• Published 6th May 2012
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Struggle II - Rocktavius Dashylight

What else happened when Chrysalis was threatening Equestria?

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The End?

Luna shot up from her sleep when something slammed on the cloud. She stared at the pony that was hidden in the shadows. "My army is defeating your little heros."

She instantly knew who it was. The leader of the Changelings. Distortion. "It may be the end of the battle, but not the w--"

"I already know that line, and it's not gunna work" He drew a knife. "I wonder what will happen to Celestia's precious sister after this bad boy is done with her." He swund down with his knife, and Luna brought up her hooves and deflected it with her shoes.

She backflipped, bucking him in the gut. He recovered quickly and swung around with another attack. She put up her hoof and hit the knife dead on. He swung again, and skimmed her cheek.

She hit him back and shot a lazer at him. He hit it away with his knife. While he was doing so, Luna jumped into a verticle spin and kicked him in the face. A gash was left in his forehead.

"Why...you..." She hit him again, and he fell off the cloud.

"Happy landings" Luna touched her bleeding cheek and did a quick spell to heal it.
Frank slowly opened his eyes. Twi's face covered his view. "Frank, we did it. We won!" Frank stood up and looked around. Everything had turned back to normal. What...what happened?

Frank looked to his sides to find Will and Trey. Thank goodness. So...it was that easy? Just like that, and Chrysalis...gone.

"Did I miss anything?" Luna asked. She had a scar on her cheek, but Frank didn't say anything.

His mind remembered the catacombs underground. Something was odd about them. It was more than just a prision.

But, he'll look into that another day.

Frank heard Twi sing beautifully, got a personal thanks from her brother, and watched as the carriage went off.

He sat there. Waiting for Twilight to return, which never happened. He turned around to see a pony in a hood, and his world went black.


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Comments ( 2 )

....The end already...or is it?? DUN DUN DUN!!:derpyderp1:

I'll write the sequel later:ajbemused:. just wait for Gone

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