Struggle II

by Rocktavius Dashylight

First published

What else happened when Chrysalis was threatening Equestria?

Book two of Love and Death.

After watching the seaon 2 finale, I noticed how closely related it was to my fanfics and rps. So close, in fact, I decided to write a fanfic of what my characters' roles were. More about Frank's past is revealed as he fights Chrysalis and a character named Areceus steps in.

Have fun reading Struggle II


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Dear Frank Einstein,

Blue's death has been sad, yes. I'm proud to call you dad. Thank you for savin Twilight also. I am sure your marriage was beautiful.

On a side note, my sister has broken out of her insanity and is now princess again.

The reason I am writing to you is due to a threat we recieved. Somepony is trying to destroy Canterlot. We have Shining Armor protecting the city with his spell at the moment, but he needs scouts.

As of now, we have Areceus going farther out accross the sea. Trey and Will are checking the Everfree forest. Our greatest fear is that the very threat is already residing in Canterlot. We would like you to work under cover in Canterlot, seeing that your power is exponential.

We believe this may be the works of Foundervek, so watch out for imposters, mainly stalions. I will talk to you more in my dweling after you talk to Shining.

It is vital that you are unrecognized. Not even Twilight can know you are there. Stay 100% incognito.

Thank you for your help

Your loving daughter, Princess Luna

Beggining the Mission

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"I'm ready for the picnic." Twilight walked down the stairs to Frank's view. "Are ya comin'?"

"Sorry, something came up." Frank made sure she didn't see the letter. "I have an assignement. I'll be back in a few days."

"Where are ya going?"

"Away." Frank kissed Twi very short-like. "Have fun at the picnic, My Sparkle"

"It won't be as much fun without you." She returned the kiss.

"I'm sorry" They hugged.

"See a few days?"

"Definitly." They let go of eachother as Twi left.

Frank picked up his solid blue baseball cap and put it on. He heard a burp as Spike spewed a letter. "It's addressed to Twi!"

"Get it to her. I have to go catch a train." He strutted out.
"Shining Armor?"

The white stallion turned around to see Frank standing there. "Frank Einstein? The one Luna sent?" Frank nods. "Don't worry about me, but the Princess. She is in a vulnerable position."

"If she's vulnerable, then wouldn't there be a chance she's already been attacked?"

"Highly unlikely. She still loves me."

"So, I should be her secret guard?"

"Please do. Protect her from any attack. I am unable to be with her the whole day."

"Yes, Captian."

"Thank you, Proffessor... Twiley!" Frank flinched at the nickname. That was a repulsing name. Oh...snap..he has to hide. Frank dove into the shadows as Shining walked down to Frank's wife. She sounded a bit ticked.

Frank silently slid around the corner and to the roof. He magicaly created his wings and flew to Luna's cloud that she usualy lives on.


Frank Finds Truth

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"I'm here." Luna waved Frank over to her cloud. She looked back up at the sky.

"That's a beautiful starry sky you have made." Frank complimented.

"Why, thank you, father." Luna felt the squeeze from the hug Frank gave her.

"I wish we could be together more often. I hate it that you're away."

"The same. Frank, are you up for this task? Of protecting Princess Miamore Cadenza?"

"Of course, Sweetheart"

"Why does it seem like we've known eachother longer than we truly have?" Frank didn't answer. "Frank? What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing, I'm fine..."

"You don't look so." Luna tried to get back into his averting eyes.

"It's nothing. I better get to work."

"Ok. Have fun, father." They hugged once more and Frank flew back down.

He tied a cord to the side of the roof, put on his black suit, and slowly went down the side of the castle. At one balcony, he saw Cadence talking to her bridegrooms. Frank looked over the edge to make sure nopony was down there. He heard a zap, and looked back to the princess. The bridegrooms were gone. Strange.

She walked to the door and into the next room while Frank went up to the balcony door, staying in the shadows, and slid in. He ran up to the door she went out of and peeked out. He heard Sjining, so he could leave the princess if he had to.

Frank heard the zap again. That was when he first noticed Twilight. She gasped and mumbled something. She saw something. But, what was she doing out so late? He had to follow her. Her Midnight demon could have come back.

He slid through the door and ran after her, making sure she didn't see him. Luna questioned her also. Frank was suprised to find the 5 being the replaced bridegrooms. Perhaps Cadence had set it up before getting rid of the three.

"I guess I really am alone on this." Poor Twi. Frank was almost tempted in reaching out and hugging her. What did she mean by "this"? He continued following her, finding no new information.

The practice was about to start, the ideal place for a threat. He broke off and went into the room in which the wedding would take place. Everything was going by plan. But then, something was wrong. Twi was missing.

"I am not standing next to her, and neither should you!" Whoa! What?! Frank shot his head over to Twilight standing in the doorway. "She's evil!" Midnight? Or jumping to conclusions? What was Twi doing?

She continued to make accusations, and at one point, Cadence started crying. What was Twi doing? "Evil! And if I don't stop you, you'll ruin my brother's life!" She turned around and ran into her brother. This isn't good.

