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Discord has had his revelation about friendship, but there are still many other revelations he needs.

Thank Rox for editing.

Cover art was found on Google images

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As annoying as it may have been to make it to the word limit, I have to say this would have benefitted from being a bit longer.
The story has a lot of potential, after all.
I just don't think a thouseand words is enough to convey the thought process Discord would have to go through to realise the impact his actions had on others.
But hey, it's not that bad, and was a nice quick read. :twilightsmile:

Its gud :D

5114880 You mean how he's going to make the ponies of Equestria laugh?

5117163 I'm sorry, but I'd rather not be the cause for someone laughing to death. :rainbowdetermined2::rainbowlaugh:

Good idea, and you had some good moment's. But for something as short as this, everything needs to be more perfect. It seems odd that Celestia would interact with him like a random voice before he realizes it's her and her wordings are not quite right. Still, I really like the panic he shows. It is an interesting idea that he has seen it all as a game without really checking. Though it kinda jars with canon, where he knows the reactions of at least Twilight.

Good attempt, don't stop trying, but do it better.

Happy writing.

Enjoyed this a lot :D
Kinda gives a whole different outlook on Discord after realizing he was just trying to make ponies laugh all along.
Also feel really bad for him when he comes to the realization that he's been doing somewhat the opposite of that all this time.

I do feel Luna would have been a better fit to help him with his revelation than Tia just because helping with inner problems seems to be more her thing, and I think she might relate to him a bit better having been a "villain" in the past herself.

Overall really liked it though. Got quite a bit of feels for discord packed in for such a short story. :twilightsmile:

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