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Relatively new to the brony community, but still like the show, lets see if I can get into the fanfics


On that fateful day of the summer sun celebration, when Twilight Sparkle was sent from Canterlot to Ponyville to check on the preparations of the celebration, another unicorn happened to make his way into Ponyville to "see" what it was like. Watch, or read I guess, as this blind unicorn makes friends, has fun, sheds tears, and plays some kick-flank conserts. (A/N I'm still new to the fandom so please don't hate me if I say something stupid, and if anyone can draw the pony I describe in the chapter for me since I can't draw for horse-apples, I'd be so thankful, and will give you all the credit, thank you.) Teen rating to be safe.

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Dang it!
That was actually interesting!!!

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