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Harm didn't have the most glamorous life, but it simple and it was hers. A job, four walls, and enough extra cash to afford whatever she was in the mood to indulge in at the moment. A life whose routine was disturbed when a pair of agents for a distant Princess' secret service approached her claiming to have information about a mother she'd never met.

Life isn't as simple as it used to be.

(Some strong language, recreational drug use, potential for future 'adult' scenes)

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:pinkiegasp: You live?!

Also, interesting start. Curious to see where you take this...

I really enjoy that secret agent Bon Bon is a legitimate story element.

Sounds already interesting. Looking forward to see more :twilightsmile:

OK, I take it as a sign that you are still alive. I shall wait for next chapters.

Shit last time you made me see a doctor he refused to believe I smoked, drank, or ate anything that wasn't that organic BS.

So she is massively tall, takes horrible care of herself and yet is incredibly healthy. I'm not saying it's magic but... it's magic.

Typically she was honest to the point of rudeness.

Brutally honest, I like it.

Came a woman's vocie from behind.


Harm is a massive Amazonian that hurls people out of bars. If I am suspecting correctly, and I feel I am, I wonder how much hurling Celestia did in her younger years.

Fixed, thanks. Wouldn't have happened if you'd edit for me!

I am still alive! Yes. Chapter 2 is about halfway done.

Thanks! I'm already writing more.

It was one of my favorite parts of Slice of Life, and I'd wanted to use her and Junior Agent Heartstrings for something for a while now. This seemed like a good use for them.

I do! I've got a few different places for this to go, most of the time when I write I tend to make it up as I go with only vague outlines of a plot in my head. I'm hoping this can help me get invigorated to working on other stuff. DnP is at the top of the list.

Human female?In Equestria?What is this foul sorcery?!They are not real! :flutterrage::derpyderp2:

You never asked for me to edit! Though I have been pretty busy with other things and am behind in editing on a couple other stories.

I'm enjoying this so far and look forward to seeing where you take it. :twilightsmile:

I've missed you so much author sama.

It's nice to see you alive and writing again

...even if it isn't Heart Divided :trollestia:

I always thought it was weird there were so few of them myself.

Thanks! I have some ideas that I think are cool. I hope others do too. :o

Huzzah! :o

Sorry for the super long hiatus. ^^;

Heart's on the short list for my attention.

It's hella good to see one of my favorite authors on the site back at it. Can't wait to crack this story open! :pinkiehappy:

I feel like you introduced far too many characters far too quickly. In one chapter we get Amore who is apparently Celestia's other sister. Queen Radient Dark shadow the secret forth powerpuff girl. Starswirl staring as the common excuse for magical things happening in the before time. Good Sombra which is in the comics so it's not as bad. The entire starlight knight organization which is apparently something Twilight has knowledge of along with Dark, Argent Dark. Sunset Shimmer is here for… reasons. And making it worse is that Harm has the Mary Sue given power of kicking the princess of dreams out of her dreams and the entire plot is contrived from Twilight finding a hidden passage again in the castle. I still enjoy the story but this chapter is making it difficult to keep doing that. /long winded comment

Thanks. :x

I can see where you're coming from. Something I tend to do is introduce a whole lot at once, then kinda slowly unveil things bit by bit as it goes. S'just how I do stuff in most things I write. Everything'll get fleshed out more slowly and fully as it goes.

This is interesting and I look forward to more. And I hope to see the continuation of D&P, one of my most favorite stories.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

Another enjoyable chapter. Good job.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

Now that i see the kind of casual sex thing going on with the ponies I wonder what this story would have been like of it was mature.

P.S. I need more

Another enjoyable chapter. Good job.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

And soon isn't good enough. I want them Now!:flutterrage:

I really don't this to end up being pure clop later, because I like the setup and interactions so far. Also reformed Sombra is here? Did he and Hope already finish finding the shards of Amore in this verse or what? In either case where is Radiant Hope then? Despite some minor things I see good story potential here.

I don't write clop, no worries there haha. The statue of Amore will come up, it's not QUITE finished. Every story I write winds up with an adventure element sooner or later. Hope is with the statue they have so far.

Haha, glad you enjoy it. I'm working on a chapter for my Dungeons and Ponies story right now, once that's done the next one of this is up.

7146319 Ah I see. Thanks for the clarfication. Now we await the awkwiard reuinons. Who knows? Maybe they end up bonding. Are Sombra & Hope an item or just close friends? Either thats going to end being interesting family dynamic the likes of which comparable to Emma Swan's family tree from Once Upon A Time. Huh now that think about both "Harm"ony and & have similar backstories by being displaced rough yet well meaning orphans born to famous nobility, but obviously with different motivations behind them. Anyway enough of my rambling take your time with this and your other stories. I can wait.

