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Elevator to the moon, whistlin' our favorite tune, tryin' to get a close up view.


This story is a sequel to Old Paths, New Directions

Hearts & Hooves Day is a pony holiday. It’s filled with chocolates and flowers and other similar snack foods. It has cards with gooey sentiment. And it has lovestruck ponies making all kinds of grand, silly gestures to their special someponies.

Gilda is a griffon. And griffons don’t go in for any of that kind of nonsense.

Edited by: Nightwalker

Written for the February Super Happy Hearts and Hooves Lovefest Fanfic Event

You do not have to read Old Paths to understand this. Its merely a sister story.

Now with Spanish translation. Thanks to SPANIARD KIWI for that.

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I like the term birdwatcher. Stealing it. I wonder if a pony could get a mark for being into griffons as a people

Awww. That was sweet.

Author Interviewer

I continue to be impressed by how much your writing has improved. I'm also impressed because I'm not a fan of Gildash, but it seems Gildust I can do. (Though I was a little surprised, I guess I forgot that from the last story.) If you're going to write more in this series, I may have to give you a watch! :D

5625902 I'm with you, I'm stealing it and gods is this an awesome story, not many like Gilda, I thought I was the only one.

Well then. This was absolutely delightful.

The three stories you've written until now are all very good. A breath of fresh air. I hope you write more in the future. You have a knack for this!

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