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Twilight Sparkle's house is funded by Celestia, Rarity works at Carousel Boutique, Applejack works at Sweet Apple Acres, Pinkie Pie works at Sugarcube Corner, Rainbow Dash works as weather patrol. So how does Fluttershy earn her money? Not to mention she has several pets that require feeding. Delve into Fluttershy's deepest secrets and discover her darkest life as we make ends meet.

Awesome cover was made by Musterious44 on Deviant Art: http://mysterious44.deviantart.com/

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I'm not sure... Fluttershy as a drug dealer... It would work if ya added the tag "Alternate Universe" in my eyes...

Good writing though.

ImmortalScientist Out!

p.s. Sepals don't smell...

705471 Thanks.

Hehe I've been told that. I'm changing it to petals now. And the idea that Fluttershy is "dealing" drugs is the conflict that she faces. It's not that she wants to, but has no choice.

711070 I guess the whole Fluttershy as a drug producer works, because she is forced into it and isn't assertive enough to refuse...:fluttercry:

Thanks for the clarification, although I'm gonna withold the fave and like until there's more to go on...

ImmortalScientist out.

:trixieshiftright: your kidding, right?

...not sure if want but currently more not want than want

776275 Don't worry, it's teen rated. It's not going to move into any clop. :D

I'm going to hunt you down and stab you for hurting Fluttershy.

I'm fine with Flutters dealing drugs, but when you, the author, hurt her and rape her, that is when I come hunt you down and eviscerate your testicles.

776494 I an genuinely fearing for my life now. Glad you enjoyed it though :D

Edit: I just noticed the irony in this comment. The profile pic shows it all :p

I enjoy every story full of emotion, even if that emotion is sad. I guess that is what makes great stories. Keep up the good work. :twilightsheepish:

its well written, and i encourage you to keep it up, though i dont think i will read past this chapter, just. not a story i find entertaining, Fluttershy is ...one of the least interesting ponies so i really...dont care
so with that i say thank you for the 10 minutes of mind numbing activity this has provided me

Hmm, after seeing in the comments that she was a drug dealer I was about ready to move on, but I thought "fuck it, why not." So I gave it a read and, well, hmm, the fact that she's growing drugs isn't bothering me, it's that the situation isn't explained. How did she get involved with growing/selling drugs in the first place? I'm guessing that is for a later chapter, but there really isn't anything there so far. Not a hint for how long she's been doing this or who this dick is. Another thing that bothered me was that Fluttershy seemed to act more shy around this guy than scared. I know you described her as scared, but when she said anything she came across more shy than scared to me. When he came into her house, again she seemed more shy and bashful around him than scared. The guy has made it clear that he will end Fluttershy's life if he doesn't get what he's asking her for and has physically harmed her several times and I didn't get the feeling that she was all that scared of him coming into her home. If some person that has been violent to me and has made clear that they will kill me comes into my home and starts flirting(?) with me I'd be scared as hell. Meh, maybe it's just me.

The idea is interesting and didn't rub on me as negatively as I thought it would. I'm actually liking the idea a bit. It's just how Fluttershy is coming across to me that's putting me off. Hmm, well no one else has said anything so maybe it's just me. Keep up the story.

Have a good one.

778130 Yes, Fluttershy's back story WILL be explained, I have an entire chapter devoted to how she got into this mess. I've also been struggling with the emotions, all I could do to portray emotions, really, was facial expressions. I'll look up some speech of being "scared" and see if I can learn anything that may be of use for using in later chapters of the fic. Thanks a huge amount for the feedback, really helps out novice authors like me. :twilightsheepish:

I'll admit that this is a good story and I'm not calling your abilities as an author into question, but I just can't read this. My soft spot for Fluttershy won't let me. Now I've read Cupcakes and every sequel, Rocket To Insanity, Blues Blood, Sweet Apple Massacre, Life is Beautiful(in which Twilight, my second favorite character, becomes a drug addict and is raped, tortured, and nearly murdered),etc. But when it comes to Fluttershy, NO just motherfucking NO

782230 Not to force you to read my story or anything buuut.... MAN UP ALREADY!

Poor Fluttershy... I mean, she could get a normal job and be done with it :rainbowwild::fluttercry:

I like the story, but I do think pony rape was a little too far. Mostly because I'm horribly against all things clop. :unsuresweetie:

788150 Don't worry, I was considering a pure clop scene, but left it out cause I remembered, it's teen rated. :p

In your opinion though, would I have to put in the tags sex, in your view? Since there are mildly suggestive scenes.

793435 Well you could, just don't elaborate on what they are doing too much or i might throw a rebellion on the brony society :derpyderp1:

I'm excited to see where this story will go!

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