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Name's Lindy! I'm passionate about writing, though with my current career choice it's been difficult to aspire for more than a hobby with it. Though I try my best, and I hope you enjoy!


There are those who are willing to twist any situation into their own advantage.

Knowing Colgate is a dentist, this is exactly what Lyra fears the most, and having broken up with her some time before, the prospect of the mare working on her teeth is not one that she's really looking forward to, the possible negative impacts being obvious. Colgate could be more than willing to use this to get what she wants. But does Lyra really know what she wants?

This is meant to be a story that can either be continued, or kept how it is. I leave that up to the readers.

Contains: Foot fetish, Bondage.(Light/Heavy. I'm no expert.)

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Comments ( 2 )

Not bad, not bad at all SolarRoyalty. I do appreciate a much tamer fic every so often, and one with devious tickling in plan for unsuspecting, helpless, and of course ticklish bare feet. Well done indeed.:twilightsmile:

Had to make a few story and tag edits. Everything's fixed now!

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