He explained everything, very furious. "I wanted this wedding to be perfect, which obviously wasn't important to you. You can forget about being the best mare. If i were you, I wouldn't come to the wedding at all. Now excuse me. I have to go comfort my bride.

He left.

"Come on girls. Let's go cheer up the princess" They left.

"You have a lot to think about." Celestia left.

Twi was alone.

Frank's heart was pulling him toward her, but he resisted against it. Just stay in here, and don't leave.

Twi started crying. That was unbearable. Luckily, Cadence came out and petted her head. Wasn't she just the other way? "I'm sorry." Twi appologized. Frank watched intently for the hug.

But there was no hug. "You will be" Green flames surrounded Twi, and she sunk into the ground.

Twi! Frank ran out and stood where she stood. She was gone. Her accusations were right! Heat flared up Frank's neck. He charged up the stairs, giving a cry of rage. He jumped at the princess, knives drawn.

Fight for Your Life

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Frank came to again. His lungs weren't operating. He heard his name very faint... He couldn't make out who's voice it was, but they were calling for him.

"We're running out of time..." A second voice.

Frank coughed hard as the water poured out of his lungs. That's right...he was drowning... He opened his eyes slowly. "Twilight?" Twi squeezed him tightly.

"I'm glad you're ok, Frank, but we have to go." It was Candence!

"Why you--"

"No! It's the real one!" Twi said, stopping him. Frank stood up, dizzy. Cadence pulled them both up through the celing opening.

"Thank you..." Frank told them.

"what are you doing here anyway?" Twilight asked.

"FRANK!" The three turned their heads to two pegasi galloping toward them. They reached them, panting. "We're here to help." Will finished.

"Twi, Cadence, go." They went. "I found the threat. Princess Cadence was captured and replaced by Chrysalis. If she gets married, Canterlot will fall."

"Wow!" they said together.

"We need to stop her."

"How?" Trey asked.

"A message, Captian" Areceus picked up the letter in his telekenesis and read it. He put it away. "Allright, crew, time to go back home." The ship turned around as they sailed back to land.
" no plan?! What type of--"

"It's pure genius. You think ahead when you cross the bridge." Frank interrupted Trey. "Nothing ever goes according to plan."

"I'm still new in this fighting stuff. I still don't et how you, Frank, seemed like you already know all about it."

"That's a long story. If you want to know about it, Blind shall do you fine. Blue and I wrote it."

"Now's not really a time to be talking about this." Will put in. Right after those words were spoken, the ground stared shaking. They looked up to see the force field crumbling. "Frank! Can't you use some of your freaky magic to rebuild it?"

"I'm afraid not..." He jumped forward as a crater was formed behind him.

More and more fell around them. "Marenites?!" Will asked, buckin one strait out of the air.

"What are they doing here?" Trey asked as he jumped in the air and slammed one to the ground.

"I have no idea" Frank threw one and made it collide with many others. "These creatures are a special breed though... Watch your back, Will"

Will flipped around and nicked the creatures. "What do you mean?"

"Will? What are you..." Trey hit the ground, and Frank and Will looked up. Another Will was hovering over them.

"That..." The Changelings started changing into the three.

"Well this is just fantastic" Will commented.

"Guys, stick together. We don't want to be fighting ourselves" Trey said.

"Good idea." Frank said, and they stood back to back.

Will clipped one with his hoof. "This is crazy!" More and more came, all dropping like flies.


Frank trotted up to Twilight. "What are you doing here?" BAM! She kicked him in the face. When he opened his eyes, multiple Twis were standing there. Any one of them could be the real one.

Because of this dillemma, he, Trey, and Will were captured.

The End?

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Luna shot up from her sleep when something slammed on the cloud. She stared at the pony that was hidden in the shadows. "My army is defeating your little heros."

She instantly knew who it was. The leader of the Changelings. Distortion. "It may be the end of the battle, but not the w--"

"I already know that line, and it's not gunna work" He drew a knife. "I wonder what will happen to Celestia's precious sister after this bad boy is done with her." He swund down with his knife, and Luna brought up her hooves and deflected it with her shoes.

She backflipped, bucking him in the gut. He recovered quickly and swung around with another attack. She put up her hoof and hit the knife dead on. He swung again, and skimmed her cheek.

She hit him back and shot a lazer at him. He hit it away with his knife. While he was doing so, Luna jumped into a verticle spin and kicked him in the face. A gash was left in his forehead.

"" She hit him again, and he fell off the cloud.

"Happy landings" Luna touched her bleeding cheek and did a quick spell to heal it.
Frank slowly opened his eyes. Twi's face covered his view. "Frank, we did it. We won!" Frank stood up and looked around. Everything had turned back to normal. What...what happened?

Frank looked to his sides to find Will and Trey. Thank goodness. was that easy? Just like that, and Chrysalis...gone.

"Did I miss anything?" Luna asked. She had a scar on her cheek, but Frank didn't say anything.

His mind remembered the catacombs underground. Something was odd about them. It was more than just a prision.

But, he'll look into that another day.

Frank heard Twi sing beautifully, got a personal thanks from her brother, and watched as the carriage went off.

He sat there. Waiting for Twilight to return, which never happened. He turned around to see a pony in a hood, and his world went black.