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Hey, name's Pipsqueak. I was a pony who, when he was little, wanted nothing more than an adventure. Well, now I've got one, and it goes beyond even my wildest dreams. Who would have thought that such a big part of my life would start with a small green ring, and three little words: Green Lantern's Light!

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In brightest day, In blackest night
No Fan Fic shall sescape my sight!

In Brightest day, In blackest night
No adventure shall escape my sight
let all that is boring and with lack of fright
beware my power, Adventurer's light!!!

I want to like this, but nothing has happened yet. So I'm reserving judgment, but this is definitely not a bad start. Trac-I mean favorite!

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Well, first of all allow me to thank you for taking the time to read Emerald Equestrian. There's nothing I enjoy more that knowing somepony out there is enjoying something I created. Hopefully you'll all stick around, and I hope to live up to your expectations.

wow Pipsqueak don't thinks a lot about this ring:rainbowlaugh:

lets hope he doesn't destroy a planet:trollestia:

Hopefully. That's what basic training is for.:rainbowwild:

Well now I feel bad. I said I would read this and totally forgot. But now that I've made up for that oversight I can't wait for more.
At least my hallucination was inventive. :rainbowlaugh: Ha, ya it suck when you go crazy and you're still bored.

Hmm, not too shabby. I'll be keeping tabs on this one.

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