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Twilight Goes on a Ski Trip - Mixer Loop

Twilight goes to the human world to try snowboarding for the first time

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Snowboarding is awesome!!!

It was winter time in the human world and what a better way to enjoy the snow than by shredding down a mountain with your closest friends. Sunset Shimmer for being in the human world for a couple of years, she picked up a few hobbies like playing guitar, snowboarding, writing (well actually she had to learn how to write with her hands but will gloss over that detail for now) and planning on taking over Canterlot High to control the students and bring them to the pony world to overrule Sun Butt and rule Equestria. Though the last one was dumped after she’d been shot with a friendship overpowered laser (needs to be nerfed in next update.), she really did enjoy snowboarding and realized that her new friends like to as well and wanted to invite all of them to go out. They also got a great idea to send Twilight a letter to she was interested and she was but only thing….she doesn’t know what snowboarding is….


“Watch out!! I can’t stop!!!” screamed Twilight barreling down the hill towards a group of teenage girls waiting for her friend down the mountain. Said friends did not head the pony princess warning earlier enough and only had time to turn their heads to see their friend crash into them. The next moment was a blur for all and they can only see the white snow falling down gracefully on their bodies.

“H-Huh? Was that Twilight right now who crashed into all of us?” asked the rainbow haired girl dazed and who’s goggles were on her face but now a few feet away from her. A few couple groans came after as a response.

“I think so, Sugercube.” came the voice of Applejack which was kind of hard to hear because she’s muffled with all the snow in her mouth.

“Hehe…” laughed Twilight a bit laying on top of her friends. Not hurt at all since she got a really soft landing. Friends are always good used as soft landings.

“I guessed we should’ve stayed with Twilight to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself or anyone else for that matter.” Sunset said while she was the first one to recover from being used as an ‘Emergency’ stopping system for Twilight. “Also some lessons on how to stop while snowboarding and snowboarding in general.” Sunset said sheepishly as she helped up her friends from the good friend, the ground.

“Oh well live and learn right Twilight?” Rainbow nudged Twilight after they all got up.

“Y-yeah live and learn…” Twilight with a sad tone in her voice.

“What’s wrong Twilight?” Fluttershy said while trying to brush off some of the snow that went into her light pink hair.

After a while, Twilight sighed “I feel like I’m holding back all of you guys in having as much fun you guys were supposed to have here. Not waiting for a newbie like me…”

“Oh don’t even start with that Twilight darling.” Rarity said as she walked up to Twilight and hugged her. “We were all like you when we first started skiing or snowboarding.” The rest of the girls nodded in agreement with a small smile on their faces.

“Yeah!! I remember when Aj first picked up snowboarding.” Rainbow chuckled while she laid down her board and played out the memory. “She forgot to strap on her board and when she got up and started moving.” Rainbow stood up on her board. “She went down the mountain and tried to turn but instead crash strait into a huge pile of snow and her hat laying on top of the snow making her Applejack, the girl who forgot to strap on!” Rainbow laughed while Applejack glared daggers at her.

“Oh yeah” Aj said while not letting go of her stare at Rainbow. “Remember when you first started boardin’ and try to impress the captain of the snowboarding team by going down a half-pipe then proceeding to try to do tricks but ended up landin’ on the captains nuts.” Applejack retorted. “Never knew a man can make that high pitch of a scream.”

“Oh yeah? Then you never met your brother after I’ve had some fun with his nu-“ Rainbow was cut off when Applejack threw a snowball at her. Right at the head. +50 for Applejack.

“You leave ma brother out of this conversation ya here!” Applejack said steam coming out of her nose like a bull.

“What’s wrong hayseed? Jealous?” Rainbow smirked while she ducked as a snowball glided over her head. The two girls proceed to have a snow ball fight in front of their friends who looked confused and somewhat worried. Except PinkiePie who brought a bag of caramel popcorn and watched the show in front of her unfurl. She was cheering on both sides to see who the winner of the one on one battle royal.

