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Stea is a changeling...that gets into some shenanigans...at times...who is she kidding she gets in some strange antics ALL the time.


What happens when a guy wants to get away from his home for a while and recently got an inheritance? He goes to a convention to get his mind of of things. He then meets a highschool friend and buys an Egyptian book and is sent to an Equestria where adventuring gets the inhabitants a living.
(Displaced multiverse fic.) (Crossover with the Baldur's gate Games) (rated T for use of certain curse words) (first fic,help is needed)

Chapters (4)
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Now I'm sorry if I'm being over angry here and you are free to berate me for such as I will deserve it but, PUT A SPACE AFTER YOUR COMMAS! That's is all. Keep writing:)

I'm not gonna berate you.
That's actually helpful

Thanks Doc!

i like the story so far cant wait for the next chapter

Thank you so much.

Next chapter is currently sloshing in the cesspool I call a mind where it will be written and then be put on mobile.
So you will have to wait.
Don't worry I won't pull a Gaben.

yay new chapter cant wait for the next one

Yeah, I'd like to give a crossover a try with this.

Comment posted by Blaze Fury deleted Aug 9th, 2015

Its great so far. I'm amazed by the detail and the creativity and it has a great hook in the beginning that definitely catching my attention.

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