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Booker Longlegs

My name is Booker Longlegs. I'm the first reader pony (that I know of). I know many things.


The Foal Free Press' weekly meeting/party was great. Except for the fact that somepony spiked the punch and now almost the entire crew is in the hospital vomiting. As editor, it's Featherweight's job to find the guilty one. Unfortunately, the only real suspect is Featherweight's friend and rival, former editor Namby Pamby. Featherweight doesn't want to believe it, but as his proofreader says, what wouldn't she do to get ahead?

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I've heard of weaponized cuteness; but that's just silly. :derpytongue2:

They do say the printed word is the greatest weapon.

Sweet, sweet revenge.

6186882 Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate it, it means someone read my story and cared enough to stop and say hi. Not much else I can say, just thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

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