Sunset was about to ask where she got her popcorn but shrugged it off as one of many reasons how Pinkiepie is just being pinkiepie and grabbed the handful for herself.

“You know what Rarity said was true Twilight” Sunset said while offering some popcorn to Twilight. “We were all beginners at one point and fell down a lot. Remember I said that when I wrote that letter to you to invite you over to the mountains with us?” Twilight looked up for a while trying to remember the letter.

Dear Princess Twilight,

Hi Twilight! It’s been awhile since we last seen you. Well actually it was only 2 weeks ago when we had that slumber party at Pinkies house. We also got to play some games as well though for my dignity I will not bring this topic up again and wanted to invite you over again but not for another sleepover but to go Snowboarding with us!!

“Snowboarding? What the heck is that?’ Twilight said out loud. She was about to look to see if anyone heard her but realized that it was night time and everypony went home and spike is in Twilights room sleeping as well. She sighed in relief and continued on reading.

You are probably wondering what snowboarding is and I don’t blame you. It’s an activity where you are strapped down on a board by your feet and go down the mountain. Trust me on this Twilight. It’s a lot more fun to do than read it from a book. It’s also quite hard to do so don’t worry about falling. All of us had fallen countless times while trying out this new sport so if you want to join us, there is always a spot open for you

Signed Sunset Shimmer

P.S. Don’t bring up the games we played at Pinkies house a while ago. I just finally got them to forget about what happened that night.

The princess thought for a moment after finishing the letter Sunset had written to her and giggled a little bit with a slight blush on her face remembering that night. After giggling though, she kept thinking on whether or not to go ‘snowboarding’ with her friends from across the mirror. Twilight knew herself that she really isn’t the athletic type but she can hold her own against many monsters that came after Twilight, her friends and even Equestria. She nodded to herself and wrote down a note for Spike that she will be gone in the human world for a couple of days. As she got the portal ready to try out snowboarding, she double check the double check-list for any important meetings for that weekend and found out she was free. “Huh good timing I guess” Twilight said with a smile. “Alight then. Off to try snowboarding!!” she said happily as she walked into the portal.

Twilight was shaken out of her day dream when she looked over to see a worried look on Sunset. “Hey Twilight you ok? You kinda went quiet on me for a bit” she said. Twilight blushed a little from the comment and saw that the warfare between Applejack and Rainbowdash had come to an end when they both got a cold from throwing snowballs at each other for who knew how long.

“Y-yeah I’m fine just remembering the letter you said. You’re right Sunset. I shouldn’t feel bad for being a beginner or newbie at something I want to try out. Thanks for showing me that” Twilight smiled at Sunset as she smiled back and went in for a quick hug.

“Hey Twilight I think we should head back to the lounge with the others and warm up a bit before we go out snowboarding again” Sunset said as she stood up with her board in her hand and another offering to help Twilight up. She happily obliged and got up with her board too and they began to head back to the lounge.

Author's Note:

My first story on this website and I wanna see how this story does. Anyways enjoy and thank you for reading my story.:twilightsmile:
Open for Continuation.

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Ha-ha another snowboarder! I thought I was the only one that made a snowboarding mlp fic. (Desperate Measures). But, I guess not, yay I'm not the only one! Good job! And yeah, snowboarding is awesome!


I suggest going to the School for New Writers if you're truly serious about writing.

Woo another snowboarder!! Also thanks man it's my first time ever actually writing a fan fic as well!!

you did it.

you made a story.


But for how the story format goes...Now hear me out, it actually isn't all that bad, I've seen worse and I mean worse!. But, I do recommend you get a proofreader if you are to continue on this. But, if you can't get one... I'll be more than happy to help you out. After all, this is about snowboarding!

5406664 Alright then. I'll keep my eyes open for proof-readers and yeah for the love of snowboarding as well ^_^.

Ha-ha that's the spirit!

Short, but entertaining

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