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Sunset Shimmer is one of the, if not the unicorn with the most potential in this day and age. Whilst her fall from grace came with just as much of a shock to the ponies of Equestria as it did to the mare itself - what came as more of a shock was her disappearance and what little was revealed about it.

This is the story of Sunset Shimmer's life beyond the Crystal Mirror as she hopes to reclaim her destiny. For better or for worse

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so far not bad keep it up ok.

Good story so far keep it up I look forward too seeing more.

I'm likeing this so far, but it needs more attention. Adding it to my recommendation group.

Huh, interesting.

Huh. Interesting to see a story starting from Sunset's origins in human world. Good stuff.

You do need to work on your dialogue punctuation, though. You forgot a lot of commas.

I follow you on Youtube, and now I follow you also on Fimfiction.
Well, isn't life a bit strange sometimes, is it?
Hoping to read more, it's not bad.

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