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Hi there!!! Most of my stories that you'll be reading will be about Fluttershy because she is best pony!!! I guess that's really it. Enjoy my stories!!! *squee*


Have you ever wondered how Discord became the Lord of Chaos? Or anything about his past? Although Discord is reluctant to tell you and Fluttershy, he will try

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Discords Past

Ever heard of an apostrophe? If not, you might want to look them up and what they're used for.

5109165 Nah, brah (or sis [I seem to a conversation showing you to be female]), don't you know this is about Discords who existed in the past?

I jest. Dude, learn to use apostrophes.

Not that it matters much on a site like this, but for the record, I'm a guy. (I don't know, maybe you confused me with another user? It happens.)

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