• Published 6th May 2012
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Struggle II - Rocktavius Dashylight

What else happened when Chrysalis was threatening Equestria?

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Beggining the Mission

"I'm ready for the picnic." Twilight walked down the stairs to Frank's view. "Are ya comin'?"

"Sorry, something came up." Frank made sure she didn't see the letter. "I have an assignement. I'll be back in a few days."

"Where are ya going?"

"Away." Frank kissed Twi very short-like. "Have fun at the picnic, My Sparkle"

"It won't be as much fun without you." She returned the kiss.

"I'm sorry" They hugged.

"See you....in a few days?"

"Definitly." They let go of eachother as Twi left.

Frank picked up his solid blue baseball cap and put it on. He heard a burp as Spike spewed a letter. "It's addressed to Twi!"

"Get it to her. I have to go catch a train." He strutted out.
"Shining Armor?"

The white stallion turned around to see Frank standing there. "Frank Einstein? The one Luna sent?" Frank nods. "Don't worry about me, but the Princess. She is in a vulnerable position."

"If she's vulnerable, then wouldn't there be a chance she's already been attacked?"

"Highly unlikely. She still loves me."

"So, I should be her secret guard?"

"Please do. Protect her from any attack. I am unable to be with her the whole day."

"Yes, Captian."

"Thank you, Proffessor... Twiley!" Frank flinched at the nickname. That was a repulsing name. Oh...snap..he has to hide. Frank dove into the shadows as Shining walked down to Frank's wife. She sounded a bit ticked.

Frank silently slid around the corner and to the roof. He magicaly created his wings and flew to Luna's cloud that she usualy lives on.


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