7146319 Holy shit!:pinkiegasp: Yes, I love Dungeons And Ponies. It's one of my favorite stories.:pinkiehappy:

So glad to see you writing. I do so enjoy got works. This is fun and I am definitely looking forward to more. Harm is a bit of a 'diamond in the rough' cliche, but I still like her as the main character quite a lot. Be careful with the exposition though, it can sometimes be a bit of a drag.

"My home is above Jerry's bar." Harm jerked her thumb over her shoulder toward the bar. "My family is an old man with dementia on his last legs. Just because this Celestia squeezed me out doesn't make her my family, got it? I'd consider visiting to say hi and maybe get an explanation out of her, but I'm sure as hell not moving to pony land. I have friends and a life here."

Alright! Showing off that loyalty! What the heck did you expect to happen, Twilight? I'm still curious why she didn't just tell Celestia. I get not wanting to get her hopes up and be mistaken, but still, it sounds like they had some certainty of her location through magic readings (since they can confirm no other source of their magic on Earth). Keeping that secret from Celestia for months seems OOC.

Speaking of - if this operation has been going for months, why did Twilight slip out without saying goodbye to Celestia last chapter? It's not like she had confirmation at that point.

Another question: How are they having a real-time conversation if the dimensional time-dilation is 900+ years versus 27 years? Is Twilight standing and talking in slow motion for like 3 hours? Because that would be hilarious yet ridiculous.


"I'm not entirely sure. It could be that her core was somehow... altered by all the years she spent on Earth?"

If she is human, does that mean she would age like a human on Earth? Because that would make her lifespan at least another 2000 years if she moved to Equestria. Not an awful perk.

Think of it in the way you become familiar with a scent. You can easily locate your close friends or family in a large crowd yes?

Totally read this as metaphorical, then 10 seconds later thought, "wait, they're ponies. She probably meant that literally. Weeeiiiird." I love when stories make ponies out to be different from just 'transformed humans with magic'.

This is actually one of those fics that I wish was rated M

Yay! Happy this got more updates. Missed your writing.

Barroom bonding FTW!

Are you psychic? I was just thinking of this and CoS today.

Comment posted by Cosmic Weaver deleted Jan 9th, 2019

Please keep uploading this story as regularly as possible as it has become one of my favorite stories on this site.

BEST WISHES Cosmic Weaver

So happy to see you back!

Hey, an update. I'm going to have to reread this.

I hope you also update "Dungeons and Ponies", or maybe rewrite it using 5e.

Okay, so I reread this story and I have some thoughts.

First, the premise is still very interesting. That said, there is way too much stuff in this that needs explaining. Why is the hell evil sombra back? And living at the castle?! Why is Pinkie an alicorn? Why is Sonata hanging out with Sunset?

Also, it's been ten years since the start and Spike and the CMC are still teenagers? Maybe this is where our head canon differs, but when the show started I imagined them to be around 10, with Spike closer to 12.

This is a good story, but it's not just Harmony who was dumped in the middle a strange new world. I can handle a little world building, heck I expect it really, but not to the point where I wonder what the hell is going on. I need answers and Harm won't have the context, or fucks to give, to ask the right questions.

The regular world's Sombra is back because of comics events. Everything in the comics is canon for this story :o Pinkie being an alicorn is going to come up next chapter. Sonata and Sunset is going to come up eventually. Spike and the CMC never have any confirmed age slash dragons age more slowly slash ponies age more slowly, you the reader get to decide!

Thanks, nice to be writing again.

Gonna try. :x

I am, yes.

Get ready for cell room bonding next time!

Thanks, I did too.

Good chapter, and thanks for answering my last comment.

I still think there's too much going on "under the hood", so to speak, like the alicorn stuff and, if I'm understanding it right, Sunset Shimmer now living in equestria.
There's also the matter of including comic material beyond the Good King Sombra stuff. It just seems excessive, especially adding the apparently formerly-evil Sombra, which seems like an unnecessary bit of conflict that was just used to get Harm to a bar. You shouldn't assume that your readers have kept up to date on the comics, or read them at all. Hell, the only reason I know about good Sombra is beacuse of how popular it was back in the day( fuck, how long ago was that?).
Then there's the casual sex stuff. It's cute, but without the actual sex, it just seems pointless and distracting.

Still, this was a good chapter. The characters and their interactions were excellent, and I liked that Pinkie knew to play it cool with Harm. So, well done.

So what part of 'do not engage' wasn't understood? Also what was sombra doing out there?

He was a young cadet with everything to prove!


It did!

I take it Sunbreaker is about to make her grand entrance to punish the elements for their treasonous act?

I've been waffling a couple different ways for this to go down, maybe not full on Nightmare Celestia but she's gonna be toasty for sure. (love the name btw, G1 4 lyfe!)

Clearly, Mamabear Celestia doesn't fuck around.

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