”

“Sure, sure. Do whatever you want. Just remember to fill in all the areas correctly.” He looked back to the papers he was reading.

Rainbow stumbled out of the char, mumbled something along the lines of “Thanks”, and ran outside. She looked back at the building, only now noticing the words above the door. Cloudsdale Equestrian Rebellion Recruitment Office. Rainbow was just about to take off when she remembered that she had no idea how to get home. Wondering if he would mind another intrusion to his office, she turned around and entered the building.

“Back so soon, eh?” The Pegasus was busy hanging up several portraits on a wall labeled “Honored Sacrifices.” It had pictures of several Pegasus, and a long list of names underneath.

Rainbow was just about to ask for directions home, when she noticed one of the portraits. It was a lighter blue Pegasus with Dark Blue eyes. He had on a helmet with some tinted orange goggles up on his forehead. He was holding a rifle in his hands, and was smiling.

Rainbow recoiled at the sight of her father’s portrait. Underneath it was a small bronze plaque. “Lt. Storm Dash.” Rainbow froze for a moment.

“Umm… Hello? Equestria to recruit; you there?”

Rainbow snapped out of her momentary shock at looking at her father. “What is that wall”, she asked, pointing to the wall with her father on it.

“Oh, it’s just shows all of the ponies from Cloudsdale that died this last week. Officers are on top with their portraits and non- officers have their names on the bottom.”

“Oh, alright”, replied Rainbow, with a glazed look in her eyes. “Do you happen to know how I can get to Spark St. in North Cloudsdale?”

“Just follow the road outside for about a mile. That should lead you straight to the end of Spark St. I think.”

“Thanks.” Rainbow left the building for the second time that day. She lifted off and flew back the way the Pegasus had told her, clutching the recruitment form in her hooves. Before long, she was home and flew back in the window. A very angry looking light green Pegasus was waiting for her.

“Where have you been!? I have been worried sick! I was just about to call the police!”

Rainbow wasn’t listening. Her mind was at full speed. If her brain were a Pegasus right now, it would have broken several speed laws. Could she join the military? Rainbow looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t scrawny, and was an athlete. She could take pain, and could probably hold a gun.

“Oh, now you’re checking yourself out in the mirror! I have been worried the entire time you were gone, and you can’t leave like that! What were you thinking?!”

Rainbow only stared at her, a very distracted look in her eyes.

“I think I’m going to join the rebellion.”

The other Pegasus only stared back at Rainbow, suddenly quiet. A mix of surprise and horror fell upon her face.

“What? No! That is absurd. Do you know how dangerous the military is? I will not allow you to do this.”

“Well, I want to. I already got a recruitment form from the recruitment office, and I’m going to turn it in tomorrow. There’s nothing that you can do about this.” Rainbow replied with a look of defiance. She knew she had to do this for her father. This is just what she wanted, also. She couldn’t say that she would do anything else with her life, the way it was going. She wasn’t in college, and all she did was stay at home everyday training. Rainbow stared down the other Pegasus, daring her to challenge her.

“Well… I can’t let you get hurt. It’s my responsibility to take care of you.”

“I’m already an adult, and I can take care of myself! You have no more authority to make me do things. I’m my own pony.” Rainbow expected her to freak out again, and start to yell. Instead, she sighed.

“Alright. I can’t say that when I was your age I didn’t want to do something that I thought I should do. Just stay safe, ok? You may be an adult, but I still care about you.”

Rainbow looked surprised. She had expected a torrent of lectures about how she couldn’t go off and just join the military.

“Really? You’ll let me go?” Rainbow was relieved.

“Yeah…just please don’t hurt yourself.” The Pegasus sighed and left the room.

Rainbow took out the recruitment form. It had gotten wrinkled on the flight back to her home. She got out a pen and clenched it between her teeth, and began to fill out the form.

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