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Statuesque Pony

Hello To You All

Hello, my name is Statuesque Pony, you could address me as my full name or Staty since ponies tend to do cuteful things. I love to particiapte in such acts of Writing, Reading, & Roleplaying like the many of you do on a daily basis. I just love this site, and what it beholds. Anyway, I fancy to make stories, and strive in producing a name for a pony like myself. Not a name in being popular, but a name in always having something good at hoof to refer to.

Stories: Well.... I'm sure I'll probably be somewhere near clop, or clop in general, though it's going to be based around one of my favorite concepts of Hypnosis, Mind Control, Manipulation. I know it may sound twisted, but it does provide for an interesting concept to say the least.

Favorite Pony: I would go with.... *Gets hit in the head*

Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Roleplaying as mentioned.

Fetishes(More of Personal Interests): Hmmm.... Really after exposure to the internet my interests were doubled in things I didn't know I was into, I could say Hypnosis (Big Time!), Vore (Not big time, just only a little), Diapers (Interestingly enough with curiosity), Enslaved (Just slaves, mistresses, mind control, the whole thing, falls in with Hypnosis for me), and..... there's tons more, if you're ever curious enough just ask, I'm quite honest about myself, no need to shy, you're only choosing to forever lock away who you are if you don't admit things.

RP Status: Open Currently, I fancy a good RP, but with specific standards.

RP Rules For Me:

1. No Overpowered Original Characters! I hate that so much, you're ruining a story set up or the experience due to that.

2. Be Open Minded! Seriously if you're going to ask and not have an open mind to these things, then that's a no go for me.

3. No Short Responses! Really hate doing an RP, when I write my heart, and soul into a solid paragraph then I see my partner/friend write a 1 worded to 4 word response. No doing that here!

4. Description, & Grammer! Really is an obvious one, in order to work off one another, and make an excellent RP. I need description, and grammer so that I understand, even see what a character feels, and such.

Fleur De Lis In Her Beauty

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