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Fluttershy has found an ephemeral, a creature that will die if she stops looking at it. Determined to keep the creature alive, she begins to understand that she will need help to succeed.
But as Twilight says, it's impossible to succeed, as the ephemeral is meant to cease to exist. It is how things are meant to be.

A very complex idea in a short story that tries to deal with it in a very simple manner.

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Damn.... Feels galore.

That was really sad. I loved the idea of the creature and the description of it, so it was an all-around enjoyable story.

Nice story, but I'd suggest getting a proofreader, as it appears English is not your first language.

That was beautiful :fluttercry:

I registered just to upvote...

Mister Raggedy, where did you go?!?!?!?:fluttercry::raritycry:::pinkiesad2::applecry:

I still prefer William Hartnell, but the doctor will always be the doctor.
ps: I would love to be able to put an "Allons-y!" in one of my stories...

galore? ^^ I learnt a new word. I just need to find out what it means.

It's not a creature, It's a pony. Well, it's hard to say...

How do I manage to get a proofreader? I guess you mean someone that would read and correct what i write. But all my friends speak and write english worse than I do and, anyway, aren't bronies.


He was meant not to exist.
The thing is, I couldn't say he was cured of hist "natural condition", because such a cure doesn't really exist, but I didn't want to just let him disappear after everypony had closed their eyes. It would have been way too pessimistic.
Too complex of a subject.

Oh, by the way he says hello. :P

Mister Raggedy is a metaphor for something very serious...
But I like the idea that he became a tree (even if that's not what I had in mind when writing it). Trees are awesome. They can live for centuries, but as the same time we can cut them just so easily, and they seem to do nothing at all, but as the same time they participate in creating the oxygen we need.
I like tree, too bad they do not produce much heat. I guess I would live outside the whole year.

Makes me think of Schrodinger cat/the observation law... and my twin brother, or the one who would have been my brother had he survived outside the womb/off life support.

Oh well, have a thumb up, a fav and a kitty with some neurotoxin,

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