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War! After the assassination of the adored princess Celestia, an evil tyrant named Darkstar rises up! He takes over control of Equestria and sends it spiraling down into disrepair, reigning with cruelty and evil. Only the rebellion, a large group of ponies who want to put Luna in her rightful spot as new ruler can stop him! This story revolves around Rainbow Dash, who finds herself thrust into the front lines. Kinda Star Wars-ish

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Looks pretty good, but shouldn't it have a "Dark" tag on it? War generally is dark.

32296 I'm trying to put war in a more lighthearted manner (even though it's obviously not a very lighthearted thing) I will later, though, if thats how the story progresses

awesome! i like it. derpy in the airborn lol:derpyderp1:

am i the only one who is reading this? this is awesome!:heart:

34540 There are a few people tacking it.. maybe 15 or 20? But I would love it if some of the people who like it would spread the story. I'm working on improving my writing style to include more "show" and less "tell". :derpyderp1:

nice flashback. and the flashbacks in the flashback.
i love this story so far, it's goin good.

Awesome story, only thing I have a problem with... Why U no continue!

y u no keep going?
unless you are like me and gave it up...
don't be like me...

continue the story or meet your demise
you have been warned. now go make MOAR


Wow. I am a colonel?

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