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The very element of generosity has to deal with a pony looking creature that eats every single bit Rarity is giving to her with a seemingly endless hunger.

But it's all for the good cause of blarghling, so it's okay.

Dramatic reading by Night Star

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This is a very good story in my opinion, and i liked it a lot! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks! :twilightblush:. I'm glad you could appreciate it. I was afraid it would feel to forced or "obvious" to be entertaining, so that's a relief for me.
Also glad you could appreciate "the ignored statue" even with the big spoiler given in the author's note here. I think I did a better job with that old story, but I also took very little risks at the time...

It's just always rewarding to see that at least one person (other than myself) did appreciate the work that was done. :yay: (it did take quite some work).

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