• Published 6th May 2012
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Struggle II - Rocktavius Dashylight

What else happened when Chrysalis was threatening Equestria?

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Fight for Your Life

Frank came to again. His lungs weren't operating. He heard his name very faint... He couldn't make out who's voice it was, but they were calling for him.

"We're running out of time..." A second voice.

Frank coughed hard as the water poured out of his lungs. That's right...he was drowning... He opened his eyes slowly. "Twilight?" Twi squeezed him tightly.

"I'm glad you're ok, Frank, but we have to go." It was Candence!

"Why you--"

"No! It's the real one!" Twi said, stopping him. Frank stood up, dizzy. Cadence pulled them both up through the celing opening.

"Thank you..." Frank told them.

"what are you doing here anyway?" Twilight asked.

"FRANK!" The three turned their heads to two pegasi galloping toward them. They reached them, panting. "We're here to help." Will finished.

"Twi, Cadence, go." They went. "I found the threat. Princess Cadence was captured and replaced by Chrysalis. If she gets married, Canterlot will fall."

"Wow!" they said together.

"We need to stop her."

"How?" Trey asked.

"A message, Captian" Areceus picked up the letter in his telekenesis and read it. He put it away. "Allright, crew, time to go back home." The ship turned around as they sailed back to land.
"Wait...so no plan?! What type of--"

"It's pure genius. You think ahead when you cross the bridge." Frank interrupted Trey. "Nothing ever goes according to plan."

"I'm still new in this fighting stuff. I still don't et how you, Frank, seemed like you already know all about it."

"That's a long story. If you want to know about it, Blind shall do you fine. Blue and I wrote it."

"Now's not really a time to be talking about this." Will put in. Right after those words were spoken, the ground stared shaking. They looked up to see the force field crumbling. "Frank! Can't you use some of your freaky magic to rebuild it?"

"I'm afraid not..." He jumped forward as a crater was formed behind him.

More and more fell around them. "Marenites?!" Will asked, buckin one strait out of the air.

"What are they doing here?" Trey asked as he jumped in the air and slammed one to the ground.

"I have no idea" Frank threw one and made it collide with many others. "These creatures are a special breed though... Watch your back, Will"

Will flipped around and nicked the creatures. "What do you mean?"

"Will? What are you..." Trey hit the ground, and Frank and Will looked up. Another Will was hovering over them.

"That..." The Changelings started changing into the three.

"Well this is just fantastic" Will commented.

"Guys, stick together. We don't want to be fighting ourselves" Trey said.

"Good idea." Frank said, and they stood back to back.

Will clipped one with his hoof. "This is crazy!" More and more came, all dropping like flies.


Frank trotted up to Twilight. "What are you doing here?" BAM! She kicked him in the face. When he opened his eyes, multiple Twis were standing there. Any one of them could be the real one.

Because of this dillemma, he, Trey, and Will were captured.

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