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Con Arty

Don't ever buy tickets to a con artists' convention. Chances are when you get there, no one else will be there...


I'm not bad. Or at least I wasn't always so bad as others see me now. I used to be loved by ponies, loved by the Princess. But then... Then things went out of control. I couldn't stop them, and I found myself falling away from the mare I once was...

What do we know about the mysterious Sunset Shimmer? Well, she's a talented unicorn who was a studen of Princess Celestia, and then something happened to her that made her lose faith in herself. Something so terrible that made her run away from everything familiar to her. Celestia claims that it was simply due to her being impatient with her own development.
Who'd believe such a simple story?
Join Sunset Shimmer as she tells her tale and makes new friends, and learns some things about herself along the way.

(Human tag b/c includes EG universe) (Additional tags: [Reforming] [Uplifting] [Friendship] [Learning from Mistakes])

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 3 )

It was nice getting some additional background information of the EG world. I always figured everyone would have a different back story in this new setting, and I liked seeing someone elaborate on that. It was also nice to see that Sunset Shimmer really took the events of EG pretty hard, and wants to change for the better.

I would certainly like to see where this goes from here, so have a Like and a Fave.

Maybe Sunset won't returned to her home for the next 2 years, but at least she'll have closure...

Is there going to be another chapter added to this?

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